19 Delicious Recipes To Use Up Your Leftover Chili

So you and your family tucked into a delicious bowl of chili last night and the leftovers are now sitting in your refrigerator and you have no idea what to do with them.

19 Delicious Recipes To Use Up Your Leftover Chili

Do not throw away that bowl of goodness purely down to lack of inspiration because I’ve got tons of tasty recipes that will have the whole family beaming.

You don’t want to eat the same meal again today, so don’t worry, it’ll feel like a whole new food experience! 

1. Chili Cheese Dogs

Is there anything tastier than a ‘dirty’ dog? This recipe is one of my family’s favorites which is perfect for me since they are so simple to cook.

All you’ve got to do is grab a bun and you’re favorite hotdog or sausage – for us, it’s a bratwurst, but that’s your choice.

Then heat up that chili and drench your hotdogs with it, and of course, don’t forget to douse them in melted cheese and your favorite sauces. 

2. Chili Cheese Grilled Sandwich

 The grilled cheese is an American classic so why not elevate that with some leftover chili? This is the perfect option if it’s a busy weeknight and you want something filling and tasty that you can make in no time at all. 

The crunchy and crispiness of that grilled bread combined with warm and oozing cheesy chili goodness tastes so good.

Just writing about it has my stomach rumbling. Ensure you have napkins at the ready for this one tho – it’s messy. 

3. Chili Loaded Baked Potato

I adore a good baked potato, especially when the inside is light and fluffy and the skin is crunchy and crispy. There are hundreds of toppings that go perfectly fine with a good potato but chili is by far the most supreme. 

Load the potato up with a healthy portion of butter, cheese, and chili, and watch how quickly full plates are instantly licked clean. 

4. Chili Stuffed Garlic Dough Balls

What could be better than garlic dough balls? Stuffing some tasty chili inside them, that’s what!

Now, these perfect finger food treats aren’t exactly the epitome of health but hey, they are super, super tasty.

And that’s all that matters. But if pizza dough drenched in garlic and filled with chili and cheese sounds good to you, you’ll want to give this recipe a try. 

5. Chili Mac & Cheese

My two go-to comfort meals are macaroni and cheese or chili. Both just give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside as soon as you take your first bite.

So on a particularly bad day, I thought why not combine my two favorite dishes? 

And how glad I am for that thought. Because this is just the ultimate pick me up and it’s so easy to make. Just pour your chili over your mac and cheese, mix, and voila! 

6. Chili Stuffed Zucchini Boats

Looking for a less calorific choice for your leftover chili? Then try this low-carb but high-tasting treat.

You’ll be scooping out some of your zucchini to make way for your chili filling and then topping with some grated cheese. Who said healthy food couldn’t be totally scrumptious? 

7. Chili Cheese Lasagna

Who doesn’t love a good lasagna? Rich tomato sauce, cheesy sauce, and layer upon layer of delicious pasta.

This American take on an Italian classic is super delicious and will be a guaranteed hit with the whole family. Serve up beside some crunchy garlic bread for dipping!

8. Chili Baked Eggs

Brunch just got a whole lot more exciting. Drop a few eggs into your leftover chili and watch the magic begin. There’s something about popping the yolk and watching it mix in with that delicious chili that is just so mouth-watering. 

I serve mine with a few slices of toast and some avocado but warmed tortillas or chips go great for dipping. 

9. Chili Spaghetti

Chili and pasta are honestly a heavenly pairing, and if you don’t agree, you just haven’t tried the right recipe yet.

This Italian Tex-Mex spaghetti takes flavors from across the globe and pairs them together in one simple and easy dish.

Simply cook your spaghetti and then pour your chili over the top. And of course, you can’t forget to sprinkle with cheese. 

10. Chili Tacos

It can be Taco Tuesday every day with these tasty treats.

And since you probably slaved away at the stove cooking your chili yesterday, I’m not going to make you do that again tonight. These can be made in just 10 minutes. 

Stack your taco shells full of lettuce and other veggies you love, top with your chili and then scoop some guac and sour cream over the top. 

11. Chili Cheese Fries

Looking for a scrumptious meal that’s easy to pick at? Then loaded chili cheese fries should be your go-to leftover meal.

We all love a good portion of crispy fries, and if you’re anything like me you like them nice and salty too. 

Well, why not go all out and top America’s favorite potato snack with a good hearty helping of chili? And if calories are no concern of yours I’d also slather them full of cheese too. 

12. Chili Enchiladas

Move out of the way chicken, there’s a new meat in town. And let me tell you that once you try this version of enchiladas, you may say goodbye to the chicken version forever (or at least a while.) 

Tortillas, cheese, and chili are a match made in heaven and there’s nothing quite like cutting into one of these bad boys and watching that heavenly goodness ooze out. You’ll be licking the plates clean with this one. 

13. Chili Cheese Dip

If you’ve got friends coming round for a big game or a movie marathon then this is the perfect way to use up that leftover chili.

Chili, cheese, and greek yogurt are all mixed together and then baked until you’ve got a bowl of bubbling deliciousness. 

The only decision now is what dippers to pick! Though chunky bread, chips, and veggies are my favorites! 

14. Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread Waffles With Chilli

Now I must admit, when I first read this recipe, apprehension is an understatement for how I was feeling.

I must admit I am a maple-syrup maniac so I’m willing to pour the stuff over just about anything so I gave it a go. And wow.

It just goes to show that unusual flavor combos can sometimes be the greatest. 

15. Chili Empanadas

As you can probably tell, I’m a fan of Mexican food, and I’ll find just about any excuse to make it – and having leftovers is the perfect excuse.

Empanadas are fried or baken turnovers that have a succulent and tasty meat filling and today that filling is chili. 

16. Chili Tortilla Stack

You’ll be hard pressed to find a recipe as easy as this one. And man, oh man, is it a tasty show stopper.

It’s like the tortilla version of a lasagna, layering soft tortilla wraps with cheese and chili alternatively. Once it comes out of the oven its a gooey and delicious slice of heaven. 

17. Chili Cheese Tater Tots

This recipe is very similar to the more known chili cheese fries. But we’re swapping those fries for fluffy and crunchy tater tots.

This is the perfect snack thats sure to keep you full till dinner. And as you know, chili is never really truly complete until its buried under a mountain of grated cheese. 

18. Chili Cheese Dog Pizza

Pizza is an all-round favorite, and you can get so many different varieties and flavors now.

And while I’m sure you’ve probably tried tomato and bbq bases, I doubt you’ve ever had a chili base – and you’re missing out. 

Pizza dough, with chilli for the base, cheese, and then hot dogs for the topping. It’s not often I’m speechless when it comes to food – but I have no words. You’ll just have to try it for yourself. 

19. Chili Cheese Scramble

Who said that chili can’t be for breakfast? Not me, that’s for sure. If there’s a meal to cure the Monday blues it’s this one.

Grab yourself some toast and top it with this delicious scrambled egg and chili mixture for your most important meal of the day! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chili Good Leftover? 

Yes! You may actually find that chili even tastes better a day or two later! 

What Foods Can You Top With Chili?

Anything you’d like! Although potatoes are always a great option. Stuffing veggies such as peppers, mushrooms, or zucchini also tastes amazing. Chips are great too! The possibilities are endless. 

Can You Eat Chili After 7 Days?

 I would always eat any leftover chili within 4-5 days of making it. Usually the flavors blend together more so it’ll make for a tasty treat. But keep in mind that if you’ve used spicy peppers the heat will build with time. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see there is so much you can do with leftover chilli! Give these recipes a try and see which one is your favorite!

19 Delicious Recipes To Use Up Your Leftover Chili

19 Delicious Recipes To Use Up Your Leftover Chili

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Got a load of leftover chili sitting in your refrigerator? Keep reading for some inspiration for some super tasty meals.

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