16 of KFC’s Best and Most Delicious Menu Items

KFC is an extremely famous American fast food restaurant that has franchise stores across the globe.

They made their claim to fame with their delicious Kentucky Fried Chicken, which is the reason that this fast food place became the world’s fourth-largest fast food restaurant chain. 

This fast food chain has a rather large menu which can make it difficult for you to choose something tasty.

16 of KFC’s Best and Most Delicious Menu Items

All the dishes are tasty…but with too many options you may find it hard to actually decide on which meal will suit you best. 

But KFC (see also ‘10 Tastiest Gluten Free Items At KFC‘) has more than just chicken, there are various sides that you can choose from including biscuits, mashed potato, coleslaw and various other delicious options are at your fingertips.

So how can you choose a menu item when there are tons of chicken and non-chicken items?

Well, that is where we come in.

In this article we are going to look at sixteen of the most delicious menu items at KFC so that you can head over to your local store and pick out something that you KNOW will be amazing. 

With all of that being said, let us get started and start looking at these amazing menu items you can find at your local KFC.

So, without further ado, let us dive right in!

Top KFC Menu Items

Now that we have all of that information out of the way, let us finally dive into this article and check out the sixteen most delicious KFC menu items (see also ‘Every KFC Sauce: Reviewed & Ranked‘). 

So, without further ado, let us dive right in and get started with our first top pick at KFC. 

1. Original Recipe Chicken Bucket

If you are a regular at KFC then you probably know about the Original Recipe Chicken Bucket.

The great thing about this KFC menu item is the fact that you will have a fair amount of options to choose from.

You can also pick the size of your bucket, eight pieces, twelve pieces, or even sixteen pieces.

This is fantastic if you are in need of a quick meal for a party or for your family. 

But that is not all, you also have the option to get a variety bucket.

What does that mean you may ask?

Well, you will be able to purchase a bucket with both dark and light meat, just dark meat or just light meat.

If you are picky like us and just enjoy dark meat like the thigh or drumsticks then this is a favorable choice to have at your disposal. 

But once again, you can also decide whether you want chicken that is extra spicy, crispy or Kentucky grilled.

The world is your oyster and you can pick exactly what you want with this delicious KFC original recipe chicken bucket menu item.

If you have not tried it yet, then you need to. It is totally worth your time!

2. Nashville Hot Chicken

If you are a lover of all things spicy then you are going to adore this three-piece Nashville Hot Chicken Tenders dish.

Some spicy dishes have rather too much spice, so much that you can’t even enjoy the flavor of the chicken and spices accompanying the spicy chicken.

But this chicken has been smothered in a delightful hot sauce that has perfectly balanced in spice and flavor.

It is perfect for those of you who want to enjoy spicy chicken without having your face burnt off by the excessive spiciness.

This dish goes perfectly with many other menu items at KFC. From biscuits to mac and cheese.

It is perfect with just about any side you could want.

It is even good with chicken that is not as spicy.

If you are not a fan of the heat that spicy chicken brings then this dish may not be something that you should order.

But even if spicy food is not your thing, don’t worry.

There are plenty of other more mild options on the menu for you to check out. 

3. Extra Crispy Chicken Tenders

You can’t go wrong with delicious chicken tenders.

With this chicken dish you can enjoy either four pieces, or twelve pieces if you need a little something more for lunch.

These delicious extra crispy tenders are exactly what it says on the tin.

Each piece of chicken is wonderfully crispy and flavorful.

But just because these chicken tenders are not crispy does not mean that they are dry. In fact these delicious extra crispy chicken tenders are juicy and succulent.

This variety of chicken is going to be an absolute delight if you are looking for a variety o f chicken that is a little more than regular chicken.

You will not regret trying this amazingly tasty extra crispy chicken tenders dish.

Go ahead, try it!

4. Chicken Little

We have said this before, but you can’t go wrong with the chicken little sandwich.

This particular meal is absolutely perfect if you need a juicy, succulent and flavorful pieces of chicken in a sandwich.

Along with the chicken you will get a perfect like an airy sesame bun, mayonnaise, and just a few pickles for flavor.

It may sound simplistic, but these few ingredients make for the perfect sandwich.

You will not regret trying out this tasty sandwich!

If you do want something a little different you can get your chicken sandwich with Buffalo, Honey BBQ, and Nashville Hot.

There is sure to be something for everyone. 

If you need a light meal that is not overly filling but will certainly satisfy you then this is going to be the perfect KFC meal for you.

But that is not all, this dish is perfect for those of you that need a dish to enjoy while you are in the car, it is easy to eat and wonderfully flavorful.

So, make sure to try out the chicken little sandwich once you get the chance. 

5. Chicken Sandwich

Sometimes all you need is a simple sandwich, and KFC’s chicken sandwich is amazing. Sometimes the classic KFC chicken sandwich is the way to go, there is a reason that this little number is one of the best-selling meals at this dried chicken franchise.

This dish is topped with mayonnaise, chicken and pickles.

The main difference between this chicken sandwich and the chicken little is size.

But that is not all, this sandwich also comes in a delicious brioche bun which is certain to add a little something special to your day.

Just try this tasty chicken sandwich. You won’t regret it!

6. Crispy Colonel Chicken Sandwich

This delicious KFC sandwich is similar to the regular KFC sandwich and can be enjoyed in Honey BBF, Buffalos, and Nashville Hot.

This sandwich was extremely popular but sadly it was discontinued a while ago so you may not get the chance to try it out. 

It is almost identical to the regular chicken sandwich with only minor differences.

It is sad that you will not get to try this tasty chicken sandwich. But you can imagine how delicious it would be.

7. Popcorn Chicken

Popcorn chicken is one of the greatest items on KFC’s menu.

It is the perfect mouthful with every little chicken nugget you consume.

But that is not all, this delicious chicken dish is the perfect dish if you want something tasty and mobile.

These delicious little chicken nuggets may look crispy but they are actually deliciously soft and easy to eat.

One thing about this dish is that there is quite a high ratio of breading on each of the little nuggets of chicken.

So it may not be as healthy as you might think. 

But to spice things up you may want to consider various dipping sauces.

There are many options out there that are sure to be tasty. Honey BBQ, Classic Ranch, Honey Mustard, or even Hot Sauce.

It is entirely up to you.

No matter which combo you get you are bound to have an amazing experience with this tasty popcorn chicken dish. 

8. Kentucky Fried Chicken Wings

This chicken dish is one of KFC’s top sellers.

If you do not like bones in your chicken then you will not like this dish.

With this dish you can purchase various amounts of chicken from six to twenty-four.

You can pick whichever option impresses you the most.

But to make the flavors of this chicken pop you should really try it with a sauce of your choosing.

Spicy, Honey BBQ, or anything else you like.

There is sure to be something for you that will add just the perfect amount of flavor to your delicious fried chicken wings. 

9.KFC Famous Chicken Bowl

This famous dish gained its fame for a reason.

The sheer quantity and flavor in this dish is what makes any fast food meal so appealing.

When you get a bowl of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, rich and creamy gravy, sweet corn, and a dash of cheese, you can see why this dish is so deliciously popular. 

This is one of those dishes that you can easily grab and eat on the go.

But that is not all, you can enjoy it as a snack or a quick and easy meal.

Everything you love about KFC is in this one dish which is why it is so popular.

Best of all you can enjoy it with hot sauce on anything else that you think would go well with the various components of this delicious dish. 

10. Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

The mashed potatoes and gravy from KFC are one of the most popular side dishes at KFC and once you get a taste of them you will see why.

The potatoes are deliciously creamy and smooth while the gravy is packed full of flavor.

One reason KFC’s mashed potatoes and gravy is so popular is because it goes so well with everything. 

This mashed potato is made to be smooth, and creamy.

This is the kind of side dish that is guaranteed not to disappoint.

The rich and flavorful gravy just adds a delightful umami flavor.

This may not be the most healthy side dish, but it sure is delicious.

So, if you have not tried it before, give it a chance. You won’t regret it!

11. Coleslaw

This is another of the more common side dishes ordered at KFC.

For those of you that want a taste vegetable based side this is going to be the best and only option out there.

There are different ingredients in this coleslaw dish depending on the location in part of the country.

But no matter what they add, this veggie side is always delicious. 

The coleslaw is the perfect option if you need a side dish even if you are on a diet.

Despite coleslaw being one of the more healthy options, the carrots, cabbage, and onions are in fact healthy.

But when this dish is slathered in a heavy whipping cream you suddenly realize it is not quite as healthy of an option as they thought. 

12. Mac and Cheese

You can’t go wrong with mac and cheese.

They are in close competition with mashed potatoes for the wonderful taste and comforting texture.

If you enjoy mac and cheese then you will adore it at KFC.

The way that they make it is really one of the best you could ever try.

That being said, the mac and cheese at KFC is not ALWAYS phenomenal.

We have certainly had our fair share of KFC mac and cheese that is mushy and overcooked.

But when they get it right it is sublime. 

This mac and cheese is often creamy, cheesy and when you combine it with the delicious crispy chicken that KFC is famous for, you have something rather special.

You need to try it out. You won’t regret it!

13. Biscuit

If you are looking for a side that is healthy then you should steer clear of the biscuit.

But why not enjoy a buttery biscuit with a sugary jelly center?

It is delicious and certainly worth it.

The biscuits made at KFC are hot, flaky, crispy and soft, all at once.

This side is perfect to enjoy on its own with a delicious sweet jelly or with gravy.

It is up to you! 

You will find yourself easily wolfing down three or four of these delicious biscuits. Just try them.

You won’t regret it. They are 100% delicious. 

14. Pot Pie

You may not expect KFC to have dishes like pot pie, but they do?

This side may not be as good as mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, or biscuits.

However, it is the kind of side dish that you are bound to enjoy nonetheless.

There are not many people that try KFC’s pot pie and stick their nose up.

This dish may not be available at every single KFC location but it is certainly something that you should try should you be lucky enough to see it. 

This dish comes with chicken, pie crust, veggies, and a wonderful creamy gravy.

After just one bite you will wonder why you never tried this tasty side before. 

15. Cakes

Everybody loves cake.

But not everybody knows that you can get cake from KFC.

This franchise serves delicious light and fluffy chocolate chip cakes which are bound to impress you once you get a taste.

This menu item is not often ordered but when it is, there is never a frown.

The KFC chocolate cake is full of delicious chocolaty goodness which one unique addition. Chocolate chips.

But that is not all, this cake is also quite large so you will not be disappointed in the serving sizes. 

When you order this cake from KFC you will receive one slice of cake in a small paper box, but do not worry.

That one slice of cake is pretty large and could easily feed six people.

It is not the best cake ever and if you truly want a decadent cake then you will certainly need to head over to a proper bakery. 

16. Cookies

If you do not enjoy cookies then you may not enjoy this one.

But, KFC’s chocolate chip cookie is a delightful add-on to your main meal.

Cookies are hardly ever disappointing and the cookies at KFC are just amazing.

They are not the best cookies in existence but they are still good and worth the money.

Some may find them a little too grainy for some people but for those of you that do not mind, you will adore these tasty cookies. 

Sometimes the best way to finish off a meal is with a little something sweet and this tasty cookie is going to be exactly what you need.

Just try it! 

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we are going to answer some of your most frequently asked questions so that you can learn a bit more about KFC and the meals they make.

So, without further ado, let us get started!

What is the Healthiest Thing to Eat at KFC?

If you are going to KFC you should really resign yourself to eating something unhealthy.

KFC is after all famous for its fried chicken. But if you really aren’t something healthy then you need to try out the grilled chicken wings.

They are the most nutritious options out there.

They are about seventy calories per wing just because of the way that they are cooked. 

What is the Nutritional Value of KFC Chicken?

If you were to eat a KFC chicken breast which weighs three ounces you will find that it contains 5.3 grams of total carbs, 5.1 net carbs, 10.3 grams of fat, 19.3 grams of protein, and 196 calories. 

Can you Eat KFC While on a Diet?

If you are drying to lose weight or just live a healthier lifestyle, you should not be going out for KFC.

It is not a healthy option. There are between eight and eleven grams of carbs per medium-sized piece of chicken.

However, if you really want to enjoy KFC while you are on a diet we recommend that you try the Grilled Chicken as it is the healthiest option on the menu.

It is low-carb and cooked in a much more healthy way. 

Is KFC Chicken Keto-Friendly?

If you are frying chicken wings like they do at KFC then they are not going to be keto-friendly.

Or they will generally not be.

However, if you are REALLY in the mood for KFC then there are some options that might suit you.

Like the grilled chicken. But the really important thing to remember is that you must not consume honey BBQ sauce which contains almost eight grams of carbs per wing. 

Will KFC Chicken Raise Your Blood Pressure?

You can safely enjoy KFC or McDonald’s so long as you are careful not to consume too many carbohydrates.

Fat is less likely to affect your BG. So, in essence, make sure to take care with the consumption of baked beans, bread buns, fries, noodles and other carbohydrates you may encounter.

Theft is quite often full of sugar or starch which can adversely affect your blood sugar. 

How Unhealthy is KFC Fried Chicken

KFC is considered to be one of the unhealthiest fast food options.

The extra crispy fried chicken is one of the most unhealthy options on the menu, especially when they are slathered in sauces.

A simple breast for example contains 530 calories, 35 grams of fat, 105 milligrams of cholesterol, and 1,150 milligrams of sodium.

That is not healthy. So when you get a craving for KFC we recommend that you take care.

Don’t eat it all the time as it is not healthy. 

Final Thoughts 

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and learning all about these delicious KFC meals.

When it comes to choosing an option all you need to do is follow your heart.

You will see something that you like and in that moment you will know exactly what you want.

Goodbye for now and we will see you later. Have a fantastic day!

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