26 Campfire-Perfect Pie Iron Recipe For You To Try

Is there a simpler pleasure than cooking your food over a campfire?

There’s just something very back-to-basics about using the heat from a fire that you’ve created and cultivated to help cook your food.

26 Campfire-Perfect Pie Iron Recipe For You To Try

It makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something practical.

Are we sometimes kidding ourselves, by using a gas-powered campfire, or using lighter fluid to get the blaze going? Eh, perhaps.

Still, that doesn’t mean that cooking like this isn’t a hell of a blast!

This is where implements like pie irons are also very popular.

While some people like to use these in the comfort of their kitchen, they are just as great of a blazing campfire too.

However, it can be a little tricky, to decide on a recipe to make for that brand-new pie iron that you’ve bought for your next camping trip.

If this sounds like an issue that you’ve run into, or just want some more inspiration for a great pie iron recipe, then this list is the perfect guide for you!

1. Camp Cooker Pumpkin Pie

Starting off this list of recipes on a sweet note, we have a great way of bringing the joy that is pumpkin pie to the great outdoors.

This popular dessert recipe probably isn’t the first thing that you think of when it comes to pie iron recipes, but you’ll be surprised just how easy it is to make a beautifully flaky dessert pie when you see what this recipe has in store for you.

Topping this pie off with a blob of whipping cream is the cherry on top of this recipe.

Or, I guess… the cream on top of the pumpkin pie?

Don’t forget to pack that dough before you leave the house!

2. Pie Iron Apple Pie

Who doesn’t love a freshly baked apple pie, fresh out of the oven?

About the only thing annoying about them is that they can be a pretty tricky recipe to recreate on the road or around a campfire.

Unless, of course, you have a pie iron handy!

Combined with the hot, sweet filling with perfectly crisp and flaky bread on the outside, you have a hell of a recipe to try out next time that you’re out camping!

3. Pie Iron Ham & Cheese Sandwich

We couldn’t talk about toasting foods and not at least give a shout-out to an old classic!

Ham and cheese is perhaps THE most popular filling for sandwiches and toasties out there.

So naturally, we’re going to try and replicate that melted cheesy goodness in a pie iron at the first chance that we get!

Being one of the simplest recipes that you can make, there’s not a soul out there that can’t at least give this recipe a try for themselves!

4. Blueberry Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast

You’d be surprised just how well blueberries hold up once you’ve added them to a pie iron toastie.

The subtitle sweet flavors that we know them for, once you add a little cream cheese to the mix, make for a tasty dessert that will cap off any camping day perfectly.

Don’t believe us? Well, you’ll just have to try it out for yourself to find out!

5. Camp Cooker Cookies

Ah, the humble cookie.

Is there anybody that doesn’t at least enjoy the gooey melted chocolate of a well-made cookie that has been freshly baked?

Now, with a pie iron at your disposal, you can even make this all0time favorite dessert while you are camping too!

Super fun, and easy to make once, in the iron, you’ll never want to leave for camping without a little dough in your backpack ever again!

6. Pie Iron Pizza Pockets

When it comes to pocket-sized foods that are meant to be eaten on the go, pizza might not always be the first food that comes to mind when considering a great savory snack that can be eaten and, most importantly, cooked anywhere.

However, with a tool like the pie iron, even cooking this oven-classic food can be done on the go!

Quick and easy to make, this will be an easy way to create a fan-favorite meal at the end of a hard day’s camping and exploring!

7. Pie Iron Quesadillas

Quesadillas are a very popular Mexican dish to make in ovens but tend to be forgotten about when it comes to campfire cooking.

However, if the pizza pocket recipe has shown us anything, it’s that a good pie iron, a little heat, and a little patience do wonder for making the best food while out camping.

The fact that quesadillas are often round means that they will usually fit in your classic pie iron without any trouble.

Plus, the fact that quesadilla can be cooked on virtually any flat surface, thanks to their flat shape, means that pie irons were almost tailor-made to cook a good quesadilla up!

8. Breakfast Wraps

Pie irons aren’t just a tool to be whipped out for evening meals, of course.

With the right ingredients and a little bread or wrap to hold them all, you’ll find that they’re also the perfect tool to prepare a handy breakfast with.

With all your classic breakfast foods packed into a single wrap for you to chow down on, from the bacon to the eggs, to the little extra cheese for that extra oozy texture, this snack will be king of the campfire morning routine!

9. Pie Iron Tacos

Just as quesadillas are almost perfect for the pie iron, tacos are also a great option, if you’re going for a campfire Mexican-themed evening or afternoon.

Whether you’re preparing them over an open flame, or just using your gas bottle fire pit, this is a great recipe to cook over an open flame!

10. Pie Iron Pizza

What, you’d thought you’d seen the last pizza recipe that could be made in a pie iron?
Oh, buddy, there’s plenty more where this recipe came from, that’s for sure!

With the right sauce, a little bread, and plenty of cheese to make up the filling, making a pizza-themed campfire meal doesn’t get much easier than loading this in the pie oven, putting it over the flame, and enjoying the fruits of your cooking labor.

11. Stuffed Hash Browns

Hash brown is meant to be cooked in one of two ways:

They’re either supposed to be cooked to be thrown into a fryer of some kind, or they can be grilled.
So, you can imagine which option we’ve gone for here!

With this particular hash brown recipe stuffed with tons of extra toppings, such as avocado and cheese, this is a hash brown recipe that is designed to be thrown together and cooked over a heat source.

In other words, perfect for a campfire recipe book!

12. Pie Iron Garlic Bread

Where there is pizza to be made garlic bread is often not far away.

This recipe is incredibly easy to make for yourself and is usually done with some prepared flaky puff roll.

However, we think it is ideally made with a loaf of freshly baked bread that you can cut into.

Make sure that you don’t cut through each slice, otherwise, your bread will be sliding all over the pie iron!

13. Cherry Mountain Pie

You’ve heard of cherry pie, now get ready to bake that pie at the top of a mountain trail at the end of a long day’s hike!

A lack of a stove might put some people off trying to make a good cherry dessert recipe.

However, with your pie iron, and plenty of heat, you’ll be able to make a delicious dessert anywhere!

14. Pie Iron Tacos

Full of the gooiest of fillings, and plenty of great taco meat that’s been stored properly, these pie iron tacos are another great example of just what this humble little cooking tool can do.

With a little extra heat, of course!

15. Mountain Monkey Bread

Don’t worry, no monkeys were hurt in the making of this recipe.

However, you will find here a recipe that is the perfect dessert for a great main meal.

The biscuit dough used here is sprinkled with a little extra sweet seasoning, to get the best crispy result that you warm your taste buds.

16. Camp Cooker Philly Cheese Steak

Philly cheese steaks are often seen as a sandwich that takes a little too much effort to make.

However, we think that, when you’re focusing on just the basics, a cheese steak sandwich like this is incredibly easy to make.

Especially with enough heat!

17. Pie Iron French Toast

With a recipe like this under your belt, you’ll always have a great appetizer for camping handy!

18. Pie Iron Egg In A Nest

Oh, you thought we were out of extravagant hash brown recipes?

Think again, my fellow camping cooks!

This recipe is quite similar to the last one that we covered.

Instead, here, we’re adding a fried egg to the mix!

19. Caprese Mountain Pie

Whether you’re up a mountain, or just in your backyard, this recipe is perfect for your next campfire outing!

Make sure that you add plenty of butter to both slices of bread before you start grilling it in the pie iron!

20. Camp Cooker Cherry Pie

There are plenty of ways to fall a tree, and there are plenty of ways to make a great cherry pie with a good pie iron handy!

If you need a sweet recipe for the end of a camping meal, this is a good recipe to look up for yourself.

21. Campfire Iron Quesadillas

There are so many ways that you can prepare a good quesadilla for your pie iron.

Making sure that you have your fillings of choice inside is critical, whether that is minced meat, bell peppers, or just good old-fashioned tomato and cheese.

22. Pie Iron Breakfast Sandwich

Just as there are plenty of ingredients to stuff in a quesadilla, there’s more to a good breakfast sandwich than just eggs and bacon.

Even if they are pretty great.

Enjoy the sausage meat patty included in this one!

23. Chicken Pot Pie

You can bring the home comfort of pot pie recipes to the great outdoors with you, thanks to this recipe!

24. Campfire Pizza Pockets

You can never have too many pizza pockets, especially with recipes like this!

25. S’Mores Pudgy Pie

It wouldn’t be a true camping trip without S’mores, so you’d better believe that we’ve found a great recipe for your pie iron too!

26. Campfire Cinnamon Roll Waffles

Finally, with what is effectively a portable campfire-powered waffle iron, how could we not at least share with you one way to make these classic desserts whilst out camping (see also ‘45 Easy Classic Camping Desserts‘)?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Pie Iron?

This cooking tool has been around for decades at this point and functions very similarly to a grill.

With two cast iron plates that are attached to a long handle, this tool allows you to cook food in a campfire, safely at a distance, using the heat from the fire to cook your food.

How Do I Clean My Pie Iron?

Simply let your iron cool down, wash with warm water, and wipe it down to remove any marks.
Never use soap, as this could spoil the cast iron.

Final Thoughts

Now get out there campers, and cook to your pie iron’s content!

26 Campfire-Perfect Pie Iron Recipe For You To Try

26 Campfire-Perfect Pie Iron Recipe For You To Try

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Tired of simply cooking your campfire food on a stick? Want to try something that packs a lot more flavor than just s’mores? Then check out our guide!

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