Pepino Melon: Taste And How To Eat It

Whether you grew pepino melon at home or you were lucky enough to find one in your local store, pepino melon is a surprisingly versatile fruit.

With a sweet but water taste, this type of melon is ideal for anyone who loves a light and fruity dessert.

We tried pepino melon and this article explains what it tastes like. We’ll also take a look at how you can eat pepino melon the right way.

Pepino Melon Taste And How To Eat It

What Is Pepino Melon?

The hint is in its name. Pepino melon is part of the melon family. This small melon fruit has an oval shape with a firm but smooth skin.

Ripe pepino melon is yellow with purple stripes. This makes it an ideal display fruit at parties.

While most varieties of pepino melon are relatively small, the sizes can vary from the size of an adult hand to passion fruit size.

Pepino melon originates from South America where the small tree grows up to 3 feet tall. However, you can also grow it in some warmer regions of the US.

What Does Pepino Melon Taste Like?

Pepino fruit tastes like a mix of honeydew melon and cucumber (see also ‘What Is A Winter Melon And How Does It Taste?‘). You can easily taste the sweetness but the fruit is very watery.

This is what makes pepino melon a light and refreshing dessert which is ideal for parties and family dinners.

While only a ripe pepino melon has a sweet flavor, you can also use the unripened fruit similar to squash. Just cut it and put it into soups or stews.

Where Does Pepino Originate?

Pepino melon is originally from South America where it is commonly known as “pepino dulce” (sweet cucumber).

You can sometimes also find pepino melon under melon pear or sweet cucumber. The pepino shrub is part of the same nightshade family as peppers, eggplants, potatoes and tomatoes.

How To Eat A Pepino Melon

Generally, you can  eat every part of the pepino fruit, including the seeds and the skin. Saying this, the skin of a ripe pepino melon is leathery.

So, you will need to either eat the skin before the fruit turns ripe or you simply peel the skin off before you eat the juicy melon flesh.

Here are a few delicious ways to eat your pepino melon.

Fresh Pepino Melon

The best way to enjoy pepino melon is by simply cutting it into small pieces and eating it fresh. You can also cut it into slices and eat as a snack between meals. Just make sure to peel the skin first.

Pepino melon is ideal as a refreshing summer treat. If you are not a fan of fizzy drinks but still need a bit of sweet, then pepino melon is a healthy alternative.

Pepino Melon Breakfast Cereal

Just like strawberries or other fruit, you can add a few slices of pepino melon to your breakfast cereal.

If you make your own breakfast bowl, then just mix some pepino cubes with cottage cheese, nuts and a bit of honey. You can also add a range of other fruit or cereals to your delicious melon bowl to get your day started.

Pepino Melon In Soup

Pepino melon isn’t just a sweet dessert but it also works well in soups and stews. Just cut your pepino melon into cubes and add some into your soup.

Any melon leftovers are ideal for dessert.

Pepino Melon Salsa

This may be surprising but you can also make a pepino salsa with fresh pepino melon. 

Grilled Melon

Grilled fruit is the latest foody trend, so why not try some grilled pepino lemon. Serve it with some drizzled honey, yogurt and ice cream as a sweet dessert.

Pepino Melon And Prosciutto

There is no doubt that prosciutto and melon just belong together. You can use any type of melon for this traditional appetizer, including pepino.

Pepino Melon Salad

Pepino melon works with almost any salad where you want a little bit of sweetness. Just toss it in with green peppers, cherry tomatoes or red peppers.

Sprinkle a little bit of fresh parsley, pepper and feta cheese on top, and you have a refreshing starter.

Alternatively, pepino melon also pairs well with other fruit in a fruit salad.

Pepino Melon And Yogurt Parfait

Simply mix a few cubes of pepino melon and some yogurt to create a sweet parfait. If you prefer a little bit of crunch, then add some granola to the yogurt.

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How To Prepare A Pepino Melon

Whether you want to use your pepino melon in a delicious fruit salad or you just want to the fruit raw, it’s a good idea to cut your pepino into small cubes.

Scoop The Seeds Out

Pepino melon seeds are at the center of the fruit and you can easily eat them. However, the texture of the seeds isn’t for everyone.

If you don’t want to eat the seeds, then just scoop the seeds out of the center of the melon and throw them away.

Peel The Skin

While you can eat pepino melon skin, it doesn’t taste nice once the fruit is ripe. Luckily, you can easily remove the skin by peeling it off.

Alternatively, you can also use a knife to cut the skin off.

Slice Or Cube Your Pepino Melon

Once you removed the seeds and the skin, you are ready to cut your pepino melon into slices or small cubes. Make sure that you use a sharp knife that easily slides through the fruit.

First, put your pepino melon on a cutting board and cut through the fruit lengthwise. Then cut the two halves again into half.

This should give you a good piece of pepino melon that you can use to either scoop out the melon flesh or just cut them into small cubes.

Health Benefits Of Pepino Melon

Similar to other melon varieties, pepino melon contains plenty of water. Despite its sugar content, pepinos don’t contain a lot of calories.

Pepino melons have a great range of antioxidants which protect your skin and help to prevent inflammation.

Fresh pepinos contain a good amount of vitamin C which boosts your immune system. Pepino melon is also well known in traditional medicine for its anti-rheumatic and anti-arthritis properties.

Is Pepino Melon Good For Diabetes?

As pepino melon is low in sugar but high in fibers, it is often recommended to anyone suffering with diabetes.

Final Thoughts

While pepino melon isn’t always available in stores, you can also grow this small melon plant at home. Pepino melon is nicely sweet and thanks to its high water content, it’s super refreshing.

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