17 Items Available On The Menu In McDonald’s Japan

In most cases, the McDonald’s menu is the same no matter what country you find yourself in. However, not everything on every menu is the same. 

The likelihood is that you know the McDonald’s menu (see also ‘8 Best McDonald’s Items To Order For A Keto Diet‘) in your country off by heart. Statistically, every single one of us will visit McDonald’s (see also ‘25 of the All-Time Greatest McDonald’s Menu Items‘) at least once every month. It is delicious, good fun, and cheap. 

17 Items Available On The Menu In McDonald’s Japan

While the menu is mostly the same Worldwide, there are certain times when the menu is adapted to certain local cuisine.

Japan is one of the main countries where this is the case, providing quite a lot of interesting alternatives to the regular menu.

Let’s have a look at the best items available on the Japanese McDonald’s menu that you may not have known existed. 

1. Mega Tamago

This is a breakfast burger that is available in Japanese stores (see also ‘23 Easy Japanese Breakfast Recipes‘). It is made from steak and eggs, placed in a burger. This burger places an egg in the place of a regular patty.

It is very popular in Japan. Breakfast burgers have been becoming more and more popular in recent years, so there was no doubt that this delicious breakfast burger wouldn’t be super successful!

Placing steak and eggs in a sandwich seems like a stroke of genius.

2. German Sausage Chicken Sandwich

This is one of the sandwiches that Japan offers on a seasonal promotion. It may not be served all year round, but it is very popular when it is released.

This sandwich is a selection of german sausage and chicken, a perfect combination. This sandwich is one that we expect to see reaching the U.S soon as it is so popular and has great feedback.

3. Sankaku Choco Pie 

This pie is a delicious dessert sold in Japanese Mcdonald’s stores. It is like an apple turnover that is covered in chocolate. Inside the turnover, it is filled with warm chocolate.

Like the McDonald’s apple pie, you have to be careful with this one – the filling can get very hot! The chocolatey filling also contains almonds, making this turnover even more delicious. 

4. McPork 

The McPork sandwich is one of the most loved options in McDonald’s Japan. The pork patty is flavored with black pepper sauce and garlic.

Lettuce is also added to the sandwich. It is a great mix of sweet and salty flavors. This is a great addition to the menu in Japan and it is expected to make its way into other menus soon. 

5. Teriyaki McBurger 

This burger is one of the main items on the menu in Japan. It is covered in sauce and so is very full of flavor.

It is similar to the McDouble, but the beef patties that you get with a McDouble are replaced with a pork patty.

It is served with both teriyaki sauce and mayo, making it dripping in sauce. There are lots of teriyaki sauce options at the Japanese McDonalds. 

6. Shrimp Filet 

We’re all aware of the fish filet in McDonald’s, but the shrimp filet takes this idea to the next level. Seafood like this in McDonald’s is quite a shocking thing to see on the menu, but it is a very popular order in Japan.

It is commonly referred to as the Ebi-Filet. The patty is made up from shrimp and it is served with some coleslaw inside a bun. The bun is made from sesame seeds.

7. Full Moon Cheese Tsukimi Burger 

This burger is only available seasonally in Japanese McDonald’s. It is inspired by tsukimi which is a festival in Japan. It is a harvest moon festival that is in both Japan and Vietnam.

It is a burger that is sold in the fall. This sandwich is simple. It is made of a beef patty served with an egg patty and cheese.

8. Chocolate Fries 

This is another item that you will find on the McDonald’s Japan menu. It is a strange one that wouldn’t be for everyone.

People have always dipped their fries in lots of different dips, and chocolate is just another variation from the classic ketchup or mayo options.

People also dip their fries in ice-cream, so it isn’t that out of the ordinary. These chocolate fries do very well in Japan.

The chocolate sauce is also different colors depending on the time of year. At Christmas, the dip is green and red and during Halloween, the dip is orange and black. 

9. Melon Fanta Float 

This drink is an exclusive Japanese drink which is absolutely delicious. It is made using vanilla ice-cream.

The drinks are often quite different in the different countries, with countries like China not selling coffees in McDonald’s but selling things like milk tea instead. 

10. Cheesecake McFlurry 

McFlurries (see also ‘The 15 Greatest McFlurry Flavors Of All Time‘) are something that you will recognize from the McDonald’s menu here. However, you won’t have seen the cheesecake McFlurry unless you’ve visited McDonald’s Japan.

This McFlurry is citrus and cheesecake that is mixed into ice-cream. It is a very popular dessert that is only offered in the summer. A lot of Americans wish that this one would be served in the U.S stores. 

11. Pineapple Pie 

The apple pie is a staple of the U.S menu. In Japan, you can get an interesting alternative to the apple pie – the pineapple pie.

This dessert is very sweet and sugary and is made in the same way as an apple pie, replacing the apple filling with pineapple. This pie is super sweet and sugary.

Everyone raves about this pie. Just like the apple pie, though, you have to be careful not to burn your mouth on this pie because the insides can get super hot.

12. Mega Muffin 

This is a great breakfast muffin. It is a standard breakfast sandwich but it is a lot bigger than any of the other ones on the menu.

It is made up of two English muffins, a sausage patty, cheese and egg. It is a huge sandwich and will definitely set you up well for the day. 

13. Shaka Shaka Chicken 

Shaka shaka chicken is Japan’s version of a delicious crispy fried chicken. It is full of lots of different flavors including pepper, cheese and lemon.

Sometimes, you can get BBQ flavored chicken. These nuggets are great because you can choose whichever flavor you prefer. This is a great staple from McDonald’s in Japan.

Manhattan Burger 

14. Manhattan Burger 

This burger was created to be representative of the food in New York. It is a burger that is served with mozzarella, pastrami and sour cream.

This burger is quite popular and a lot of Americans hope to see it on their menu soon! 

15. Hawaiian Burger 

This is another great addition to the Japanese menu. It is made from a ¼ pound beef patty, bacon, egg, cheese, lettuce and gravy sauce.

You won’t find a burger like this on any other menu. It is a great addition to the Japanese McDonald’s and a surprising addition! 

16. Grand Canyon 

This is a delicious burger available in Japanese McDonald’s. You get a beef patty, some cheese (both mozzarella and cheddar) as well as an egg, steak and onion sauce and some lettuce in your sandwich.

This is served between a sesame bun. This burger has everything you will need, give it a go, you really won’t be disappointed.

17. Texas Burger 

The Texas burger is served with BBQ sauce and mustard relish. It is a ¼ pound beef patty in buns served with bacon, cheese and onions.

Weirdest Items McDonalds Have Sold 

Bacon, macaroni and cheese toastie. You can get this item in Hong Kong stores. It is made up of bacon, mac and cheese and placed in a sandwich.

It was taken off the menu because it wasn’t very popular. It was also very unhealthy! 

Ham and egg twisty pasta. This dish is sold in Hong Kong, and it is still available there today. This dish is, very surprisingly, found on the breakfast menu.

It is absolutely delicious and can be served with either sausage and egg or grilled chicken.

Iced milk tea. This item is popular in Hong Kong as the drink is much more popular there than it is in the United States. 

There are many weird and wonderful items that have been sold in different McDonald’s stores around the world. While the menu states basically the same, there are some variations. 

Fun Facts 

McDonald’s is the world’s largest chain restaurant. It is much bigger than other, very famous chains. Taco Bell only has 6,400 stores compared to McDonald’s 34,000. Burger King has 12,700 stores. 

McDonald’s serves 13 billion portions of fries every year. 

Across the world, McDonald’s employs 1.8 million people. This number of people is bigger than the population of Luxembourg. 

McDonald’s spends a lot of money on advertising. It accounts for 2% of the world’s market for advertising! 

Every day, McDonald’s stores see 63 million people pass through their doors. There are less people than this in the whole of the United Kingdom.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many McDonald’s Stores Are There In Japan? 

There are nearly 3000 McDonald’s stores across Japan. In recent years, the numbers have been declining slightly. China has 2200 stores across the country.

While McDonald’s has been found in Japan and Hong Kong since the 1970’s, China got its first store in 1990. Since then it has become very popular and has a lot of different Chinese items on the menu.

How Many McDonald’s Are There?

McDonald’s is one of the largest food chains in the world. It is so popular that it feeds around 1 percent of the World’s population each day.

Statistically, everyone in the U.S will have a McDonald’s at least once a month and most people know the menu off by heart!

McDonald’s has nearly 40,000 restaurants around the world in lots of different countries and this figure is still rising every year. 

Who Owns McDonalds?

McDonald’s was owned by Ray Kroc. It was purchased in 1961, but this is not when it was founded. Before he died in 1981, McDonald’s became the biggest food franchise across the world.

The original headquarters were in Oak Brook in Illinois, but they have moved to Chicago in recent years. This move took place in the early months of 2018.

The McDonald’s franchise is very successful and it has a great business model and reputation. It is affordable and quick service. It originally was just a drive through. 

Which City In The U.S. Has The Largest Number Of McDonald’s?

In the United States, Orlando and Florida are the cities with the largest number of McDonald’s restaurants.

Lots of other cities also have loads of McDonald’s restaurants, though, as it is one of the most popular fast food franchises around.

In Orlando and Florida, for every 100 thousand people, there are 19.6 McDonald’s restaurants. This is a huge number.

When Was McDonald’s Founded?

McDonald’s was founded by the McDonald brothers in 1940. When it first opened, it was one drive through store in California.

It offered a small number of items at very low prices. The limited menu meant that they could produce these items very quickly and at very low cost. The menu had only hamburgers, chips, drinks and pies on it. 

The hamburgers were cooked ahead of being ordered and wrapped up. They were kept warm until they were bought under heat lamps.

When they first started out, they charged only 15 cents for a hamburger. 

They became very successful and started francisign their business. Ray Kroc then sold the company some shake mixers, and became very interested in the company.

He saw promise in the concept and became a franchise agent. In 1961, Kroc bought out McDonald’s all to himself.

What Are The Most Popular Items On The Menu At McDonald’s?

Fries are the most popular item on the menu. They were an original part of the McDonald’s menu back in the 1940’s, when McDoanld’s was opened.

Everyone has fries with their burgers, and many people order only fries. McDonald’s fries are especially great, they are super salty and addictive. 

Big Mac is next on the list. The big mac is an all time best-seller world wide. It sprung to success when McDonald’s invested a lot of money to market the burger.

It was a huge burger and everyone loved the flavors. The big mac has a large and a small size, but this has only happened in recent years. 

Snack wraps. These wraps are delicious, they are the perfect choice for when you are looking for a snack on the go and they are very popular.

You can get grilled, crispy chicken in the wrap. These portable portions are the third best-selling item on the list.

Are Happy Meals Popular? 

McDonald’s happy meals are very popular. The toy that comes in the happy meal has made McDonald’s one of the world’s biggest toy distributors.

McDonald’s started aiming their fast food towards kids in 1979 when they released the happy meals that we know today.

They had toys in them then, and they still do now. These boxes are very popular, even among adults! 

What Do People Love About McDonald’s?

Breakfast is a very popular time at McDonald’s. They have an all-day breakfast now so you don’t have to rush. Lot’s of people love McDonald’s breakfasts because of the vast array of items they have.

Their pancakes, hash browns and egg McMuffins are to die for. You can’t get these items in McDonald’s Japan, though.

The breakfast items in McDonald’s in Japan are not as popular and breakfast time is much less busy. 

It is also very affordable and offers a very quick service. You will get your food very quickly so it is great if you are on the go and need to grab some food.

What Is Different About McDonald’s Japan?

Portion sizes are different in Japan. They are hugely different in the United States. Everything is much bigger in the U.S. Even the small drink is bigger in the U.S than in Japan.

Japanese people eat a lot smaller portions than the average American portion and the portion sizes on their menu reflects this.

American McDonald’s offer free refills on their drinks, whereas Japan does not offer this. You just pay for one drink and receive one drink and you won’t get any more than this.

This could again come from the fact that Japanese people don’t consume as much as Americans do.

In Japan, people don’t usually ask for extra condiments such as ketchup. Instead, they just get what they order and don’t usually ask for more. 

McDonald’s is a lot cheaper in the U.S than in other countries. It is still cheap in Japan, but it is a little bit more expensive than in the U.S.

If you got the same order in Japan and the U.S, it will cost more in Japan.

Order customization is a lot easier in America. It is much more normal to add or change things on your order. In Japan, people will usually order what is on the menu rather than making any customizations.

They will make these customizations in Japan if you asked, but they are not as commonly done as they are in the U.S.

Final Thoughts 

There are loads of items available in McDonald’s Japan. While the menus are pretty similar in most countries, they do differ slightly depending on where you are.

When you see these differences, it is a lot of fun to give them a try! There must be something on this list that grabs your attention, so give it a go! 

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