13 Of The Most Delicious Passion Fruit Cocktails

Passion fruit is undeniably delicious, with a taste that can only be described as sweet mixed with tropical fruits, it’s no wonder that people have developed cocktail recipes to include them.

Like passion fruit, these cocktails have a wonderfully fragrant smell that makes them even more irresistible and once you add the alcohol in, you’ve got a beautiful summer drink. 

13 of the Most Delicious Passion Fruit Cocktails

Most of these passion fruit cocktails are similar, a lot of them are sweet and fruity, but some have a much more tart flavor.

The cocktails on this list are mostly simple passion fruit twists on the old classics, such as passion fruit margarita, passion fruit daiquiri or passion fruit mojito.

This makes them much more simple to make, all you need to do is make the classic cocktail, but add the passion fruit in! Without further ado, here are 13 delicious passion fruit cocktails. 

1. Tropical Passion Fruit Moscow Mules

The thing with moscow mules is that they only require simple ingredients, so they’re super easy to make.

Since the ingredients are simple, it means that any additions to the recipe make it taste just as good, if not better, like adding flavored vodka or fruit juices. 

In my opinion, using flavored vodka is a must. It transforms the cocktail into something much more complex by adding something as simple as flavored alcohol.

Pineapple or coconut vodka goes excellently with this cocktail, but honestly you can use any flavor you like. Once you’ve chosen your flavored vodka, all you need is passion fruit pulp, lime syrup, ginger beer and ice, mint is also optional for a garnish. 

It tastes amazing whilst also looking beautiful, what more could you want in a cocktail?

2. Passion Fruit Margarita 

Who doesn’t love margaritas? Add passion fruit into the mix and you’ve got an incredible cocktail for a warm summer’s day.

It’s super simple to make, all you need is the classic ingredients of triple sec, lime juice, tequila and simple syrup and passion fruit pulp to put an aromatic, fruity twist on the classic cocktail. 

The passion fruit pulp gives the margarita a thicker and pulpier, and it also gives the drink a more prominent orange color.

The taste is still the classic tangy and tart flavor you know and love about the margarita, but the passion fruit adds a refreshing taste of the tropics. 

3. Passion Fruit Caipiroska

This drink really is the perfect thing to sip on during summer. It takes a traditional caipiroska and passion fruit is added to give it a sweet and tangy flavor, it’s a real treat for your taste buds!

It includes vodka, lime wedges and brown sugar and of course, the star of the show, passion fruit.

The drink itself is really light and refreshing, almost candy like, but the brown sugar does a great job of toning the sweetness down and adding some warm and rich undertones to the cocktail. 

4. Classic Passion Fruit Daiquiri

When you think of a daiquiri, do you think of it being served as a slushy or chilled?

Since most bars and restaurants will serve the daiquiri as a slushy, we’ve since gotten more used to daiquiri being served as such but the classic daiquiri is actually shaken with ice and served chilled. 

With this recipe, you’ll get the refreshing and smooth cocktails, but without the brain freeze, but of course you can turn this recipe into a slushy if you want, and it even comes with some tips on how to make it a mocktail!

The added passion fruit gives it a sweet, tropical and tangy flavor and is a perfect cocktail to have when you’re looking for something a little different to your usual drinks. 

5. Passion Fruit Prosecco Mimosa

Looking for a super easy cocktail to make in under a minute? Then look no further than this delicious 2 ingredient passion fruit mimosa.

All you need is prosecco, Mionetto Prosecco Brut to be exact and a few ounces of passion fruit juice or nectar, simply pour them into a nice glass if you’re feeling fancy, or a regular glass if you don’t care too much (they’ll taste the same either way!). 

6. Passion Fruit Martini

Sweet, tangy and refreshing, this passion fruit martini is the perfect cocktail for any occasion. It has 6 ingredients and takes 5 minutes to transform into a perfect, golden drink, it’s essentially sunshine in a glass!

Passion fruit vodka makes this martini much more tasty, but any vodka will be absolutely fine to use, and if you can, definitely use passion fruit liqueur as it’ll make an amazing addition to this cocktail, though it can be difficult to find. 

7. Passion Fruit Margaritas With Agave

I know I’ve already included a passion fruit margarita in this list, but you can’t have enough margarita recipes, besides this one is different anyway. 

This recipe combines the tropical flavor of passion fruit and the tartness of a martini, but adds additional sweetness from the agave. It’s just as easy to make as the other martini recipe, but it gives a much sweeter flavor profile and the color is more peach than orange. 

Whether you’re just trying out new margarita flavors, or you’re a big margarita fan, you’ll instantly fall in love with this one. 

8. Passion Fruit Mojitos

I get it, super sweet isn’t for everyone, so here’s a take on the classic minty mojito that adds just a bit of sweetness through the passion fruit.

It still has the refreshing qualities of a mojito, honestly the passion fruit makes the drink even more refreshing! It’s a smooth and fun drink that’s easy to make and will quench your thirst on a hot summer day.

9. Bourbon Passion Fruit Cocktail

I know what you’re thinking, bourbon and passion fruit? Just hear me out.

Whilst it’s true that the two have very different flavor profiles, with bourbon having more of a smoky and robust flavor and passion fruit having that fruity, sweet and tangy flavor, they compliment each other quite well. 

In most drinks that have bourbon in, it’ll be the main thing you taste.

But in this cocktail, all you’ll get is bourbon as the undertone, it’s hard to get past the passion fruit, orange and lemon juices, cane syrup, basil, ginger ale, thyme and grapes.

This cocktail is the perfect fruity twist on the classic bourbon taste. 

10. Passion Fruit And Pineapple Sangria 

Sangria is the perfect drink to experiment with because you can add anything you like into it, and it’ll still taste amazing.

This recipe takes white wine, pineapple juice and a handful of different fruits, that of course include passion fruit, and it’s topped off with ginger ale and a handful of more of various fruits for garnish.

It’ll take around 20 minutes to prepare, but for the incredibly tasty drink you’re getting out of it, it’s 20 minutes well spent! 

11. Passion Fruit Caipirinha

The passion fruit caipirinha is the second most popular cocktail of Brazil in the ‘caipirinha’ family.

Passion fruit is a hugely popular fruit in Brazil, it’s added to cocktails, teas, smoothies and more, it’s easy to see why the Brazilians love this fruit so much, its sweet and tangy flavor is a constant reminder of the tropics. 

All you need is 4 ingredients, passion fruit, line, sugar and cachaça and it’ll only take 5 minutes to make, so you’ll have a delicious, tart cocktail in no time. 

12. Passion Fruit Rum Punch

This refreshing and fruity cocktail will get you in the summer spirit with just one sip. This drink is perfect for sharing, so you can make a pitcher with ease for your next party, or just a single glass if you’re not in the sharing mood.

With only 5 simple ingredients, you’ll be sipping on this cocktail in no time, and of course this recipe outlines some substitutes and some tips on how to make this cocktail, a mocktail. 

13. Passion Fruit Bramble

This cocktail recipe combines the sweet and sour notes of the classic bramble cocktail with the tangy and sweet flavor of passion fruit.

It’s quick and easy to make, in fact it’ll be ready in around 3 minutes, which is more than quick enough to quench your thirst on those hot days. 

It’s made with gin, Passoa (or any passion fruit liqueur alternative), lemon juice, sugar syrup and fresh passion fruit. This drink is perfect for cocktail hour and it’ll have all your friends wanting one after the other! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Make Simple Syrup?

You may have noticed that simple syrup is a common ingredient in a lot of these cocktails, this is how to make it. Combine equal parts water and sugar (usually around ½ cup of each) in a saucepan over medium heat.

Bring it to a low simmer and stir until the sugar is completely dissolved. Then remove it from the heat and let it cool before adding it to your cocktails. 

How Can You Tell If Passion Fruit Is Ripe?

You’ll be able to tell by how wrinkly the skin of the passion fruit is, the more wrinkly, the riper it is.

A completely smooth passion fruit won’t be ripe and will be quite sour, which of course will affect the taste of your cocktails, you don’t want a sour cocktail now, do you? 

The color is also a telltale indication of ripeness, a green passion fruit won’t be ripe, whilst a darker purple or red passion fruit will be more likely to be ripe. 

13 Of The Most Delicious Passion Fruit Cocktails

13 Of The Most Delicious Passion Fruit Cocktails

Recipe by Jenna

Passion fruit cocktails are a great way to add a tropical twist to your next party. Try one of these 13 delicious passion fruit cocktails.

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