23 Awesome Mini Sandwiches To Get A Party Started

Nothing beats a classic sandwich. There are perhaps few foods more simple yet iconic and delicious than a sandwich.

What makes sandwiches truly stand out is the incredible number of things you can stuff them with, and the various types of bread you can use to make them.

23 Awesome Mini Sandwiches To Get A Party Started

Sandwiches are also perfect for any occasion. Whether you need a filling and satisfying lunch, a quick snack, or you want some awesome party foods, sandwiches are definitely your best go-to. 

But with the sheer amount of things you can stuff a sandwich with, it can be a little difficult to work out what are the best fillings to satisfy party guests.

Are you planning a party, and want to know some of the best mini sandwich fillings around? Then make sure to read on down below, because we have listed our 23 favorite options that we know you will love!

1. Mini Grilled Cheeses

Everyone loves a grilled cheese sandwich. Grilled cheeses are perhaps some of the most popular and iconic sandwiches around, so you can be sure that mini grilled cheese sandwiches would quickly go down a treat at a party. 

We adored this grilled cheese recipe that allowed us to make mini sandwiches that were bursting with delightfully rich flavor, courtesy of the cheese, mushrooms, and basil that helped to make them pop.

These aren’t your average grilled cheeses, and your guests will quickly be coming back for more!

2. Cheesesteak Sliders

These sliders feature delightfully warm steak pieces, plenty of decadent melted cheese, and a large helping of peppers and onions, to give them a slightly tangy extra taste.

The way the three flavor combinations of these sandwiches combine together to create something of such sheer beauty is definitely something to behold, and we adored everything about these adorable little sandwiches! 

Eating each mini sandwich is like enjoying a full cheesesteak! Yum!

3. Ham And Cheese

Ham and cheese is a very classic combination, but that does not mean that mini ham and cheese sandwiches have to be totally boring! Using this recipe you can create mini sandwiches that look just as incredible as they taste.

The green color of the lettuce, the pink hue of the ham, and the delightfully warming yellow of the cheese give these mini sandwiches a beautiful outward profile! 

Simple, but definitely not ordinary! We know your guests will adore these effective sandwiches.

4. Turkey, Bacon, & Avocado Sliders

Turkey, bacon, and avocado combine together so effortlessly in this recipe that you would think they were made for each other!

If you want savory sandwiches that will go down as an absolute treat with your guests, then you should look no further.

The brioche buns used for these sandwiches give them an extra creamy and sweet kick that completes the experience. 

5. Cucumber And Dill Mini Baguettes

These sandwiches are truly the absolute height of decadence and sophistication on this list. You won’t find anything quite this delightful anywhere else!

Cream cheese, fresh cucumber, and delightfully herby dill combine to create a flavor medley that will prove irresistible to your guests!

This is a great recipe to try out if you want something for a more sophisticated event!

6. Mini Turkey Burgers

You wouldn’t think that you’d be able to get so much flavor and impact into such tiny burgers, but these adorable turkey sliders will prove once and for all that great things come in small packages!

These smoky burgers are absolutely the perfect recipe if you want to create something for an outdoor dinner party or another kind of summer event!

7. Crispy Chicken Sliders

The crispy texture of the fried chicken in these sliders helps to make every bite your guests take totally memorable. The mix of soft and crispy textures is what makes these sandwiches shine.

Fresh tomato and lettuce also help to make these sandwiches not only satisfying but incredibly refreshing!

8. Korean Meatball Sliders

Want a little bit of excitement in your sandwiches for your next party? Then we think you’d love this Korean meatball sliders recipe that is full of unique spices and flavors that will set your mouth alight with flavor sensations.

We loved how exciting these sliders tasted, and also how surprisingly easy they were to make!

9. Turkey Cranberry Sliders

Hosting a party a little closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Then make some of these turkey and cranberry sliders that combine some of the best flavors from the holidays into one bite-size sandwich that is sure to deeply satisfy you. 

We loved the combination of sweet and savory flavors, from both the cranberry and turkey, creating a heartwarming meal that you won’t soon forget!

10. Italian Scallion Sliders

If the fun name of these sandwiches is not enough to pique your interest, then we just know that the immense flavors contained within will be!

We know that the second your guests get the first taste of these incredible sandwiches, they won’t be able to resist going back for seconds!

The Italian flavors contained within the sandwich are able to fill it with a sense of vibrancy that other recipes simply lack altogether! 

11. Slow Cooker Honey Buffalo Sliders

Simply allow the chicken to slow cook in a honey buffalo sauce mix, and you will soon be met with incredibly tender chicken that seems to melt away on your tongue with each bite. 

The sweet and spicy taste of the honey and buffalo sauce will quickly set your tongue alight and give you a sense of flavor that makes every single mini sandwich something to remember.

Your guests will have a hard time resisting multiple of them!

12. Cream Cheese Cucumber Bites

A sandwich without any bread? Is that even possible? Well, this recipe would certainly assert that it is!

The soft and decadent texture of the cucumber slices, standing in for bread, helps to make the savory taste of the filling seem even more incredible than you may otherwise assume possible! 

Best of all, these sandwiches are totally keto-friendly, making them perfect for keto parties, or any guests that may be on keto diets!

13. French Onion Grilled Cheeses

Wow! We couldn’t believe that we’d never thought to combine the immense flavor of french onion with the iconic and deeply fulfilling flavor of a classic grilled cheese sandwich. 

These stacker sandwiches are incredibly rich, and will have your guests’ mouths watering just by looking at them! 

And when your guests eventually do get a taste, we just know that they will not be able to resist the opportunity to have more.

Sweet, savory, and oh so rich, these sandwiches are a must-try if you want to create a party to remember!

14. Kentucky Hot Brown Sliders

Kentucky hot brown is an iconic flavor made up of a combination of turkey, bacon, tomatoes, and a delightfully rich and slightly tangy cheese sauce. 

If you or your guests have never tried Kentucky hot brown flavor before, then these mini slider sandwiches could be a perfect introduction!

We loved how complex and busy these sandwiches tasted despite their deceptively small size. It tasted like there was a whole medley of flavors just waiting to explode into our mouths as we bit into them. 

15. Chicken Croissant Sandwiches

Want something a little different from your average bread roll? Perhaps something that has a slight French flair that will have your guests singing their praises?

Then why not try out this recipe that utilizes croissants to create mini sandwiches that are totally to die for? 

The crumbly nature of the croissant pastries helps to make each bite an experience unto itself, and the large slices of tomato atop the chicken help to make each sandwich rich and juicy!

16. Italian Meatball Subs

Using this recipe, you could easily create small treats that easily rival the likes of Subway!

The tomato sauce that is drizzled through the sandwiches, and the incredibly rich taste of the meatballs combine together under a soft bed of elegantly melted cheese and herbs that complete the Italian flavor odyssey that each sandwich contains!

We thought that these mini sandwiches were not only totally irresistible but also incredibly cute. 

17. Tuna Melt Sliders

Tuna, cheese, and sweet Hawaiian buns combine together to make tuna melt sliders that will have your guests wondering just where you found the recipe!

Of all of the mini tuna melt sandwich recipes we have ever come across, this has to be the absolute best of them all.

The sweetness of the bread that contains the decadent filling helps to give them a sense of vibrancy that makes them perfect for the Summer months. 

Best of all, the filling itself is incredibly easy to make, so you can make large batches of these sandwiches in no time, so all of your party guests can be part of the tuna action!

18. Sheet Pan Sliders

Want to make hot sliders that taste just like iconic burgers from Mcdonald’s in as little time as possible?

This recipe will show you how to create sheet pan sliders that you can easily serve out to multiple guests, and bake in one tray!

The copycat Big Mac sauce that this recipe will show you how to make is totally mind blowing, and we couldn’t believe just how much it tasted like the real thing!

These sliders take a little more effort to prepare, but being able to make so many in one pan is definitely worth the effort!

19. Pesto Chicken Pull-Aparts

These are totally awesome sliders to make if you want something that is totally easy and also incredibly fun to share out.

The chicken, cheese, and pesto contained within these sandwiches create a combination so magical that we cannot believe it has taken this long for someone to perfect it in the form of a slider!

These gooey, decadent, and rich sliders will prove incredibly popular, and your guests won’t be able to resist pulling the sandwiches apart to satisfy their cravings!

This is one of our favorite mini sandwich recipes we have ever come across on the internet!

20. Fajita Sliders

Fajitas are totally delicious, but they aren’t always exactly appropriate for parties that host multiple guests, lest you want a complete mess on your hands!

This recipe will show you how to create iconic fajita flavors, but contained entirely within bread roll sliders that are easy to grab and eat! 

The combination of flavors contained here is so incredible that you’ll think you’re actually eating fajitas!

21. Beer, Cheese, Chicken, Pretzel Sliders

These are easily amongst the most unique sliders on this list!

The pretzel buns that contain all of the chicken, cheese, and beer flavors are totally unique and have that iconic pretzel taste and texture that makes these sliders totally worth remembering.

They are practically oozing with flavor, and you’ll often find the ingredients just waiting to ooze out all over as you take each bite! So heavenly! 

22. Hawaiian Burger Sliders

Eating one of these burger sliders is almost like eating a full burger unto itself, except these burgers are much smaller, and full of Hawaiian-inspired flavors that will have you feeling totally exotic!

The combination of sweet buns, pineapple slices, and barbecue sauce creates an exotic flavor medley that we just know will prove to be incredibly popular amongst your guests. 

Don’t forget to add bacon to give the burgers that final savory hit that completes them!

23. Cheeseburger Sliders

Let’s close off our list with a recipe that will help you to make tiny versions of one of America’s most beloved food staples: the humble cheeseburger!

The rich and meaty taste of the beef mince which oozes with mature and savory melted cheese is complemented beautifully by the inclusion of pickles that give each burger a final tangy hit!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The 5 Most Popular Sandwiches?

Easily the five most popular sandwiches in America are bacon, club, BLT, ham, and roast beef sandwiches.

These are all incredibly accessible fillings that can easily be made with little trouble involved, which perhaps explains their enduring popularity!

What Goes First In A Sandwich?

Generally, you will want to place all of the larger elements of your sandwich towards the bottom, such as your meats, or some of your denser vegetables.

This may come after adding spreads or sauces, but adding the largest ingredients first helps to anchor the sandwich, which keeps the elements from spilling out!

What Are The Two Most Commonly Used Spreads For Sandwiches?

Two of the most commonly used spreads for sandwiches in the United States are butter and mayonnaise. These two spreads add moistness to a sandwich, making it more pleasurable to eat!

23 Awesome Mini Sandwiches To Get A Party Started

23 Awesome Mini Sandwiches To Get A Party Started

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Mini sandwiches can make for perfect party snacks, as they can easily be served and eaten. But of all the many ways to make them, what are the 23 best?

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