30 Best Leftover Pork Recipes

Having leftover pork sitting in the refrigerator is never fun. It’s easy to overestimate how much we really need, and that leaves us with more than we can eat in a night.

You don’t want to have the same thing again, so what can you do with it? Check out our favorite leftover pork recipes for some great ideas.

Leftover Pork Recipes

1. Pork Enchiladas

Pork enchiladas are a classic, and they are a perfect way to use your leftover pork! Use all the authentic spices, and you will get a dish that the whole family will want to dig into. They’re tasty, but also so easy to make.

2. Spiced Pork, Sweet Potato, And Apricot Tagine

This tagine dish (see also ‘21 Fantastic Moroccan Tagines For Tasty Midweek Meals‘) is so easy to make, and only takes a couple of minutes! It combines the rich flavor of the pork and sweetness of the apricots to create something perfect to go with sweet potato.

If you’ve never tried making this, consider this your sign to change that. 

3. Leftover Pork Nachos

Who doesn’t love nachos? Any kind of finger food is a win, especially for cookouts and similar events!

This leftover pork nachos dish is so quick and easy to make, and you can easily top it all off with extra cheese and jalapeños. Everyone will flock to this delectable dish.

4. Roast Pork Spring Rolls

Spring rolls combine all the ingredients that just marry together perfectly. The crispiness of the roll itself is the perfect opposite of the rich and soft pork filling. This dish might require some skills that you can easily learn, but it’s worth the effort.

5. Pork Taquitos

Taquitos are so cute, flavorful, and easy to make! These will be great for game night, or even movie watching. They will be gone in just a few bites, and everyone will be yearning for more. Better get that recipe card prepared!

6. Pork, Pear, And Walnut Salad

This salad is a healthy, yet easy use of leftover pork. It is perfect for a warm day, and you only need a few minutes to get everything prepared.

The flavors will work together like an explosion in your mouth, and you’re going to wonder why you never tried this combination before. 

7. Leftover Pork Stroganoff

This hearty dish is perfect for that leftover pork you have sitting in your refrigerator. If the wind has picked up, and the weather is showing signs of winter fast approaching, this is the perfect meal.

It’ll warm you up, and the rich flavors are like a hug.

8. Spicy Pork, Sage, And Tomato Pappardelle

This tasty pork pasta dish is amazing if you have the leftover pork and want to make something quick and easy. You only need a few minutes to get everything put together, then you can enjoy it!

You can spice it up as much or as little as you like to make it suitable for the whole family. For the best results, save this dish for a cool fall day.

9. Pork Noodle Bake

Chances are, you already have all the ingredients you need sitting at home for this one! This rich and delicious pork noodle bake will be a dish that everyone wants to come back for time and time again.

The recipe is so easy, and the results are worth every moment and more.

10. Sriracha Pork Sliders With Sweet Potato Chips And Pickled Veg

Want something to spice your life up a little? These sriracha pork sliders with pickled vegetables and sweet potatoes are the ones for you.

They’re so easy to make, and you only need some simple ingredients. The sweet potato is the perfect food to accompany this whole dish.

11. Pork And Potato Hash

Looking for a little soul food to cheer you up? This simple pork and potato hash is the perfect meal that you can enjoy while watching your favorite movie.

It’s so easy to make, and the flavors are rich and oh so delicious. To add some extra flavor, be sure to use all the pork juices you have to spare!

12. Slow Roast Pork And Mushroom Lasagna

Who doesn’t love lasagna? These hearty meals are so easy to prepare, and they are the perfect winter feast. The slow roast pork will be so succulent and tender, and the mushrooms will offer the perfect complementary flavor.

Put everything together and layer it with pasta and sauce, and you have your new favorite leftover pork dish.

13. Pork Pot Pie

The pork pot pie is a classic dish that you will want to recreate every winter. It requires a little effort, especially if you want to make the pastry yourself, but it’s worth it.

This recipe is so rich and full of flavor, that you won’t mind the extra work.

14. Pork And Miso Pot Pie

This pork pot pie variation is worth mentioning, too, because the miso really just adds another dimension of flavor. You can make mini pies to pair with a side of chips and coleslaw, or you can make a big, hearty pie!

Be sure to keep it juicy with all the flavorful gravy!

15. Vietnamese Pork And Pineapple Noodles

What better way to use your leftover pork by recreating this delicious Vietnamese pork and pineapple noodle dish?

This easy dish is full of flavors that you would never think to combine. The sweetness of the pineapple pairs perfectly with the pork. 

16. Shredded Pork Greek Pitas

This is your sign to enjoy some shredded pork in fresh Greek pitas. This dish is so easy to make, and will blow your socks off.

Everything is so fresh and tasty, and you can pair it with whatever sauce you like. With a bowl of fries on the side, this is the ultimate main if you want to keep it fresh and healthy.

17. Chili Chickpea Tabbouleh With Roast Pork

You don’t even need to turn the oven on for this dish! The pork can be eaten cold, along with the flavorful chili chickpeas. This combination will pack a punch, and it’s so easy to prepare.

This should be at the top of your list if you’re a lover of chilis and spice.

18. Pulled Pork Rigatoni

Get that pork out of the fridge and make this super easy rigatoni. The flavor from the meat will go beautifully with the mushroom, tomatoes, and pasta, and you will want to make this every evening.

This dish is especially delicious with plenty of herbs on a rainy day.

19. Pork And Pak Choy Fried Rice

This fried rice is so easy to make, and takes only a couple of minutes. You can add a variety of other vegetables or season to really make it your own.  

20. Ham Salad

A ham salad is the perfect option if you’re in the heat of summer and want something refreshing. It’s succulent, packed full of flavor, and you only need a few minutes to prepare everything.

No cooking required! You can make this dish if you don’t have the willpower to do anything else more involved, and we don’t blame you. Add some mayo and sweetcorn, and this is perfect for summer.

21. Pork Bao

These pork bao buns are full of flavor and so fun to make. You probably already have everything you need sitting in your pantry, and you can substitute anything you’re missing!

This dish uses simple ingredients, but the outcome is something truly special.

22. Broccoli Ham Casserole

This broccoli and ham casserole is so easy to make. If you’re in the middle of a cold spell and need something to cheer you up a little, try this dish!

If you really want to make it top quality, be sure to add loads of cheese in there. Who doesn’t love an ooey gooey casserole packed full of delicious cheese? 

23. Cowboy Quesadillas

Add some beans to your delicious pulled pork and create some quesadillas! This dish will be something that everyone loves, and they are so easy to make.

Add all the spices you like, and be sure to get that cheese in there. Everyone wants cheese.  

24. Loaded Pizza

Arguably the best way to use your leftover pork = put it on a pizza! You can make a simple pizza base at home and make a deliciously loaded pizza with all the fixings.

No need to follow the rules if you don’t want to, either. Why not try a BBQ base instead of tomato, and layer it up with spicy sausage or chicken! Want to add some spice? Slice up some jalapeños and stick them on for some kick.  

25. Pork Sloppy Joe

You can’t go wrong with a simple sloppy joe. This easy dish is easy enough for a child to do (though we wouldn’t recommend it), and you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen.

Why not try making these at your next cookout if you have leftover pork sitting around?

26. Pork, Tomato, And Bean Soup

Looking for a dish that will give you a hug from the inside? This hearty pork, tomato and bean soup will do just that. A soup is the perfect dish for a cold winter evening, and something that everyone will appreciate.

Make this rich and hearty dish, and you might even forget that it is winter. 

27. Scalloped Potatoes And Ham

This rich and creamy scalloped potatoes and ham will soon become a family favorite once you place it on the table. It can be a hearty main, or you can make mini ones to act as appetizers.

No matter what you do, as long as you make it creamy and rich in flavor, this will be something that everyone will be wanting again and again.

28. Roast Pork And Gravy With Orange And Beetroot Salad

Roast pork and gravy with orange and beetroot salad is perfect for any time of year, whether it’s Christmas or the 4th of July (see also ‘33 Spectacular 4th Of July Appetizers You Need To Try‘). Not only is it delicious and packed full of interesting flavors, but it is so easy to make!

The orange and beetroot might sound like an odd pairing for pork, but it really works.

29. Roast Pork And Garlic Sauce

What goes with garlic? Basically everything. You can easily make this roast pork with garlic sauce in a couple of minutes, and even add some Asian-style noodles, too!

Sure, you can have it with rice, but there’s just something about noodles that attracts all age groups, right?

30. Roast Pork With Cabbage “Quickie”

Looking for a dish that is refreshing and easy to prepare? This roast pork with cabbage quickie might be the one for you.

While the name suggests it’s quick to make (and it is), the term “quickie” refers to the shortcut pickle in this recipe! If you like pickled carrots and cabbage, this meal will be perfect for you. 

Final Thoughts

Reusing your leftover pork is incredibly easy once you have a good idea of what you can actually use it for! Hopefully these recipe ideas have helped you, and you can now go forth and be creative with all your leftover food. 

Remember – many of these pork dishes can be substituted for chicken or even beef. You may need to alter a couple of ingredients to make it fit better, but the idea usually works pretty well!

This means that you now have some extra recipe ideas for that leftover chicken sitting in your refrigerator. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Reheat Leftover Pork?

Reheat your leftover pork by placing it in an oven-safe dish with 2 tablespoons of broth. Place the pork in the oven for 10-15 minutes, and it should be reheated thoroughly.

Can You Freeze Fresh Cooked Pork?

You can freeze cooked or raw pork, but you should always allow it to reach room temperature before doing so. Just be aware that freezing a dish could impact the texture of it when it gets defrosted and eaten.

How Long Can You Keep Cooked Pork For?

Food will be safe indefinitely if it is properly frozen, but the quality will gradually worsen. If you are keeping your cooked pork in the refrigerator, you can expect it to be safe to eat for 3-4 days.

Why Is My Leftover Pork So Dry?

Overcooking is the primary reason why your leftover pork could be so dry. However, you can alter this by adding liquid in the form of sauces or even water to a dish when reheating it.

How To Freeze Cooked Pork Correctly

Allow the pork to reach room temperature, then place it in an airtight freezer-safe container. Leave it in the freezer until you next want to use it, and allow 24 hours for the food to defrost properly in the refrigerator. 

What Flavors Does Pork Pair Well With?

Lots of flavors pair really well with pork. You can use garlic, chili, soy, Chinese five spice, and a wide variety of spices and herbs.

In terms of sauces, honey sauces work well with pork, as does barbecue. Find more combinations through lots of experimenting!

Can Pork Be Eaten Cold?

Yes! You can eat your pork cold as long as it was thoroughly cooked before. If you do want to reheat your pork, make sure to heat it up properly before eating it.

30 Best Leftover Pork Recipes

30 Best Leftover Pork Recipes

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Looking for some recipe ideas that you can use your leftover pork in? There’s plenty to go around, so check out our list of favorites! You don’t regret it.

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