28 Of The Best Authentic Japanese Noodle Recipes

Noodles are totally synonymous with Japanese food. There are so many unique and tasty dishes that employ noodles as part of their recipes, including dishes like ramen, or katsudon.

This means that if you really want to experience some tasty and authentic Japanese food, then noodles are something you should make a point of trying.

28 Of The Best Authentic Japanese Noodle Recipes

However, because there are so many unique ways to cook noodles and create interesting dishes with them, it can be easy to become overwhelmed with choices.

Are you currently craving the taste of noodles, and want to enjoy them in a truly authentic way? Then make sure to read our list down below, because we are going to take a long look at 28 of the very best authentic Japanese noodle recipes that you can create right now in your own kitchen!

Why don’t we dive right in?

1. Kitsune Udon

Udon refers to a very unique and specific type of Japanese noodle that is much thicker than others. This helps to give udon dishes a unique sense of bite and flavor that is sure to delight your taste buds. 

When combined with the right soup, and the right ingredients, udon can be totally delicious! This recipe is one of the best ways we’ve ever seen udon prepared. It includes a more sweet soup than you would expect from ramen, as well as some crispy deep-fried tofu that is oozing with flavor!

2. Toshikoshi Soba (New Year’s Eve Soba)

Soba is a unique form of ramen noodle that is slightly more firm and is often made from buckwheat, giving it a unique sense of bite. This dish takes full advantage of soba’s unique taste and texture and creates a dish that is totally fulfilling and refreshing.

This dish is traditionally enjoyed on new year’s eve, as a way of cleansing the soul and preparing the body for the year ahead. This is a testament to how refreshing it is to eat!

3. Stir-Fried Shrimp Shirataki Noodles

This is a great recipe to try if you want to create an authentic Japanese dish even when you are pressed for time.

In just 15 minutes, you can easily prepare this dish, and enjoy it with friends and family. It’s incredibly healthy, and the taste of the shrimp and the various vegetables is part of what makes it all so incredibly satisfying!

4. Tempura Soba

We totally adored this delightful variation on the classic soba dish.

The way the deep fried tempura shrimp and vegetables soak up the flavors of the broth is totally mind blowing, and the way the flavors release across your mouth is totally incredible. 

The broth is also quite fiery, which makes every single noodle, or every bite of tempura even more exciting.

5. Authentic Yakisoba

This stir-fried recipe is full of amazing ingredients that all slowly release their flavors and combine together to create amazing taste sensations that no other dish can give you.

The mixture of meat and vegetables helps to give this dish an interesting mouth feel. The texture of the tender meat is contrasted with the crunchy texture of the vegetables! It’s so incredible to eat!

6. Tsukimi Udon

This udon dish is usually whipped up to help celebrate moon-viewing traditions that come only a few times a year.

The poached egg that is included in this recipe is included to represent the harvest moon, which is the point at which the moon is at its most visible, towards the start of Autumn.

The inclusion of the egg is what makes this dish so unique. Breaking open the yolk and allowing it to mix in with the broth is so delightful!

7. Glass Noodle Soup

This is one of the most unique dishes on this list, because it makes use of a unique variety of noodle known as the ‘glass noodle’.

These noodles are incredibly thin and translucent, and have an immense tenderness to them. This tenderness contrasts beautifully with the rich and full-bodied soup of the ramen!

8. Hiyashi Yamake Udon

Unlike most ramen recipes you’ve experienced before, this ramen recipe is actually served chilled, which can make it incredibly refreshing and perfect for the blazing hot summer months! 

Atop the chilled ramen is also raw grated mountain yam, which has a uniquely sweet but earthy flavor that helps to make the dish even more refreshing.

9. Shinshumushi

The steamed fish filet that serves as the centerpiece of this dish is so incredibly tender and buttery that your mouth will be watering long after you have eaten it!

The fish is then topped with soba noodles, and drizzled lightly with a soy-based broth, as well as a large helping of shredded green onions.

10. Zaru Soba

Zaru Soba is a great noodle dish to make if you want to get a little more involved with your food.

The soba noodles in this recipe are actually served cold, and they are then dipped in a small bowl of sauce that is often made up of soy sauce, dashi, and mirin.

These are great to enjoy during the summer, and are a great way to really savor the taste of the noodles alone!

11. Hiyashi Chuka

Hiyashi Chuka is actually a form of cold ramen, yet again, another fantastic recipe to indulge in when the weather heats up.

This recipe will show you not only how to create the dish, but how to make it look simply stunning, and so incredibly appetizing.. 

The way the ingredients, including bean sprouts, cucumber, ham, and noodles come together on the dish is so effortless, and they taste so good and refreshing together!

12. Sapporo Style Ramen

Sapporo is one of Japan’s largest cities, and it has become famous across the nation thanks to its unique style of ramen.

With this recipe, you can create a perfect Sapporo style ramen complete with delicious eggs, corn kernels, chashu pork, and even a helping of butter!

It’s an immense blend of swee, creamy, and savory flavors that we just know you will adore, just like we did!

13. Shirataki Sesame Noodles

Shirataki noodles are actually an incredibly unique form of noodle that are slightly more absorbent than your average ramen noodles.

This makes them perfect for stir frying alongside a medley of other vegetables and ingredients, as well as a large helping of sesame broth. 

The sesame broth is easily the highlight of this recipe, and we adored just how well it flavored everything else!

14. Curry Udon

As it turns out, udon noodles are not only perfect for ramen dishes, but they are also perfect alongside curry! Traditional Japanese curry is incredibly flavorsome, and full of rich and full-bodied spices that will fill you with a deep warmth that is tough to resist.

Adding udon noodles to this curry recipe is a great way to add some bite and interesting texture to the dish!

15. Chicken Katsu Udon Noodles

Are you a lover of chicken katsu curry? Of course you are! But what if you could combine chicken katsu curry with a bed of soft and delightful udon noodles? Well, with this recipe, you can do just that! 

We loved how well the curry sauce drenched across the noodles, and how well the crunchiness of the chicken contrasted with the soft texture of the noodles!

16. Yaki Udon

Combine the glory of udon noodles with the immense flavors of yakisoba thanks to this awesome recipe that almost manages to strike a magical balance between the two.

The yakisoba flavor easily soaks into the udon noodles, which are of course known for having a great sense of texture.

We can guarantee that you will have a fantastic time not only eating, but making this recipe yourself!

17. Simple Chicken Ramen

As great as some of the dishes we have looked at so far are, sometimes all you want is something a little more simple and down to earth.

This could very much be the recipe you are looking for! 

With just a few ingredients, and a little bit of creativity, this recipe will help you to create a ramen that is worthy of some of the top restaurants in Japan! It’s simply that delicious!

18. Japanese Vermicelli Salad

This is another dish that proves incredibly popular during the summer months, as it is full of unique, refreshing, and interesting flavors that are combined with the delicate glory of vermicelli noodles (see also ‘13 Delicious Vermicelli Noodle Recipes‘)!

The sheer tenderness of the vermicelli noodles is what makes this meal so delectable.

The salad dressing also has a slightly sharp tang to it that makes the dish set your mouth alight with wonder! 

19. Tonkotsu Ramen

Tonkotsu is easily one of the most iconic forms of ramen in the world, and it is definitely for good reason.

The tender texture of the pork meat in this ramen is what makes it work so well.

It seems to melt away on your tongue, leaving a salty and meaty taste behind. 

The broth used to make this ramen also has a slightly creamy look and taste, which completely sets it apart from the competition.

And of course, we would be remiss not to mention the egg that is also included as part of the recipe. The taste of the yolk, mixed in with the broth is heavenly! 

20. Somen With Snap Peas And Radish

Somen noodles are already incredibly delicious, but with the right additional ingredients, they can become even better! This recipe will show you how to create one of the best somen dishes we have ever feasted our eyes on! 

The refreshing taste of the sugar snap peas and the thinly sliced radish is what helps to make this dish so incredible.

The light soup also helps to add a whole dimension of flavor that is surprisingly refreshing, and sure to be a treat for anyone during the summer months!

21. Shirataki Noodles With Peanut Sauce

Wow. This dish almost defies description, as it is simply that good. The shirataki noodles themselves are incredibly heavenly, and they are often best-noted for their unique white color. 

However, the absolute star of this show is the peanut-based sauce that manages to strike a perfect balance between creaminess and savory flavor that will manage to satisfy just about every craving you could have!

22. Somen Noodle Tofu Soup

Somen noodles and tofu are almost a match made in heaven, and this recipe proves this as fact once and for all.

The tofu is lightly fried to make this recipe work, which helps to give each bite a unique texture of both crispiness and softness! 

The soup itself is also deeply enriching, despite its simplicity. It’s great to slurp on once everything else has been eaten!

23. Scallop Soup With Ramen Noodles

The scallop soup of this recipe is very quickly absorbed by the other ingredients, so with every single bite you will be getting a culinary experience you won’t soon forget!

24. Chicken Yaki Udon

This recipe manages, once again, to strike a balance between two very distinct noodle dishes to create something wholly unique. 

This dish makes for a perfect mid-week dinner that will satisfy not only you, but everyone else in the house! 

Even the way this dish looks will be enough to get your appetite going!

25. Beef Udon

The rich flavor of beef alone is able to make the broth of this recipe taste much better than anything you’ve ever tasted before! 

Served with plenty of fresh greens and a bed of tasty and chewy udon noodles, this dish is sure to be a favorite!

26. Beef Sukiyaki Udon

As it turns out, there are an incredible number of ways you can serve beef alongside udon.

The two taste almost like they were made for each other. This dish, which contains a massive number of extra ingredients, is totally worthy of your time. 

27. Bukkake Udon

The name of this recipe refers to how the cold broth is ‘splashed’ atop the bed of udon noodles.

This is another dish that is served chilled, which helps to make it incredibly satisfying to eat during the summer!

28. Japanese Somen Salad With Sweet And Sour Dressing

Serve up this salad at your next dinner party, and you are sure to capture the hearts of your guests.

They will very quickly fall right in love with it, and they’ll likely ask you just where you found such an amazing recipe!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is yakisoba The Same As ramen?

No. Yakisoba refers to a dish that is made by stir frying noodles alongside a number of other ingredients to create a dry dish. Ramen, on the other hand, is a very wet dish involving soup or broth.

Which Is Healthier Udon Or Soba?

Soba noodles are inherently healthier than udon noodles thanks to the fact that they contain buckwheat! Buckwheat is very low in carbs and calories, making it great for weight loss!

What Is The Healthiest Japanese Noodle?

Easily the healthiest Japanese noodle variety is the soba noodle. Soba noodles are made up of buckwheat, which is low in calories and carbs, much lower than other popular noodles like udon or egg noodles!

28 Of The Best Authentic Japanese Noodle Recipes

28 Of The Best Authentic Japanese Noodle Recipes

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Eating noodles is a great way to get a taste of Japanese cuisine, but what are some of the best ways to prepare them? Try these recipes out yourself!

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