27 Tasty And Delicious Mango Recipes

Mangoes are cultivated primarily in areas of the world that are frost-free and in the subtropical regions with India being the largest producer.

27 Tasty And Delicious Mango Recipes

There’s many reasons why these small colorful fruits are some of the most widely eaten in the world, and it’s mainly because of their ability to taste both creamy but still retaining that familiar sweet fruity taste.

If you find that you have a little too many mangoes plucked and you need to make use of a few, or if you are just looking for a delicious recipe that mixes the delicate flavor of mangoes with some other delicious tastes and foods, you have come to the right place.

We have put together 27 of the easiest and most delicious recipes that use mangoes so you can find your new favorite dish today. 

1) Jerk Chicken With Mango Salsa 

This meat based meal is not only extremely low in calories, it is bursting with flavor thanks to the scotch bonnet chili, the white cabbage and of course, the added stoned and diced mango which adds a hint of creaminess to this flavorful dish. 

Finish off with some cucumber slices to make this afternoon meal even healthier and full of nutritional greens. 

2) Prawn And Mango Curry

You may have tried the delicate prawn and curry specialty before, however you really don’t know what you are missing out on until you mix in some mango chutney and coconut cream to even out the curry and make it even softer, making for one of the creamiest curries you’re going to find which is only further complimented by the prawns.

Ready in just 20 minutes and able to serve a few people at a time, this prawn and mango curry is excellent for when you are scrambling for ideas for dinner or for when you have a couple of guests coming over and need to prepare something tasty and delicious quickly. 

3) Vanilla Layer Cake With Mango Curd 

If you or someone you know has a bit of a sweet tooth, then try out this thick and delicious vanilla cake that incorporates a whole variety of ingredients to give it a unique rich flavor that many cakes struggle to replicate.

The mango in this recipe is used as the filling along with a handful of eggs, unsalted butter and fresh lemon juice to create a fluffy and filling cake that is perfect for sharing around the table as an evening appetizer.

4) Caramelized Plantain Parfait Recipe 

We are still scratching our heads over how exactly a recipe can fuse cream with cream and it still taste so light and breezy, but this recipe manages to do just that while keeping a smooth and delicate flavor from the yogurt and fresh mangos that is a pure delight when resting on the tastebuds.

5) Mango Popsicle Bar 

These delicious and sweet mango popsicle bars are a must have in the summertime.

Compared to other fruity popsicles, there is just nothing like the taste of mango to keep you refreshed and energized and with only a handful of ingredients required, you can get to making these deliciously cold appetizers in no time. 

Incredibly easy to make and tasting so much better than mango popsicles you can find in the store that have a whole host of other added ingredients mixed in that dilute the mango taste, you can’t go wrong with these summary popsicle bars. 

6) Baked Salmon With Mango Salmon 

If you are more of a fan of seafood and are wondering how it tastes to combine that fishy taste with the sweetness of some mangos, this baked salmon recipe gives you the perfect excuse to try it out now.

Easy, colorful and very light being full of high levels of protein and potassium and countless other nutritional benefits, this is a perfect recipe to satisfy those seafood lovers. 

7) Mango Chile Chicken 

This incredibly colorful dish mixes together a whole variety of greens including broccoli and peas which is then topped off with some chili powder and fresh mango which is all doused over the chicken to give it an incredibly rich and unique taste for those lovers of spicier meat.

While this recipe recommends a long list of veggies to make this dish as healthy as possible, never be afraid to mix in some of your own personal favorite healthy ingredients since the real beauty of this spicy dish is just how customisable it is so that you can prepare it just as you like. 

8) Rainbow Fruit Kabobs 

This incredibly colorful dish is a must try for those fruit lovers who want to mix the sweet and creamy mango taste with a whole host of other juicy fruits including kiwi, pineapples and strawberries, however feel free to also add your other favorite fruits too.

Not to mention, the incredibly vibrant and striking color of this fruity mix is sure to make the kids interested, even if usually they are a little more resistant to eating their fruit and vegetables. 

9) Mango Blueberry Crumble 

The layer of ice cream resting over some crushed up mangoes and blueberries makes this an incredible tasting evening dessert which tastes absolutely divine and is a great and colorful way to convince the kids to enjoy some healthy fruity desserts. 

10) Grilled Pineapple And Mango Salad 

If you have never tried grilled fruits and especially grilled mango, then you are honestly missing out as it makes this already delicious fruit a bit softer and with a bit more of a juicer exterior without overpowering the original taste.

Mixed with delicious grilled pineapple and a whole mix of other nutritional greens, this mango recipe is one of the healthiest out there.

11) Mango Cheesecake 

On nearly every list of recipes a cheesecake is one of the most common recipes to pop up since it can be prepared in so many different ways, however what makes the mango cheesecake different is just how much sweetness the mangoes add to this already chewy and cheese layered dessert. 

For a little more creaminess, consider layering some delicious whipped cream to make this cheesecake as soft, creamy and delicate as it can possibly be. 

12) Mango Pavlova 

Native to New Zealand, a pavlova contains a crumbly but delicate outside coating with an interior that is as soft as marshmallows.

What fills this luscious dessert with so much flavor however is the huge variety of fruits that it incorporates, including of course mango which gives it a bit of a sweeter kick, making it pure delight to bite into. 

13) Coconut Fruit Cup Layered Jelly

If you want to whip up a summery treat to surprise the kids when they get home from school or for a special occasion, this jelly is packed full of raspberry and mango flavors making it very unique.

With coconut milk and caster sugar added on top, it makes this soft and succulent dessert that much more creamy and delicious. 

14) Calypso Mango Smoothie Pancakes 

Many of us would not originally think to combine all these different ingredients and flavors, however once you do you will discover this hidden gem which is an amazing breakfast snack. 

Simply blend the mango with some milk, yogurt and eggs and then spread the delicate and nutritious smoothie over some pancakes and add even more mango juice if you can’t get enough of its sweetened goodness.

15) Mango Salsa 

This one’s for all those spice enthusiasts out there who like the sound of mixing some jalapeno and cilantro with mangoes and some lime juice to create a delicious salad that has a bit of an extra kick to it so that the flavor never gets too stale.

16) Mango Blueberry Muffins 

Maybe you are looking for a sweet and crunchy dessert that you can make in bulk with just a little bit of preparation time.

If so, these muffins are packed full of a delicious and juicy blend between raspberries and mangoes which has a hint of an extra crunch thanks to the added addition of chopped sweetened flaked coconuts.

If you don’t mind adding a bit of sugary content to these muffins, a lot of people will switch up the flavor just a little bit by sprinkling some chocolate chips over the top when the muffins are prepared which helps create an incredibly unique and scrumptious blend when paired with the other fruity contents.

17) Seared Swordfish With Mango Salsa 

If you have never tried swordfish, this recipe which gives it a slightly spicy kick from the salsa ingredients and a dash of sweetness from the mangoes gives you the perfect excuse to try this incredibly unique seafood today.

Light, refreshing and perfect for the summer, always consider this mango recipe.

Finish off with some spring onions and salad leaves to really replicate the feeling of being served this beautiful seafood dish in a 5 star restaurant for when you really want to blow the socks off your guests and impress them with a meal they will never forget.

18) Corn Cups With Prawns, Mango and Chillies 

Cute, light and refreshing, prawns on their own are an aptising seafood dish, however when tightly packed in miniature cups with some mango slices, vegetable oil and a light sprinkle of chillies, these cups can be eaten in one bite while providing maximum amounts of delicious flavor.

Consider picking up some ready-shaped corn tortillas to make preparing this snack that much easier.

19) Mangomisu 

This food is exactly what it sounds like, a delightful mixture between mangoes and tiramisu making for a tropical rendition of this incredibly popular dessert.

Along with the mangoes, it can always be worth adding in some orange juice and raspberry sauce to fit as much fruit in this dreamy dish as you possibly can.

20) Four Ingredient Mango And Blackberry Fro-Yo

It’s baffling that such a soft and tasty dessert can be made with just a handful of ingredients, however this is the truth when it comes to this incredibly appetizing evening snack that has its base formed out of coconut yogurt and honey to make it a little more sweet and sticky.

The mangoes and thawed frozen blackberries are then spread out over the top of the fro-yo to make not only it’s appearance all the more appetizing, but also its taste as you get an incredibly creamy rich flavor which is an excellent choice for you and the family when winding down from the day in the evening. 

21) Mango Ice Cream

Not only is mango ice cream some of the best kinds you can try with its soft and sweet flavor that is so refreshing in the colder months, but a big part of the beauty of this ice cream is just how easy it is to make.

 All you need is condensed milk, whipped cream and a few mangoes and you can literally start making mango ice cream straight away which goes down so nicely when the sun is shining brightly and you need a treat to cool you off. 

If you want this already chilled treat to be even colder, consider freezing the mangoes first to add that extra bit of chilliness to this ice cream. 

22) Mango Pudding 

This Thai recipe is made from a creamy mixture of coconut milk, agar-agar and some fresh mangoes that tastes like a tropical adventure all in one bowl.

Not to mention, this recipe is completely vegan friendly. 

Agar-agar is a vegan friendly ingredient that derives from a particular type of algae.

It is incredibly tasty and works as the perfect substitute for gelatin that works just as well to thicken the pudding and make it even more of a delight to snack on later in the day. 

23) Mango Falooda 

If you want a bit of a mix up from foods and desserts and want to try making an appetizing and refreshing drink with some mangoes, the mango falooda is an Indian drink perfect for the summer.

It combines so much mango that it is a must try for anyone who loves their sweet and almost creamy taste.

The chopped mangoes, mango pulps and mango ice cream are all evened out nicely by the thickened rose syrup and the addition of other dry nuts and fruits to make for one of the most vibrant summer drinks that is sure to impress any and all guests who give it a sip. 

24) Mango Habanero Hot Sauce

This recipe is perfect for when your mangoes are getting a little too soft and are dripping with juice that you don’t really want to use as part of a dessert or a meal.

Instead, you can try making these mangoes into a habanero hot sauce which is so tasty and potent that you will probably only need a few drops to spice up your favorite meal. 

You can use jalapenos for this recipe if you want the sauce to be a little more on the mild side, however if you do use habaneros for their incredibly spicy flavor, just always handle them with caution and never touch your eyes or nose after handling them as this can lead to some uncomfortable irritation.

25) Mango Pie With Coconut Crust 

Yes, this recipe really is as good as it sounds.

With a chewy and crumbly coconut crust that is just so delicate to chew down on, the center of this pie is made from orange juice and peeled mangoes that makes it nice and creamy for everyone around the dinner table to enjoy.

This recipe is perfect when you have a few mangoes that you want to use up in one, and for when you need to feed a crowd and you want to make a dessert that you know no one will want to turn down. 

26) Caribbean Chipotle Pork Sliders 

Sometimes we get that craving for a meaty snack such as a burger, but don’t want to consume all the grease and fat that can unfortunately come with it. 

These burgers avoid that problem altogether having a base of boneless shredded pork with some chipotle mixed in to enhance the flavor and even garlic cloves and cabbage to mimic that burger taste without having the plain and standard beefy flavor that we are all so accustomed to.

The mangoes in this recipe are mixed with coleslaw and a few other ingredients that creates a creamy and incredibly sweet sauce that makes this a perfect meat based meal to try out if you have the extra ingredients. 

27) Mango Sorbet 

There’s a real charm to a magno sorbet. It’s massively flavorful, can be made in as little as 5 minutes and has an incredibly unique honey-sweet tropical mango texture that makes it a delight to tuck into.

An incredibly refreshing dessert, especially in the warmer months, try finishing this sorbet off with a dash of lime if you want to add even more sweetness to this already incredibly delicious and easy to make appetizer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Sugar Content Of Mangoes?

Because the flavor of mangoes is so strong and potent, a common question we will often ask ourselves is if or how much sugar they contain.

A ¾ cup of mangoes contains 17 grams of total sugars which is where they get most of their sweetness from.

This sugar is natural (fructose) however and is very different to the added sugars which we are more familiar with in fizzy beverages and snacks.

Mangoes in contrast are incredibly nutrient-dense meaning that not only are these natural sugars healthy to incorporate into a diet, but mangoes possess so many nutritional benefits that they are always worth eating or making into a recipe to stay healthy. 


Of course just like any fruit, you can enjoy a mango on its own as a nice, light and refreshing snack, but why not make a dish that really makes use of the sweet flavor and is far more memorable?

Try out some of these recipes to find the one that really catches your eye and that you know would be a go to meal down the line for when you want to make use of some delicious mangoes.

27 Tasty And Delicious Mango Recipes

27 Tasty And Delicious Mango Recipes

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Sure you could enjoy a sweet mango on its own, but it’s so much more delicious to use it as part of a bigger dish to enjoy at any time in the day!

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