29 Deliciously Simple Orange Desserts

Move over chocolate, oranges are in town! 

Mix up your classic desserts by incorporating oranges for a citrus kick that is not only refreshing but sure to satisfy your taste buds. 

29 Deliciously Simple Orange Desserts

We have compiled a list of all the best orange-flavored dessert recipes.

Whether you’re craving something light such as a fruit salad, or something more decadent like homemade donuts – there’s something for everyone on this list!

Let’s get straight into it!

1. Orange Crush Pound Cake

While the thought of adding soda to your cake may sound alarming, don’t knock it until you try it! 

Take the traditional pound cake and enhance it with a cup of Orange Crush soda for the ultimate dessert. 

Not only does it add some extra sweetness, but it also enhances the cake color for an attractive finish. 

2. Orange Pistachio Sugar Cookies

Freshly squeezed orange juice, ground pistachios, and orange zest add a flavorful twist to the classic sugar cookies. 

You’ll be rewarded with fragrant, orange-infused, fragrant, and chewy sugar cookies that make for the perfect dessert. 

Similar to the orange shortbread cookies; although, these have a much softer texture to them. 

In as little as 25 minutes, you’ll have these warm, chewy cookies delivered in front of you on a plate. 

If you don’t like nuts, you can skip the pistachios for an equally delicious orange sugar cookie. 

3. Orange Creamsicle Dream Bars

Looking for the perfect no-bake refreshing summer dessert? Then you’re going to love these orange creamsicle dream bars!

A sweet orange layer sits atop a crunchy crust with a dollop of orange cream topping to create a nostalgic Orange Creamsicle flavor you used to buy from the ice cream truck. 

What’s great about these dream bars is that, unlike ice cream, they won’t melt all over your hands, perfect for the summer months.  

4. Citrus And Pomegranate Fruit Salad

The combination of grapefruits, pomegranate seeds, and oranges makes for the perfect antidote after all your holiday indulgences. 

It’s bursting with flavors and natural sweetness that the whole family will enjoy. 

The fruits are soaked in their juices which creates refreshing magenta syrup that you’ll have to stop yourself drinking straight from the bowl!

Whether you’re serving it as a light breakfast or even an elegant dessert for your guests, fill a crystal clear bowl with all the fruits to create a kaleidoscope of jeweled colors. 

Finish off the dessert by topping it with some whipped cream. 

5. Orange Olive Oil Baked Donuts

Incredibly moist, light and fluffy are just a few adjectives that describe these mouthwatering donuts. 

This recipe is spring personified. Pungent, fruit oils meet the orange, sticky glaze that makes for a perfect combination of flavors. 

They are the perfect dessert for birthday parties or simply an afternoon snack. But be warned, they will get chomped down in minutes!

6. Glazed Orange Sweet Rolls

Move away cinnamon rolls, there’s a new roll in town!

Sticky, cinnamon buns have long been known as the champion of breakfast; however, not anymore. 

These homemade rolls are filled with buttery orange filling and topped with a simple orange glaze for the ultimate sweet rolls. 

Whether you choose to eat these rolls at the start of your day or the end, they are sure to be a crowd favorite. 

7. Orange Juice Cake

Looking for ways to use up the opened orange juice in your refrigerator before it goes bad? Well, you’re in the right place! 

With simple ingredients, you are likely to have all the ingredients you need already in your pantry. 

Each slice is sure to satisfy your taste buds, you’ll be in citrusy heaven in no time. 

If you like orange juice, you’re sure to enjoy this orange-infused cake. Bring it along to your next potluck or family get-together to impress all your guests. 

8. Orange And Almond Shortbread

For the perfect dessert every time, why not try the humble shortbread cookie; but take it up a level by including orange zest? 

This adds a subtle flavoring that is lacking from traditional shortbread cookies. It’s simple but utterly delightful!

Whether you pair your shortbread with a cup of coffee, tea, or on its own, they make for the perfect afternoon dessert or snack. 

9. Chocolate Orange Brownies

Once again, the ultimate combination of orange and chocolate joins forces to create these deliciously sinful chocolate orange brownies. 

Awe your guests with these flavorful brownies that aren’t simply just sweet.

The zestiness from the orange upgrades the traditional brownies into a dessert experience like no other. 

If you’re looking for a sophisticated dessert to serve at your next dinner party, then these are sure to be a crowd favorite. 

10. Orange Tartlets

Crunchy, sweet, and creamy, these little orange tartlets are the perfect secret weapon for birthdays, parties, Holiday dessert tables, or even afternoon tea.

These are the perfect combination of homemade mini tartlet shells and simple, yet flavorful, orange curd filling. 

Not only do they taste delicious, but they look amazing – making them the perfect spread for your tabletop. 

11. Cranberry Orange Bread Pudding

Perfect for the holiday seasons, this cranberry orange bread pudding contains all the ingredients synonymous with the festive season.

Dried cranberries along with orange zest and juice offer a unique combination of tanginess and sweetness which works perfectly with slices of bread such as challah or brioche. 

Butter, vanilla, sugar, half-and-half, and eggs round out the rest of the ingredients for a dessert that the whole family will love (see also ‘23 Easy Half-And-Half Recipes‘). 

12. Orange And Poppy Seed Muffins

Perfect for breakfast, an afternoon snack, or, of course, dessert. These orange and poppy seed muffins are the ultimate versatile food that can be eaten throughout the day. 

These muffins will be ready to serve after just 35 minutes. The perfect combination of sweet, crunchy, moist, and tangy. 

13. Orange Creamsicle Pie

Orange Creamsicles are a sweet treat beloved by generations; however, why not enhance the traditional popsicles by incorporating them with the next best thing: pie!

This is the creamiest, smoothest, best-tasting recipe you will ever try. And the best thing about it? You don’t even need to bake it. 

With only seven ingredients, you can pull this recipe together in as little as five minutes! It tastes just like the ice cream treat but with an added buttery, shortbread crust. 

This pie is sure to be a favorite among those old and young.

14. Dark Chocolate Orange Cookies

The combination of dark chocolate and orange goes just as well together as peanut butter and jelly!

Therefore, capture this fusion of flavor in these delicious dark chocolate orange cookies. 

They are the perfect texture: chewy on the outside, soft in the middle, with a melt-in-your-mouth consistency that will leave all your guests coming back for more. 

On top of this, these cookies are loaded with flavor! From the crunchy sea salt to the spicy cinnamon to the rich dark chocolate, these flavors come together perfectly for a luxurious dessert. 

15. Orange Sorbet

Looking to beat the heat this summer? Why not try this orange sorbet recipe for a tasty, yet refreshing way to cool down? 

If you’re unfamiliar with sorbet, essentially it is a lighter ice cream that can be topped with fresh fruit and berries. 

This chilly treat is bursting with orange essence, the perfect dessert after a hearty meal. The best part? You can enjoy sorbet every day when you make it at home!

16. Orange And Cream Popsicle

It simply couldn’t be an orange dessert recipe inspiration guide without this orange creamsicle recipe! 

The man of the hour has made his mark, you can now make your very own orange creamsicles straight from your kitchen. 

Not only do these popsicles pack a punch in flavors, with their vanilla and orange essence, but also in their nostalgia.

Therefore, sit back and relax while you take a trip down memory lane after savoring these delicious popsicles. 

Once you’ve made this recipe, you’ll never want to buy creamsicles from the store ever again!

17. Orange Fluff Salad

Never had orange fluff salad before? Well, you’re in luck! 

This creamy, cool orange fluff salad is made with sweet whipped topping, juicy mandarin oranges, and jello, along with a few other ingredients for the most dreamy dessert. 

An unusual ingredient included in this recipe is cottage cheese! While it may sound unlikely, it makes the dessert extra special. 

With no heat required, this mouthwatering dessert is delicious yet incredibly simple to whip up in a matter of minutes. 

18. Orange Upside-Down Cake

If you love all-things orange, then this recipe is sure to satisfy your taste buds. 

The cake itself features delicious cornmeal buttermilk, orange zest, and thyme flavoring which is topped with a beautiful spiral of candied fresh oranges. 

It is flavorful, irresistibly delicious, and a great dessert to serve all your family and friends, whatever the occasion! 

19. Candied Oranges

If you’re looking for a dessert topper then you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’re adding them to a pound cake or some orange chocolate brownies, these candied oranges will enhance any dessert. 

Alternatively, you can only simply enjoy them as they are! These homemade candies are sweet, yet tender, perfect for satisfying those sweet tooths out there. 

If you’ve never made candies before, then this is a great introduction to doing so.

You are almost guaranteed gorgeous results that all your friends and family will enjoy. 

20. Orange Hot Chocolate

Looking for something warm to help those chilly winter evenings? Then you’ve come to the right place! 

This orange hot chocolate recipe will warm you up from the inside out. 

Since chocolate and orange are such a dynamic duo, why not include them in your beverages?

With only 15 minutes of your time, you’ll have a magical hot chocolate. 

21. Cranberry Orange Scones

Looking to start your day the right way? Then you should try these cranberry orange scones. These scones are sure to set the precedent for a productive day or evening!

These scones are crumbly, yet sweet, packed with dried fruits including cranberries and orange zest throughout the middle. 

With every bite, you’re guaranteed some delicious fruit. 

Eat them straight from the oven and pair them with a hot beverage for the most satisfying, warming scones. 

22. Orange Chocolate Fudge

The ultimate combination yet again: chocolate and orange. It’s simply irresistible, we cannot leave it out!

The recipe has the same fudge texture that you know and love: soft and creaminess; however, it has an enhanced citrus kick to it.

With each bite into these chocolaty, fudgy squares, you’ll be rewarded with a rich orange flavor that melts in your mouth. 

Whether you’re hosting a potluck or celebrating a birthday party, these sweet treats are sure to be a crowd favorite. 

23. Orange Self Saucing Pudding

You definitely won’t find this pudding in the store! This orange self-saucing pudding is sure to meet your dessert cravings needs with its fresh, vibrant, and creamy textures. 

This no-bake dessert can be whipped up ahead of time, simply leave it in the refrigerator until ready to eat. 

Looking for a unique dessert to impress your friends and family? Then you have to try this recipe, it is always a hit!

24. Orange Cream Cupcakes

Perfect for birthday parties, festive occasions, or for eating straight from the oven! 

These orange cream cupcakes are made with orange frosting and batter with a light vanilla cream filling to balance out the orange flavors. 

Top each cupcake with a wedge of orange and you’ll be rewarded with a dozen Insta-worthy cupcakes. Not only do they look amazing, but they also taste delicious. 

25. Orange Poke Cake

This poke cake features a fluffy white cake infused with orange flavors and topped off with a quick and easy vanilla frosting – reminiscent of your favorite childhood desserts. 

You’ll know if your cake is perfectly cooked if it is soaked with an orange glaze – this creates a mouthwatering experience. 

The combination of the rich glaze and the batter complement each other perfectly. 

The only problem you’ll encounter when making this cake is resisting the urge to eat it before it has cooled down!

26. Orange Creamsicle Cheesecake

If you love all things citrus and creamsicle then you’re going to love this recipe. 

Vanilla, creamsicle, and orange join forces to create this decadent cheesecake that is truly irresistible. 

Jump into this mouthwatering experience of orange zest and cream with each slice of cheesecake. 

What’s great about this recipe is that it doesn’t require any baking.

Perfect for hot summers when you don’t want to spend hours making desserts in your hot, humid kitchen. 

27. Dark Chocolate Candied Orange

Enhance your candied oranges with this recipe! 

If you don’t know by now, chocolate and orange make for the perfect duo. Enjoy both these treats in one by making these dark chocolate candied oranges. 

Similar to the candied oranges above; however, this time, we’re dipping them into rich, dark chocolate. 

For the perfect sweet treat, you need to try this recipe.

28. Ambrosia Salad

If you’re unfamiliar with Ambrosia salad, essentially it’s a fruit salad with whipped cream as a dressing to hold all the ingredients together.

While there are many versions of this recipe, this one beats them all!

Chunks of your favorite fruits are smothered in a deliciously smooth marshmallow cream that is to die for! 

Over the years, this dessert has evolved to include many ingredients such as coconut, bananas, maraschino cherries, and apples.

Although, the great thing with this recipe is that you can include just about anything you desire!

So, if you’re looking for a satisfying yet light orange dessert, then you might want to try this recipe out. 

29. French Orange Tart

This French orange tart makes for the perfect winter dessert. 

The recipe combines a sweet shortcrust pastry with a simple orange cream filling to create a dessert appropriate for all your holiday festivities. 

Move over lemon tart, French orange tart is in town! 

Finish off this recipe with topped fresh orange slices, whipped cream, or even some marmalade for an enhanced orange experience. Your whole family will enjoy it!

Frequently Asked Questions

When Are Oranges In Season?

Depending on your state, oranges are widely grown fruit in the United States. Florida is among the biggest producers with its orange season being between September to July.

On the other hand, some states produce oranges all year round; for instance, Hawaii and California. 

Nonetheless, you can generally find oranges all year round in your local supermarket. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a burst of flavor to add to your desserts, then oranges are your best bet! With a wide variety of uses, they can be included in virtually any dessert.

From popsicles to hot chocolate, hopefully, this guide has provided you with some inspiration for your next orange-infused desserts. 

29 Deliciously Simple Orange Desserts

29 Deliciously Simple Orange Desserts

Recipe by Jenna

Oranges are one of the most popular, versatile, and delicious fruits. Here’s a collection of 29 delicious recipes that every orange lover will enjoy.

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