10 Best Monthly Juice Subscription Boxes

Juicing is currently all the rage – and we’re not surprised! Juicing holds a huge range of health benefits.

It’s a fantastic way to ensure that you are getting as many vitamins and minerals as possible and you can enjoy them on the go! 

Juice Subscription Boxes

However, making your own juices every day can be arduous, time-consuming, and expensive. That’s why we’ve listed our 10 favorite monthly juice subscription boxes below. Each one provides super tasty and incredibly healthy juices, sent straight to your door!

Check them out. You won’t regret it!

1. Daily Harvest

If you’re looking for a juice subscription service that provides meal-replacement juices, it doesn’t get much better than Daily Harvest. All of their juices and smoothies are unrefined, 100% plant-based, and mostly organic. 

Daily Harvest also provides you with the option to choose between a weekly subscription or a monthly subscription, so you can decide what works best for you and your diet. All of their items are pre-portioned and there is a huge range of flavors to choose from. 

2. Pressed Juicery

Pressed Juicery provides wonderfully healthy juices and smoothies made from an array of incredibly healthy ingredients. Their most popular juices include their Matcha Oat Milk, Kale Spinach Cucumber, and Strawberry Basil Lemonade. 

It is worth noting that you only get the most out of your subscription with Pressed Juicery if you live close to one of their stores. This is because some items require in-store pickup, so be sure to check out their locations before signing up! 

3. Smoothie Box

If you enjoy healthy, plant-based smoothies, Smoothie Box is a great option. Everything arrives prepped and frozen. However, you do have to blend these ones yourself, so make sure that you have the right equipment at your disposal. 

Depending on your preferences, you can opt to receive a smoothie box every 30 or 60 days. Additionally, each of their smoothies is macro balanced, meaning that they are a great option if you’re trying to manage your weight or health. 

4. Raw Generation

If you’d like a nice mix of smoothies and juices delivered to your door, Raw Generation is ideal. As a subscriber, you can opt to receive 6 cold-pressed juices, or 6 raw smoothies every month.

It is worth mentioning that their juices aren’t blended or certified organic. However, the quality is still outstanding and they do come from a facility that is completely chemical-free. We love their vanilla cashew smoothie!

5. Revive Superfoods

Whilst smoothies are great, they need to be consumed as a part of a balanced diet. If you’re looking for a subscription service that can provide you with some yummy food too, look no further than Revive Superfoods. 

They offer a huge range of products, including oat bowls, falafels, and soups. All of the food and drinks come in a single portion, and unlike many other subscription services, you can easily change your flavors and dishes with every shipping.

6. Pulp Story

If you’re looking for a service that will send you small, pre-bottled, wellness blasts, rather than huge smoothies or juices that you have to prepare yourself, Pulp Story is a great option for you. 

You can choose to purchase their juices in qualities of 12, 36, or 72. Each of their flavors is rich in antioxidants and offers a huge range of health benefits.

In fact, when consumed regularly, these drinks supposedly result in increased mobility and pain reduction. 

7. Splendid Spoon

It’s all very well having pre-portioned ingredients sent to your door. But, what if you don’t want to prepare your juices and smoothies yourself? If this is the case, Splendid Spoon is here to help. 

They are a meal delivery service that provides smoothies that require absolutely no preparation. They are ready to drink as soon as they arrive (well… maybe give the bottle a shake first). They also offer some great vegan food options. 

8. Blendtopia

If you’re someone who enjoys adding some extra nutrients into your smoothies and juices by using vitamin-packed powders, you’ll love what Blendtopia has to offer.

Their smoothies need preparation and they do recommend a specific blender for the best results. 

Their drinks are 100% organic and plant-based. They are also free from gluten, soy, and dairy. We recommend purchasing a box of 24, as this is the most economical option. It works out to be under $6 per smoothie. 

9. Suja Juice

If you prefer wellness shots to large smoothies and juices, Suja Juice is an excellent option. They provide 9 different subscription options and produce some of the highest quality wellness shots we’ve ever tried. 

However, you can opt to mix and match with some cold-pressed juice, kombucha, and other health drinks if you’d prefer more of a variety. Don’t let the extensive membership options stress you out – take your time and find the one that is perfect for you. 

10. Lumi

Finally, we couldn’t end this list without discussing Lumi. Lumi provides cold-pressed and high-pressure processed juices. In turn, their juices have a much longer shelf life than normal! 

You can choose between ordering a 6-pack, 9-pack, or 36-pack of their juices. However, if you subscribe, you save an additional 10%, so it’s definitely worth it! We love their Farmhouse Greens drink. 


The juicing trend has exploded in recent years, and it’s not hard to see why! We hope that this list has inspired you to try out a juice subscription service.

10 Best Monthly Juice Subscription Boxes

10 Best Monthly Juice Subscription Boxes

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Juicing has many health benefits, but it can be tricky to do yourself. To get all the benefits without the mess, check out our favorite juice subscription boxes.

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