23 Greatest Side Dishes To Serve With Pizza

We all love pizza, but sometimes it can be difficult to come up with tasty side dishes to serve up with your favorite! 

There are many different ways to eat pizza. All types of pizza, including the traditional pepperoni pizza, deep-dish pizza, Chicago-style pizza, and Detroit-style pizza, are delectable. 

20 Greatest Side Dishes To Serve With Pizza

Pizza can be served with the traditional bread sticks or salad, but occasionally it’s good to get inventive and change things up.

Pizza side dishes can be simple to get at restaurants but seem challenging to come up with when you get home.

Whatever the circumstance, the pizza sides on this list will enable you to locate what you’re seeking.

If you’re unsure of what to offer with pizza, pick a few items from the list below, and the guests you’re serving will think a whole dinner is being served.

Side Dishes That Go With Pizza:

1. An Antipasto Salad

Even without noodles, you may prepare a fantastic traditional Italian side dish.

This antipasto recipe is carb-free since it relies mostly on vegetables rather than grains.

You don’t have to follow the recipe exactly; you can substitute a variety of vegetables.

2. Soup

Soup always compliments your main course, no matter what it is. Soup is a simple app to pair with pizza because it takes little time to prepare but provides a wonderful counterpoint to the hefty pizza. 

You shouldn’t have to give this one much thought because the two go together well with cheese on the pizza.

From American favourites (see also our favorite American soups) such as tomato soup or meat and veggie to homemade chilli and classic Italian minestrone, soup comes in many shapes and flavours.

Even some meatball soup might go well with an Italian meal.Soup is ideal if you need to serve a lot of people but don’t have a big budget because it is economical and goes a long way.

3. Fruit

It doesn’t take much to make the ideal side dish with pizza. Try a straightforward fruit mixture to counteract the heavy flavours of the cheeses and spices.

Serve grapes, pineapple, apple, oranges, and any other fruit-based side dish that comes to mind.

The best part about this food is that it requires little to no preparation time since the fruit just needs to be sliced before serving.

4. Ratatouille 

The traditional ratatouille should be on every side dish menu for pizza. You’ll enjoy it too because it’s quick, simple, and fresh. Just be sure to drizzle some olive oil on the pan before adding the vegetables.

This meal stands out from other appetisers because of the sauce, and the ratatouille is loaded with vegetables.

Due to the fact that it is primarily sauce and complements nearly every pizza, it is the ideal side dish to present to children who don’t like veggies.

To really enjoy the delicious ratatouille sauce, be sure to have breadsticks on the side.

5. Cannoli 

There is no better way to round off the evening than with a delicious cannoli, an Italian delicacy.

If you would like to save time, you can purchase pre-made cannoli shells, but you can also prepare your own dough with a few simple ingredients.

These desserts’ fillings are also simple to prepare, giving you plenty of time to prepare everything before your celebration. Few people will object if you serve this traditional Italian dessert with your pizza.

6. Italian Bruschetta Bar

The tiny quantities of each dish make an Italian bruschetta bar ideal for gatherings. Similar to tapas, but with Italian ingredients and flavours. 

It’s simple to feed a big group without spending a lot of time preparing anything because everyone can pick and select what they want.

To keep it even simpler, serve this dish with store-bought bread, and let each person build their own little sandwiches (see also ‘The Best 20 Recipes For Sandwiches‘).

You may even hold polls asking visitors to choose their preferred bruschetta flavour so you can find out what they prefer.

7. Mango Sorbet

Serve some mango sorbet to your guests as a palate cleanser after a big slice of cheesy pizza.

This dish is cooling and simple to store in the freezer, making it always available whenever you need a simple and quick-to-make dessert.

This dish is fantastic because it just requires a short amount of time to prepare, allowing you to concentrate on arranging the evening.

8. Caesar Salad

The answer to the question “What goes well with pizza?” is right in front of you. Because of the savory anchovy-flavored dressing, the Caesar salad provides a nice counterbalance to the salty pizza.

When unsure of what to offer with pizza, fresh greens are a terrific way to add some vegetables and make this Caesar stand out.

You may have everything you want in one great dish by serving Caesar salad on the side with garlic breadsticks.

Making your own dressing at home is the actual secret to making all the flavors stand out. The greatest flavors will really start to come out when you sprinkle some parmesan cheese on top.

9. Tiramisu

Once you’ve had your fill of pizza, it’s time for dessert, and tiramisu is an Italian classic that has gained worldwide acclaim.

This tiramisu recipe may be fully prepared in advance even if it isn’t exactly a side dish, so all you have to do is serve it when your guests are truly prepared for that delicious compliment.

Although this dish is quite simple to make, it typically takes four hours to prepare.

Therefore, prepare this one in advance and offer it when guests arrive for the party since they will be gushing about how delicious the tiramisu was.

10. Spinach And Artichoke Dip

This is a traditional pizza side since it is so cheesy and delicious. To consume this dip, you’ll need some bread. Also, keep extra napkins on hand to wipe up any spills you might make.

Everyone likes spinach artichoke dip because it is a delightful delicacy that is loaded with cheddar and salt.

To ensure that your visitors are not restricted to having their own crust as a dipper, you can also provide tortilla chips or veggies as dippers.

Why not go nuts and dip your pizza in your spinach artichoke dip? If you would like some leftovers of this dip, you could always prepare another batch.

11. Meatballs With Turkey

Turkey meatballs are substantial and hearty enough to offer as a main dish, making them the ideal pizza accoutrement. 

It’s simple to make the homemade meatballs at home with only a few ingredients if you don’t want to purchase pre-made ones.

Although you may also make them with beef or pork, turkey is a leaner meat with less fat.

12. Potato Salad

This traditional side dish really complements the pizza quite nicely since potatoes are a carbohydrate and ranch dressing may be used as a filler.

You’re probably wondering how potato salad and pizza pair. But  they are the ideal combination. 

You get a little nutritious mix with your hefty, cheesy pizza when you eat potato salad because it contains vegetables such as red onion, cauliflower, and even roasted broccoli.

Every person who cooks potato salad has a different recipe for it. You can either follow this recipe exactly or modify it to add even more flavor.

You can create some really interesting combos with potato salad because it pairs well with a variety of appetizers.

13. Buffalo Wings

Consider ordering a robust accompaniment like chicken wings (see also our favorite sides to serve with chicken wings) if you’re uncertain what to have with pizza.

You can either make them from scratch and have them as hot as you like, or you can simply buy them already made and reheat them in the oven.

If you’re feeling inventive, try baking the chicken wings with various seasonings, such as chili powder and garlic powder, to give them a little more taste. 

Whatever method you choose to use to prepare these wings, just know that when you get them exactly right, everyone will be talking about how delicious they were.

 The fact that you can offer your chicken wings with a variety of sauces, like barbecue, ranch, hot sauce, or just marinara sauce if you’re looking for something straightforward, makes them even better.

14. Garlic Cheese Bread

If you’re going to eat bread with cheese on it, you may as well go out. Your taste buds will thank you for trying this garlic cheese recipe since it provides your food an extra flavour boost.

Pizza goes great with garlic cheese bread, and if you have marinara sauce ready to go, you can use it as a nice dipping sauce for the bread.

If you decide to bake your own bread, you can even use leftover pizza dough.

If you already have a bread maker (see also ‘33 Of Our Favorite Bread Machine Recipes‘), preparing a loaf of garlic bread is also simple. If not, try using a loaf of bread from the grocery store; just make sure to warm it before serving.

15. Pasta Salad

This is a traditional side dish that is simple to prepare and comes in a variety of flavors so you don’t have to serve it the same way every time.

Pasta salads are fantastic since they may function as a main course and taste wonderful with additional vegetables.

The fact that you can prepare this dish in advance allows you to concentrate on your celebration rather than spending energy fretting about the sides.

16. Coleslaw 

Try coleslaw with your pizza instead of adding more bread layers. This meal is light and one of those rare items that may complement pizza’s flavor and texture. 

The only preparation required for slaw is to quickly prepare a dressing to drizzle over the fresh vegetable.

All kinds of sandwiches and barbecue foods pair nicely with coleslaw, but pizza night is also a great time to serve it.

17. Onion Rings

Pizza goes well with deep-fried onion rings as a side dish. Investing in an air fryer (see also ‘34 Best Ninja Air Fryer Recipes‘) would be quite beneficial in this situation because it would reduce the requirement for deep frying.

If you’re preparing these for a crowd, consider setting out some marinara sauce for folks to dunk their onion rings in.

You may always buy onion rings that have already been prepared and reheat them for around 6 to 8 minutes if you are truly pressed for time.

18. Mozzarella Sticks

For your pizza night, mozzarella sticks are the most traditional side dish (see also ‘24 Tasty Side Dishes That Are Perfect For Burgers‘) you can have. These can be fried beforehand and then reheated right before serving. 

Few people can resist the pairing of fried batter and cheese, making fresh mozzarella sticks a fun meal to prepare with the whole family. 

19. Jalapeño Poppers 

Want to make things more exciting? To get folks enthusiastic for your delectable main dish, serve them this appetizer of jalapeño poppers. 

If you enjoy cheese, topping your pizza with this hot delicacy is a terrific choice. The flavor makes them a perfect addition to pizza, and they also make a great late-night snack.

Don’t be scared to add some vegetables to your jalapeño poppers to make them more filling and to add a few extra nutritious nutrients to your side dish.

20. Air-Fried Vegetables

Vegetables that are air-fried provide great taste and less calories, making it a healthier alternative. It’s the ideal side if you want to serve something that will appeal to your guests who are more health-conscious.

21. Smashed Potatoes With Chives

These are appealing, delicious, and hefty. The flavoured cream cheese is also a tasty addition!

22. Orzo With Basil And Parmesan

This creamy and delectable skillet side dish, which is ready to serve in just a few minutes, is enhanced by the rich herb taste of dried basil.

23. Maple Baked Beans 

Add maple syrup plus a few additional ingredients to canned beans to create this saucy, sweet dish.

Final Thoughts

There are side dishes for pizza that can elevate any pizza and gratify any palate.

Side dishes (see also ‘26 Sumptuous Side Dishes For Salmon‘) can often make or break a successful pizza night, so make sure you choose something delicious that all of your guests will love. 

When you’re wondering, “What goes well with pizza?” make a note of your preferred recipe from the list above so you may create a full experience, not only a tasty pizza – and your next pizza party is bound to be a tasty hit!

23 Greatest Side Dishes To Serve With Pizza

23 Greatest Side Dishes To Serve With Pizza

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Pizza is among the best Italian dishes introduced to the entire globe; the only challenge is coming up with a side dish. Check out our 20 greatest side dishes to serve with pizza!

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