31 Easy And Delicious Potluck Dessert Recipes

Potlucks are a great way to get together with friends, family, and even coworkers.  There are so many things that you can make to bring to a potluck, but one of the things that seem to be forgotten sometimes is the dessert. 

If you have been asked to bring a dessert dish to a potluck or just want something different to bring to the event, there are so many options. 

31 Easy And Delicious Potluck Dessert Recipes

In this article, we will look at 31 of the easiest and most delicious potluck dessert recipes that are sure to have everyone talking about your contribution. 

Whether you are catering dessert for everyone or sharing a dessert table with other people, these recipes are sure to stand out at your next potluck 

1. Potluck Cheesecake

We can sometimes think of cheesecake as a labor-intensive, difficult dessert to make, however, this recipe will make you change your mind. 

This no-bake cheesecake is one of the most delicious cheesecake recipes that you can take to a potluck. 

The pineapple topping gives a sweetness to the dish that makes a change from chocolate desserts and the Nilla wafer base provides an amazing crunch (see also ‘27 Sweet And Delicious Pineapple Desserts‘).  

2. Cream Puff Dessert

Tray-based desserts are always a great option for events like potlucks as they are convenient to transport and super easy to serve.  This cream puff dessert not only ticks those boxes, but it also looks and tastes amazing too. 

Although this dessert is incredibly indulgent and looks like it will be very rich, it has a light and fluffy texture that doesn’t leave you feeling too bloated or heavy.

3. Easy Cinnamon Roll Coffee Cake

This dessert brings together the flavors of two much-loved desserts and is likely to be an immediate hit with your friends and family. 

Not only is this dessert essentially two popular desserts rolled into one, but there is no denying that the combination of coffee and cinnamon is one of the most warming and comforting combinations there are and it can be a great way to round off the evening or afternoon. 

4. Virginia Apple Pudding

There is something about apple desserts that feels like the perfect addition to an all-American potluck gathering.  This Virginia apple pudding is a great way to keep that American feel at your potluck. 

Simply warm it in the oven when you are there, or even on the barbeque if necessary, and serve with some ice cream. 

This dish is likely to be a popular one and therefore, it may be necessary to make a couple of them depending on how many people are at the potluck.

5. Dessert Crepes

If you think that there are going to be lots of heavy dishes brought to the potluck, these dessert crepes can be a great option to keep the dessert portion lighter. 

Although crepes may not be the first dessert that springs to mind for a potluck, it is perfectly possible to make them ahead of time and simply warm them through at the gathering. 

Simply top the warmed crepes with whipped cream or ice cream and fruit. 

6. Great Pumpkin Dessert

This dessert is a great option for fall potlucks, although it can be enjoyed at any time of the year thanks to canned pumpkin puree

This tray cake recipe is super simple to make, even on short notice, and is sure to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.  You can serve it as is or with whipped cream, ice cream, or even custard.

7. Super Easy Lime Bars

There is nothing better than a potluck recipe that has the words super easy in the title.  No one wants to be stressed out by the dish that they are bringing to the potluck and this is the perfect way to avoid that. 

Using only 5 simple ingredients, these lime bars can be whipped up in no time and provide a sweet and tangy dessert that can feed everyone.  

8. Easy Beignets

Beignets are a great option to bring to a potluck, especially if you are trying to impress.  The beauty of beignets is that they look complex and difficult to make, taste amazing, and yet are super simple. 

Simply prepare the beignets in advance at home and warm them up at the potluck before finishing them with a sprinkling of powdered sugar.  

9. Pear Custard Pie

This pear custard pie provides a delicious, warming dish that can be really comforting and cozy for potlucks that stretch into the evening. 

If you are the only person bringing a dessert to the potluck, you might need to make more than one to feed everyone, however, the recipe is so simple that it will take very little time.  

10. Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

This ice cream sandwich cake is one of the most decadent desserts that you can make for a potluck that is sure to be a hit with everyone.  The important thing about this dessert is planning. 

You can take it already assembled if you are going to be eating it immediately at the potluck. 

However, it may be easier to take the ingredients individually and then construct the dessert at the potluck so that the ice cream sandwiches can be kept in the freezer. 

11. Homemade Brownies

Homemade brownies are a classic dessert option for any occasion.  Although it may seem like an obvious choice, brownies are popular for a reason. 

If you are worried about other people turning up with brownies too, there are so many things you can add to them to make yours unique such as nuts, fruit, or different types of chocolate.  

12. Easy Lemon Bars

This recipe is very similar to the super easy lime bars mentioned above and also only requires 5 basic ingredients.  However, these bars are just as good as the lime ones. 

If the potluck you are going to has a lot of people attending, you can make a batch of lime bars and a batch of lemon bars, or get creative and make lemon-lime bars. 

13. No Bake Oreo Dessert

This no-bake Oreo dessert is guaranteed to be an instant hit with everyone at the potluck.  Oreos are such a popular snack that people of any age can enjoy that they are sure to enjoy this dessert too. 

The fact that it is a no-bake dessert makes it a super easy option for a potluck.  The only difficult part of bringing this dessert to a potluck is ensuring that people don’t take seconds and thirds.

14. Dessert Crescent Rolls

These easy dessert crescent rolls are the perfect potluck dessert, particularly if you are short on time. 

Because these pastries don’t need to be made on the day, you can begin making them a few days ahead of time to ensure that you have enough time to make enough rolls. 

On the day, simply warm them through and sprinkle powdered sugar over them. 

15. Easy Apple Crisp

As we have already mentioned, we love a recipe that has the word easy in the title.  This recipe for easy apple crisp creates a wonderfully warm and comforting dessert that can be enjoyed with a scoop of ice cream at the potluck. 

All you need is a way to either keep the dish warm or make it warm at the gathering. 

16. Strawberry Pretzel Salad

This recipe may have the most unusual name on this list, but the resulting dessert is incredible.  This strawberry pretzel salad is a dessert that is not too sweet but not too salty and can cater to most people at a potluck. 

If you present this dessert in a clear dish, it can be incredibly beautiful to look at too. 

17. Apple Enchilada Recipe

These apple enchiladas are a great recipe to bring to a potluck.  The warm, cooked apples, served inside a flour tortilla create a super simple, easy dessert. 

You can make this dessert ahead of time and simply warm them through and serve it with ice cream.  You can also substitute apples for any other fruit such as cherries.

The best thing about this recipe is that it is super budget-friendly so you can make as many as you want to ensure people can eat as many as they want to. 

18. Easy Frozen Strawberry Dessert

This easy frozen strawberry dessert provides a cooling, creamy dessert that is guaranteed to be a hit.  More than simply serving ice cream at the potluck, this dessert features a beautiful, crispy topping. 

With this dessert, it is important to ensure that you have somewhere suitable to store it.  

19. Best Tiramisu Recipe

If warm apple desserts and ice cream-based desserts just aren’t your style, this tiramisu might be what you have been looking for. 

More sophisticated than crisps and fruit enchiladas, this dessert also requires a bit more work but the result is so worth it. You can also make an alcohol-free one if you prefer. 

20. No Bake Chocolate Chip Blondies

As mentioned before, no-bake desserts are a really convenient option for gatherings such as potlucks. 

On top of the fact that these chocolate chip blondies don’t need to be baked, they are also quite healthy for a sweet, cake-based dessert.  These blondies can be prepared in as little as 2 hours, most of which is chilling time. 

21. Pumpkin Roll

This dessert is another that would be perfect for a fall potluck.  The mixture of the spiced pumpkin-flavored cake and the cream cheese filling makes this a really warming dessert option that is super easy to make. 

What’s more, this dessert is very easy to serve to a lot of people thanks to its shape.  

22. Blueberry Pie Bars

These blueberry pie bars are one of the best desserts to bring to a potluck.  They taste just like a beautiful blueberry pie but without having to make a pie crust. 

The bars are also a lot easier to serve to a significant number of people as the tray can be divided much easier than a round pie can.  

23. Buttery Coconut Bars

If cooked fruit desserts are not what you want to make, these buttery coconut bars can be a great alternative. 

The crispness and sweetness of these bars make them a great option for a potluck, especially if there has been a lot of soft food already such as mac and cheese. 

The bars are also quite rich and heavy therefore you can cut them into smaller pieces to serve more people without anyone feeling cheated or unsatisfied. 

24. Cinnamon Apple Cake

Cinnamon and apple are a classic combination that works for so many types of desserts.  This cinnamon and apple cake is a great way to bring the combination to your next potluck. 

This recipe is super easy and simple to make which is always a bonus and the drizzle of frosting on the top ensures that this dessert can satisfy a sweet tooth. 

25. Blueberry Cobbler

There is nothing quite like an old-fashioned blueberry cobbler.  This dessert is guaranteed to be a hit with everyone at the potluck and is likely to bring back a lot of memories for your friends and family. 

Simply serve it with some ice cream, cream, or even custard.  

26. Palmier Cookies

This is one of the more complicated recipes on this list, however, it still only requires 3 ingredients and can be ready in under an hour. 

Unless you are going to be making industrial quantities of these delicious, sweet cookies, this dessert is best when other people are also going to be bringing dessert options.  

27. No Bake Chocolate Eclair Cake

Another no-bake dessert on this list is this delicious chocolate eclair cake recipe.  Chocolate eclairs make a brilliant dessert that is not too sweet and combines so many different flavors, however, they can be difficult and fiddly to make. 

With this recipe, you don’t have to make individual eclairs, instead, you can make a cake that features the classic eclair flavors and textures. 

28. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bars

These peanut butter chocolate chip bars make a great, rich, and creamy dessert to take to your next potluck.  One of the best things about these bars is that they can be made ahead of time and are super easy to make. 

If you want to, you can substitute the peanut butter for any other kind of nut butter that you prefer.   

29. Fresh Strawberry Cobbler

This fresh strawberry cobbler is one of the most traditional desserts on this list and the strawberries make it a great option for a summer potluck. 

Cobblers of any kind are a really comforting dessert option that is very popular and easy to make and serve for lots of people.  Just add some ice cream to the warm dish for the perfect dessert. 

30. No Bake Cherry Cheesecake

This no-bake cherry cheesecake is not only going to taste amazing at your potluck, but it will also look stunning while it is sitting on the dessert table. 

The glazed cherries on the top make this dessert look like something out of an all-American doll’s house and are guaranteed to get people leaving room for dessert. 

31. Pineapple Dream Dessert

Pineapple is a great fruit to use in desserts and can often be overlooked.  However, the tangy sweetness of the fruit helps to cut through the sweetness of creamy, rich desserts and makes them much more palatable. 

The crunchy topping and base of this dessert give it a wonderful texture that cuts through the creamy, pineapple filling perfectly.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes A Good Potluck Dessert?

One of the most important things to consider when you are looking at making a dessert or any dish for a potluck is what allergies people may have. 

If the group of people is people you know, you can check beforehand whether there are any allergies that should be considered. 

However, if you are making desserts for a group of people where you are unsure of allergies, you can either steer clear of common allergens such as peanuts, or you should ensure that dishes made with nuts and gluten are properly packaged to avoid cross-contamination.  

Do Potluck Desserts Have To Feed Everyone?

This question depends on the setup of the potluck you are attending and is something that should be clarified with the host. 

At many potlucks, more than one person will be bringing a dessert, therefore it is not necessary to bring enough of your dessert for everyone. 

However, if you are the person bringing dessert and no one else is, it is important to ensure that your dish can be reasonably shared between all attendees. 

Final Thoughts

There are so many options for potluck desserts.  The recipes mentioned in this article are all easy to make and often don’t require many ingredients. 

This makes them a great option for any potluck, whether it is for family, friends, or colleagues. 

31 Easy And Delicious Potluck Dessert Recipes

31 Easy And Delicious Potluck Dessert Recipes

Recipe by Jenna

These easy potluck desserts are perfect for a party, family function, or any busy night when you don’t have time to make a dessert from scratch.

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