19 Of The Most Delicious Coffee Drinks On The McDonald’s Menu

Although it may not be your first thought when deciding where to grab a coffee, McDonald’s actually has a pretty extensive coffee menu.

The McCafé range was introduced to the United States in 2009.

They use freshly-ground Arabica beans that are grown using sustainable practices on Rainforest Alliance certified farms.

19 Of The Most Delicious Coffee Drinks On The McDonald’s Menu

Whether you’re in the mood for something cool and refreshing or a warming tingle on a cold day, there is something for everyone.

The rise in popularity of the McCafé range has seen many new items added to its menu with seasonal and specialty iced frappés often bought out for a limited time only.

Here we have created a list of the 19 best drinks on their coffee menu in no particular order.

1. Americano

A simple and classic coffee order, their americanos are made with a medium roast which is high in quality and has a wonderful roasted flavor that all coffee lovers will appreciate.

Americanos go well with most things available on the McDonald’s menu as the flavors don’t impact meat and condiments the same way a sweet iced latte would.

The difference between an americano and a normal drip-style coffee is that an americano is made with espresso shots and water whereas brewed coffee infused coffee beans with hot water.

As a result, americanos have a more concentrated caffeine content with an average of 103 mg of caffeine per cup compared to 96 mg found in brewed coffee.

Order your coffee black, with whole or nonfat milk depending on your preference.

To add a little sweetness to your cup, you can add your favorite syrup upon request.

Many people may not think McDonald’s would be the place to go for a simple cup of coffee, but you won’t know until you try it.

2. Iced Coffee

McCafé Iced Coffee is a simple and refreshing coffee order made with their Premium Roast coffee beans.

Iced coffee is a cult classic and something that is perfect in warmer months to help cool you down as well as give you a much desired caffeine fix.

The coffee and cream are poured over a base of ice and liquid sugar for a sweet treat.

If you prefer to add some extra flavor to your drink you can choose between the range of syrups, with sugar-free counterparts available at selected restaurants.

Adding milk to the cold coffee helps to balance out the strong aromas and flavors of the coffee roast.

Although it is great in summer, no matter the time of year iced coffee can give you the boost you need and we love how you can customize it to your taste.

3. Iced Caramel Latte

Iced Caramel Lattes are considered to be ‘basic’ as everyone orders them, but what’s wrong with that?

We all order fries at McDonald’s and that isn’t considered to be following the trends so to speak.

Made with whole milk, liquid sugar, ice, espresso, and caramel syrup it isn’t the most healthy drink on the menu.

The added caramel syrup means that you don’t get as much of a coffee taste, but for some that is preferable.

If you’re relatively new to the coffee scene and are still getting used to the taste, ordering one of these will ease you in gently.

4. Iced French Vanilla Latte

Made with sweet and creamy French vanilla syrup, this iced latte has depth and warmth even though it’s a cold drink.

This makes it a perfect drink to have on the go all year round.

It is another super popular drink at McDonald’s, containing light cream, espresso, ice, and vanilla syrup.

Light and aromatic, the drink isn’t too sweet or heavy as those topped with whipped cream.

As this is a predominantly milk-based drink, it isn’t good for those with intolerances.

5. French Vanilla Cappuccino

Sticking with the French vanilla theme, a cappuccino version of this sweet treat is ideal for those who prefer their coffee hot and steamy.

Cappuccinos are equal parts of espresso and steamed milk and froth which many people prefer as there is more of a coffee taste.

The McCafé French vanilla cappuccino is made with bold espresso, fluffy foam, whole steamed milk, and the much loved French vanilla syrup.

Sometimes we want a little sweetness in our coffee on a cold winter’s day, and this drink certainly does the job.

6. Caramel Cappuccino

The rich and buttery caramel flavors that come with the McCafé caramel syrup are unmatched.

Caramel and coffee just go together perfectly, especially with some fluffy foam on top.

In addition to the syrup and foam, you’ll find steamed whole milk and bold espresso in one of these delicious cappuccinos.

Nothing beats sipping on one of these, driving in the rain at night, and feeling like you’re the main character in a movie. Or is that just me?

As delicious as they are, it should be noted that they are higher in calories compared to other drinks on the McDonald’s coffee menu with 210 calories in a small cup.

7. Caramel Macchiato

A Macchiato, for those that aren’t familiar, is an espresso coffee drink that is topped with a small amount of foamed or steamed milk.

This allows the espresso taste to come through for a stronger flavor than a cappuccino, but a weaker flavor than an espresso by itself.

Although the traditional way to make a macchiato, it’s not always popular as it can be too bitter for some, enter the caramel macchiato.

Caramel helps to balance out the flavors released from the espresso to make a sweeter, more palatable drink for many.

A McCafé Caramel Macchiato is made with rich, dark-roasted espresso with some steamed whole milk and their sweet and buttery caramel syrup.

Topped off with an extra little drizzle of caramel, so it’s best to avoid getting a large one of these as they can be quite sickly sweet if you consume too much.

The caramel drinks in general are rather high in calories, with a small version of this drink containing 260 calories, so it is advised to consume in moderation.

Depending on your mood you can enjoy a caramel macchiato hot or iced with lots of water for a refreshingly cool drink that will wake you up.

8. Iced Caramel Mocha

An Iced Mocha is one of the signature drinks from the original McCafé menu, the caramel was added later when everyone started going mad for syrups.

Other flavors can be added upon request, but who doesn’t love caramel?

Refreshingly cool, the added caramel syrup here gives the rich espresso a candy-like flavor.

Chocolate syrup, whole milk, whipped cream, and a topping of chocolate drizzle are also included in this rich and indulgent drink.

If you’d prefer to have a stronger coffee flavor you can add some additional shots of espresso, especially if you’re sizing up.

9. Iced Hazelnut Latte

The rich, earthy taste that comes with hazelnut can send a warming feeling through your body, even with an iced latte.

The McCafé range allows you to pick and choose from a range of different flavors to make the perfect iced latte for you.

At certain locations, this includes hazelnut syrup that is sweet and nutty.

Tracking down locations that serve hazelnut syrup can be tricky, but it’s worth it once you’ve found some sweet and nutty goodness!

As with all their other signature iced latte flavors, the drink is created with a choice of nonfat or whole milk over ice with a shot of rich espresso and your choice of flavored syrup. In this case, we hope it’s hazelnut.

10. Mocha

A traditional mocha is made with a shot of espresso, chocolate powder, or syrup, blended with milk or cream. Essentially, it is a tasty chocolaty latte.

The McCafé mocha is made with responsibly sourced coffee beans, steamed whole milk, chocolate syrup and is topped off with some whipped cream and chocolate drizzle.

On a cold wet day, this rich and earthy treat will warm you through and leave you feeling satisfied.

There is nothing better than a little caffeine injection mixed with some delicious chocolate, you can eat this alongside something from the breakfast menu to top it all off.

11. Premium Roast Coffee

McDonald’s takes pride in their Premium Roast coffee, which is expertly roasted and freshly brewed in their restaurants every 30 minutes so you can guarantee you’ll get a great quality drink.

A Premium Roast coffee has less caffeine than an americano, so opt for one of these if you don’t want to consume too much caffeine in one day, especially if it’s already late.

Their Premium Roast cups of coffee contain around 109 mg of caffeine which is a fair amount in a small cup.

You can have your coffee with any range of sugar, sweetener, dairy or creamer for the perfect cup of joe.

Although a simple order, sometimes the best things are just that.

To avoid any confusion, in many locations around the country this type of coffee is often referred to as ‘McCafé Brewed Coffee’ rather than the Premium Roast.

12. Caramel Frappe

Frappés are great for those who only want a hint of coffee in their drinks. McCafé frappés are renowned for being one of their most popular coffee drinks.

This rich, creamy blend of ice and coffee is topped with some whipped cream and some buttery caramel drizzle.

Somehow caramel frappés taste like they have even more richness in them compared to other McDonald’s caramel flavored drinks.

Perhaps it’s the intense creaminess from the whipped topping.

Often described as a blend between a milkshake and an iced coffee, it almost feels like you’re drinking your dessert.

Therefore, we wouldn’t suggest ordering this with a big meal as you may end up feeling sick.

As with many of their other caramel flavored drinks, a small frappé has a hefty calorie tag, with 430 calories in each cup.

13. Hazelnut Cappuccino

The aroma coming from a hot hazelnut cappuccino will make your mouth water.

Naturally sweet and somewhat buttery, the hazelnut flavored syrup perfectly complements a McCafé cappuccino.

Made with nonfat steamed milk, rich and bold espresso is added to the drink and topped with fluffy foam.

Hazelnut always provides a comforting feel which is enhanced by the steamed milk and fluffy foam characteristic of a cappuccino.

This drink is perfect to enjoy around the holiday season, it will get you feeling festive in no time.

14. Hot Chocolate

Although not actually a coffee, the McCafé hot chocolate is mentioned due to its popularity at the restaurant.

Many people argue that hot chocolate is the best drink that McDonald’s serves.

Made with a combination of chocolate syrup and whole milk, the beverage is topped with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle for the ultimate winter warmer.

A hot chocolate should be smooth, creamy, rich, and sweet.

McDonald’s have hit all these targets and have created a delicious drink, made with real dark chocolate, for an affordable price.

15. Mocha Frappe

A Mocha Frappé is a rich and indulgent treat full of chocolate.

The sweet and creamy base blends ice and the mocha coffee frappe base until it reaches an ice-cream consistency that has a faint hint of coffee in it.

Topped off with a generous portion of whipped cream and some extra chocolate drizzle, you’ll be feeling full and content after finishing one of these.

Chocolate lovers find it hard to resist a mocha frappé, which is why it’s so popular at McDonald’s.

As delicious as this drink is, it does contain a whopping 420 calories in a small serving so it definitely isn’t a healthy option.

To maintain a healthy and balanced diet, consume treats like this in moderation.

16. Latte

Despite the diverse range of flavored coffees and tempting extras on the menu, sometimes we crave a more simply milky coffee at the start of the day.

Not everyone is built for sweetness in the morning. A McCafé latte is made from their espresso blend and steamed milk.

Through their fresh organic whole milk you receive the perfect amount of coffee flavor.

A hot latte is perfect for an early morning drive-thru along with a breakfast treat.

Lattes are always popular coffee drinks as they can be consumed at any time of day, whatever you’re doing.

If you haven’t already tried alongside a hot piece of their apple pie, then you better get yourself out to the nearest restaurant.

17. Hazelnut Latte

Some coffee enthusiasts prefer to have a milky drink whereas others prefer some light fluffy foam.

A hazelnut latte is perfect for those who need their milk fix with their morning coffee.

The earthy and nutty aromas from the hazelnut syrup coming through the coffee is a more gentle way to start the day compared to a black coffee.

Made with whole or nonfat milk, sustainably certified espresso, and a shot of hazelnut syrup you’ll never want to finish this delicious cup of creamy cozy coffee.

18. French Vanilla Latte

If you’re looking for a sweet milky coffee with a delicious rich and bold espresso shot, then a French vanilla latte is for you.

The vanilla syrup adds a creamy, buttery flavor to the coffee which enhances the steamed milk.

Customers that are big fans of vanilla will be in heaven with this aromatic addition to a warm milky latte.

Some have described the French vanilla taste to be too overpowering, but that depends on the level of sweetness you’re used to.

If you’re unsure, opt for a small latte rather than committing to a larger size before you know if you like it.

19. Iced Mocha

An Iced Mocha is one of the original items from the McCafé menu when it started in Australia, 1993.

It wasn’t until the coffees expanded to the U.S. menu that the blended iced frappés were introduced.

Similar to the hot version, a mocha is a blend of coffee and chocolate but here it is over ice rather than with steamed milk.

The iced mocha is the most caffeinated drink on the McCafé menu with 167 mg of caffeine in a 16-ounce serving.

Order smaller servings if you’re conscious of how much caffeine you’re consuming on a daily basis.

Made with their sustainable espresso blend, whole milk, chocolate syrup, ice, and water there is a rich chocolate flavor that also refreshes you.

Topped with their signature whipped cream and chocolate drizzle blend you get a hit of intense creaminess.

Dairy Free Alternatives

Currently, dairy-free alternatives are only offered in certain countries. MILKLAB oat milk can be found in restaurants across Australia in participating locations.

In regard to North America, there are currently no dairy-free milk alternatives available.

It is thought that adding oat milk to menus will reach North American locations in the near future.

Unfortunately, many customers will have to settle for an americano or Premium Roast coffee when visiting McDonald’s restaurant for a little longer.

Closing Thoughts

Here we have 19 of the best coffee drinks on the McCafé menu.

With a range of flavors, coffee styles, and temperatures there is something for everyone at McDonald’s.

We cannot say which is the ‘best’ drink at McDonald’s as each person has their own preferences and what one considers to be the best may not align with others views.

We hope you enjoyed learning about all the different types of coffee McDonald’s has to offer, you might have even found a new flavor of coffee to try next time you visit.


As McDonald’s doesn’t list the caffeine content of their drinks on their website, we have taken these numbers as an estimate.

Instead McCafé drinks go by the average caffeine content published by the USDA for the standard amount of ground coffee per 8-ounces of water.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is McDonald’s Strongest Coffee Drink?

A McCafé iced mocha is considered to be the most caffeinated drink served at the McDonald’s restaurants, containing 167 mg of caffeine in a 16-ounce serving.

This is to be somewhat expected with a large cup of coffee.

A regular coffee comes in second place with 145 mg of caffeine per 16-ounce serving and lastly a frappé has between 90-145 mg per 16-ounce serving.

What Is The Sweetest McCafé Drink?

There is much deliberation on which is the sweetest McCafé drink as personal tastes may influence how much sugar one person prefers.

Those used to having sweet and sugary drinks won’t find a caramel latte to be anything out of the ordinary compared to someone who prefers to drink black coffee.

To determine which is the sweetest drink on the McCafé menu we have done this by sugar content alone.

After going through the sugar content of each drink, a Mocha Frappé had the highest amount of sugar containing 55g in a small serving.

The sugar content obviously increases when purchasing a larger sized drink.

What Is A Frappé Vs Latte?

A latte is a hot drink made with hot espresso coffee and steamed milk.

Frappés on the other hand are cold drinks that have a thicker consistency, containing ice and topped with whipped cream and flavored syrup.

Essentially, frappés are a sweeter and less milky cold coffee that cannot be served hot.

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