The 20 Freshest & Mintiest Cocktail Out There

Who doesn’t love a good cocktail on a hot summer’s day? Ice cold, fruitier than a fruit salad, and packed to the brim with flavor!

One of the most popular ingredients for many cocktail recipes isn’t alcohol, however.

Okay, it is alcohol. But right behind alcohol, mint is probably one of the most important and/or popular ingredients that you can add to a cocktail ingredient list.

If you love the coolness of a refreshing cocktail, then chances are that you probably have to thank mint for that taste, especially in non-alcoholic varieties.

The 20 Freshest & Mintiest Cocktail Out There

However, when it comes to making cocktails with mint in them for themselves, people will often only stick to a few base ingredients and not much else.

A spirit, the mint, maybe a little simple syrup if you have some handy, and that’s it.

We’re not trying to say that this is doing mint or yourself a disservice… but I guess we are, aren’t we?

The point is, that mint can be used in a cocktail in so many exciting ways, and we’re going to show you some of them here!

In this guide, we’re going to show you some of the best cocktails that you can make for yourself that use this humble little herb ingredient.

1. Mint Julep

When it comes to a good bourbon cocktail recipe, you need the right flavors to accentuate this particularly classy spirit.

Fortunately, mint is more than up to the task, and delivers a cool hit with every sip or mouthful!

The best way to get the best flavors out of this cocktail, as any cocktail connoisseur knows, is to muddle the mint leaves at the bottom of the glass, before stirring the glass with a straw!

If you love a cocktail that is simple, yet packed with flavor, then this mint julep recipe is the way to go!

2. Classic Mojito

Quite possibly the most famous mint-based cocktail out there, no mojito worth its weight in salt (or rather sugar in this case) would be complete without a healthy handful of mint to stir into this delightfully sweet cocktail!

Invented in Havana hundreds of years ago, thanks to the abundance of rum that comes as a byproduct of the sugarcane that was grown on the island, this is an amazingly sweet and sour recipe that pretty much any alcohol lover has to try at least once in their lives.

So why not try it with this recipe?

3. Verdant Lady

A verdant lady is another popular cocktail that is made across the world for those with a more refined palate when it comes to their cocktails.

Fortunately, mint is once again more than willing to step up to the plate.

Whilst the variety of mint that was originally used in this recipe is a cultivar from France, you’ll find that pretty much any variety is perfect for this drink, from peppermint to spear, the gin and mint mix together to create something for the sophisticate in all of us can enjoy.

4. Cucumber Mint Gimlet

Whilst we will eventually cover the original version of this recipe later in this guide, we just can’t wait to show you the coolness of this cucumber variety first!

The cucumber adds a subtle taste to the cocktail that contrasts nicely with the sharp freshness of the mint, creating a smooth cool feeling as it goes down your throat.

5. Classic Mint Julep

We’ve found the classic mint julep recipe!

Well, one of the original recipe varieties as we’ve already seen in this list, but you get the idea!

A drink that was pretty much ideally made for the legendary Kentucky Derby, this is still an incredible drink to have at any time of the year (although we would recommend somewhere warm to get the best experience)!

Allegedly first made as a remedy for stomach pains in the late 18th century, you’ll certainly not care about much after drinking a few of these cocktails!

6. Original-Style Mojito

Of course, if there is more than one style to the amazing Mint Julep, then you can bet your taste buds that the mojito has more than a few styles to it as well!

This favorite drink of renowned writer Ernest Hemingway, you can see why this became such a world-famous drink that could almost rival the literary giant himself in terms of reputation!

7. Fresh Mojito

Look, we love our mojitos here, okay?

However, we think that there is enough separating these two recipes from each other to warrant another listing.

Plus, can you ever have enough mojito in your life? Trick question, the answer is yes. But you can certainly make the ones you do drink taste great!

8. Gin Gin Mule

Finally, a non-mojito drink on this list again!

This particular take on the classic Moscow mule cocktail is a fusion of that older drink, plus some of the minty freshness from mojitos again.

So, technically, you are still drinking a mojito. Kind of.

Still, with extra bubbly goodness from the ginger beer used in this recipe, there are plenty of new ideas in this new take on old classics!

9. Strawberry Mint Collins

Time to get a little more fruity with our cocktails, quite literally!

The mint Collins is a classic cocktail that has been around for decades at this point, so there’s bound to be quite the number of varieties on this older beverage over the years.

This one adds fresh strawberries to the mix, adding a subtle sweetness that goes great with the minty freshness of the mint that is a staple of this cocktail.

10. Fresh Mint Margaritas

Almost as famous as the Cuban mojito, the Mexican Tequila cocktail is also loved around the world.

However, whereas the mojito is primarily known for its sweetness and sourness, margaritas are better known for their more subtle sweet taste, alongside a more tart taste to it.

It is a little more subtle than the classic Cuban cocktail, thanks to the orange aftertaste that many good margaritas have, but thanks to the minty flavor, it is just as refreshing!

11. Southside Cocktail

What if you replaced the rum from a classic mojito cocktail with gin instead?

Well, you’d probably get something like this, a Southside cocktail!

Filled to the brim with citrus sourness, this Southside cocktail is a recipe for a puckered face, but a refreshing sip at the same time!

12. Classic Mint Julep

Okay, we’ve gone for too long without mentioning a good mint julep recipe, so here we go!

Given that the mint julep is the official drink of the Kentucky Derby, how could we not love the number of different recipes that there are for its trademark drink of choice?

13. Fresh Gin Gin Mule

Looking for a little extra spice in your cocktail, but don’t want to start burning the back of your throat?

Well, this particular gin gin mule recipe is perfect for those people that love to balance their sweet mojito cocktails with, well, any other kind of flavor!

Shade aside, if you love a fizzy cocktail, this is absolutely one to check out.

14. Whiskey Smash

No, it is not the Hulk’s alcoholic cousin. It is a deliciously sweet and crispy fresh cocktail for you to make in your own home!

Whilst you may expect this whiskey-based cocktail to have that more reserved, almost burned flavor to it, you may be surprised to find out just how fruity this whiskey smash tastes!

15. Berry Vodka Smash

If we’re going to discuss a few smash cocktails, then it would be rude of us to not at least mention this deliciously berry-filled smash flavor to you!

Packed to the brim with all kinds of berries, including raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries, this recipe will hit you with a wall of fruity flavor, before being followed by that trademark freshness that mint brings with it!

16. Strawberry Mint Smash

Time for another smashing drink!

Ignoring the awful pun, the strawberry min smash allows a drinker to focus a little more on its flavors than the last recipe we showed you.

Rather than bombarding you with fruit flavor, you’re allowed to appreciate the mix of mint and strawberries by themselves here!

17. Old Cuban Cocktail

Not every Cuban cocktail is going to be a mojito.

However, most are certainly going to be influenced by it, that’s for sure!

Partly influenced by the juggernaut of Cuban drinks, as well as inspired by the French 75 cocktail, this is a mellow drink that is perfect for people with a more mature palette.

18. Southside Fizz

Once again, combining gin with mint, as well as a little side of lime juice and sugar syrup to bulk and further freshen it, this Southside fizz recipe is perfect for a hot summer’s day!

19. The Saint

Bubbling with flavor and fizz, the saint is a simple cocktail to make for almost any occasion, but still leaves plenty of flavors in your mouth as you swallow!

20. Mint Gimlet

Finally, we find ourselves at a classic mint gimlet recipe. Experience a slightly more old-fashioned drinking sensibility with this cocktail of choice.

Told you we’d eventually circle back round to the original of this recipe!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Mint Have Any Health Benefits?

Aside from adding a refreshing flavor to your cocktails, mint carries with it many other benefits for your health.

For one, mint can have an antibacterial and even anti-inflammatory effect on the body, which makes it helpful for maintaining gum and teeth health.

Chewing mint leaves also has the added benefit of helping clean your teeth as well. There’s a reason that many toothpaste manufacturers will use some type of mint as their main flavor!

Mint can also be very good for your intestines, as they help aid in the digestive process.

However, keep in mind that mint can sometimes cause a feeling of heartburn in your chest, so keep that in mind if you find yourself chewing on the mint leaves of an empty cocktail glass!

How Do I Keep Mint Fresh For My Cocktail?

Although mint is a very tasty and cooling ingredient to add to many cocktails, it is also a well-known fact that the freshness that mint is best known for is also an issue as it starts to wilt and fade fairly quickly after it has been cut and nothing is done to preserve it.

No one wants rotten mint in their cocktail, so how do you preserve mint for longer?

Well, one of the most popular ways is to place the mint leaves and their stem in a glass of cool water and keep it in the refrigerator.

This will keep your mind fresh for a day or so before the water needs to be changed, or the plant starts to wilt naturally.

Alternatively, if you need mint flavoring for longer than a day, then simply using mint oil or syrup will also work nicely.

After all, many cocktails don’t necessarily need the entire sprig of mint, but just need mint oil for its flavor. This extract will usually last much longer than the plant itself, especially when refrigerated.

Of course, mint leaves do add their texture and flavor to a drink, so it may be best to keep a combination of both.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have all these recipes, make sure you drink responsibly as you try them for yourself!

The 20 Freshest & Mintiest Cocktail Out There

The 20 Freshest & Mintiest Cocktail Out There

Recipe by Jenna

Trying to find something that will use up that mint in your fridge? Well, if it’s still fresh enough to smell, try it with one of these cocktail recipes!

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