28 Of The Best Ninja Creami Recipes

When it comes to non-churn ice creams, you can’t really beat the Ninja Creami.

These recipes are simply the best when it comes to loaded fruit and sweet ice creams that are very easy to make and delicious.

These ice creams come in a lot of different flavors, whether it be strawberry, chocolate or vanilla, if you can think of a flavor then Ninja Creami probably does it.

28 Of The Best Ninja Creami Recipes

Some of these ice creams have very few ingredients, so there’s no excuse why you can’t make them.

So what types of Ninja Creami flavors can you get? Where can you source the ingredients from? How much will it cost you to make these delightful sweet cold treats?

Well, if you want the answers to this question and a lot more, then we would suggest that you keep reading.

Ninja Creami Recipes

1. Bourbon And Salted Caramel

First up, we have a bourbon and salted caramel ice cream that you can be sure will give you that delicious sweet and alcoholic flavoring (without containing any of the actual alcohol).

There aren’t many ingredients in this ice cream recipe, so it’ll be a great option to make for you and the kids.

Remember that the more bourbon that you add to this recipe, then the softer and more delicious the ice cream will be.

2. The Old Goat

This next ice cream is very delicious simply for the fact that it uses goat milk instead of regular cow’s milk. This also contains rosemary and almonds, which will give you a strong and nutty flavor.

Along with this comes sweet jam, which will definitely mark out the Old Goat from other flavors of ice cream (see also ‘19 Ice Cream Flavors Most Loved In America‘).

This is a very elegant ice cream that you’ll be able to combine with wafers, sprinkles and chocolate for great flavor combinations.

3. Lemon Cookie

Next up, we have an ice cream that comes with a lemon zest flavor that you can be sure will elevate your ice cream game to the next level.

This is combined with cookies, causing a flavor fusion that nobody would guess actually works.

This is great for putting in ice cream sandwiches, so grab yourself a box of wafers and start making them.

This is a great dessert for the children, as they can help to make their own sandwiches.

4. Limoncello Gelato

Next up, we have some sour and tart lemon that you can be sure will give you everything your need for a Sunday summer afternoon boost.

This is also a natural and healthy alternative to regular ice cream.

One of the great things about this limoncello is the fact that you can serve it with a wide range of other flavors.

We would personally recommend that you serve this one up with some dark chocolate to really counteract the brightness of the lemon.

5. Strawberry Ice Cream

This traditional strawberry ice cream flavor is one of the best when it comes to picking you up off your feed and giving you a good shake.

The zest in the strawberry is so strong, ideal for that lazy summer afternoon snack.

We would certainly recommend this one for your wafers or to give to the children.

A lot of users have recommended that you pair this with both vanilla and chocolate to cover the whole flavor gamut.

6. Chocolate Ice Cream

Now we move on to a classic ice cream flavor: chocolate.

This is a very rich and delicious recipe, very easy to make and it will give you everything that you need for stopping those hunger cravings in their tracks.

This comes with very few ingredients, so you won’t have to worry about having to traipse across the county to get everything that you need.

All you have to do is put them in your Ninja Creami ice cream maker and let it do the work for you!

7. Protein Ice Cream

Now then, if you love going to the gym but you are worried about packing on the pounds through unnecessary calories, then why not try an ice cream that will give you a boost of muscle-building protein?

With a little scoop of protein powder, all you’ll need is some ice cream and whatever flavor you desire to put in.

We would suggest that you mix a little vanilla extract into this ice cream to produce a tremendous flavor.

8. Mango Sorbet

Next up, we have a mango sorbet that will definitely appeal to anyone who wants that totally tropical taste. This type of ice cream will really help you to cool down on a baking hot summer day (see also ‘28 Chilled Summer Desserts To Keep You Cool‘).

This will also cut down on the amount of dairy that you use, making it ideal for anyone wanting to cut down on the number of calories they’re consuming.

This will go really well with some lemon sorbet.

9. Orange Creamsicle Ice Cream

This comes with a wonderful blend of orange, and vanilla as well as a lot of dairy cream.

This is ideal if you are looking for something new to give the children that will keep their mouths busy for the next half hour.

The thing that marks this ice cream out from the rest is the orange flavoring.

You can be sure that this will get heads nodding and can be paired well with a lot of other ingredients like chocolate and wafers.

10. Peaches And Cream Oatmeal Gelato

Now for something completely amazing, a peaches and cream gelato with added oatmeal that could make a wonderful alternative to your breakfast in the morning.

This is a simple dessert to make and requires very few ingredients.

The peaches and cream are a classic ice cream flavor, really mirroring the taste of traditional English sweets.

This is another great one for the kids and is so easy that you can easily get them to help out when you are making it.

11. Chocolate Cherry Stracciatella Gelato

Now we have something a little different, with a chocolate and cherry sorbet that will certainly blow your socks off when you taste it.

This comes with vanilla bean milk that really ties the whole meal together.

This will also make a great healthy substitute for something like cake or regular ice cream.

The calorie content is very low, so if you are tracking your food intake, then why not try this one?

12. Honeydew Sorbet

Now we have a great summertime sorbet that you can be sure will put a spring in your step after a hot summer’s day.

This comes with an extra sweet kick, which is perfect if you want to calm down that sweet tooth of yours.

This ice cream uses real melon, which is great if you are wanting that natural flavoring.

This is also good if you want to avoid artificial flavorings. All you need to make this sorbet is 3 simple ingredients.

Blueberry Cheesecake Gelato

13. Blueberry Cheesecake Gelato

This next gelato is one that is ideal for all the cake lovers out there.

This mixes the classic cheesecake dish with blueberries, giving you a gelato that is as near to a cake as it possibly can be.

This will require some egg yolks and vanilla extract, which is perfect if you are looking for that extra protein boost.

This comes with crushed gram crackers, which will add to the texture and make it seem more like cake than anything else.

14. Raspberry White Truffle Ice Cream

Next up, this is ice cream for those that like to indulge themselves to the maximum.

With white chocolate and truffle, you can be sure of having everything that you need for a luxurious dessert experience.

As if this ice cream could get any more debauched, you can add a white chocolate truffle that will make this experience very smooth and velvety.

Sprinkle in some fresh raspberries and you have an ice cream that really packs a punch.

15. Cherry Sorbet

Now we have another tart sorbet recipe that is very delicious and perfect for anyone looking to have something to quench their thirst on a long and hot summer’s day.

This is great for pairing with white chocolate and wafers.

If you want something that will really pack a punch, then we would suggest teaming this one up with vanilla, as the sedate flavor of the latter will really complement the former.

Or you could have two scoops of this and watch your mouth shrivel like a prune.

16. Pineapple Sorbet

Now we have another fruity sorbet that will give you everything you need for a decent flavor burst.

If you like your sugar tastes and fresh fruit, then this will be a great dessert for you and the whole family.

17. Ricotta Gelato

Now for something for the nut nuts out there, coming with crunchy pistachio butter that is swirled throughout the gelato (see also ‘20 Delicious Talenti Gelato Flavors To Try‘).

This has great taste, comes with plenty of sweetness and will make the perfect dessert after you’ve eaten a hearty meal.

18. Dark Chocolate Espresso Sorbet

Next up, we have a dark chocolate espresso sorbet that is not only great for coffee lovers, but is actually 100% vegan.

This is the perfect ice cream for you to have with a savory treat or even to pick you up in the morning.

19. Caramel Mocha Oreo Crumble Ice Cream

Now we have something that is packed with rich flavors, from melt-in-the-mouth caramel to that very distinctive oreo flavor that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

You should definitely get this one for your coffee morning (it also goes well with a cup of tea).

20. Creamy Dairy-Free Pumpkin Ice Cream

This comes with coconut milk and pumpkin puree, both of which are very complimentary.

You can be sure of getting plenty of rich and creamy flavors from this ice cream, even though it does not contain any actual dairy.

21. Mexican Hot Chocolate Ice Cream

Now if you want something that is totally unique that will wow your guests at your next dinner party, then why not try making this Mexican ice cream dish?

You can have this hot chocolate with any number of ingredients including marshmallows, chocolate shavings or even chili powder.

A lot of people like to add the latter in order to spice things up a little.

22. Banana Chocolate Chip Lite Ice Cream

Now we have something a little more traditional, blending the rich and thick flavors of the bananas with the delicate and deep flavor and texture of the chocolate.

You can be sure of having plenty of sweetness with this ice cream too.

23. Maple Gelato

Next, we have a very simple gelato flavor, coming with a mild maple that will be the perfect complement to any early fall ice cream treat.

You can also make a non-dairy version of this gelato, featuring cream cheese or coconut cream.

24. Spiked Watermelon Mint Sorbet Float

This next sorbet is one that comes from the classic thirst-quenching fruit which is watermelon.

Combined with the mint, you’ll have something that is very tart and will certainly put a spring in your step after you have tasted it.

25. Chili Lime Mango Sorbet

This next sorbet comes with plenty of different flavors, all of which combine to make a very rich and fulfilling sorbet that will really get the tastebuds excited.

The spice of the chili and the coolness of the lime will mix to make a really unique flavor.

26. Blueberry Lemon Sorbet

This next sorbet is a simple staple of the summer, coming with two of the primary fruit flavors that will launch your tastebuds into the stratosphere.

This sorbet is very easy to make and comes with only a few ingredients, all of which are fresh.

27. Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Now we have another ice cream that is perfect for vegans. You can mix this one in with any number of flavors, including strawberry, raspberry, peanut butter or banana.

There is no limit to what you can do with this basic ice cream.

28. Truly Sangria Sorbet

Finally, we have a sorbet that you can be sure will give you everything that you need for a cool and refreshing sorbet.

This comes with very few ingredients, all you have to do is put it in the fridge overnight and see how it turns out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Ninja Creami?

This is an ice cream maker that requires you to freeze your mixture solid before you put it in the churner.

This makes the process a lot faster, making your ice cream treat in 2 – 3 minutes rather than 30 minutes.

What Flavors Of Ice Cream Go Well Together?

There are a few flavor combinations that you can really bank on for decent ice cream, some of them are traditional, and others lie a little outside the conventional. Here are a few:

  • Butter and popcorn
  • Chocolate and coconut
  • Salted Nutella
  • Chocolate and vanilla
  • Coffee and oreo
  • Peanut butter and jelly
  • Lemon sorbet and cheesecake
  • The coke float

What’s The Difference Between Sorbet And Ice Cream?

Sorbets do not contain any dairy, rather they use crushed ice and fruit to develop a similar texture and temperature of ice cream.


We hope that our list of some of these Ninja Creami recipes (see also ‘20 Ninja Blender Recipes – Easy Recipes You Should Try‘) has helped you decide which one you are going to try next on your warm summer’s day.

28 Of The Best Ninja Creami Recipes

28 Of The Best Ninja Creami Recipes

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In this article, we’re going to be looking at some of the best Ninja Creami recipes that you can find on the internet, covering the gamut of flavors.

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