Top 30 Puff Pastry Desserts To Make At Home

Puff pastry is such a diverse item to use in the kitchen. You can buy in at the store or make it yourself, though it’s practically impossible to get it just right.

Top 30 Puff Pastry Desserts To Make At Home

Whether you want to try your hand at making it yourself, or just head to the store, you need to use it! 

Well, you won’t have any issues trying to find inspiration by the time you’re through with this list of delicious puff pastry desserts. Let’s take a look at some of the options you have ahead of you.

30 Best Puff Pastry Desserts

1. Puff Pastry With Summer Fruits And Cream Cheese Danish

This puff pastry with summer fruits and cream cheese Danish recipe is so fresh and delicious, but also easy to make! To really make this dessert come together, why not add a little powdered sugar or homemade icing for the top?

2. Chocolate Puff Pastry Twists

These chocolate puff pastry twists are perfect for any event or time of day. They’re so easy to make when you buy the premade pastry, and everyone will love them!

You can use something like Nutella to get a rich and delicious taste, then twirl the pastry before giving it an egg wash and baking. This will become a go-to puff pastry dessert for the whole family in no time. 

3. Blueberry Galette

This galette is sweet and crisp, and everything you could be looking for in a dessert. You will notice that this dessert is a lot like a pie, but even more delicious, if that’s possible!

Instantly, you’ll fall in love with the flakiness and rich butter flavor of the crust. The blueberries will be perfectly sweet, too.  

4. Brown Sugar Pear Puff Pastries

These brown sugar pear puff pastries are the perfect mix of super easy and elegant. This fresh and sweet dessert is perfect for a summer event, and will pair beautifully with some rich ice cream.

You can have this as a delectable breakfast, or wait until evening, and drizzle some caramel sauce over the pear, too.

5. Cherry Pastry Pies

Cherries are the perfect fruit for a hot summer’s day, so why not use them to make a delicious cherry pastry pie? This recipe is so easy, and doesn’t take a lot of work at all.

If you’re craving something sweet and crispy, this dessert is the one you need to try.

6. Mini Peach Puff Pastry Tarts

These adorable mini peach puff pastry tarts are great for any  kind of occasion you could imagine (see also ‘33 Awesome Peach Desserts‘) . From casual dinners to elaborate dinner parties, they will look the part.

To really step it up, you can drizzle a little extra honey over the tarts, or a delicious homemade icing. Even powdered sugar will be a great touch!

7. Toaster Strudel

This copycat recipe is better than the ones you will find in the frozen aisle! These are so rich in flavor, but also so easy to make!

It’s always fun to be able to add or take away ingredients in a classic, and you can do exactly that with these! You can try substituting the strawberry for apple, banana, or  anything else you like, and add cinnamon or nutmeg to step it up.

8. Cream Horns

These cream horns are not only easy to make, but also fun and so delicious. Because of their shape, don’t be surprised if the kids want to get involved in making these.

They’re appealing to the eye, and something a little different to look at. Overall, these cream horns are just a great dessert.

9. Butterfinger Pumpkin Stuffed Donuts 

Did someone say pumpkin? These butterfinger pumpkin stuffed donuts are perfect for a puff pastry fall dessert to stick with the theme. They’re fun and easy to make, but also taste so damn good.

If you’re not sure what dessert to serve at Thanksgiving, we can guarantee that these would be a good choice, and your guests will love them.

10. Apple Turnovers

Can’t get enough of apples in your desserts? These apple turnovers should hit the spot, and there’s barely effort required! Feel free to top these in toffee or caramel sauce to really pull everything together beautifully. You can’t regret it.

11. Cream Cheese Danish with Fruit

This flaky pastry dessert is the perfect choice for a summer day. They’re light, tasty, and refreshing. With premade puff pastry, there are only a couple of steps to follow before you bake and are left with the epitome of perfection.

This dessert will fit in at any kind of event you can throw at it. 

12. Puff Pastry Plum and Thyme Galette

This flavorful plum and thyme galette will have everyone coming back for more, it’s so good. The flavors work together perfectly to make something so refreshing and pleasant.

The only way you could improve this would be to add ice cream and a little honey drizzle – which you definitely should. 

13. Apple Pandowdy

Looking for a classic American dessert? This spiced apple pandowdy is exactly that! There are delicious spiced apples, crunchy puff pastry, and a divine sugar crust that will blow you away.

This recipe is so easy to make, especially when you don’t go through the work of making the pastry yourself!

14. Peanut Butter And Chocolate Pop Tarts

Craving peanut butter, chocolate and puff pastry? This is your dessert. These pop tarts are packed full of flavor and will leave you and any child in a 10-mile radius drooling. They are easy, delicious, and perfect for a casual event dessert.

15. Puff Pastry Almond Croissant

Looking for a way to use your puff pastry (see also ‘28 Savory Puff Pastry Recipes That Are Simple To Make‘) to make a breakfast that everyone will love? This easy almond croissant might be exactly what you’re looking for.

It’s easy, and a great option for a chill morning. Pair this will pair perfectly with a hot cup of tea on a rainy day.

16. Tarte Tatin

You can’t have a list of puff pastry desserts and not mention a tarte tatin! This warm dessert is like a hug from an old friend, and will go wonderfully with a little ice cream.

Any leftover caramel sauce must be brushed over the apples – that isn’t negotiable.

17. Spiced Palmiers

This recipe might require a little more work than some others! Here, the whole key is to make the pastry yourself so that you can season it with everything the recipe calls for!

It might be more daunting, but the results will be worth every moment of toil. Pair it with some apples to make it truly outstanding.

18. Puff Pastry Cinnamon Rolls

Who doesn’t love cinnamon rolls? This puff pastry cinnamon roll recipe will give you everything you want and so much more. Easy, tasty, and forever a family favorite, there’s no point in fighting against this option.

19. Easy Blueberry And Almond Tart

This blueberry and almond tart is perfect for the summer and spring. Full of fresh goodness like sweet blueberries and those lovely almonds, this dessert is so refreshing.

To sweeten the pot a little, you can also drizzle some honey on the finished product, or make your own icing. Play around with flavors to find something unique!

20. Puff Pastry Sticky Buns

If you don’t have the time to make sticky buns in the traditional fashion, or you’re looking for something slightly different, try this recipe!

You get the amazing sticky pun product in a simple and easy way, but still get the same amazing taste. You might even prefer this option, especially for the busy holidays!

21. Banana Puffs

Don’t you feel like there should be more banana desserts? Why not get the ball rolling with these delicious banana puff pastry desserts.

They are so easy to make with premade pastry, and only need a few minutes of prep work. Sprinkle some powdered sugar on top of the golden brown pastry to finish it all off.

22. Puff Pastry Cheesecake Fruit Pizza

Just the name of this dessert should be enough to sell you. This puff pastry cheesecake fruit pizza is exactly what it sounds like – heavenly.

You have a pastry base with a cheesecake cream cheese layer, followed by delicious fruits. Summer berries will go great with this, but you can always try juicy peaches or something similar, too!

23. Blueberry Puff Pastry Tarts With Lemon Cream

The lemon cream with these blueberry puff pastry tarts is what really brings it together and makes this dessert unique. It’s already so easy and quick to make, and the lemon cream makes it perfect for a summer event.

Almond flakes and some powdered sugar will add a little extra something to this already delectable dessert.

24. Puff Pastry Apple Galette

This puff pastry apple galette is worth mentioning just because of how good it is! This is the dessert that everyone will want to have a photo op with, it looks so good.

You should definitely add some extra caramel sauce and rich vanilla ice cream to the end result. Those two things will really step it up a notch.

25. Fig Brie Pastry Pops

Who doesn’t like a dessert that fits in your mouth like these do? These delicious fig brie pastry pops are beautiful and so delicious.

If you have any kind of fancy event coming up, you can guarantee that these will be popular. And since they’re so easy to make, you won’t even mind!

26. Chocolate Filled Pastry

These buttery and oh-so-good chocolate filled pastries are the perfect way to start your day. They’re easy to make and will definitely bring a smile to everyone’s faces.

Starting your day off with a dessert is perfect for any time of year, but you will love this on a hot summer day. You can even pair it with some fresh strawberries to make it refreshing.

27. Puff Pastry With Sabayon Custard And Strawberries

Looking for an easy puff pastry dessert that at least looks sophisticated? This puff pastry with Sabayon custard and strawberries will be perfect.

You can enjoy the rich flavor of marsala wine infused with the Sabayon and even add a little cream in there, too! Fresh strawberries will freshen this dessert up and make it the perfect option for a summer evening while you lounge in the pool.

28. Pastry Braid With Maple And Pecan 

This pastry braid almost looks too good to eat – almost. It’s so easy to make if you buy premade pastry, and all you need to do is a little prep and get it all together!

You’ll be happy to hear that this pastry braid with maple and pecan isn’t only perfect for a light summery dessert, but also breakfast! You can start or finish your day with this creation, or do both! What is stopping you?

29. Banana Tarte Tatin 

This super easy banana tarte tatin is worth mentioning, and it’s just perfect if you love caramel.

If you love bananas and want to see more of them in desserts, then this tarte tatin is worth a shot, and you only need around 45 minutes to finish everything off!

Add some rich and creamy vanilla ice cream (or banana ice cream!) and drizzle with even more caramel sauce. 

30. Lazy Strawberry Cinnamon Rolls

Love cinnamon rolls, but longing for something a little different and easier to make? Look no further than these lazy strawberry cinnamon rolls! As the name suggests, this recipe is a lazy option that just gets incredibly delicious results.

If you want those cinnamon rolls but don’t want to deal with all the prep work, make these. The strawberries will add some freshness, too, making them perfect for summer (see also ‘28 Chilled Summer Desserts To Keep You Cool‘).

Final Thoughts

There you have it! These puff pastry desserts will leave you wanting more, and they’re all easy to make! We only ask that you try all these amazing flavor combinations before rendering judgment… you will be surprised!

Now, get baking and make some delicious desserts! You don’t have an excuse to only think about them now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can You Make With Puff Pastry?

You can make tarts, pies, parcels, and so much more! Puff pastry is very versatile, and can be used for many types of food. 

Is Puff Pastry Better For Sweet Or Savory Dishes?

Puff pastry can be used for both sweet and savory dishes. It can be used to make savory pies, but a number of amazing desserts, too.

Is There More Than One Type Of Puff Pastry?

There are four types of puff pastry: inverted puff, full, three-quarter, and half.

Do You Need To Roll Puff Pastry Out?

Yes, you should roll puff pastry out so that it is even. This will ensure that it cooks evenly and is much easier to work with.

Top 30 Puff Pastry Desserts To Make At Home

Top 30 Puff Pastry Desserts To Make At Home

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