28 Easy Mango Popsicle Recipes You Will Want To Try

Whether it is the height of summer or the beginning of fall, there is nothing as refreshing and delicious as eating a mango popsicle. 

They are very creamy, making them perfect for any season. They are also bursting with lots of health benefits too, as mangos contain plenty of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.

28 Easy Mango Popsicle Recipes You will WANT To Try

They contain a good amount of both potassium and magnesium which are beneficial to lower blood pressure and to make sure the heart is generally healthy.

Even so, mango popsicles are just tasty and easy to make. So if you are wanting to create your own, then read on for 28 mango popsicle recipes you will want to try.

1. Three Ingredient Mango Popsicle

If you are just looking for a really simple mango popsicle recipe, then this should be your go-to. It includes only three ingredients – mango, water, and sugar – and will basically just taste of mango with nothing extra added.

If you want to, you can also skip the step of adding sugar. Seeing as mango is sweet anyway, you should not need to add the sugar if you want to keep it healthy. 

2. Mango And Ginger Popsicle

This mango with papaya recipe is delicious and fruity, but then the ginger adds a slight spicy kick at the end.

However, vanilla extract is also used to keep the ginger flavor in check. Adding cornstarch will help to make these less icy. 

3. Simple Homemade Mango Popsicle

For those who want a simple but creamy mango popsicle recipe with only 5 ingredients, then this recipe is for you. 

It includes the use of yogurt to make it very creamy and soft. You can also add in honey to sweeten it up too, but you can skip this step if you would prefer.

Because they are softer, you are going to want to avoid removing these mango popsicles too early, as they will break apart!

4. Mango With Filling Popsicle

This tasty mango popsicle includes a deliciously creamy filling of vanilla. Because the creamy center will be quite mild, make sure that the mango itself is bursting with flavor.

5. Mango With Raspberries Popsicle

If you are looking for a creamy popsicle, then this yogurt and mango delight will be right up your street.

It includes raspberries too which provide a tart yet sweet overall flavor. 

6. Mango With Blueberry Popsicle

For those who love real fruit within their popsicles, then this recipe is going to be your go-to. The popsicles contain iced water, blueberries and mango only.

You will love every single bite!

7. Mango With Sweet Chili Popsicle

Chili powder and mango are a great combination. Keep the dose low to begin with until you can find the spice level you are comfortable with.

8. Alcohol Free Pina Colada Popsicle With Mango

If you are looking to recreate the feeling of a vacation, then these alcohol free pina colada popsicles will do the trick.

They include mango, shavings of coconut, pineapple and heavy whipping cream. 

9. Mango And Banana Popsicle

This delicious recipe involves mixing mango alongside banana for added sweetness, and full-fat coconut milk for creaminess.

It is indulgent, so it will make a wonderful treat. 

10. Mango And Watermelon Popsicle

For the ultimate summer freshness, mango and watermelon are a go-to. They also include pineapple for extra sweetness.

The watermelon helps to keep the pineapple from being too sweet. 

11. Mango With Three Berries Popsicle

This recipe includes using raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries alongside mango. The end result looks like you have dipped the orange into purple.

It looks great for Halloween! Though it is super indulgent. 

12. Mango Lassi Inspired Popsicle

Often drunk in South Asia, this Mango Lassi popsicle recipe will taste similar to the milk-like drink.

It includes rose water and pistachios. Maybe an acquired taste!

13. Lime And Coconut Mango Popsicle

We all know that coconut and lime are a match made in heaven, but did you know that they also work well with mango too?

The coconut adds the creaminess, while the lime gives it an extra zingy kick. 

14. Mango With Grapes Popsicle

If your children are wanting something sweet, then this popsicle is a great alternative. Chop up grapes and put them into the mango mixture along with coconut milk.

The popsicles are a good alternative to eating candy.

15. Mango And Yogurt Popsicle With An Edge

These popsicles look really fun! They contain mango along with pineapple juice, yogurt, and honey.

The use of a knife swirl will create this awesome look. 

16. Mango Popsicle With Pineapple

Mango is a delicious tropical fruit flavor, so no wonder it marries well with pineapple. In this recipe yogurt and honey is also added, as well as a dash of lime.

17. Mango With Kiwi and Berries

This delicious mango popsicle also includes the sweet flavor of frozen berries and the milder flavor of kiwis. 

They look great too, as you can see them inside the popsicle.

18. Evaporated Milk Mango Popsicle

If you want to create very unique mango popsicles that will be great for kids, then this is it. It uses evaporated milk (or coconut milk) and honey.

They don’t freeze fully so the end result will be soft and creamy. 

19. Mango And Coconut Water Popsicle

This stripy and light popsicle is good for those who do not want a strong flavor, yet would like something refreshing. 

All it includes is mango and coconut water. 

20. Mango Popsicles With Orange Juice And Kefir

For mango popsicles that include healthy gut bacteria, you can create them using kefir. This not only makes them good for you, but they are creamy too.

So, if you want creaminess without whipped cream or standard yogurt, then kefir is a good option.

21. Mango With Mint Popsicle

While mango with pineapple is a common combination, have you tried it with mint too? It adds an extra pop of freshness.

Chop mint leaves and add to the mixture. 

22. Mango And Kiwi Popsicle

If you love kiwi cream, then this popsicle will blow your mind. Along with mango, it gives you an indulgent treat.

However, you will need a pinch of salt – it is very sweet!

23. Mango Popsicle with Strawberries and Banana

This fruity popsicle includes both a mango and strawberry base alongside banana for an added creamy flavor. 

It also includes yogurt too to make it extra indulgent. 

24. Mango Popsicle With Chocolate

This mango and yogurt popsicle is creamy. The drizzled dark chocolate adds some bitterness to the overall flavor.

They also look really good and taste so delicious.

25. Mango And Cherry Popsicle

While not a go-to combination of flavors, both the cherry and mango are great together. You can either blend both fruits together, or layer them up.

26. Granola And Mango Popsicle

Adding granola to the top and bottom of the popsicle gives it crunch and texture. It also is not too icy due to having both coconut milk and syrup included. Delicious!

27. Boozy Popsicle Treat

If you are looking for an adult take on mango popsicles, then you will love this recipe. 

The pineapple and mango gives it sweetness, while the lime and tequila will add the burst of booze.

28. Blended Mango And Strawberry Popsicle

This delicious recipe involves blending the mango first and then adding strawberry slices within the mold to add depth.

Nothing else is added, making this a wonderfully healthy tasty treat!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Calories Does A Mango Popsicle Have?

Mango popsicles will generally be low in calories. Often they will have less than 40 and contain lots of water to hydrate you, as well as vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.

How Can You Make Mango Popsicles Without A Popsicle Mold?

There are various ways to make popsicles without a dedicated mold. You can use a small cup (which is disposable).

Fill the cup with the ingredients and cover the top with a sheet of foil. Pierce a stick through this and freeze it like you normally would.

You can also use muffin trays, ice cube trays, and so on. 

How Do You Make Mango Popsicles Not Icy?

If you would prefer them to be creamier rather than icy, add into the ingredients a tablespoon of cornstarch. This will make them on the creamier side rather than icy. 

Why Is A Store Bought Popsicle On The Softer Side?

The reason a store bought popsicle is softer is due to the use of something like gelatine. This makes the popsicle much softer.

A manufacturer will also churn the mixture too, rather than freeze them. All of this impacts the final products.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have seen all 28 recipes, no doubt you will have found a few that you will want to give a go – if not all 28 of them!

Mango popsicles are very delicious and sweet, and will refresh anyone whether it is during the height of summer or in the middle of winter.

They are juicy and creamy, and make a healthier snack and sugary popsicle alternative. Have fun making tasty mango popsicles!

28 Easy Mango Popsicle Recipes You will WANT To Try

28 Easy Mango Popsicle Recipes You will WANT To Try

Recipe by Jenna

In this guide we take a look at 28 easy mango popsicle recipes you will want to try, using fresh fruit and other natural ingredients to ensure they’re healthy

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