27 Easy Mini-Desserts Recipes

The worst thing about having a sweet tooth is that desserts are eaten at the end of a meal.

Often, this means that we are too full to even think about our favorite sweet treats, never mind eat them!

27 Easy Mini-Desserts Recipes

However, this is where mini-desserts come in. These sweet treats are so small and so tasty you will definitely be able to make room for one or two after you have finished your dinner. 

In this article, we will be going through a list of our favorite mini-dessert recipes that are so tasty and easy to make.

So, if this is of interest to you, then read on! 

1. Brownie Bites

First on our list are these delicious brownie bites! These mini sweet treats will be ready in just 40 minutes.

They are filled with chocolatey, fudgy goodness that will definitely satisfy those sweet-tooth cravings, and more! 

Additionally, you have the option of adding whatever toppings you like to this mini-dessert.

The recipe recommends adding a chocolate ganache and sprinkles, but you can add your favorite toppings instead, like nuts, melted white chocolate, dried fruit, and more!

2. Mini Florentines

If you want something a little healthier for dessert, then we’d love to introduce you to this mini Florentine recipe!

This recipe uses mixed peel, stem ginger, sour cherries, chocolate, and nuts all mixed together for a dessert that shows you healthy doesn’t have to be boring. 

With this recipe, you will get 36 mini Florentines! This makes them perfect for bigger Christmas parties, weddings, and more!

They will take 50 minutes of prep time and 30 minutes in the oven. 

3. Meyer Lemon Parfaits

This Meyer lemon parfait recipe (see also ‘23 Recipes For The Most Delicious Parfait‘) whips up these delicious mini desserts in less than half an hour, with 20 minutes of prep time and 5 minutes of cooking time.

You will receive 12 shot glass servings when you are done, which is perfect for a dinner party or if you want to have desserts stored for the week. 

There are many ingredients for this recipe because there are many different layers.

However, do not be intimidated by this. This is an easy recipe that is so delicious you will want to make it time and time again. 

4. Tiramisu Pudding Shots

A classic Italian dessert (see also ‘23 Easy Italian Desserts‘) made mini! These pudding shots are perfect for those who love coffee.

Highlights of these mini tiramisu pudding shots are the heavenly white chocolate, a mini wafer, and a little vodka!

Who ever thought something so simple could taste so good?

Just be careful of the alcohol, while these sweet treats may seem harmless, you may actually find yourself feeling tipsy quicker than you expect, especially given how moreish they are – they certainly pack a punch!

5. Mini Lemon Meringue Pies

Lemon meringue pies are a traditional British dessert, and you can turn them into a decadent delicacy with this quick and easy recipe! 

It takes just 6 ingredients and 10 minutes of your time to make these tasty mini desserts, provided you have meringue shells that are pre-made.

On top of that, you have the option of eating them as they are, or adding extra toppings like chopped cherries, passion fruit, or chocolate for an extra pop of flavor (not that they need it!)

6. Easy Mint Chocolate Cookie Trifles

Next, we have easy mint chocolate cookie trifles!

These tasty little desserts are bright green in color thanks to the mint, and therefore are perfect for St. Paddy’s day celebrations.

You can place an oreo on the top to complete this dessert, or you can add whatever cookie you like. No matter what, this is sure to be delicious! 

This recipe serves two people, so make sure to increase the ingredients if you want to make a bigger batch.

It will take 20 minutes to make these delicious desserts in total, with 10 minutes of prep time and 10 minutes of cooking time. 

7. Red Velvet Cake Truffles

Red velvet cake is divine, and these red velvet cake truffles certainly live up to their bigger counterparts!

These tangy bites are made with a cream cheese frosting and dipped in a delicious coating of candy, giving you a tasty sweet, tangy mix with every bite! 

This recipe makes 30 truffles in just 60 minutes, perfect if you are hosting a dinner for friends or family members. 

8. Apple Pie Pops

Apple pie is one of the tastiest desserts (see also ‘27 Amazing Apple Desserts Recipes‘), but it sure is filling!

Luckily, these apple pie pops combine the tastiness of the apple pie without the horrible feeling of being too full after you eat them, they really are the best of both worlds! 

This dessert only takes around 20 minutes to bake in total, and you do not have to cut them into the shape shown in the recipe.

Have fun experimenting and making a variety of fun shapes!

And, if you want the pastry to be extra crispy, sprinkle it with a bit of sugar before baking. Thank us later!

9. Chi Chi Dango Mochi

Mochi are chewy, soft rice cakes originally from Japan. They are so moreish you will definitely want to make these every week as a weekend treat!

Mochi can be in a variety of flavors, so keep this in mind if you don’t like this particular flavor given in the recipe. 

Additionally, if you want to add texture, then it is possible to roll the mochi in chocolate shavings or raspberries that have been freeze-fried.

Best of all, this recipe makes forty to sixty servings and takes just an hour and fifteen minutes to make!

10. Mini Blueberry Pies

This dessert is very easy to make and takes just over an hour to do so!

These mini blueberry pies are the perfect summer dessert, featuring the delicious summer blueberry as the main ingredient in the dish.

You also have the option of adding whipped cream and lemon peel to complete these delectable sweet treats, or you can eat them plain because they taste just as good by themselves! 

This mini dessert recipe will serve 8 people, perfect for a little party or BBQ in the backyard!

11. Baklava Tartlets

These delicious baklava tartlets take just 25 minutes to make and you will get 45 in total!

You can choose between serving them straight away or storing them in the refrigerator for an hour after they’ve finished cooking – because they taste just as good when they’re cool! 

Traditionally, baklava is quite time-consuming to make, but this recipe ensures that this tasty honey treat simplifies the dish without compromising on the flavor – perfect! 

12. Mini Cosmopolitan Cheesecakes

These desserts are definitely a crowd-pleaser, thanks to their inclusion of the Cosmopolitan cocktail ingredients – orange liquor, vodka, and cranberry juice!

Not only that, this delicious drink has been combined with cheesecake ingredients to make a delightful light bite that is both indulgent and satisfying!

These tasty treats take 45 minutes to make, not including setting time.

This recipe makes 12 servings (or 6, because once you have one, you’ll definitely want another!)

13. Maple-Bacon Donut Bites

If you like more of a hearty, heavy dessert, then this recipe is for you!

These maple-bacon donut bites will be ready in just 25 minutes, and they will be eaten even faster than they were cooked!

The best thing about this mini dessert is that it is not just suitable for an after-dinner treat, but it can also be eaten for breakfast, too!

The ingredients are simple and can all be found at your local grocery store – or you may even have some already in your pantry. 

14. Mini Burger Cookies

Next, we have mini burger cookies! These are bold fun treats that are sure to be the talking point of the dinner table!

While these may look like mini burgers, they are actually tasty desserts and are made from coconut, frosting, and cookies. 

This recipe serves 10 and takes just 10 minutes to make. Don’t forget to increase the quantity of the ingredients if you want more!

15. Mini Key Lime Cheesecakes

If you’re bored of the same old New York cheesecake, then we have good news!

Your favorite dessert has now been made new with this delicious mini key lime cheesecake!

The graham cracker crust is very simple and works extremely well with the key lime cheesecake filling. 

This recipe does take quite a while to prepare. The prep and cook time take just 20 minutes each, but the cooling down time amounts to four hours.

So, if you are going to make these desserts you will need to do it well in advance of your dinner or the occasion you are making them for.

16. Banana Beignet Bites

Next, we have these adorable banana beignet bites.

If you like a dessert with fruit instead of chocolate, marzipan, jam, etc, then this is the one for you! 

This is such a simple recipe that you will be able to whip up these delicious sweet treats in no time at all.

The outside is crunchy and covered in a delectable powdered sugar, while the inside is soft and so tasty you’ll definitely be going back for seconds. 

This recipe makes around three dozen bites, meaning it is perfect for parties!

17. Ice Cream Sundae Mini Cheesecakes 

If you like colorful, bold, and bright desserts, then these ice cream sundae mini cheesecakes will be perfect for you! 

These delightful sweet treats are made from mashed-up ice cream cones, vanilla and strawberry whipped cream, sprinkles, chocolate sauce, and a cherry on top!

However, you can always alter the recipe in the future to cater to your own tastes. 

If you want to make this recipe then you need to ensure you give yourself enough time, because it takes almost two and a half hours in total.

18. Mini-Maple Cinnamon Rolls

There’s nothing like having mini-maple cinnamon rolls fresh out of the oven.

These delicious sweet treats are extremely simple to make, and the cinnamon combined with the maple icing makes for the perfect way to end the day. 

This mini-maple cinnamon roll recipe only uses simple ingredients that you will easily be able to find at your local grocery store or supermarket, so making these sweet treats will be easy!

Just don’t forget to take those pictures for Instagram before you tuck in!

19. Mini-Milkshake Shooters

Mini-milkshake shooters are a unique sweet treat perfect for the little ones!

Your kids will love the various milkshake flavors you can fit inside the tiny glass, as well as the numerous marshmallows sprinkled on top and the chocolate rim decorating the glass itself. 

This recipe is so easy to do! It takes just ten minutes and will serve 6 people.

These are ideal for children’s parties if you want a budget-friendly way of including delicious snacks!

And, if you want to make these mini-milkshake shooters more suitable for adults, you can always add some rum! 

20. Mini Lemon Scones

Scones are a traditional British dessert that can be difficult to bake, but that certainly is not the case with these mini lemon scones!

This recipe uses only the best ingredients, like regular unsalted butter and granulated sugar, so ensure that the scones are fluffy, soft, and anything but boring!

Not to mention, the lemon glaze adds a pop of tangy flavor that you just cannot beat! 

These scones take just over thirty minutes to make and are the perfect snack for when you’re feeling a bit peckish. 

21. Mini Chocolate Eclairs

Next on the list, we have mini chocolate eclairs! Not much can compare to these decadent sweet treats, thanks to the sweet chocolate glazing and light, airy filling. 

This dessert takes around an hour and twenty minutes to make.

There are twelve servings at the end of baking, and we won’t judge if you eat them all by yourself! 

22. Vanilla Pannacotta With Rosemary Jelly And Sloe Gin

This is a classy, elegant dessert that is sure to elevate your dinner parties.

This recipe yields six of these delectable desserts, but they take just over 5 and a half hours to make, so make sure you leave plenty of time before your dinner party if you want yourself and your guests to enjoy them! 

Don’t be put off by the fancy nature of this dessert. It is actually incredibly simple to make, and the time they take is definitely worth it!

The sloe gin adds depth to the dish while the rosemary adds a contrasting peppery flavor that enhances the dessert as a whole. 

23. Blackberry Marscapone Trifles

You may consider that the combination of sugared fruit and marshmallows is overkill, but once you try this delicious mini dessert you will quickly change your mind!

These delightful sweet treats are so delicious thanks to the sweetness of the sugar and the sharpness of the blackberries. 

Best of all, the ingredients are extremely accessible and the recipe is easy to make! This recipe provides eight servings.

24. Mini Victoria Sponge Cakes

Another British classic for the list! This dessert is quintessential to Britain, becoming popular alongside the growing popularity of afternoon tea (see also ‘33 Light And Tasty Afternoon Tea Party Recipes!‘).

This is the perfect excuse to make these delicious sweet treats in the middle of the day and enjoy them as a pre-dinner snack (go on, we won’t tell anyone!)

The combination of cream and jam is what really makes these mini desserts special.

What’s more, this recipe provides 18 servings in just 42 minutes! 

25. Mini Creme Brulee Tarts

A wonderfully light dessert that you’ll be wanting to eat over and over again, so make sure you bake more than you think you’ll need, trust us! 

This is a nice and easy recipe that provides 12 servings.

You can choose between making your own pie crusts or purchasing premade pie crusts for convenience.

Either way, this dessert is everything you are looking for in a sweet treat, and more) 

26. Dutch Mini Pancakes 

Whether it’s breakfast time or you’re in the mood for a quick, small snack, these Dutch mini pancakes will satisfy your taste buds and leave you wondering why you have never made them before!

There are three different types of flour in this recipe, but don’t let that put you off!

It is still very simple and easy to make, taking 10 minutes of prep time, 25 minutes of cooking time, and 40 minutes of rest time.

These tasty treats are best served with caramel sauce (or whatever sauce is your favorite!)

27. Pineapple Fritters With Salted Caramel Sauce

Rich clotted cream, tangy pineapple, and a creamy salted caramel sauce, all deep fried and topped with cinnamon to make this dessert perfection!

These pineapple fritters with salted caramel sauce sure are heavenly! 

These delectable light bites take only 50 minutes to make, with 20 minutes of prep time and 30 minutes of frying.

All ingredients can be found with easy in grocery stores! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Mini Desserts For Parties?

When it comes to parties and desserts, there is no wrong answer!

From the sweetest, most indulgent chocolate desserts to a healthier fruit treat, all are welcome! 

Consider if the party you are attending has a theme. If it does, then try to match the dessert to the theme.

For example, sorbets, trifles, and fruit desserts are great for outdoor summer parties!

What Are The Best Mini Desserts To Make?

If you have a creative mind and small serving dishes, then anything can be made into a small dessert!

Our list of 27 tasty mini desserts are the best to start off with, but eventually, you will be able to create your own ideas for sweet, bite-sized treats!

Final Thoughts 

From indulgent chocolatey goodness to fresh fruit pots and rich cream mini cakes, our list of 27 mini desserts is sure to tantalize the taste buds and be the perfect way to finish your day!

27 Easy Mini-Desserts Recipes

27 Easy Mini-Desserts Recipes

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Want some new dessert ideas? Why not try your hand at making mini-desserts? These sweet treats are sure to be a hit at dinner parties, click here for more!

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