16 Limoncello Cocktails You Need To Try

Are you looking to create tasty cocktails using Limoncello but don’t know where to start?

Or are you fed up with your usual cocktails and want something new and delicious to enjoy on a Saturday night? Well, you have come to the right place! 

16 Limoncello Cocktails You Need To Try

We know how tricky it can be to come up with new and exciting cocktails that use the Italian lemon liqueur that we all love, especially when you are trying to wow your guests.

The pressure can mount and often you are left reverting to the same cocktail you always make, and the limoncello gathers dust in the cupboard. 

Well, no more! Today we are here with sixteen recipes that are sure to blow your mind. Keep reading to see some fantastic Limoncello cocktails that you need to try today! 

1.Sparkling Limoncello Cocktail 

First up, we have this delicious cocktail that only has three ingredients!

You get a fantastic fizz from the prosecco and lemon soda, while your Limoncello adds a great flavor you won’t want to miss!

We think it works best when you use prosecco for this cocktail, as it offers a fantastic balance between fruity and dry, and who doesn’t want that? 

2.Raspberry Limoncello Cocktail 

This fruity cocktail is perfect on a warm and sunny day! It isn’t too heavy and goes down your throat like silk!

The fresh raspberry juice makes the drink both sweet and tart, hitting all the flavors you want in a good cocktail! 

We think it works well as a tall fizzy drink with the addition of some club soda, or you can serve it in a martini glass if you want to get some stylish pictures of your drink! 

3.Limoncello Mojito 

We love a mojito, so why not give this classic cocktail an Italian twist with some limoncello?

It makes the cocktail taste far more refreshing, it’s the perfect drink for a summer’s day or to make with your friends! 

Muddle the mint with lemon and sugar first to bring out the flavors before shaking white rum and limoncello.

Why not have a competition with your friends to see who shakes their drink the best?

If you already love a mojito, then you are sure to love one with limoncello! 

4.Brazuca Remedy 

This bittersweet cocktail is the perfect addition to any girl’s night or dinner party!

The lime juice and honey complement each other beautifully, adding some complex flavors that the limoncello only enhances! 

Serve the cocktail with a basil leaf and lemon curl on the side of the glass for some extra presentation points too!

It always goes down a treat when we make this for any friends or family we have over.

If you have an egg allergy or follow a vegan diet, you can swap the egg white for aquafaba and the honey for agave to still enjoy this delicious cocktail! 

5.Limoncello Spritz 

A limoncello spritz is a perfect cocktail for anyone to make and needs hardly any ingredients!

No matter what you have at your home bar, you are sure to be able to make this drink!

The combination of limoncello with prosecco and soda water makes this drink refreshing and lets the flavor of the limoncello stand out. 

We love serving this drink in the afternoon, especially on a warm day to provide a much-needed refreshment. 

6.Blueberry Limoncello Cocktail

This cocktail is ideal for those of you looking to use limoncello in the winter or simply experiment with flavors!

The combination of summer berries and a hit of winter citrus makes this blueberry limoncello cocktail taste delicious! 

If you enjoy a fizzy and fruity drink, then this cocktail will be right up your street!

The flavors blend well and after one sip you are sure to want to drink these all night long! 

7.Lemon Meringue Pie’tini 

If you are after a dessert cocktail, then the lemon meringue pie’tini is the perfect option for you!

It is rich and syrupy with a delicious vanilla cream topping that gives the drink a rich and frothy texture. 

It might be a little heavy to drink all night, but one or two after an evening meal will leave you feeling full and satisfy any sweet tooth!

The limoncello is complemented nicely by sugar syrup and lemon juice, but those avoiding dairy might want to swap the cream for a dairy-free option. 

8.Red Earl 

If you have some vodka you want to use up, then the Red Earl is the cocktail for you!

It’s easy to make and requires few ingredients, but you end up with a rich raspberry cocktail that isn’t too sweet! 

The addition of fresh raspberries makes this a fantastic cocktail to make in the summer months, although frozen raspberries work just as well when they aren’t in season. 

9.Limoncello Lemon Drop 

That’s right, we have another vodka-based cocktail for you!

This time you can enjoy one that is super sweet with a wonderful burst of citrus flavor!

Serve your limoncello lemon drop in a martini glass with a sugar rim to enhance the sweetness and give your dinner party or cocktail night a sophisticated edge. 

If you have a sweet tooth or love a lemon-flavored drink, then this cocktail needs to be added to your repertoire! 

10.Limoncello Gin Collins 

If you love a gin-based cocktail, you are sure to love this limoncello gin collins!

Think of your classic gin cocktails and get ready to take them to the next level with this recipe.

You can enjoy a fruity, botanical gin teamed with lemon liqueur to create a refreshing cocktail that you and your guests will love! 

Ideally, you want to serve this in a tall Tom Collins glass (with the long bar spoon) to enjoy this drink as it should be drunk.

Make sure that you don’t leave out the mint or syrup too as they really enhance the drink. 

11.Limoncello Champagne Cocktail 

If you want something a little fancier, then you can’t go wrong with this limoncello champagne cocktail!

The ginger liqueur gives this drink a spicy note, while the champagne adds a sense of luxury that you won’t want to be without! 

Serve this drink in champagne glasses to add even more luxury to the drink and the evening!

They won’t know how easy the cocktail was to make and your party is sure to be remembered! 

12.Tratto Limoncello Cocktail 

If you love bourbon, then this cocktail is one you need to try today!

The addition of bourbon gives this cocktail a bittersweet taste, especially when mixed with the limoncello and orange bitters.

It has a lemon sherbet feel, but with a kick that blends the adult fun of cocktails with the taste of your childhood sweets. 

Serve this in a short glass with ice and an orange peel for a classy cocktail you and your friends are sure to love!

13.Limoncello Moscow Mules 

If you love Moscow mules, then you are sure to love this cocktail!

It’s simple to make too, by swapping out the lime for lemon and some limoncello you can enjoy a citrus burst that pairs beautifully with vodka and ginger beer.

It is a taste sensation like no other! 

You can serve it in the traditional copper mugs or put them in clear glasses and add some lemon slices or peel for a classy and sophisticated drink. You’d never know how easy this is to make as you sip it! 

14.Lemon Sherbet Margarita 

We couldn’t write a list of the best cocktails without including a margarita!

And this one has a special twist thanks to the added limoncello, which helps to give it a lemon sherbet flavor!

The tequila is masked by these citrus notes too, making it the perfect cocktail for those that don’t overly like the taste of tequila. 

The other ingredients are easy to source, although you could switch out the agave syrup for honey if you struggle to find it.

But by using agave, this cocktail is vegan friendly, which is always a win in our books! 

15.Yellow Negroni 

Here we have a fun twist on the classic Negroni, but with a fruitier taste than the usual cocktail!

You can expect a bittersweet taste that you won’t get with other cocktails!

It is sure to look fantastic in your glass too thanks to the yellow liqueurs, it looks like sunshine in a glass! 

Serve your bittersweet cocktail with some lemon slices or peel and plenty of ice to give this cocktail a refreshing and fruity twist! 

16.Limoncello Sunrise 

Finally, we have a twist on the classic Tequila Sunrise!

You can omit the tequila entirely if you want, although it might be too tart for some people, so why not add a shot of tequila to balance out the flavors? 

The drink is super vibrant, especially with the addition of grenadine on top!

You can expect a fruity and sweet taste, although it will be a little tart too. 

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it, sixteen fantastic cocktails all using limoncello!

Who would have thought the liqueur would be so diverse?

There are plenty of recipes that will allow you to make fantastic cocktails using limoncello no matter what tastes you prefer. Why not give them a go today?

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you leave us today, check out our FAQ section to get your last-minute questions answered! 

Is Limoncello Vegan?

Yes, limoncello is vegan! You can enjoy any of the cocktails listed today as a vegan, you just might need to make some substitutions to a couple of the recipes that call for honey or egg whites. 

Can I Drink Limoncello Straight?

You can drink limoncello straight as a chilled shot, the liqueur will have a refreshing and invigorating taste that shouldn’t burn your throat.

However, we think it works better mixed with other spirits and mixers as a wonderful cocktail! 

Does Limoncello Go Bad?

It’s recommended that you drink your limoncello within two years of opening it.

It won’t go bad like other drinks, but it will lose its lemon flavor over time, so drink it before that happens!

16 Limoncello Cocktails You Need To Try

16 Limoncello Cocktails You Need To Try

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