28 Super Easy Mexican Mule Recipes To Try Today

If you are a big fan of a Moscow Mule, then you will probably enjoy a Mexican Mule. This cocktail puts a spin on the traditional Moscow Mule, replacing vodka with Tequila to create a cocktail that comes with a kick! 

Mexican Mules are absolutely delicious, and once you try one, you will find yourself longing for another.

28 Super Easy Mexican Mule Recipes To Try Today

But the good thing is that Mexican Mules are super easy to make, so you can effortlessly prepare one yourself at home. 

In this guide, we’re taking a look at 28 super easy Mexican Mule recipes that you should try today. So if you want to find out more about these super simple recipes, keep on reading! 

1. Easy Mexican Mule By Difford’s Guide

First up, we have this recipe from Difford’s Guide. This recipe is incredibly simple to make, and is designed to use tequila reposado to give it a unique and delicious flavor.

This Mexican Mule is incredibly easy to make, consisting of just a handful of ingredients to achieve that yummy lime flavor. Serve it in a tall glass with a lime on the rim to really impress your guests!

2. Easy Mexican Mule By A Couple Cooks

Another yummy Mexican Mule recipe that you should check out is this one by A Couple Cooks. This recipe follows the classic Moscow Mule incredibly closely to create a Tequila-based cocktail that is incredibly similar to a Moscow Mule.

You may think that you can’t beat a Moscow Mule, but once you try this cocktail, you won’t look back! 

3. Easy Mexican Mule By Great British Chefs

If you are serving Mexican food, the only drink that you should be serving your guests is this Easy Mexican Mule recipe by Great British Chefs.

This recipe is designed to allow the flavor of each ingredient shine through, creating an incredibly unique cocktail that you’ll love.

4. Easy Mexican Mule By WhatShouldIMakeFor.Com

Another great spin on the traditional Moscow Mule is this Mexican Mule by whatshouldImakefor.com. To complement the kick of the Tequila, this recipe uses jalapeños to make it even hotter.

So, if you love a spicy cocktail, this recipe is pretty much made for you! 

5. Easy Mexican Mule By Crowded Kitchen 

This next cocktail recipe can be made using just a handful of ingredients. As long as you have ginger beer, lime juice and Tequila at home, you will be able to prepare this cocktail in no time.

It is easy to make, utterly delicious and guaranteed to be a hit! 

6. Easy Mexican Mule By Vine Pair

If you find yourself making a Moscow Mule on autopilot, this recipe is made for you. You can easily swap out the vodka in your Moscow Mule for Tequila to save the day!

The ingredients in this cocktail are almost identical to a Moscow Mule, so you can’t go wrong. 

7. Easy Mexican Mule By Foodie And Wine

This next recipe by FoodieandWine is a bubbly variation of the classic Mexican Mule. It has bubbles but is totally balanced, creating a cocktail that tastes yummy and looks amazing. Your guests will be impressed by this cocktail!

8. Easy Mexican Mule By Bundaberg Brewed Drinks

Bundaberg Brewed Drinks produce all sorts of delicious cocktail recipes, and this Easy Mexican Mule is no different. So what are you waiting for?

9. Easy Mexican Mule By Craft Beering

This next cocktail requires you to freeze jalapeños in water to create jalapeño ice cubes. These ice cubes can then be added to your cocktail alongside the other ingredients to create an ice cold yet spicy cocktail. Cool right?

10. Easy Mexican Mule By Drinkoteket

If you want a Mexican Mule recipe that looks clear as ice, then this recipe has you covered! Everybody says that clear drinks don’t give you a hangover, so if that’s something you want to avoid, check out this recipe!

11. Easy Mexican Mule By Letty’s Kitchen

The ginger beer in this recipe by Letty’s Kitchen gives the drink a warm, yellow hue. It is a colorful cocktail that looks fun and delicious. We’re sure you will love it!

12. Easy Mexican Mule By The Food Blog

For a lovely and refreshing easy Mexican mule recipe, check out this one from the Food Blog. It is sweet yet spicy, and each taste is different. This cocktail will leave you longing for another!

13. Easy Mexican Mule By Splash Of Taste

One of the key ingredients in a Mexican Mule is lime, and this cocktail recipe has it in abundance. It takes 2 minutes to make and is really easy to prepare, it really is brilliant!

14. Easy Mexican Mule By Piper Cooks

This next recipe also uses Tequila Reposado, just like the cocktail in number one, to create a unique flavor. This cocktail is as Mexican as it gets when it comes to a Mexican Mule, so you should definitely check it out!

15. Easy Mexican Mule By Simply Quinoa

For delicious results, you should check out this recipe. This cocktail recipe is easily one of the best in this guide, you simply need to try it out to believe it. 

16. Easy Mexican Mule By The Speckled Palate

As you can see in this guide, there are lots of variations among different Mexican Mule recipes. This cocktail is no different, creating a smooth and balanced drink. Each sip is utterly delicious, you won’t be disappointed!

17. Easy Mexican Mule By AllRecipes.Com

Perhaps the most simple Mexican Mule recipe in this guide is this one. With just three ingredients, you really can’t get this recipe wrong!

18. Easy Mexican Mule By Willamette Transplant

Every sip of this Mexican Mule recipe by Willamette Transplant is guaranteed to be refreshing. The flavor is vibrant, and it is utterly delicious – definitely worth the small amount of effort!

19. Easy Mexican Mule By A Nerd Cooks

This recipe puts a spin on the traditional Mexican Mule, simply swap out the vodka for Tequila, and you are good to go. 

20. Easy Mexican Mule By The Mixer

The ginger beer in this cocktail perfectly complements the strong lime juice and kick of Tequila. It is filled with flavor and guaranteed to be a hit!

21. Easy Mexican Mule By Our Love Language Is Food

For a lovely, smooth cocktail, check out this easy Mexican Mule recipe. While it has a kick to it, the drink itself is still smooth and flavorful – you’re going to love it!

22. Easy Mexican Mule By Elise Tries To Cook

To make this cocktail, you need a cocktail shaker. The cocktail shaker ensures that the ingredients mix together to create a unique flavor. Don’t believe us? Just try it!

23. Easy Mexican Mule By Patron Tequila

With this cocktail, you need to use Patron Tequila to create the full flavor. But it is totally worth paying that little extra once you taste the cocktail. 

24. Easy Mexican Mule By Something New For Dinner

Another delicious spin on the classic Moscow Mule is this one by Something New for Dinner. It is super simple to make and it goes down a treat!

25. Easy Mexican Mule By Taste.Com

This next cocktail actually uses more ingredients than the others we have looked at. It is filled with flavor and a little sweeter than some of the other recipes in this guide, so if that’s something you’re into, check out this recipe. 

26. Easy Mexican Mule By WithSpice.Com

Another yummy tequila-ginger beer cocktail, a.k.a. A Mexican Mule is this one by withspice.com. It is packed with flavor and each sip is a little different, we adore it, and so will you!

27. Easy Mexican Mule By Cupcakes And Cutlery

For a cocktail that allows you to enjoy every single sip, this recipe is the one that you should follow! 

28. Easy Mexican Mule By Recipes.Net

Finally, let’s wrap this up with this recipe by Recipes.net. It allows you to create a tangy, flavorful cocktail that tastes utterly delicious. You’re going to love this one!


In this guide, we have taken a look at 28 of the best Mexican Mule recipes that exist. So, if you want to find the recipe that is perfect for you, check out the guide above. 

28 Super Easy Mexican Mule Recipes To Try Today

28 Super Easy Mexican Mule Recipes To Try Today

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Are you searching for the perfect Mexican Mule recipe? Check out this guide for 28 super easy Mexican Mule recipes to try today.

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