Leftover Baked Potato Recipes: 16 Of The Best

Baked potatoes are a much loved dish served all around the world, and they can come with any number of classic and unusual toppings. But what happens when you have leftovers? Should you throw them in the trash? 

Leftover Baked Potato Recipes 16 Of The Best

No! Luckily, there are numerous ingenious recipes for using leftover baked potatoes, ensuring you get the most out of your meals, and don’t waste any food in the process. 

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best recipes for leftover baked potatoes (see also ‘20 Delicious Foods To Serve With Baked Potatoes‘)!

1. Baked Potato Home Fries

Home fries are a popular breakfast item in the United States and Canada, and can be a great way to use up leftover baked potatoes. 

When combined with some simple herbs and seasoning, these can be a great addition to any breakfast plate, not to mention avoiding unnecessary food waste. 

2. Twice-Baked Cheddar & Potato Casserole

The perfect leftover meal could be categorized by how simple and quick it is to make. 

With the leftover baked potatoes, combine them with cheese, vegetables of your choice, and seasoning to create a great, easy to make casserole that could potentially feed you and your family for a couple of meals depending on portion size. 

3. Ultimate Twice-Baked Potatoes

In modern cuisine, there has been a developing taste for twice cooked potatoes, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to avoiding wasting leftovers. 

These twice baked potatoes can be prepared the night before, and can be loaded with cheese, sour cream, bacon, or vegetables to create a tasty, easy meal that can be shared with family and friends (see also ‘28 Of The Tastiest Baked Potato Topping Recipes On The Net‘). 

4. Loaded Mashed Potato Balls

These are a great addition to any sharing meal with your family, and helps to spice up potentially boring potatoes. 

These potato balls take the leftover baked potatoes, mashing them, and combining them with bacon and cheese, and rolling them into balls. They are then deep fried, creating a crispy, gooey centered addition to any family meal. 

5. Loaded Mashed Potato Bake

Casseroles and bakes are great for using up leftovers, period, and this loaded mashed potato bake is no different. 

Combining bacon, cheese, leftover potatoes, garlic and seasoning, this dish is a great winter warmer, perfect for keeping the cold out on those dark nights.

What’s more, this is a dish that can easily be made to last more than one meal, or frozen and used for oven ready meals in the future.

6. Loaded Baked Potato Breakfast Skillet

In the United States, as in much of mainland Europe, potatoes are an important part of breakfast, and provide a much needed source of carbohydrates to help you start the day. 

While home fries might be one method, this dish does something completely different with leftover potatoes, combining them with peppers, spring onions, bacon, red onion, eggs, and plenty of cheddar cheese to create the perfect breakfast omelet-style dish. 

7. Lemony Leftover Baked Potatoes

For something a little different, try this delicious lemon infused dish to use up your leftover potatoes. Using basic herbs and seasonings, you can make a wholesome potato dish that pairs great with fish, cuts of meat, or other vegetables. 

8. Italian Baked Potato Wedges

Perhaps one of the easiest and most common ways to utilize leftover baked potatoes, is to turn them into potato wedges. 

This is simple enough, and involves slicing the potatoes lengthwise, creating the distinctive wedge shape.

Once cooked, these can be consumed as is, or with your choice of seasoning, herbs, or spices to make them a little more exciting. 

This particular recipe opts for an Italian finish, using garlic, parmesan cheese, salt, black pepper, and Italian seasoning to create an interesting take on a classic. 

9. Baked Potato Salad

The great thing about potatoes is their versatility, especially how they can be paired with different kinds of meals. With this recipe, we look at how your leftover baked potatoes can be used to make a great salad side dish – potato salad. 

This is a somewhat unusual potato salad recipe, in that it avoids the basic mayonnaise option, instead opting for something a little more complex – incorporating bacon, cheddar cheese, chives, and seasoning, combining them with the irreplaceable mayonnaise to create a truly fresh take on a classic. 

10. Baked Potato Soup

This recipe for baked potato soup is a great choice for the fall and winter time, when the days start to get colder, and you need a little something warm and comforting to pick you up. 

This can be a basic winter soup, with seasonal vegetables like leeks as a good pairing, or it could be a little more adventurous, adopting a ‘loaded’ approach to the classic soup dish.

This recipe does the latter, using bacon, several kinds of cheese, seasoning, garlic, onions, sour cream, and chives to create a spicy, fragrant soup that is as comforting and cheesy as it is delicious. 

11. Crispy Oven Baked Potato Skins

If you have less leftover potato to salvage, then potato skins can be a great way to avoid waste. These can be sliced like wedges (albeit thicker and wider), and customized in whatever way you see fit.

Scrape out the potato filling, and then combine this with tomatoes, peppers, cheddar cheese to create a quick, delicious leftover meal that is great for sharing, or as an addition to a larger meal. 

These can really be made however you like, and can contain your choice of vegetables, ingredients, or sauces, for those seeking extra spice and flavor. 

12. Potato Pancakes

Potato pancakes are a simple way to make the most out of leftover potato, and can be added as part of your breakfast platter, or with any other meal you might choose. 

Combine with white onions for that extra burst of flavor, and lightly season, as you combine them with eggs and flour to create the fully formed pancakes. 

All that’s left is to deep fry them, turning them from white to a crispy, delicious golden brown. 

13. Mashed Potatoes With Ham

This potato and ham bake is a great way to deal with leftovers, all while creating an easy, filling, and delicious meal in the process. 

Pairing well with salad, vegetables, or any other accompaniment you might enjoy, this is a meal that can go a long way (depending on the portion size), and could potentially feed your family for several meals throughout the week. 

14. Leftover Mashed Potato Tater Tots

A popular meal throughout the United States, tater tots are a great way to use up leftover potatoes, and literally take no time at all to prepare. 

Season to your liking, or combine them with other ingredients to create interesting takes on this classic side dish. These go great with most kinds of meal, which makes them all the more versatile as a leftover meal. 

15. Leftover Mashed Potato Gnocchi

This recipe takes the mashed potatoes, combining them with eggs, flour, and seasoning, blending until thick and sticky, and then rolling them into balls ready to be chilled. 

Once this has been done, you will have the perfect accompaniment to any Italian dish, all with minimal effort, next to no cooking time, and without any additional cost.

16. Leftover Potato Quiche

Like some of the other dishes on this list, quiche is a great way to use up leftover ingredients, and is really simple to make. 

The great thing about quiche is that you can really incorporate most ingredients, which really makes it a great leftover dish.

This leftover potato quiche recipe uses broccoli, cheese, and seasoning to create a delicious dish that could just as easily be eaten in the summer or winter months. 

Perfect with salad, this is a great light bite to enjoy with family and friends. 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, 16 of the best recipes designed to use up the humble baked potato. 

What’s clear is the level of versatility that the vegetable has to offer, and the sheer number of uses and flavor combinations that are possible with just the right amount of imagination. 

Why not try some of these for yourself? Something tells me you won’t be disappointed!

Leftover Baked Potato Recipes: 16 Of The Best

Leftover Baked Potato Recipes: 16 Of The Best

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