23 Tastiest Mexican Soup Recipes

Soups are one of the best meals out there. Think about it! They’re both incredibly easy and quick to make, as well as being truly warming.

If it’s a cold evening and you need something to heat you up, there’s little better than a tasty soup. 

23 Tastiest Mexican Soup Recipes

There are plenty of different types of soups to try from all over the world, with one of the best places for delicious soups being Mexico.

You may not have heard of many of their soup varieties (see also ‘27 Easy Crockpot Soup Recipes‘), but they’re brilliant: packed with tasty meat, healthy vegetables, and more. 

With that being said, there are plenty of Mexican soups to choose from.

That’s why we’ve narrowed them down for you! In our handy guide below, you’ll find the 23 tastiest Mexican soup recipes, each with mouthwatering descriptions.

Mexican Soup Recipes:

1. Mexican Vegetable Soup

We’re starting off with a classic here, and one that’s especially perfect for vegetarians. 

This delicious soup is packed with healthiness, rich with vegetables like black beans, tomatoes, zucchini, and even some vegetable broth. 

On top of that, the soup has a subtle spiciness to it, giving it just a hint of a spicy kick. This is given by the diced jalapeno that’s included, as well as the bell peppers and a green chile pepper. 

You can top it with lime juice for added Mexican flavor (see also ‘27 Easy And Delicious Mexican Appetizers!‘).

2. Street Corn Soup

This tasty soup gives you a real sense of Mexico, as well as being packed with goodness and flavor. 

Corn kernels help to bulk it out, while vegetable broth and onion give it a good kick of vegetable goodness. 

Extra flavor then comes from cumin and paprika, while some chili powder gives the soup a hint of hot spiciness – but not too much! It won’t overwhelm it for those of you who don’t like spicy food.

3. Mexican Lentil Soup

This lentil soup from Mexico is incredibly hearty and warm. On top of that, it’s packed with healthy vegetables. 

In terms of vegetables, the list is impressive! You’ve got carrots, celery, tomatoes, onion, and even vegetable broth.

Better yet, it’s also got plenty of bell peppers and green chiles to give it a bit of sharp spiciness. 

And for some extra refreshment? This bulky lentil soup can be garnished with an avocado (see also ‘53 Amazing Avocado Recipes For Any Meal‘).

4. Mexican Pozole Rojo

This Mexican soup is perfect for meat eaters, because it includes some tasty pork to round off its delicious flavors.

Besides that, there’s plenty of flavors. Some white hominy (see also ‘35 Hominy Recipes You Have To Try‘) helps to bulk the soup up, making it extra filling, while dried guajillo peppers (and/or ancho chiles) give it an impressive kick of spiciness. 

Add to that some cumin and oregano for extra flavor, as well some bay leaves for a subtle hint of mintiness, and you’ve got a great soup!

5. Fiesta Chorizo-Chicken Soup

This is one of the best soups for sheer content – seriously, it’s packed! 

Chicken broth and chorizo give the soup a meat edge, as do some boneless and skinless chicken breasts. 

Add to that the vegetables (medium sweet potatoes, delicious tomatoes, healthy spinach) and you;ve got something that’s both extremely tasty and extremely healthy. 

Butter beans help to bulk it out, while medium sweet red pepper helps to give it just a hint of spiciness. 

6. Chicken Enchilada Soup

Another great soup that has chicken in it, this is incredibly creamy and cheesy. If you love a good enchilada, this is a must have! Better yet, it can be made with any leftover chicken, making it extra easy.

The soup includes Monterey Jack cheese, as well as cheddar cheese and cream cheese. You know it’s going to be incredibly cheesy! 

Meanwhile, jalapeno pepper helps to give it just a little bit of spiciness, while red enchiladas sauce makes it authentically like an enchilada.

7. Mexican Black Bean Soup

This soup takes just half an hour to make, and only includes a handful of ingredients. That’s right, it’s super easy!

You’ll need the black beans of course, which will give it an almost creamy flavor. On top of those, you’ll need some chipotle pepper for a small kick, as well as tomatoes for extra runniness and healthy refreshment.

The recipe mentions chicken stock, but you can use vegetable broth if you’re a vegetarian or vegan. 

8. Mexican Meatball Soup

Who doesn’t love some good meatballs? This soup incorporates those delicious beefy chunks and creates a meal that is warming and filling.

Plus, chicken broth helps add to the meatiness, though you can use homemade stock instead.

There’s a good few vegetables in the soup too, with tomatoes and zucchini thrown into the delicious mix. 

Some jalapeno peppers help give it a relatively strong dose of heat and spiciness, while a tablespoon of lime juice gives it a hint of citrus on top of that.

9. Soup

What a comforting soup! This will warm you up on any evening, and is packed with all kinds of good stuff. Plus, it’ll only take you 40 minutes to make!

Chicken breasts and chicken broth help to give it a good amount of meatiness, making it just like the chicken tortillas you surely love. 

Plus, since it’s inspired by tortillas, you can bet it has all the healthy and tasty food that you’d expect from those: crushed tomatoes, black beans, corn, onion, garlic, and so much more.

10. Chicken Fajita Soup

Another soup based take on a classic meal, this will be a must try if you love a good chicken fajita. 

The chicken comes from shredded chicken, as well as a couple of cups of chicken broth poured into the mix.

Smoke paprika and ground cumin helps to give a flavorful edge to the meal, while tomatoes help to add some rich vegetable goodness to it.

Two different bell peppers help to provide a little bit of a spicy kick, too.

11. Mexican Beef And Rice Soup

All the recipes so far have been delicious, but they’ve been missing a great addition: rice! This combines delicious rice with tasty beef and healthy vegetables. What a perfect blend!

The beef comes from some delicious skirt steak, as well as some beef bones with marrow. Tomatoes give the soup a sharp refreshment, in addition to making it creamier.

Corn ears bulk the soup up, as does the tasty rice. 

This recipe even includes some chayotes, which is an exciting Mexican plant. This extra authentic touch tastes mild and crisp.

12. Mexican Noodle Soup

Noodles are a great way to bulk up a meal with their delicious goodness. This Mexican noodle soup uses toasted noodles alongside a tomato-heavy broth, all to combine and create a hearty and warming meal.

This soup is extra healthy,using both vegetable broth and tomato puree. On top of those, 

there’s some avocado oil, for a refreshing fruity addition. 

Serve with lime juice for an added hint of citrus. 

13. Mexican Tomato Soup

Tomato soup is a full on classic, so why not try the Mexican version? It’s really easy and quick to make, taking just 15 minutes. 

It uses a can of crushed tomatoes for the all important tomato taste, while salt and pepper help to flavor it. Onion and garlic help to make it even tastier, while chicken broth makes it bulkier and more filling.

14. Mexican Refried Bean Soup

This delicious Mexican soup has a really meaty quality to it, because it contains not only chicken broth but also strips of bacon. Bacon always works well for soups, because it has a strong and rich taste to it.

Refried beans help to bulk the soup up and make it extra filling, while a Mexican cheese blend makes the whole thing gooey and creamy – and not to mention very cheesy!

Some chili powder also gives it a slight kick of spiciness. 

15. Taco Soup

When you think of Mexican food, one of the first dishes that you think of is probably the taco. Everybody loves a good taco! Well, what if you could turn it into a soup? You can.

This taco soup is especially good for you, because it’s packed with protein (see also ‘33 Delicious Protein Packed Recipes‘) and filling flavor.

A jalapeno and some chili powder helps to give the soup a spicy edge, but not overwhelm it too much. At the same time, tomato sauce and sliced tomatoes help to make it healthier.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a taco without some tasty beef too!

16. Burrito Bowl Soup

Similarly, when you think about Mexican food, you probably also think of burritos (see also ‘33 Fantastic Burrito Recipes‘). After all, they are delicious! Now you can have one in the form of a soup. 

Though it has quite a few ingredients, it’s very easy to make. For example, you’ll need some chicken broth for a hint of meatiness, while two cups of mozzarella help to make it creamy and cheesy. 

17. Fiesta Ham Soup

This tasty ham soup uses cubes of fully cooked ham, as well as chicken broth, to give you a warm and filling soup.

On top of that, there are some potatoes included to bulk it out and give you some fiber, as well as some chopped celery for extra vegetable-based healthiness. 

Add to that some cheddar cheese and cream-style corn, and you’ve got an incredibly gooey and creamy soup (see also ‘Creamy Soup Recipes: 33 Of The Best‘). Delicious!

18. Chicken Avocado Soup

This is a creamy and delicious chicken soup that uses skinless chicken breasts, on top of chicken broth for extra meatiness. 

The other key ingredient is avocado! The soup has two medium sized ones, and those tasty fruits will give your soup a bit of a buttery taste – as well as a hint of nuttiness. 

Garnish with green onions or chopped chives for a bit of extra flavor – or even some diced jalapeno, if you like it spicy!

19. Carnitas Soup

This warming and comforting soup is incredibly easy to make. Why? Well, it’s only got five ingredients!

All you’ll need to assemble this tasty dinner treat is some chicken (or vegetable, if you prefer) stock, salsa verde (herby!), cumin, potatoes, and leftover carnitas.

For those who don’t know, carnitas is a Mexican dish of pulled pork. 

The potatoes give the soup some extra healthiness, but you can swap them out for beans if you want. 

20. Turkey Pozole

Another pozole soup after the pork one we featured earlier, this one uses delicious turkey instead. With that being said, the recipe allows you to use chicken instead, in case you prefer that!

After that, you’ll need some pozole corn, a few cloves of garlic, and a couple of bay leaves for extra mintiness. On top of those, you’ll need half of a small onion, as well as a tablespoon of cumin (just for a hint of extra flavor!).

It’s a soup that is very easy to assemble – and very tasty!

21. Mexican Potato Soup

If you want a soup that has plenty of potato goodness in it, then this is the one for you! Potatoes are a great source of not only fiber, but potassium and vitamin C too.

On top of that healthy goodness, this soup includes some delicious tomatoes. 

The recipe also uses chicken bouillon granules. If you haven’t heard of these, don’t worry! They’re basically a dried and ground version of concentrated chicken stock.

They’ll be sure to give the potato soup just a hint of meatiness to it. Obviously avoid it if you’re a vegetarian!

22. Mexican Leek & Potato Soup

Another great choice of soup for potato lovers, this is brilliantly healthy and warming. Perfect for cold evenings!

The leeks (check out our favorite leek recipes) are halved lengthwise, as well as being sliced very thinly in order to make the soup a lot more spread out.

As for the potatoes, they’re diced for the same reason, allowing you to get great little chunks of healthiness in every spoonful. Better yet, there’s some vegetable stock that’s used too.

Oregano helps to bring it all together, adding a little extra flavor.

23. Spicy White Chili

We’re finishing with a spicy one, perfect for everybody out there who likes their soup with an added kick.

There are plenty of ingredients to this hearty soup, making it absolutely packed with goodness. Monterey Jack cheese helps to give it a creamy cheesiness, while cooked chicken and chicken broth give it a meaty edge. 

Chopped green chile peppers help to give it the spiciness that its title suggests, though they may not be enough for you. If you want more spiciness, then the recipe recommends serving it with some sliced jalapeno peppers. 

Meanwhile, beans make sure that the soup is bulky and filling, as well as being rich in B vitamins. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Side Dishes Go With Pozole?

We featured two pozole soups on this list, so you may be wondering what sides go well with them.

Well, guacamole is always a reliable one, as are some crunchy tortilla chips (or even some tostada) for dipping. Want to go the extra mile though? Have some shrimp pasta salad with it!

Final Thoughts

Mexican soups are extremely delicious, very quick to make, and filled with healthy vegetables. Find your future favorites by using our recipe list.

23 Tastiest Mexican Soup Recipes

23 Tastiest Mexican Soup Recipes

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Mexican soups are brilliantly tasty, extremely quick to make, and packed with healthiness. Read our guide to the 23 tastiest Mexican soup recipes.

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