36 Insanely Good Ninja Foodi Chicken Recipes

Chicken is one of the most protein packed foods there is, it is also extremely versatile too. What better way to cook it than with an appliance that is equally versatile?

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36 Insanely Good Ninja Foodi Chicken Recipes

Try cooking your chicken with a Ninja Foodie, and steam it, air fry it, or pop it in the pressure cooker and watch the magic happen.

Here are our recipes for you to enjoy!

1. Ninja Foodi Roast Chicken

When you normally roast a chicken, you would expect it to take a good few hours, but with a Ninja Foodi you could cook it in just a quarter of an hour.

What is best about this is that you do not lose any of the deliciousness, moisture, or anything else.

It basically steam cooks it for you, add some seasoning into the water for an even better taste and hey presto! Heaven in food form.

For more delectable recipes, explore a variety of Ninja Foodi grill recipes to elevate your culinary experience.

2. Ninja Foodi Garlic & Parm Crusted Chicken & Roast Potatoes

Ninja Foodi’s (see also ‘20 Ninja Blender Recipes – Easy Recipes You Should Try‘) are great because they are able to speed up the process of cooking due to the pressure cooking format. You can use this to get your food to perfection and then use the air fryer to finish it off.

As you use the pressure cooker, you will be able to cook up your potatoes and your chicken all in one. The juices from the chicken will season your potatoes as they are cooking resulting in ultimate deliciousness.

Your food will be cooked together, and it will finish up nice and crispy.

3. French Onion Chicken In The Ninja Foodi

French onion soup is a favorite of many, but once you add it to chicken, it is like a flavor explosion in your mouth.

Use a sweet onion to really reap the best results, of course, they will need caramelization, but you can do this in your Ninja Foodi too.

Sear up your chicken, and then remove it until your onions are perfect.

Note that this dish takes a lot of its flavor from beef broth, without this it may not be as good, but still delicious.

4. Ninja Foodi Cream Cheese, Shredded Chicken & Bacon

If you are a fan of pulled pork, you might want to try the same with chicken. Chicken speeds things up, but it also gives you the same texture and less fat.

The key to doing this is using a dry ranch powder, this will add onto the flavor, if you sprinkle it into the dish over the chicken. Do not forget to use a full-fat cream cheese though.

You should also cut it up into chunks, otherwise it may not melt correctly. Low-fat cream cheese will be too liquid.

5. Zesty Ranch Ninja Foodi Chicken Thighs

Chicken thighs are juicy and are one of the more flavor filled parts of the bird. However, they are also more full of flavor, and they can be more forgiving than chicken breasts are.

That being said, they also come in tow with a layer of skin which, if you do not cook correctly, can be less than fun to eat.

So, as you would with a roast chicken, you will want to start off the process with a pressure cooking function to ensure you have cooked the thighs the whole way through.

6. Creamy Chicken

When you cook with this chicken, it will be bursting with flavor, it mixes brilliantly with rice, pasta or potatoes.

The best ingredient in this meal is hidden away, pesto. You hide this among the broth with red peppers and heavy cream.

Having it mixed in with cream, the pesto won’t be overpowering and therefore, the whole family will love this dish. If you are a fan of pesto you may want to drizzle over a little extra before you serve.

7. Ninja Foodi Chicken Stir-Fry

One of the best things about the Ninja Foodi is how you barely ever use any pots of pans, which helps with the cleanup.

With this dish, you cook up the chicken, then the veg, and after this you use the same pot to make a glaze before you combine everything.

The only downside to this dish is that you cannot cook the noodles at the same time as everything else.

8. Best Ninja Foodie Chicken Tenders

No matter how picky you are with your food, there will always be a place in your heart for chicken tenders. But, what could be better than bacon-wrapped chicken tenders? We will go with nothing.

The best way you can make these is to make them up with beaten eggs, that you dip your tenders into.

While you could make them without the eggs, this means spraying them with a cooking spray, prior to rolling them in breadcrumbs. This is not too bad, but most prefer eggs.

The bacon makes these crisp, so you could leave out the breadcrumbs too. This would make them lower in carbs.

9. Ninja Foodi Rotisserie Chicken

Do you love rotisserie chicken? Most of us do. It is juicy and crispy, the best of both worlds. However, most of us may not have a rotisserie oven at home. A Ninja Foodi can give you a similar result though.

Use a lemon and pepper rub to really make it stand out from the crowd, it will make it salty and zesty. Don’t forget to brush it in butter and add more rub for the skin to crisp up though.

10. Ninja Foodi Chicken & Teriyaki Rice

For this dish you will want to brown your meat beforehand to give it the flavor and texture you desire.

Then you need to put the rice in, and cook it with everything else. Do so on the pressure cooker setting to get the best results.

Although your rice will be cooked with the chicken and vegetables, you should use broth in place of plain water, it will make sure that the meat and rice are extra delicious and full of flavor.

11. Ninja Foodie Cheesy Broccoli Chicken & Rice

If you want something that soothes your soul, this is the one for you. Use cream of chicken and sour cream to replace broth for this one. You could also use a mushroom soup if that is to your taste.

Once you have cooked up the chicken and the rice, it will be ready to eat. Add in the cheese which should turn just perfectly golden after 10 minutes. You could also add in a breadcrumb mix if you want some extra crunch.

12. Hot Chicken Tenders

If you enjoy spicy food and have a soft spot in your heart for buffalo wings, these tenders will rock your world. They have the heat you seek, but without the mess.

You start off with a marinade, with ingredients such as dill pickle, buttermilk, and hot sauce, then coat your chicken and leave it to rest.

You want to rest it for a few hours at least.

Then, once the chicken has soaked up the flavor, add a seasoned flour and breadcrumb mix, as well as any other ingredients to perk it up. It is everything you could want it to be.

13. Ninja Foodi Chicken Florentine

When you make the sauce for this tasty treat, you will usually make it up with white wine, butter, cream, spinach, Parmesan, and cream.

The term ‘Florentine’ is a term used in French for dishes that contain spinach and cream, but this dish usually has mushrooms as well.

Spinach will wilt as it cooks, so it is best made fresh. Frozen spinach is okay but can make the cause a bit watery.

14. Air Fryer Chicken Fajitas

Most of us will make our fajitas in the oven, slicing everything up, then spreading it out and roasting it. But, sometimes the oven is too much hard work, and using a Ninja Foodi is just much easier to use.

Add in peppers, chicken, onions, and olive oil. Pop on some taco seasoning and cook in your Ninja Foodi for 20 minutes on its air fryer setting. Make sure to turn halfway through.

15. Ninja Foodi Greek Chicken & Veggies

Aside from fresh veg, this dish will need the correct seasonings. You can sometimes find it ready-made, but you can easily make it up yourself too.

The best mix will be one including salt, Greek oregano, dried onion, basil, garlic powder, and marjoram.

Then you will likely want to add some thyme, black pepper, and parsley, maybe some nutmeg and cinnamon for warmth. This is a great way to cook a great Greek dish from fish to chicken and beyond.

16. Ninja Foodi Creamy Lemon Chicken & Linguine

Perhaps you enjoy creamy pastas, but maybe you are fed up with overloading on cheese. If this sounds like you, then think about this lighter lemony dish, it will be the perfect alternative to being overly cheesy.

Seasoned with thyme and rosemary, as fresh and can be, it actually pairs very well with white wine and sweet shallots.

If you want to enhance its zesty aftertaste, use lemon zest and juice. Using Parmesan cheese will help it to cut through the richness of the cream, and since Parmesan is not an overpowering cheese it is the perfect choice.

17. Best Air Fryer Chicken Parm

This is a favorite for many. It is crunchy and juicy, and it will be filled with tomatoes and with plenty of cheese on top.

If you want to level up this meal then be sure to mix up the Parmesan cheese and garlic powder, and onion in with the bread crumbs.

You should also use a white mature cheddar, or perhaps something more smoky, perhaps a Gruyère, or something similar.

The cheese is definitely very important in the success of the dish, so be sure to pick your cheeses wisely.

18. Sweet Ninja Foodi Pineapple Chicken

Using more acid based ingredients is great for marinades as they are brilliant at breaking down muscle fibers and helping to make every part of your dish super tender.

Pineapple is great at doing this, but it is not just acidic, it can be very tart and sweet, so your chicken will come out super juicy and succulent.

Sweet and sour chicken is also often savory, you will need an extra something like soy sauce, garlic and ginger.

19. Ninja Foodi Chicken Tacos

This is a dish that uses salsa to sauce it up. The chicken in the dish will cook perfectly alongside the salsa and the seasoning, so it is a match really made in heaven.

Also, you can use any salsa you fancy, so if you are the kind of person who adores a bit of heat in their meals, then you can choose a salsa with a kick, if you do not like heat, try something more mellow.

You can get salsas with pineapple or mango if you fancy some more fruity undertones.

20. Ninja Foodi Pesto, Whole Roast Chicken

You might not consider putting a whole chicken in your Ninja Foodi, and the inclusion of the Pesto might not make it look super appetizing.

However, in spite of how green and lumpy it is, you know it will also taste absolutely ridiculous.

If you enjoy pesto this is the meal for you. You could even try whipping up some homemade pesto yourself.

Pine Nuts are a bit pricey, but they make awesome pesto, if you want to try.

21. Shredded BBQ Chicken

When you are making pulled pork most of us go for a cut that is marbled, doing this makes sure that your cut is both flavorful and tender, but it also not as lean.

Lean cuts such as pork loin do not soften so easily, even after hours and hours in a slow cooker.

However, chicken will always stay juicy, and it will easily melt in your mouth when it is slow cooked. So, if you are fed up with pork being a bit tough, give shredded chicken a try.

22. Ninja Foodi Chicken Noodle Soup

When you are feeling a bit down in the dumps, a chicken noodle soup is the ticket to making you feel better. It is even easier to make when you have a Ninja Foodi. If you have a pre-cooked chicken, then you can whip it up in no time at all.

Even if you do not have any pre-cooked chicken, just add in your chicken at the beginning of the cooking process, and it will cook in the broth with the noodles under pressure. Don’t worry, it will be cooked in time.

23. Ninja Foodi & Air Fryer Chick-Fil-A Copycat Chicken Sandwich

Chick-fil-A is one of the most popular chicken-selling fast food joints around, and they have a secret to their tastiness… pickle juice. It is briny, salty, and a bit acidic, which tenderizes your meat as it infuses it.

Just remember, if you do this you will need to keep an eye on how long you leave the meat in with your pickle juice. If it is in there too long, the meat will turn to mush.

24. Air Fryer Chicken Legs

Chicken legs are brilliant, even better in an air fryer. These machines work by blowing hot air around your food.

The heat they generate makes sure that whatever you are trying to cook will be crispy all round, which is just what you want when you are cooking up chicken legs.

Ninja Foodi has an air fryer setting, so you do not need many appliances taking up all your space. What is weird about making these is that the recipe does not call for flour, but trust us, it is actually perfection!

25. Ninja Foodi Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta

This recipe is typically made with very thin pieces of chicken that are rolled up with cheese and ham.

The entire thing will then be lathered in breadcrumbs. It will take some time to really pound your meat and roll it all up, but it won’t always stay rolled up, making the coating a drag.

This trick is easier and tastier, and it uses all the same ingredients. With chicken and ham in the pot to sauté, pour over the broth and add your uncooked pasta before you add the Swiss cheese, cream, and mustard to finish.

26. Air Fryer Chicken Nuggets In The Ninja Foodi

Nuggets from fast food joints are just a mystery meat, why bother with that when your Ninja Foodie can make better ones all on its own. You can use any part of the bird, as long as you cut the pieces into equal portions.

If you do not, some may overcook, but others will be raw in the center. This may be a bit different in how you coat the meat. Using a raw batter, with water, eggs, and four before you lather it in breadcrumbs… But it is still tasty.

27. Ninja Foodi Chicken Pot Pie

Who would think you can make a chicken pot pie in a pressure cooker? Well, it turns out that you can. It is rather intriguing don’t you think?

This creamy and comforting dish goes well with some biscuits, so it can be interesting if you like to experiment in the kitchen.

You might worry that the biscuits might or might not get a bit too hard, but with the air-crisp lid of your Ninja Foodi, they will cook just perfectly on top of the beautiful filling inside.

28. Ninja Foodi Chicken Alfredo

An Alfredo sauce is made using Parmesan cheese and cream, it is super easy to make. Want the sauce thicker? Use cream cheese, it will thicken it but also give it a nice little tang.

If you fancy giving it a zesty bite, add in some mustard as well, it will also add a depth to your sauce as well.

29. Sun-Dried Tomato & Chicken Pasta In Ninja Foodi

Sun-dried tomatoes are immense, this dish is more Greek than other similar dishes. You add in olives, artichokes, and white wine.

However, this recipe is not quite as creamy as some others are. You will also want sun-dried and fire-roasted tomatoes to give it a special something.

When you make this up, do not forget to include a plentiful amount of spinach, and enough feta cheese on the top to give it a nice creamy and salty taste and texture to just finish it off perfectly.

30. Tuscan Chicken Pasta

This dish is made up a lot like one of our previous ones, it uses tomatoes, spinach, and a creamy sauce. Sound familiar?

Well, this will also want sun-dried tomatoes too. Yet, you may want to add a little color to your chicken before you do anything else.

Give it a quick sauté until its edges are browned for perfection. Once you have done this, add in your sun-dried tomatoes, some chicken broth, as well as some garlic, some pepper, salt, and to finish, a delicious Italian seasoning.

31. Ninja Foodi Chicken & Stuffing

Stuffing has to be one of the best parts of any holiday meal, without a doubt. But, there is rarely enough. With this particular meal you will find the stuffing to be the centerpiece. This is because you will get a bit of stuffing in each and every bite.

If you want to make it quick and easy, you can use boxed stuffing, no one will judge, or you can make your own.

Beans are optional, but gravy is absolutely necessary. The gravy brings all the pieces together. Do not forget the gravy!

32. Ninja Foodi Chicken Pho

Pho is a type of Vietnamese noodle soup (see also ‘24 Delicious Vietnamese Recipes‘) that is made up from vegetables, broth, and usually some meat.

It is a lovely savory dish, however, it is also often rich with complex mixtures of herbs and sources. You will often find it including ginger and coriander.

Much unlike its Japanese cousin, ramen, which usually has a pretty dark broth. Pho will have a more clear broth, but it is still just as flavor filled and delicious. In a Ninja Foodi, it is also an easy breeze to make.

33. Ninja Foodi Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings

We adore buffalo wings, but who doesn’t like some dry rub wings on occasion. When you lather wings in a sauce, they often get a bit soggy if you leave them a while. Yet, if you use a dry rub, the skin will stay crispy.

You should cook these under pressure with a broth, then baste in a mix with lemon juice, minced garlic, Italian seasoning, and Parmesan. Then with 15 minutes in the air fryer they should come out as heaven itself would make them.

And if you’re in the mood for some extra spice, consider exploring other flavorful recipes like buffalo chili, which can add some heat to your mealtime.

34. Ninja Foodi Chicken Curry

Most of us love chicken curry, it is one of the many joys of life, however, making a good one usually takes a lot of time and can be quite the headache when you have a hunger for a curry, right now!

Making a chicken curry in your Ninja Foodi takes away this problem completely, it is so simple to prepare, and it only needs 8 minutes in your Ninja Foodi’s pressure cooker. You can literally enjoy the curry you have craved in less than half an hour!

35. Ninja Foodi Chicken Breast

Sure you could shred your chicken breast, but what if you didn’t, what if you left it as is, and just enjoyed it as a BBQ breast, with no breading, that provides you with a healthy dinner that everyone in your family will love.

Yes, even your picky kids.

You get a hunk of tender protein on the inside but on the outside you enjoy a crispy chicken coating. Ninja Foodi has got you covered.

36. Ninja Foodi Grilled Chicken

We will admit, most of us rarely pass up a grilled chicken, but what if you just do not have the time to be grilling? It does take a while after all.

If you fancy a grilled chicken dinner, but do not have the time or energy to wait for your chicken to cook on the grill, Ninja Foodi can help. It only requires 4 ingredients, plus seasoning, and can give you all the charred exterior of a grill… just, without the grill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about how a Ninja Foodi can cook your chicken? Check out our FAQs

How Do You Cook Chicken Breast In A Ninja Foodi Grill?

When cooking a chicken breast in a Ninja Foodi grill, put the removable cooking pot in and insert your grill grate, press the button to grill and set your temperature to MEDIUM and time it to 25 minutes. Add chicken breasts and close the lid.

Half way through the cook, open and flip then close.

How Big Of A Chicken Can You Cook In The Ninja Foodi?

You can really use any size chicken that will fit, a 6 lb chicken will usually fit perfectly. Measure out your Ninja Foodie basket to get an idea of the size limit it has.

36 Insanely Good Ninja Foodi Chicken Recipes

36 Insanely Good Ninja Foodi Chicken Recipes

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Do you have a Ninja Foodi and have a hunger for chicken? Check out these recipes!

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