17 Easy Midori Cocktails For Everyone

With its beautiful sweetness, Midori is the perfect ingredient for your quick and easy cocktails.

As Midori is incredibly sweet, most people don’t drink it on its own but you can mix it into almost any alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink for an extra kick.

17 Easy Midori Cocktails For Everyone

And Midori’s fruitiness turns beverages into a refreshing summer drink with vibrant colors. Here are our favorite Midori cocktail recipes for everyone with a sweet tooth.

1. Midori Sour

If you ask a bartender for the most popular Midori recipe, you will most likely hear it’s the Midori Sour. 

A traditional cocktail from the 1980s, Midori Sour first emerged when Midori made it to the US in the late seventies.

The mix of sweet and sour was hugely popular in the 80s and 90s, so this alcoholic drink was all the rage at the time.

A Midori Sour cocktail isn’t too sweet and even has a tartness to it. This recipe also adds a shot of fresh lime and lemon which makes it the perfect summer drink.

2. Blue Bahama

Just the name of this cocktail promises blue sky and sandy beaches. The stunning color and sweetness in this Midori mix makes it delicious.

Just mix rum, tequila, gin, blue Curaçao and triple sec and enjoy a very special cocktail.

3. Tokyo Tea

When you look at this Tokyo tea cocktail for the first time, you may wonder what it reminds you of. That’s right, it is a spin-off from a Long Island iced tea.

Invented in the 1970s, Tokyo tea was one of the first Midori cocktails in the USA, and it’s not hard to see why it has been so popular ever since.

The combination of a range of spirits, including tequila, vodka and gin, with sweet Midori and sour lemon juice make this just a very refreshing summer drink.

But it doesn’t just taste great with its honeydew-flavored Japanese liqueur, Tokyo tea also looks the part.

The word tea in the name means many people underestimate how much flavor is in this cocktail but just the first sip proves this alcoholic mix with Midori right.

4. Midori Splice

This one is another classic Midori cocktail that you can find in almost every bar around the world.

The Midori Splice cocktail only uses four ingredients which means you can mix it quickly in just a few minutes.

Pour it into a chilled glass and top it off with a little cream. This makes the Midori Splice just so easy to sip on a hot summer’s evening.

5. Honeydew Martini

Melons like honeydew are one of the best summer fruits. Thanks to the large amount of water in them, plus their sweetness, melons are ideal for a range of different cocktails.

This honeydew martini recipe is a clever twist on a classic martini, just with much more fruit.

With just a few ingredients, you can mix this cocktail together in no time, and you can even easily adjust the recipe to your tastes.

6. Midori Colada

Nothing says pool party like a nice colada but instead of the standard piña colada, why not try a midori colada?

Mix midori, rum, pineapple juice and some creamy coconut, shake and serve in a chilled glass with some ice.

7. Midori And Coconut Rum Cocktail

Midori cocktails are generally sweet and their light melon flavor adds a fruitiness to any drinks.

The word midori is Japanese and translates to green, and this is exactly what many midori cocktails look like.

This coconut rum and midori cocktail recipe is the ideal sweet treat for summer. 

Everyone cocktail fan with a sweet tooth will love the subtle coconut flavor that pairs very well with the cocktail’s sour pineapple, orange, lemon and lime flavors.

This tropical midori cocktail has a vibrant green color and it just tastes and looks perfectly refreshing.

8. Midori Berry Bliss

You might think that the sweetness of berries with the sweet flavors of midori are too overpowering but this recipe finds the perfect balance.

With a shot of raspberry vodka, pineapple, vanilla vodka and melon liqueur, this boozy cocktail has plenty to offer.

But the best is the strawberries that you can add in as garnish. The floating red strawberries inside the green liquid turn this cocktail into a real eye-catcher.

9. Green Hawaiian Cocktail

There is plenty of pineapple in this green midori Hawaiian cocktail. It’s not just the delicious pineapple flavor that conjures up images of pineapples.

Also, the green color looks similar to a pineapple that’s not quite ripe yet at the bottom but turns into a beautiful yellow at the top.

It’s like watching a pineapple fruit ripen in a glass!

But the green Hawaiian isn’t just about pineapple. It also has notes of melon and citrus that pair very nicely with the sweetness.

10. Japanese Slipper

Despite its name, the Japanese Slipper cocktail doesn’t originate from Japan. Instead, it was invented by a French bartender in Melbourne, Australia, in 1984.

The Cointreau and the fresh lemon in this cocktail hint at his French roots, and these ingredients turn the Japanese Slipper in a great, classic cocktail.

You might wonder how you can drink a mix of just Cointreau, lemon juice and midori but the combination of sour and sweet is surprisingly good.

The bright green color might look artificial but there is nothing overly sweet in this flavorful drink.

11. Spider’s Kiss

This delicious cocktail is just right for haunting Halloween parties. The scary-looking bright green color with a brown bottom reminds you of dangerous, tropical spiders.

The cocktail’s looks makes it an attention grabber and it’s definitely not going to be overlooked amongst all the Halloween decorations and costumes.

The recipe for the Spider’s Kiss was invented by a mixologist specifically for midori, so you don’t have to have this cocktail for Halloween.

Without any of the “special effects”, you can turn it easily into a classic melon vodka martini.

12. Holiday Hopper Cocktail

This cocktail recipe combines the melon flavor of midori with mint which is quite unusual but it works amazingly well.

The Holiday Hopper may not be to everyone’s taste but it’s worth a try. The extra minty flavor gives the drink a refreshing twist.

And if you wanted to, you can also garnish it in the right way, so you can serve it during the festive season.

With a raspberry and a few mint leaves, you can create a garnish that resembles holly leaves which is perfect for Christmas.

13. Green Demon

Demons are known for twisting our fate, and this green demon has a sharp twist. The sour flavor paired with midori and lemonade balances out well.

But both the sweet flavors and the vodka-rum combination cannot fully make the sharpness go away, so be prepared to get notes of sour apple candies and lemon drops.

If you enjoy your sour candies, however, then the green demon cocktail is a must-try.

14. Midori Holly Jolly

It can be so hard to find a delicious cocktail that’s not just for summer but also serves up well over the cooler autumn and winter months.

Midori’s holly jolly cocktail does just that. Mix crème de coca liqueur with fresh lemon juice and sweet midori melon liqueur, and you get a truly festive Christmas cocktail.

15. Pearl Harbor Cocktail

It might have a heavy, historic name, but the Pearl Harbor cocktail is essentially just a mix of vodka, orange juice and midori. 

With its almost neon yellow color, you may be forgiven that it looks like innocent lemonade.

This cocktail is very popular on the different Hawaiian islands since the introduction of midori to the US.

It’s not hard to see why the tropical flavor appeals to many people. If you like your vodka and want to add some sweetness to it, then the Pearl Harbor is a great option.

16. Grinch Sangria

Sangria is a must-have for summer, and why not enjoy it with plenty of fresh fruit and a sweet melon liqueur cocktail.

With this Grinch sangria, it is not all about the delicious taste itself but also the looks. The sugary strawberry rim with fresh fruit makes it so attractive.

Plus, this cocktail has everything you want from a winter drink, including pineapple juice, pino grigio and the goodness of strawberries.

With a shot of red sugar sprinkles and honey, it tastes so warming.

17. Midtown Muse

This midori cocktail recipe also has a special twist, with an extra shot of aged whiskey. 

Simply mix green midori melon liqueur with vanilla liqueur, whiskey and angostura bitters. Gently stir everything into a chilled martini glass and add a flamed orange twist as garnish.

This cocktail isn’t just easy to make but it also has a strongly balanced flavor of sweet, bitter and fruity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Midori?

Midori is a Japanese green liqueur which is made from melons. Its vibrant green color makes it ideal for cocktails and mocktails (see also ‘23 Best Mocktail Recipes To Try At Home‘).

Thanks to its fruity melon flavor, midori pairs very well with other mixed drinks that contain fruit.

Midori is the Japanese word for “green”. This is a simple but true description of this super sweet liqueur which is often also called “green absinthe”.

What Does Midori Illusion Taste Like?

Midori Illusion is one of the classic midori cocktail recipes. It combines sour pineapple flavors with the sweetness of melon liqueur.

What Is Midori Good With?

You can mix midori liqueur with almost anything, including club soda, lemon lime soda, ginger ale, whiskey and ginger beer.

Also, fruit juices work very well with midori, including lemon juice, orange juice and grapefruit juice.

Can You Drink Midori By Itself?

Midori is incredibly sweet, so most people do not drink it straight from the bottle. It tastes much better when you dilute it with water, fruit juices or other drinks.

Make sure that you add in some ice cubes for the best midori flavor.

Final Thoughts

Midori has been around since the 1980s when sweet and sour flavors were a big trend.

Saying this, the vibrant green liqueur midori is not just a sweet ingredient for many cocktails but it also has a fruity twist of melon.

This means you can mix midori with any other fruit, coconut and plenty of different alcoholic beverages.

17 Easy Midori Cocktails For Everyone

17 Easy Midori Cocktails For Everyone

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