13 Great Ways To Use Persimmons In Recipes

Persimmons are edible fruits that are vivid orange. They range in size and shape, varying from berries that are smaller than an inch, to as big as three or four inches.

These fruits grow in the autumn in certain parts of Asia. They are not very common in America yet, but they have been around in these parts of Asia for over 1000 years.

13 Great Ways To Use Persimmons In Recipes

There are many ways that these tasty fruits can be added to great recipes, both sweet and savory. 

There are two types of persimmon that are commonly available in the US. These are Fuyu and Hachiya. The type of persimmon that you are working with affects how you will cook them, so this is important to note. 

What Can I Do With Persimmon Fruits?

Persimmons are a great addition to lots of different recipes. They can also be eaten on their own.

Because this fruit tastes similar to honey, it makes a great ingredient in puddings, cookies and other sweet things because the fruit acts as a natural sweetener.

They are not only a great addition to desserts and sweets, they are also great when used in savory dishes.

Fuyu Vs. Hachiya 

The Fuyu variety is a shorter persimmon which has a rounded bottom. It can be eaten when it is both soft and raw.

When this fruit is ready to be eaten, cut away the leaves and then cut the fruit up. These taste great in salads. 

Hachiya persimmons are shaped like a heart and they cannot be eaten when they are hard. They must be very ripe. If you leave the fruit out in a room that is room temperature, it will ripen.

This variation is great for baking. 

Recipes Using Persimmons

1. Persimmon Pudding

This is a very rich dessert that is similar to a cake. It is rich and very dense. This dessert is great for the cake lover and is great served with whipped cream or caramel sauce.

With this simple, four step dessert, you can’t go wrong. It is especially comforting in the winter months as it is great served hot to warm you through.

2. Persimmon Cookies

This is a great recipe made with persimmon fruits. The cookies from this recipe are delicious and perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

There is a cinnamon flavoring to these cookies which compliments the persimmon very well.

These cookies are a perfect snack or a dessert. You can serve them warm or cold so they can be enjoyed any time of day!

3. Fuyu Persimmon Pie

This persimmon pie is made with fuyu persimmons and is made with sliced persimmons, cinnamon and brown sugar.

It is important that you use fuyu persimmons for this recipe rather than the haciya variant.

4. Butternut Squash Soup With Persimmons

The persimmons add a great flavor to this butternut squash soup, giving it a great variation to the usual butternut squash soup (for more Squash recipes, read here).

Not only does it add a fruity flavor, it also adds a great splash of color to the soup.

5. Persimmon Cheesecake

This is a delicious dessert that is very sweet. Persimmons are great for adding to a cheesecake because they are naturally very sweet without having to add too much sugar.

This cheesecake is slightly more adventurous than your regular cheesecake! Serve this cheesecake with blueberries for a great dessert (see also ‘27 Brilliant Blueberry Dessert Recipes’).

6. Persimmon Pear Salad

While it may sound eccentric to add persimmon to your salad, it is a great addition to a salad and it is very refreshing as a light lunch.

The dash of mustard adds a lovely flavor. This is a great meal as it gives an edge to the boring salad.

7. Persimmon Muffins

This breakfast muffin recipe (see also ‘33 Irresistible Muffin Recipes‘) is fantastic. They are deliciously sweet muffins which are very quick and easy to make considering the amazing result. The added cinnamon compliments the persimmon taste very well.

8. Steamed Persimmon Pudding

This recipe uses two both kinds of persimmon. The hachiyas are used in the batter of the pudding, and the fuyu are used on top of the pudding.

This is a delicious steamed pudding which is very aesthetically pleasing! 

9. Persimmon Bread

This fantastic bread recipe is a winner to add to your recipe book. Bread is notoriously difficult to make, but this recipe is definitely worth it!

The addition of the persimmon to the bread gives it a slightly sweeter taste.

10. Persimmon Jam

This jam is very easy to make and it is a great jam to eat all year round. It is sweet but also warm so it is a great jam for the summer months.

It is a slightly different type of jam to ones that we are used to, so step out of your comfort zone and try this recipe!

11. Persimmon Crumble

This crumble is so quick to make! It is ready to be baked in less than 5 minutes which is a life changer if you are in a rush to make your dessert!

It is much tastier than any store-bought crumble and it is very impressive. This dessert (see also our favorite 4th of July desserts) is very light and so works well as a breakfast crumble.

12. Persimmon And Spice Gin And Tonic

Now, we’ve had a look at loads of different food options, but what about a cocktail? This gin and tonic is to die for and you won’t go back to the regular ones after this.

Add some pomegranate and lemon flavors to compliment the persimmon and you really can’t go wrong (see also ‘40 Perfectly Delicious Pomegranate Recipes‘). Serve this drink in a fancy gin glass for the full effect!

13. Caramelized Persimmons

These caramelized persimmons are delicious and a healthy alternative to the recipes that include lots of other ingredients. Just add sugar to the persimmons and bake them in the oven for the best results.

Health Benefits Of Persimmons

Persimmons are very good additions to your recipes because they are filled with health benefits for you and your family. These health benefits include: 

  • Persimmons are filled with nutrients and vitamins. These fruits contain vitamin A and C as well as hundreds of other important nutrients that are very good for your health.
  • They contain antioxidants. These antioxidants have many positive health impacts as they help to slow down cell damage and help with long term diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. 
  • Have a positive effect on heart health because they are lavonoid-rich. This can lower blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Reduce inflammation which is the cause for many things such as diabetes, cancer and obesity. 
  • They are also a good source of vitamin C.
  • Rich in fiber. 
  • Supports healthy vision due to the high levels of vitamin A. One persimmon contains 55 percent of your recommended vitamin A intake.
  • The fruit is delicious, and, as you can see from the recipe list, very easy to add to your diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does A Persimmon Taste Like?

A persimmon is very mild, rich and sweet. It is similar to the flavor of honey and its texture is like an apricot when it is bitten into.

The skin of a persimmon is quite tough, similar to the skin of an apple. Persimmons are delicious and are a taste that we are not used to because they are not commonly eaten in the US.

They have been eaten in certain Asian countries for hundreds of years and they are becoming more popular in the US every day.

Can You Eat A Persimmon Raw?

You can eat a persimmon either raw or cooked. If you wish to eat it raw, you simply need to cut the fruit up like an apple and add it to a salad or eat it like an apple.

Alternatively, you can use persimmons in lots of different recipes which will each tell you how to prepare the fruit to be cooked and eaten.

You should make sure that you are only eating the Fuyu variety raw as the other variety is not safe to eat raw and it won’t taste very nice! The Hachiya variety is much better cooked and put in recipes.

How Can I Tell If A Persimmon Is Ripe?

Persimmons are ripe and ready to eat when they feel soft. When the leaves on the top of the fruit are easy to pull off, this is a good indication that they are ripe.

A good way to ripen persimmons quickly is by leaving them in a paper bag with an apple. The apple will release ethylene gas which will speed up the ripening process.

How Do You Pick A Tasty Persimmon?

Choosing a tasty persimmon at the grocery store might sound straightforward, but because these fruits are very rare, it is not something that we are used to doing. You may not know what to look for.

You should look for fruits that have no blemishes on them, and that are smooth. It is a good idea to get a persimmon that is not completely soft when squeezed. 

Final Thoughts

Persimmons are tasty and versatile fruits that can be used in many different recipes. Try out some of the delicious recipes above to add the delicious fruit to some of your favorite desserts (see also ‘75 Insanely Delicious And Fun New Year’s Eve Desserts‘) or dishes!

There’s even a cocktail thrown in there for good measure.

13 Great Ways To Use Persimmons In Recipes

13 Great Ways To Use Persimmons In Recipes

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Are you looking for great ways to use your Persimmon fruit in some recipes? Read on for 13 great persimmon recipes in both sweet and savory dishes as well as a cocktail!

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