28 Amazing Simple No-Bake Pie Recipes

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I have been scouring the net to source the best no-bake pie recipes. I have tried them all myself and can vouch for how truly delicious they are.

28 Amazing Simple No-Bake Pie Recipes

What’s more, I’ve tried to include something for every taste. So whether you’re into ripe fruit or crunchy nuts and biscuit, you’re sure to find something that you’ll just love in my shortlist.

The large majority of no-bake pie recipes in my shortlist are an absolute breeze to make, and some of them are super quick to whip up and serve.

I have made a point of including the links to each recipe, so you can view the full recipe, including a full ingredients list and clear instructions to guide you through the process of making it.

Please feel free to scroll ahead to anything that jumps out at you. 

Get those taste buds ready – here goes! 

1. No-Bake Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipe From My Recipes

Let’s kick things off with something deliciously fruity! If you ask me, there’s nothing that goes together like fresh strawberries and cream.

And there’s no doubt in my mind that this is the best no-bake strawberry pie recipe out there.

What makes it for me is the inclusion of raspberry flavored liqueur, Chambord, vanilla extract, and finely chopped bittersweet chocolate!

2. No-Bake Peanut Butter-Fudge Ice-Cream Pie Recipe From Southern Living

There are few pie ingredients as more-ish as peanut butter, and this recipe for frozen peanut butter pie comes out deliciously flavorful and creamy. Plus, it will help to cool you down on hot summer days.

You will need to freeze the pie for at least 8 hours before serving, and it tastes amazing served with a drizzle of hot fudge sauce!

3. Cream Cheese Lemonade Pie Recipe From Great Grub Delicious Treats

OMG, I just love this recipe – it’s got the fresh, sharp taste of lemon combined with the creaminess of the cream cheese. And there are only 4 ingredients required for the filling.

If you use a pre-made pie crust, there’s no baking required whatsoever. But if you feel up to it, there’s also instructions for making your own pie crust with graham cracker crumbs.

4. Mini Vegan Key Lime Icebox Pies Recipe From My Recipes

Let me tell you – this dish is to die for! It’s amazingly rich, with a deliciously silky texture, thanks to the inclusion of vegan-friendly tofu and avocado, with the help of a good blender. 

There’s also silky coconut oil and crunchy coconut flakes, fresh lemon and lime juice, grated lime zest, crunchy pecan halves, and flavorful pitted dates.

5. Hot Chocolate Icebox Pie Recipe From Southern Living

This dish is such a decadent, indulgent, and rich chocolatey dessert. It features the likes of cocoa powder, instant coffee granules, whole milk, vanilla extract and marshmallow crème.

You can use a premade graham cracker pie crust to make things easier, and it goes great served with a garnish of crushed peppermint candies!

6. No Bake Piña colada Cream Pie Recipe From Mom Timeout

If you love a piña colada on a hot summer evening, trust me – you’re going to love this dish! What’s more, there’s no baking required, and you can make it in 15 minutes flat.

It has a delicious array of ingredients, there’s heavy whipping cream, softened cream cheese, rum and vanilla extract, crushed pineapple, shredded coconut and more!

7. Thai Tea Pie Recipe From My Recipes

I bet you weren’t expecting to see this – it’s quite unique…

There’s a simple graham cracker crumb base, and the filling features warmly spiced tea steeped in sweetened condensed milk, which is then used to make a stove top custard.

What makes it for me is the inclusion of crunchy, coarsely chopped roasted salted peanuts.

8. Kool Aid Pie Recipe From Southern Living

For those of you with a real sweet tooth, I’ve got the perfect no-bake dessert recipe for you!

It only requires 5 ingredients, and these include the likes of Kool Aid tropical punch drink mix, whipped topping, sweetened condensed milk, store bought pre-made graham cracker pie crust, and whipped cream to serve.

What’s more, the prep only takes 5 minutes.

9. No Bake Mint Chocolate Chip Pie Recipe From Dinners, Dishes & Desserts

OMG, I just love this dish! It’s deliciously fresh and minty, and at the same time there’s also a generous serving of deliciously chocolate chips.

It even has a more-ish Oreo cookie base and comes topped with chopped Andes Mint candy for garnish.

It takes a mere 20 minutes to make, and there’s even guidance on making your very own homemade whipped cream.

10. Easy Key Lime Pie Recipe From My Recipes

This recipe is not only delicious, but also an absolute breeze to make. If you go for a store bought premade pie crust, there is no baking required whatsoever.

It features the likes of sweetened condensed milk, frozen whipped topping, key lime juice and zest, all topped with a thinly sliced lime as a garnish to serve!

11. No Bake Orange Cream Pie Recipe From Deliciously Sprinkled

Here’s another delicious, fruity dessert for you. It doesn’t require many ingredients, and prep time comes in at a mere 10 minutes.

The ingredients include the likes of mandarin oranges, orange jello, and cool whip topping for the filling, while there’s butter, sugar, graham crackers and ground cinnamon for the crust. Yum!

12. Easy No-Bake Banana Cream Pie Recipe From The Baking Chocola Jess

Now, this dish is a crowd pleaser – perfect for satisfying even the pickiest of eaters. And the recipe yields 8 servings, so there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy.

It features a creamy, light banana fluff pudding, fresh slices of banana, a thick layer of whipped cream, and a crust made from fine vanilla wafer crumbs.

13. No Bake Nutella Pie Recipe From Spicy Southern Kitchen

If you’re into the likes of Nutella and Oreo cookies, believe you me, you will just love this indulgent dessert, it’s to die for! And prep time is a mere 10 minutes.

The creamy filling requires just 3 ingredients, namely Nutella, cream cheese, whipped topping, and melted butter. All served on a delicious Oreo cookie based pie crust.

14. No-Bake S’mores Pie Recipe From Southern Living

If you’re the kind of person who likes sitting round the campfire making s’mores, then this dish will certainly get you reminiscing.

It features much the same ingredients and flavors, but in a pie form.

The base is made from graham cracker crumbs, and the filling includes marshmallow crème and chocolate chunks, all garnished with pretty chocolate shavings!

15. No-Bake Oreo Cream Pie Recipe From Princess Pinky Girl

Now, not only does this no-bake Oreo cream pie features Oreo cookie crumbs in the crust, but they’re also present in the creamy filling as well! What’s more, prep time is just 20 minutes.

And besides the Oreo cookies, all you need is a little melted butter, some cream cheese, powdered sugar, and whipped topping. Delicious, and such a good crowd pleaser!

16. No Bake Lemon Pudding Pie Recipe From Together As Family

If you’re in the mood for something fresh and fruity, then this citrus lemon pudding pie could be exactly what you’re looking for!

What’s more, it only requires 6 ingredients, namely a store bought, ready-made graham cracker pie crust, fresh lemon juice, powdered sugar, lemon instant pudding, whole milk, and heavy whipping cream.

17. No Bake Blueberry Pie Recipe From Scattered Thoughts Of A Crafty Mom

The great thing about blueberries is how mild they are, they have such a gentle flavor to them. And they go great in this recipe. Plus, you can choose between using fresh or frozen blueberries.

And if you decide to use a premade graham cracker pie crust, then there’s no baking to worry about. What’s more, you can whip it up in a mere 15 minutes total!

18. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pie Recipe From This Is Not Diet Food!

This delicious no-bake dessert can be prepped in just 10 minutes. It’s super simple too.

You just take a store-bought ready-made graham cracker pie crust, make up a dough mixture with sugar, flour, butter, vanilla extract and milk chocolate chips.

Then you make the top layer, featuring just chocolate chips and butter, then chill in the refrigerator for an hour and serve.

19. No-Bake Banana Split Pie Recipe From Southern Living

Making this recipe is just like having an ice cream parlor at your home!

You use chocolate wafers to make the base, and for the filling there are such ingredients as vanilla instant pudding, bananas (of course), strawberries.

Then it all gets topped off with ingredients like whipping cream, maraschino cherries, a drizzle of chocolate syrup, chopped toasted pecans, and rainbow candy sprinkles!

20. Easy Delicious No Bake Pistachio Pie Recipe From Shugary Sweets

And now for something a little different. If you haven’t tried a pistachio pie before, you’re missing out!

The recipe only requires 6 ingredients. There’s store bought graham cracker pie crusts, so you don’t have to bake, heavy whipping cream, cream cheese, instant pistachio pudding mix, crushed pineapple, and mini marshmallows.

The results are delicious!

21. No-Bake Banoffee Pie Recipe From Girl Versus Dough

This delicious banana-caramel pie features a no-bake chocolate graham cracker crust, sliced bananas, a toffee-like filling, and a generous helping of whipped cream and chocolate shavings to finish.

The recipe yields 8 to 10 servings, so there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy. It needs time to chill, so you might want to make it the day before.

22. Frozen Chocolate Fluffernutter (Peanut Butter Marshmallow) Pie Recipe From Boulder Locavore

If you used to enjoy fluffernutter sandwiches as a kid, you probably already know what to expect from this dish – more-ish peanut butter and marshmallow fluff!

This recipe yields up to 10 servings of light and airy frozen dessert, and you make the base with chocolate cookie crumbs.

I love it served with a drizzle of chocolate sauce and chopped toasted nuts.

23. No-Bake Black Forest Cheesecake Recipe From Let’s Dish Recipe

If you love Black Forest gâteau, you will love this no-bake cheesecake – it uses a lot of the same ingredients, including the likes of black cherries as part of a smooth, chocolate cheesecake filling, complete with Kirsch liqueur, sat on a buttery dark chocolate biscuit base, and topped with whipped cream and yet more cherries.

Such a decadent treat! 

24. 4th Of July No Bake Pie Recipe From The Jam Jar Kitchen

What could be a better way to celebrate the 4th of July than with a dedicated dessert reminiscent of the American flag! Well with this recipe you can do exactly that…

This patriotic pie has a pillowy lemon filling and a crunchy gingersnap pie crust.

And to represent the flag, you simply line up rows of blueberries in the left-hand corner, and line up strawberries for the remainder.

25. Two-Minute Hawaiian Pie Recipe From Mr Food Test Kitchen

This tropical fruit pie really is ready in just two minutes, but you do have to let it chill for 2 hours once prepped (see also ‘28 Fantastic Fruit Pies‘). It’s creamy, fruity, and is sure to go down well.

The ingredients include the likes of crushed pineapple, instant vanilla pudding, ready-made shortbread pie crust, sour cream, sweetened flaked coconut, and maraschino cherries.

26. Vegan Chocolate Pie Recipe From Chocolate Covered Katie

OMG – this recipe is the bomb! It has everything you could want in a truly decadent, indulgent dessert. It’s rich, creamy, fudgy, velvety, and, unbelievably, completely dairy-free.

You don’t need many ingredients, but you will need some firm tofu, cocoa powder, vegan chocolate chips, your favorite vegan milk, and some sweetener.

You can even add peanut butter and/or instant coffee if you wish.

27. Healthy No Bake Granola Breakfast Pie Recipe From Izzy Cooking

This make ahead, nutritious dish makes for an excellent breakfast or brunch dish. It’s got yogurt, whole grain granola, almonds, peanut butter, chopped nuts and berries.

For the crunch factor, you could use almonds, pistachios, shredded coconut, or chocolate chips. And for the berries, blackberries, raspberries, or cranberries would work well.

28. No Bake Strawberry Lemonade Pie Recipe From Bread Booze Bacon

And now we’re going to go out with a bang! This summer-y recipe is perfect for parties, with its bright citrus and berry flavors that everyone knows and loves.

And it only needs 7 ingredients. What’s more, each slice is a mere 266 calories!

Answers To Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Make A Pie Without An Oven?

I am pleased to report that you can in fact make a pie without an oven. Here follows some of the different ways you can bake a pie:

  • You can bake your pie on the stove in a skillet
  • You can bake a ready-made frozen pie in the microwave
  • You can bake a pie in an air-fryer
  • You can bake a pie in a toaster oven
  • Or alternatively, you can make a pie that requires no baking at all, such as the various options to choose from in my shortlist above. 

How Should I Serve My No-Bake Pie?

The best way to serve your guests your chosen no-bake pie is to adhere to their particular tastes.

Why not keep a choice of pouring cream, whipped cream and ice cream at hand, so your dinner guests can pick and choose what they would prefer to enjoy with their pie.

What’s The Difference Between Pies In America And Pies In The UK?

Across the pond in the UK, the term “pies” is usually used to refer to savory dishes, such as meats and/or vegetables in a nice, savory sauce encased in a pastry outer shell, much like the well known and well-loved American Pot Pie.

What’s more, our friends across the pond tend to refer to fruit pies as tarts.

Wrap Up

I trust that you now feel sufficiently inspired to go ahead and make a delicious no-bake pie – enjoy!

28 Amazing Simple No-Bake Pie Recipes

28 Amazing Simple No-Bake Pie Recipes

Recipe by Jenna

A shortlisted selection of 28 of the best no-bake pie recipes on the net – you’re sure to find several that you love, check it out!

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