30 Easy And Mouthwatering Parsleyed Potatoes Recipes You Have To Try Today

Parsley potatoes are a classic dish that many of us love. They’re easy to make, and so tasty it’s believable. However, sometimes you might just want something a little different.

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30 Easy and Mouthwatering Parsleyed Potatoes Recipes You Have to Try Today

If this is you, then you’re in the right place! We’re going to go through 30 unique parsley potato recipes that you can try out and fall in love with. 

Ready to get started? Let’s jump in!

1. Parsley Red Potatoes With Chicken Broth And Black Pepper

The chicken broth and black pepper combined with the red potatoes truly is a match made in heaven. Easy and so tasty.

2. Parsley Potatoes With Bay Leaves And Celery

Parsley potatoes with bay leaves and celery gives the dish some delicious levels of depth. Don’t be surprised if this recipe becomes your new go-to!

3. Roasted Parsley Spanish Potatoes With Paprika

The paprika in this dish adds something amazing. This dish is delightfully flavorful and looks absolutely incredible. Look at those colors!

4. Fried Garlic Parsley Potatoes

The crisp on these fried garlic parsley potatoes is to die for. You won’t find a crispier potato dish that has all the same great flavors as this one.

5. German Boiled Potatoes With Butter And Parsley

The combination of butter and parsley is a tale as old as time. This duo adds some much-needed flavor to these German boiled potatoes.

6. Garlic Butter Parsley Boiled Potatoes

These are a lot like the above recipe, but they aren’t German! Don’t ask us what makes them German or not, we don’t know.

7. Crispy Parsley Potatoes With Bacon And Garlic

The bacon and garlic combination in this recipe will leave you drooling for more. It’s so easy to make and so tasty, especially if you use the bacon fat!

8. Baby Parsley Potatoes With Sweet Onion

This baby parsley potato with sweet onion recipe is the perfect mix of sweet and savory, and it just makes sense! Imagine this with a roast turkey.

9. Parsley Potatoes With Lemon And Red Pepper Flakes

Red pepper flakes and lemon really gives this parsley potato recipe an advantage. These strong flavors work together wonderfully to give you something you will love every time. 

Grilled Potato Wedges with Hot Garlic, Red Chili, Parmesan & Parsley

10. Grilled Parsley Potato Wedges With With Red Chile, Hot Garlic, And Parmesan

Can’t live without that Parmesan kick? This grilled parsley potato wedge recipe with red chile, hot garlic, and Parmesan will be your go-to order.

11. Yukon Gold Parsley Potatoes With Bay Leaf And Sea Salt

These Yukon golds go beautifully with sea salt and bay leaves, and you can’t deny it. You should absolutely give these a try. 

12. Calabrian Chili Parsley Potatoes With Lemon

Take a look at this super easy and super tasty Calabrian chili parsley potato recipe with lemon. It’s packed full of fresh flavors that you will love.

13. Crispy Parsley Potatoes With Dill And Coriander

Dill, parsley, and coriander are one of those combinations that you know will always work. When you add them to crispy potatoes, there’s nothing you won’t love.

14. Boiled Parsley Potatoes With Butter

If you love boiled potatoes, but want to add some flavor back into them, check out this recipe! Feel free to add in some fresh garlic to really up the ante. 

15. Parsley Buttered New Potatoes With Mint And Chives

Chives and mint are what really make this recipe special. The parsley buttered potatoes are already good, but these ingredients just make them better.

16. Buttered Parsley Potatoes

This recipe is a classic, and way too easy to not try out. Buttered parsley potatoes are simple yet still delightfully good. Look at the crisp on those.

17. French Sautéed Parsley Potatoes With Garlic And Shallots

The garlic and shallots work together wonderfully to pull this French sautéed parsley potato recipe together and give us something a little different.

18. Garlic Butter Parsley Potatoes With Sea Salt

These rich and flavorful garlic butter parsley potatoes with sea salt leave nothing to the imagination. Delicious. 

19. Parsley Potatoes With Peppered Fillet Steak

Why not add some peppered fillet steak to your parsley potatoes? This combination adds in some wonderful juices and flavors. 

20. Roasted Parsley Potatoes With Chimichurri Sauce

Love chimichurri sauce? Why not combine it with roasted parsley potatoes to create something that’s out of this world delicious? It’s unbelievably good.

21. Air Fryer Garlic And Parsley Baby Potatoes

Any chance to use the air fryer, and you should take it! These air fryer garlic and parsley baby potatoes are perfectly crispy and ready to serve up. 

22. Michael Symon’s Roasted Parsley Potatoes With Chile

Check out these beauties! Roasted parsley potatoes are already a delight, but the chile in this recipe just makes it ten times better. If you like a little spice, try this one out!

23. Crockpot Garlic Parsley Potatoes

Want to use your crockpot for tasty garlic parsley potatoes? You can! Follow this easy recipe to get tasty results that you will love.

24. Parsley Hasselback Potatoes With Garlic And Chile

There’s something special about hasselback potatoes, don’t you think? This recipe uses garlic and chile along with parsley to give you something fun and tasty.

25. Crispy Air Fryer Parsley Potato Wedges With Garlic

Take a look at these crispy air fryer parsley potato wedges with garlic. If you love your potato wedges but still want the parsley, this is the recipe for you.

26. Roasted Garlic Parmesan Parsley Potatoes

These roasted garlic Parmesan parsley potatoes are beautifully crispy and so full of flavor. You’ll keep coming back for more. 

27. Steamed Potatoes With Parsley

Want to keep it simple? This recipe for steamed potatoes with parsley is the perfect one for you.

28. Oven Roasted Parsley Potatoes With Parmesan And Garlic

Use your oven to get these perfect oven roasted parsley potatoes with Parmesan and garlic. We;ve already established that this combination is a winner.

29. Roasted Lemon Parsley Butter Potatoes

Why does lemon make everything better? The same goes for these delicious roasted lemon parsley butter potatoes. Delightful and easy!

30. Spicy Parsley Potatoes

Want to add some spice to your life? You’re going to have to try this spicy parsley potato recipe.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! There are plenty of different parsley potatoes that you can try out and love. While a lot of these recipes are very similar, they each have something different to offer. 

Don’t be afraid to do some experimenting of your own and find new recipes to love! Play around with different herbs and spices to find new combinations that you will love, and even add different kinds of protein to the dish. 

Now that you have 30 mouthwatering parsley potato recipes to try out, you have a great starting point for your own trials. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Parsley Potatoes Healthy?

Parsley potatoes are usually healthy, but this can depend on how they are prepared and cooked. Generally, this dish is low calorie and gluten-free, but this can change depending on the added ingredients and method of cooking.

For example, parsley potatoes that are fried will be less healthy compared to oven baked or roasted potatoes. 

What Can I Do With A Lot Of Parsley?

You can use your parsley for a lot of things! From pesto to tabbouleh. You might also add your parsley to a chimichurri sauce, or use it in salads or dishes like parsley potatoes.

There are plenty of options to pick from, and you can even chop it up and add it to curries and stews if you like.

How Long Do Parsley Potatoes Last In The Fridge?

Parsley potatoes will last between 3 and 4 days when refrigerated properly. These potatoes should be stored in an airtight container and kept refrigerated until use.

Are Parsley Potatoes Good For Weight Loss?

Parsley potatoes are a great addition to a good weight loss diet as they are low in calories (depending on how they’re prepared), and are typically clean foods.

Potatoes have a number of beneficial nutrients that can aid in weight loss, but it’s important to note that they still contain carbohydrates. Because of this, you should be careful not to eat too much potato!

How Many Calories Are In A Cup Of Parsley Potatoes?

There are around 200 calories in one serving of parsley potatoes. Of course, this could be higher or lower depending on how the potatoes have been cooked and prepared, as well as the other ingredients added to them.

The type of potato will also play a role, as some species will have more or fewer calories than others. 

For example, red potatoes actually have fewer calories compared to Russet potatoes. These differences are unlikely to be significant, but it’s something to consider nonetheless.

Which Potatoes Are Best For Weight Loss?

There are more calories in white potatoes, but sweet potatoes have more sugar in them. White potatoes also contain more protein compared to sweet potatoes, while both types of potatoes have the same amount of fat (4.2g). 

30 Easy And Mouthwatering Parsleyed Potatoes Recipes You Have To Try Today

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