28 Delicious Sides That Go Great With Lamb Chops

Lamb chops are a great source of protein to serve up during dinner but obviously, they’re not exactly enough on their own to count as a balanced meal.

28 Delicious Sides That Go Great With Lamb Chops

As a result, a lot of us look for some great sides to serve with our lamb chop dinner – but what?

Here, we are going to go through our top 28 side dishes to serve with lamb chops. Some are traditional, some are a little wacky, but all of them are delicious and a perfect side for your dinner.

So, check out our picks below and find your next favorite side dish!

1. Roasted Potatoes

This recipe is a classic go-to side dish for most mains – roasted potatoes!

Roasted potatoes are the perfect balance of crispy and fluffy.

If cooked to perfection, they will have a nice crisp skin to sink your teeth into and this texture works great against the tenderness of lamb chops.

So, check out this recipe for roasted potatoes to properly infuse yours with the right amount of rosemary and chive flavor.

2. Honey Glazed Carrots

Another great go-to vegetable as a side dish are carrots, and they are best served roasted with a sweet honey sauce.

Honey glazed carrots are most people’s favorite side dish so it just makes sense to pair it up with some classic lamb chops.

The carrots are tender with a slight crispy edge to them texture-wise, but the flavors are strong in both honey, carrot, and garlic.

The garlic helps deepen the flavor to something more smokey and mature which perfectly complements the sophistication of some tasty lamb chops.

3. Pea Mint Salad

Mint is a great flavor to serve alongside lamb and if you haven’t already added it to your lamb chops, serve it as a side in this recipe for a pea salad.

It’s fresh, sharp, and is a medley of all the best flavors to serve with lamb chops. Plus, you get all the nutrients you need for a balanced meal thanks to the peas!

4. Crispy Potato Wedges

If roast potatoes aren’t your thing then this recipe for crispy potato wedges is sure to be a favorite alternative.

Wedges like these are always considered the ‘cooler, younger brother’ to roast potatoes because although the two are similar, most recipes for wedges add a lot of kick and spice.

This recipe does just that with sizable helpings of paprika, garlic, black cracked pepper, and parmesan cheese.

This means that you will be left with a delicious batch of flavorful potato wedges that have a lot more of a kick to them than classic roast potatoes.

5. Roasted Brussel Sprouts

For the best type of brussel sprouts (see also ‘What Do Brussels Sprouts Taste Like?‘) to serve with lamb chops, this recipe for roasted brussel sprouts is one you have got to try.

They give the brussel sprouts a great crispy texture that complements the lamb while also providing a huge amount of flavor in just a single bite.

Not only can you clearly taste the brussel sprouts, but there’s also strong notes of garlic and parmesan to enhance the dish.

6. Mashed Potatoes

Crispy is not the texture for everyone and if you’re looking for something smoother to serve up with your lamb dinner, then mashed potatoes are it!

Mashed potatoes is a pretty easy side dish to make but if you want the ultimate buttery version with the perfect amount of seasoning, then we would recommend that you try out this recipe.

Then, you can serve up a mouthwatering side of mashed potatoes!

7. Roasted Asparagus

Asparagus is a popular side vegetable to serve with a lot of different meals and it goes just as well with lamb chops as it does any other.

However, to completely optimize your asparagus side dish to make it the best version to serve with lamb chops, try out this recipe for roasted asparagus.

This recipe will help turn your asparagus into something super crispy and rich in flavor so you can contrast the tenderness of the lamp chops with each bite!

8. Moroccan Spiced Rice

It’s super important to serve up a side dish that is filled with calories to help provide your guests and family with a filling meal and plenty of energy.

So, a great side dish to serve with lamb chops is Moroccan spiced rice!

Moroccan spiced rice is super spicy and yet filled with delicious flavors including onion, pepper and tomato. So, it’s a rich, creamy side to serve up alongside some tender lamb chops.

9. Honey Roasted Parsnips

A great side to add with honey glazed carrots is honey roasted parsnips.

Not only do they go hand in hand when it comes to flavor, but honey roasted parsnips are also super crispy which makes them a great side to serve with lamb chops.

This recipe here will help you achieve that perfect crispy skin while keeping the insides light and fluffy. So, why not give it a try?

10. Sweet Potato Fries

For something incredibly crispy, sweet with just a kick of spice, this recipe for sweet potato fries will help you achieve the ultimate side dish!

Although it may seem like a strange combination at first, sweet potato fries bring the right texture and flavor to your lamb chop dinner.

The crispness helps contrast against the tenderness of the meat while the sweetness enhances it. So, despite initial thoughts, sweet potato fries are actually a great side to serve with lamb chops.

11. Greek Style Salad

If you are serving grilled lamb chops, then you would probably prefer a side dish that is lighter and more refreshing.

As a result, a classic Greek salad is a great go-to side dish to serve with lamb chops during the summer.

Greek salad is filled with all the classic salad ingredients including red onion, fresh tomato, pepper and cucumber.

However, there are also some ingredients that help make this salad perfect for lamb chops such as mint leaves, feta cheese and Kalamata olives.

So, if you want a salad side that is perfect for lamb chops – Greek style salad is the recipe to go with.

12. Mint Roast Potatoes

Roast potatoes make a triumphant comeback in this recipe which added a completely new flavor to help pair this side dish even more with lamb chops.

If you think about it, mint flavored roast potatoes just makes sense when paired with lamb chops.

The texture of the roast potatoes is a beautiful contrast to the texture of the lamb, while mint is such a popular herb used to flavor lamb.

So, combine the two together to make the ultimate side dish for lamb chops!

13. Asparagus Salad

Asparagus is back with this recipe for asparagus salad!

This salad is filled with all the right ingredients for a bright and zesty salad that goes perfectly with lamb chops.

With feta cheese and notes of lemon, this recipe for asparagus salad is the perfect summer side with lamb chops.

14. Basmati Rice

For a nutritious yet easy to make side, basmati rice is definitely a side dish to try out!

Basmati rice has all the energy needed for a great side dish plus it’s light, fluffy and perfect when served side by side with some delicious lamb chops.

15. Crusty French Bread

For a great bread side dish, why not try making your own French bread?

This recipe here will help you make the perfect crusty bread rolls to serve up warm to your family and guests. They’re filling and great with a slab of butter – so give it a go!

16. Herb And Feta Salad

Another great salad to try out alongside lamb chops is this recipe for a herb and feta cheese salad.

This side dish especially goes well with minted lamb chops as it’s fresh, tangy and rich in tons of Mediterranean flavors.

17. Buttery Peas

If you want to bring some variety to the vegetables you are serving with your lamb chops, then a helping of sweet buttery peas will definitely help round out the plate.

This recipe also adds a healthy dose of thyme for seasoning, helping to enhance the flavors of the peas and tie them in with the lamb chops.

18. Roasted Broccoli

Broccoli is a classic vegetable that pairs beautifully with tons of different main dishes, and so it works great with lamb chops.

Follow this recipe to properly roast your broccoli side dish, helping it achieve the right texture to work with the tenderness of the lamb.

This recipe also adds a dash of parmesan to help enrich the flavor – so it’s definitely worth the try!

19. Potato Stir Fry

Not a fan of roast potatoes or mashed potatoes? Try this recipe for stir fried potatoes instead!

They still have all the crispness to pair with the soft lamb but are also lighter and made with additional flavors of mint and cilantro. This makes it a great side dish to pair with lamb chops!

20. Garlic Bread

Come on, who doesn’t love a bit of garlic bread?

One of the best side dishes enjoyed around the world, garlic bread is considered a universal side that basically goes with everything.

So, it had to be included on our list. Check out this recipe to make your very own garlic bread to serve up at your next lamb chop dinner.

21. Cheesy Potatoes

If crispy potatoes are not your style, then this recipe for cheesy potatoes is a great alternative for you to try.

It’s easy to try and will leave you with a side dish that is packed with delicious flavors. Perfect!

22. Carrot Fries

Crunchy carrots are a great side to serve with lamb chops but if you don’t fancy glazing yours with honey, then this recipe will help you turn your carrots into baked fries!

These carrot fries are made with a smoky flavor to them thanks to all the hot spices added to help give them a kick.

Some people even compare them to sweet potato fries as they have the perfect fry-like texture that makes them super crispy to contrast the soft lamb.

This recipe may be a little wacky but carrot fries are easy to make and even easier to eat – so give them a try!

23. Halloumi

Everyone loves a cheesy side dish and none other is as popular as halloumi.

While this cheese can be purchased straight from your supermarket, this recipe will show you how to properly grill your halloumi to perfection!

24. Roasted Radishes

Radishes are an often overlooked vegetable but they make for a great side dish when roasted to perfection.

This recipe is the perfect way to roast radishes with all the right spices and seasoning including paprika, onion and garlic powder and more – so give it a try!

25. Mint Sauce

If you are looking for an additional side to serve up with your lamb chops, then a classic mint sauce is a great choice.

Mint is one of the best flavors to go with lamb so it just makes sense to serve up a mint sauce to drizzle onto your dinner.

This recipe is one of the most simple and easiest to follow, plus you will be left with great results that will enhance your dinner.

26. Walnut Salad

The final salad on our list is walnut salad.

Crispness and crunchiness are the two textures that best pair with lamb chops and as far as salads go, you can’t get any crunchier than walnut salad.

This recipe will show you how to make a classic walnut salad with all the vital ingredients including apple, red onion, dressing, and (of course) walnuts. So, give it a try!

27. Parsnip Fries

Like with sweet potato fries and carrot fries, parsnip fries are a great way to bring the right texture to your lamb chop dinner.

Although not as sweet as these previous fries recipes, parsnip fries are a more savory alternative that is made with enough spice to give them a great kick of heat.

28. Steamed Broccoli

Finally, we have come to the last side dish for lamb chops – steamed broccoli.

It’s a classic side that we had to include because it’s delicious, nutritious and super easy for you to make in no time at all.

Steamed broccoli is also a lot softer than its roasted alternative, making it an easier side dish for most people to eat.

This recipe brings a touch of Chinese culinary tradition to this side dish so it’s a little unique and fun – plus the recipe also instructs you how to cook your steamed broccoli to still make it a little crunchy if you prefer a little crispness to the texture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Good Vegetable To Eat With Lamb?

We have included many great vegetable side dishes (see also ‘27 Simple And Delicious Vegetable Side Dishes‘) in our above list if you are curious about what vegetables to eat with lamb.

But, to sum them all up, the most popular vegetable to eat with lamb is potatoes.

Potatoes are closely followed by other traditional vegetables such as peas and carrots, as well asparagus, brussel sprouts, and parsnips.

What Does Gordon Ramsay Serve With Lamb Chops?

The hot headed British chef is renowned for his blunt call-outs over terrible food, so many take his word as the law when it comes to cooking.

If you want some advice from the absolute best when it comes to food, then Gordon Ramsay serves up something crunchy like roast potatoes when serving lamb.

This is because, according to Ramsay himself, the crunch of the potatoes helps to contrast against the soft tenderness of the lamp chops – but ultimately, what you choose to serve is all down to your personal taste!

Can You Eat Lamb Rare?

In some cases, lamb is okay to eat if it’s a little pink. For lamb chops, as long as the outside has been well seared, then any bacteria sound have been killed by the high temperatures and the chop is safe to eat.

However if your lamb is served as a burger, diced, or minced, then these need to be cooked thoroughly until brown and cannot be served as rare.

Final Thoughts

And those were our favorite 28 side dishes for a lamb chop dinner!

As you can see, there are tons of options to choose from – so go back through them, pick out two or three, and enjoy your delicious yet balanced meal!

28 Delicious Sides That Go Great With Lamb Chops

28 Delicious Sides That Go Great With Lamb Chops

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Lamb chops is a tender main dish that goes with so many different sides – but which ones should you try? Check out our 28 favorite sides for lamb chops.

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