5 Best Ice Cream Subscription Boxes

What could be better than fresh ice cream delivered straight to your door every month? We’re struggling to think of anything!

If you feel the same way, then we’re about to change your world. Ice cream subscription boxes are now a thing, and you can sign up for one today.

Ice Cream Subscription Boxes

Whether you want to try new and exciting flavors, or just make sure that your freezer is always stocked, keep reading. We’ve found the five best ice cream subscription boxes on the market now (see also ‘20 Amazing Ice Cream Flavors To Try At Baskin Robbins‘). 

1. Jeni’s Pint Club

Jeni’s has to be our favorite ice cream out there. You’ll get four tubs of new ice cream flavors – before they even hit the shelves – every month. Yum! From Brown Butter to Salty Caramel, there is something for everyone in Jeni’s Pint Club. 

Choose between a 3, 6, and 12-month subscription model, the latter coming in at just $63 a month.

Not only will your freezer be fully stocked every month, but the super cute packaging will also make it the most aesthetic freezer out there! 

2. Salt And Straw Seasonal Pints Club

Every month, for just $79, you will receive five seasonal pints of ice cream with the Salt and Straw subscription box. Each flavor will tell a story, such as a berry study in July, holiday classics in December, or throwback flavors in March! 

You can also choose a vegan-friendly subscription box from Salt and Straw, which incorporates only dairy-free pints. Don’t worry, though – you’ll still be receiving the delicious seasonal flavors featured in the original! 

3. Goldbelly

Gourmet flavors are delivered right to your door every month – need we say more? For $89.99 a month, you’ll get between four and six pints of ice cream with each delivery.

What will you get? Chocolate, vanilla, something wacky, or maybe even a little tipsy? 

No matter what you get, it will be delicious. Choose between a 3, 6, 9, and 12-month subscription plan.

Each ice cream will be from a different brand, so you can test out more than one to see what local businesses have to offer. Who knows, you might just find your new favorite small business! 

4. McConnells Pint Of The Month Club

Do you get serious FOMO about not being able to try new flavors as soon as others?

Then McConnells is the one for you – get your hands on the newest and limited edition flavors before anyone else. More – have special access to flavors as they launch! 

You’ll get the dreamiest, creamiest ice creams delivered to your door every month with this subscription box. Choose 3, 6, or 12-month plans so that you’ll never miss out on a delivery!

Flavors include Pina Colada, Salted Pretzel Crunch, Avaline Rose and Boysenberry Milk Jam – and so much more!

5. eCreamery’s Flavor Of The Month Club

eCreamery offers 3, 6, or 12-month subscription models with similar prices to Jeni’s Pint Club. You’ll get four different premium ice creams, all custom-churned and hand-picked just for you. 

Seasonal flavors pop up throughout the year, so don’t miss out! You’ll also get some traditional flavors in there too, so don’t worry if you’re a chocolate lover through and through! Plus, you’ll get free shipping on every monthly box. 


Is your mouth watering yet? Jeni’s Pint Club is our favorite due to the flavors, cute packaging, and great reputation. However, any of the ice cream subscription boxes we’ve looked at today are well worth the money. 

Which one will you try? And, more importantly, will you be able to wait for the first shipment? The suspense is already killing us!

5 Best Ice Cream Subscription Boxes

5 Best Ice Cream Subscription Boxes

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The five best ice cream subscription boxes on the market are reviewed for your convenience. Less comparing, more signing up!

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