28 Simple Jaiva Recipes You Can Make At Home

Jaiba, or crevice, is a popular South American dish that usually contains crab or a seafood alternative and uses lemon or lime as a garnish to release more blends of flavor, so if you’re looking for something different for your next meal, try out some of these recipes below.

1. Simple Ceviche De Jaiba

We start with the traditional ceviche recipe, which is an excellent place to start, as you can make a zesty crab-based dish that can be served with tortillas and even a cocktail on the side so if you’re looking for a Mexican-inspired recipe, this is a good way to try out these kinds of recipes.

2. Crab Ceviche Appetizer

This one is perfect if you want to add color to any party spread, as the cilantro, tomatoes, cucumber, serrano peppers, and crab meat work well together that can be served with crackers or even placed in a margarita glass for the perfect blend. 

3. Mock Crab Ceviche

This one uses flake-style imitation crab if you’re on a budget, and we think it works just as well with the spices, onions, and some Roma tomatoes for added freshness, so that this recipe would be a lovely item in a summer party or picnic spread. 

4. Vegan Ceviche

Suppose you don’t like fish or don’t consume it as part of a diet. In that case, you can still experience this recipe with added veggies with a subtle spice kick and uses hearts of palm, chickpeas, and jalapenos.

You also have freshly squeezed citrus flavors so that you can experiment with this one for the perfect taste.

5. Gluten Free Fish Ceviche

This recipe has the added benefit of being low-carb, gluten-free, and paleo-friendly as it uses raw grouper fillets or swai, which is diced, then stirred together with the veggies and lime juice, so if you’re curious about light fish dishes or want to try something different. 

6. Authentic Peruvian Ceviche

This recipe embraces the flavors of the fish while staying true to the methods of where a variation of this dish comes from and uses fresh ginger and garlic for an explosion of flavor, with it only taking 15 minutes to prepare. 

7. Halibut Ceviche

This recipe allows you to use different kinds of fish where you can use sriracha or any other sauce or spice you like, as the onion and cilantro give you a whole body of flavor, and you can even garnish and serve however you like. 

8. Allergy Free Ceviche

Here you can use tigers milk, the heart of 1 purple onion, some cilantro stems and leaves, celery, and limo chili that, when mixed, give you a fresher and lighter feeling as you pile it onto tortilla chips with some cilantro leaves garnished on top. 

9. Spicy And Juicy Ceviche

You can use a seafood mix of squid, octopus, surimi, and shrimp for something uniquely spicy and sweet that takes full advantage of the spices, sauces, and pastes for the perfect texture that isn’t compromised in any way. 

10. Shrimp Ceviche

If you like shrimp exclusively and want more exciting recipes to use it in, you could try this dish that uses raw or cooked shrimp to fit your preferences and what you end up with is something that has a lot of texture and is succulent with every bite.

11. Tuna Asian Style Ceviche

This one uses tuna steak, but if you can’t find this, then regular fresh tuna works just as well as you can use baby gem lettuce, fresh coriander, sesame and olive oil, and soy sauce for little appetizers that are hard to ignore. 

12. Scallop Ceviche

When mixed with the citrus and some spice, you get a recipe that you can simply leave for 2 hours for all of the ingredients to blend, and it makes a great salad substitution if you’re tired of the same salad ingredients. 

13. Sea Bass Ceviche

This ceviche takes some inspiration from brazil with some Chilean and Mexican sea bass to give you many flavor profiles that you may find lacking in some other ceviches, with some black pepper on top to complement the notes you can find here.

14. Mango Ceviche

It’s not only fish that gets the ceviche treatment, as you can use fruits like mango with a citrusy blend for a rich and deep-textured dish that goes beyond the savory nature of some fish-based varieties. 

15. Serrano Chili Ceviche

If you like Latin American flavors, this halibut ceviche can offer you some spice and creamy avocado and ripe tomatoes that could make you wonder why you haven’t tried this recipe before. 

16. Chili And Ginger Ceviche

For those who like a deep spice and heat in their recipes, this one is a must, as you can use octopus and wild-cooked shrimp for the perfect texture that has an even flavor distribution with each forkful. 

17. Ceviche Tostadas

If you need to make some appetizers quickly, you can make these ahead of time, and they only take 30 minutes to make as you heat the tostadas slightly, then serve the ceviche over the top, with some hot sauce on the side. 

18. Kingfish Ceviche Tacos

If you want premium fish for a premium dish, this one will go down well with some additions like red cabbage, sherry vinegar, salt flakes, and thinly sliced kingfish that you can serve with some salsa for the ultimate ceviche.

19. Trout Ceviche

The trout in this recipe adds a mild flavor that isn’t too overwhelming, and you can add salt and pepper to boost the profile even more if you like, and you can simply serve and sprinkle your ingredients over the top. 

20. Salmon And Watermelon Ceviche

Salmon can work wonders in this recipe by adding skinless salmon fillets and watermelon pieces for a refreshing bite snack with a bit of herb and spice action inside that will make you appreciate the flavor even more.

21. Asparagus Ceviche

This is for those who want a no-fish and no-fuss recipe that can be assembled easily, as the asparagus, peppers, and spices give you a nice alternative with a bit of added crunch for good measure. 

22. Cod Ceviche

If you prefer cod as a recipe staple, you can use it here without having to leave out any complex flavors, which is made better when you grill or bake the cod, so it releases its own juices and flavors.  

23. Lobster Ceviche

If you’re thinking of something more formal, you can use a whole lobster with a shallot, fresh cilantro, one jalapeno pepper, a lime, and some extra-virgin olive oil to get the overall dish just right. 

24. Ceviche With Apple, Vinegar, And Fennel

If you have a mixture of ingredients and don’t know what to do with them, you can use them here with some salmon or another type of fish if you prefer, as you’re only looking to add some texture and flavor, so it isn’t too bland. 

25. Avocado And Grilled Corn Ceviche

A recipe that uses corn, limes, avocado, cilantro leaves, and a small amount of firm white fish is perfect if you want something that isn’t too filling and can be adjusted but is sure to serve it straight away to avoid the fish getting too mushy. 

26. White Fish Ceviche

When you prepare and look at this dish, you might get a warm feeling as this one is perfect for spicing up those chillier evenings with some hot peppers, cilantro, and lime juice for a full flavor.  

27. Vegetarian Ceviche Salad

Even without the fish, you can still get some great flavors mixed up, or you could use other veggies for the perfect combination, so this recipe is very versatile. 

28. Spaghetti And Garlic Ceviche

If you want to include your ceviche in a more substantial dish, you can try this one that uses monkfish, and you can make a guacamole cream and pasta for a rejuvenating meal that is perfect for a late dinner. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need To Use Herbs And Spices?

We’ve mentioned cilantro and a range of herbs, peppers, and hot sauces, which is more of a serving suggestion, but if you want an authentic South American recipe, these tend to use a mix of these, but it’s all down to your preferences. 

What Can I Serve With Ceviche?

You can serve it with rice, quinoa, beans, tortilla or potato chips, lettuce leaves, guacamole, yuca fires, soup, and anything else that you think works well. 


You’ve seen what is possible with Jaiba recipes and the results that can come out of these, but using a bit of experimentation and some trial and error will eventually give you a dish that is sure to become a new favorite.

28 Simple Jaiva Recipes You Can Make At Home

28 Simple Jaiva Recipes You Can Make At Home

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