28 Easy And Simple Mexican Coffee Recipes You Need To Try

Learn how to make the best Mexican Coffee Recipes with this collection of recipes, step-by-step instructions and photographs. You will enjoy the variety of Mexican coffee recipes.

All the ingredients you need for Mexican coffee preparation are mentioned in this article.

1. Mocha Coffee

Mocha is the best chocolate coffee drink, it is extremely popular on the coffee scene due to its rich and luxurious taste. Mocha coffee is one of the easiest to make.

It is a simple mix of coffee and chocolate. It is also quick to make, taking only 5 minutes to prep and 5 minutes to cook.

2. Joans Mexican Coffee

This is a popular coffee drink frequently in Mexico. This drink was created by women during the revolution to strengthen the soldiers. Made with tequila and Mexican chocolate, this coffee gives you a true taste of Mexico in a cup.

3. Authentic Mexican Mocha

Also known as the Mexican hot chocolate, this Mexican mocha is a special treat. Mexican mocha includes a hint of spice to create a coffee inspired by the traditional Mexican chocolate which is created with cayman pepper.

4. Cafe Pacifico

This Mexican styled Irish coffee is perfect for the holidays with its blend of cinnamon, white liquor and tequila. This coffee is best served hot accompanied by homemade whipped cream.

Alternatively it can be served over ice for a delicious alcoholic beverage.

5. Cafe De Olla Coffee

Also known as clay pot coffee, this drink is known and enjoyed for its slightly bitter taste. The traditional clay pots are unique and versatile.This coffee is best served with a dash of cinnamon and whipped cream.

6. Mexican Spiced Coffee

Cafe de olla is the traditional way to prepare coffee in mexico. It is served piping hot and has warm , delicious infusions of cinnamon and star anise. This is perfect for you if you like yout coffee on the sweeter side.

7. Low Carb And Sugar Free Mexican Coffee

MMost mexican coffee is very sweet so if you’re looking for a low carb and sugar free alternative this recipe is for you. Whilst cutting out the sugar this recipe still ensures all the warm and rich flavors.

Served piping hot this is perfect for those cooler months.

8. Carajillo Cocktail

This is a traditional Mexican after dinner drink. Espresso and Licor 43 served over ice a perfect dessert cocktail is perfect for a calm warm evening. This has become extremely popular in Mexico city in particular.

9. Mexican Inspired Tequila Coffee

This is a great choice of coffee to drink at the end of your day to help you relax. Made with only 7 ingredients and made in 20 minutes this quick and simple recipe.

10. Entre Latte

This recipe is a favorite in mexico. You will be able to taste hints of woody flavors as you take sips of this Mexican coffee served with milk.

11. Cold Brew Coffee

A cold brew coffee is the perfect summer drink. This recipe is super quick and easy to make! It’s smooth and super refreshing and easy to prepare for those busy mornings.

This recipe is a great, much cheaper alternative to shop bought coffee which tastes just as good!

12. Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona coffee also known as whipped coffee is super easy to make at home with only 3 ingredients needed. This can be drunk hot or cold so it is perfect for all seasons. Due to being whipped this coffee is super light and fluffy.

13. Instant Mexican Coffee

This wonderful instant coffee is made from Mexican instant coffee, cream, hot chocolate and water. This mix creates a rich and creamy coffee.

The addition and cinnamon creates a lovely hint of spice perfect for the holidays. This is a quick and simple recipe perfect for those busy mornings. 

14. Rated G Mexican Coffee

This Mexican coffee is a popular choice in Mexico city served in many restaurants there. With only a few ingredients and only20 minutes to make 6 cups this is a quick and simple recipe.

With hints of cinnamon and vanilla this is a perfect recipe for the holidays.

15. Cafe Mexicano

This drink will be certain to warm you up on those colder evenings. This is a quick and simple recipe which can be made in 5 minutes. Made with Kahlua and Brandy this coffee has a slight kick which is sure to keep you warm and relaxed.

16. Hot Mexican Coffee

Mexican hot coffee is tasty drink that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Infused with tequila this drink has a slight kick to it which is popular in mexico! Hot coffee can be enjoyed with a variety of different toppings of your choosing.

17. Mexican Spiced Coffee

This easy and quick to prepare spiced coffee recipe is sure to be one of your favorites after your first sip. The addition of piloncillo ,which is popular in Mexico, creates a delicious sweet flavor.

18. Classic Mexican Coffee

This heartwarming drink is a classic in Mexico and possibly the most popular. The infusion of aromatic cloves and cinnamon creates the homely feel and the addition of the orange peel gives that extra kick.

19. Spiced Sweet Mexican Coffee

This recipe takes only 15 minutes and creates 6 servings so it is super quick and easy, the addition of piloncillo instead of brown sugar will create a sweeter sensation.

20. Flaming Mexican Coffee

Although there are many different types of Mexican coffee, the flaming coffee is perhaps the most visually pleasing. This run based coffee has a generous addition of coffee friendly liquor which is then set on fire.

21. Iced Mexican Mocha

When it is warm outside this is the perfect drink!This iced Mexican mocha is great for those chocolate lovers who love a hint of spice in their coffee. It’s a quick and simple recipe loved by many.

22. Sugar And Spice Mexican Coffee

Using this recipe you will be able to create a delicious coffee with spicy sweet flavors in just minutes. This recipe has a few twists from the traditional recipe which adda few new and exciting flavors.

23. Cold Brew Iced Coffee

This coffee is brewed in cold or room temperature for 8-10 hours then strained, Cold brew is a lot less acidic than other coffee so if you have stomach problems but love coffee this could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

24. Spicy And Sweet Cold Latte

With only two steps this is a quick and simple recipe that tastes delicious. With hints of cinnamon, turmeric and pepper this latte has a nice little kick.

25. Mexican Tequila, And Vanilla Ice Cream Coffee

This vanilla ice cream coffee is truly iconic! If you have a sweet tooth this is definitely a recipe you need to try, it is a quick and simple recipe that can be easily made at home.

26. Mexican Kahlua Coffee

THis is a delicious hot coffee cocktail which has been around for decades. This offers the kick of caffeine with the warm tequila flavors.

27. Mexican Irish Coffee

This creamy Mexican style Irish coffee is served with tequila. Topped with whipped cream and hints of cinnamon.

28. Mexican Coffee

This delicious Mexican coffee recipe consists of hot coffee, tequila, cinnamon and kahlua. As it is served hot this is the perfect coffee for those cold nights.

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide to the best Mexican coffee recipes helps you find the best choice for you! Whether that is hot or cold, sweet or spicy or maybe even flaming!

28 Easy And Simple Mexican Coffee Recipes You Need To Try

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