33 Ice Cream Flavors You Have To Try

If You adore ice cream as much as we do, you know that there are so many flavors that combine fruits, nuts, toppings, and even spices for those looking for a taste that is irresistible to turn down.

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Whether as a treat or after-dinner course, we know that everyone will look forward to their favorite flavor or even be excited to try something new.

We have sourced flavors from around the world to inspire you if you want to try something different or maybe even improve a flavor that you know and love.

If you’re going to discover these exciting flavors, read on to find out more.

33 Of The Best Ice Cream Flavors

1. Strawberry Ice Cream

We start this list with an irresistible flavor that is ranked about 3rd in the most popular flavor in the US, and it’s easy to see why.

You have a creamy taste made with fresh strawberries or strawberry flavoring that can make for a great spring or summer dessert. 

2. Butter Pecan Ice Cream

A popular flavor in the US, this flavor offers you the simple vanilla ice cream, you know, that is enriched with whole pecans toasted in browned butter.

You can also add a custard base that can make this flavor stand out more and can add sauces that can make it more rich, creamy, and nutty. 

3. Matcha Soft Served Ice Cream

We have a flavor here that is popular in countries such as Japan, and the ice cream is made from finely grounded sweet tea as it has a robust flavor, so this will definitely be a flavor that you’ll remember.

It also has a rich texture and shouldn’t be overly creamy or milky if you want a genuine Japanese taste (see also ‘25 Deliciously Decadent Traditional Japanese Desserts And Sweets‘). 

4. Neapolitan Ice Cream

Another favorite among ice cream lovers, this flavor combines the popular tastes of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, which are often served side-by-side or used in ice cream sandwiches (see also ‘33 Best Ice Cream Sandwich Recipes Perfect For A Hot Day‘), for example.

This flavor originated in Naples, and Italian immigrants brought this flavor to the US and used the pattern to resemble their national flag. 

5. Rocky Road

This flavor is something of an established taste in the US that was made to cheer people up during the wall street crash in the late 1920s.

The combination of chocolate ice cream, nuts, and marshmallows gives it an unusual texture, but we’re not complaining where the rich bitter, or semi-sweet chocolate flavor gives it a personal touch.

6. Coffee Ice Cream

If you’re a coffee lover, this flavor is bound to put a smile on your face as it contains that sometimes bitter or smooth taste that we can’t get enough of.

This flavor makes for a great after-dinner treat, and you can make it with decaffeinated coffee beans so you can avoid restless nights and can be eaten by kids as well. 

7. Mocha Ice Cream

If you don’t like the bitter flavor of coffee and want something with a bit more variety, the mocha flavor includes chocolate and coffee that brings you a lighter color.

Originally from Yemen, this flavor can be sweet and bitter, depending on what chocolate and coffee you use, and can be served with cookies for an additional treat. 

8. Pistachio Ice Cream

Another firm favorite, this flavor, is identified by its pale green color and has a distinct nutty flavor is said to have been created in Philadelphia in 1940, but it’s more derivative of how Italians would have made ice cream more easily during this time.

The finely ground pistachios and almond paste give you the texture that some love, in case you were worried about savoring the flavor that can make it crunchy in some variations.

9. Mint Chocolate Chip

Chocolate chip and mint have been a pleasing combination found in cookies and chocolate goods and are credited with being invented in the UK.

The mint in this flavor makes it stand out from the rest and could be why you may find it out of stock around summer or national ice cream day, which is the 17th of July.

You can make this with more chocolate or more mint, and you could go for a creamier flavor, and you can use vanilla extract in place of peppermint if you’re looking for regular chocolate chip ice cream (see also ‘Does Ice Cream Go Bad?‘).

10. Cookies n’ Cream

This flavor is easy to love as the vanilla ice cream mixed with crumbled bits of sandwich cookies like Oreos, and you can make it as crunchy as you like, and with the creamy smooth sweetness of the ice cream, you’ve got a family favorite as well as a good milkshake idea as well.

If you’re making this flavor at home, you want to go for whole milk for the creamiest texture possible, and perhaps it gives those cookies in your cupboard some use.

11. Queso, Or Cheese Ice Cream

Before you dismiss this one as weird, we can tell you that it’s a very popular flavor in the Philippines, and in most ice cream vendors, it can be made by request if you’re craving a change.

You can expect a salty, sharp, and sweet flavor that is as simple as you can get and doesn’t need any garnishes or sauce as the taste alone is the main attraction, which can be made from a packet, or cream cheese, so perhaps you could try different varieties.

12. Coconut Ice Cream

If you’re a fan of coconut in your chocolates or beverages, why not give this variety of ice cream a try?

You’ll find a creamy texture with a distinct coconut taste, which is a popular flavor in Thailand.

You’ll also find it’s made with sweetened shreds of coconut, coconut milk (see also ‘33 Easy To Make Coconut Milk Recipes‘), and coconut cream for those who just can’t get enough of the taste and can give you a relaxed vacation feel when you tuck into it.

13. Pizza Ice Cream

Yes, you heard us right, you can combine the two loves of your life, Ice cream, and pizza, that works well in some cases.

A recipe we found is made up of mozzarella ice cream topped with a homemade tomato jam sauce with small pepperonis on top, which is just as bizarre as the cheese ice cream.

It’s strange, but you’re bound to find someone who likes this flavor, and it never hurts to try something new, and it might become your new favorite.

14. Tiger Tail Ice Cream

Before we begin, we assure you that no tigers are harmed to make this ice cream which is mainly attributed to this animal because of its appearance.

This ice cream is orange flavored with a black licorice ribbon running throughout it and is a popular flavor amongst Canadians.

Some people find that the licorice hits the spot, but we get that it won’t be to everyone’s taste, so perhaps you could find a workaround.

15. Red Curry Pandan Ice Cream

Another unusual flavor you might encounter is in parts of southeast Asia, where the tropical plant pandan is grown.

The curry and coconut flavors are surprisingly subtle in this recipe and lets the sweet and bright flavor of the pandan shine through.

Perhaps you want to experience the wonders of different cultures, and if so, we can’t recommend this flavor enough.

16. Bubble Gum

This combination might sound odd, but you’d be surprised by the vibrant blue color it most often comes in and is loaded with gum balls to give you something to savor after the ice cream is gone.

The ice cream is made with bubble gum flavoring, and yes, this might sound strange to some but considering the fruity blends they can come in works surprisingly well in this recipe.

17. Peanut Butter And Jelly Ice Cream

Yes, you can find ice cream that includes your favorite sandwich filler and works with its sweet and salty combination.

You can change things by using crunchy peanut butter if you want more texture and your preferred type of jelly, whatever flavor you like.

You might not find it in your ice cream shop or vendor, so making it a fun activity at home to make it with the family might make mealtimes more enticing, especially trying to get kids to eat their greens.

18. Blackberry Frozen Yogurt

Here is an exciting flavor that you can quickly whip up as yogurt and possibly freeze if you’d rather have that ice cream look about it.

You can use strawberries or raspberries if you decide you might want more zing to your flavor, as you can use frozen or fresh fruits and still retain the flavors that you know and love. 

19. Blue Cheese Ice Cream

We have mentioned cheese ice cream, but to those that like those stronger cheeses, you might find that there aren’t many sweet flavors that can complement the savoury potent taste of blue cheese.

In this recipe, you can use pomegranates to balance the flavor and adds an unusual twist many might want to try.

This combo would also work well with a wine of your choice, so you can experiment with different flavors to find a combo that hits the spot for you.

20. Almond Butter Ice Cream

Here we have a vegan recipe for those who have dairy intolerances but still want to experience the texture and vibrant taste without compromising.

This recipe uses unsweetened almond milk, almond or other nut butter, and coconut milk, with chocolate chips that you can make with vegan-friendly chocolate that you’ll find abundant choices out there. 

21. Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

For those dessert lovers out there, this one is worth looking for or making yourself, but as it’s a bit of a niche in some areas, you might struggle to find some.

This flavor combines the savory cheesecake or pudding mix with vibrant frozen or fresh blueberries that everyone loves.

Perhaps you could surprise your family with this lovely blend with crumbling parts of the cheesecake that is sure to give it a desert look. 

22. Rhubarb Ice Cream

If you’re a keen gardener and have any rhubarb that isn’t doing anything, slice some of it up to create a creamy and refreshing flavor.

The color might confuse it with strawberry, but when they try it, they might be pleasantly surprised by the vibrant flavor, making for a great summer dessert that could cement a new favorite.

23. Pumpkin Ice Cream

Another ice cream that we don’t hear about often enough, you have here a taste that definitely captures the feeling that comes with the fall.

You can heighten the flavor with gingersnaps either in the mixture or as a side if you want to add a bit of a kick.

It also gives you a license to use those unused cookies or biscuits in your cupboards, and your family won’t get too mad once they’ve tried this fantastic combination.

24. Gingerbread Ice Cream

Looking for the taste of thanksgiving (see also our favorite Thanksgiving desserts) or Christmas in ice cream? With this one, you have a creamy and sugary taste, given the inclusion of dark brown sugar.

It has a potent flavor thanks to the ground allspice that encapsulates the feeling of the winter months, and who doesn’t like gingerbread as it’s used from house building to confectionary goods.

25. Persimmon Ice Cream

This one is in a long line of flavors that you can experiment with, but what we like about this one is the cinnamon spice that compliments the ripeness of the persimmon fruit really well.

This one is great if you’re looking for a tropical-themed flavor and store-bought ice cream isn’t doing it for you.

This is a great way to persuade kids to try different fruits in an appealing way and makes them keen to try new flavors.

26. Banana Cream Freeze

This takes the classic banana ice cream flavor (see also ‘The 14 Best Ice Cream Toppings & Fixings‘) you know and love and makes it even better with creamy peanut butter, raisins, and walnuts.

This gives it a texture that breaks convention and the simplicity of making it can serve as a well-earned after-work or school snack that can help you unwind.

27. Sweet Corn Ice Cream

Another unusual recipe, you can turn everyone’s favorite summer corn into a delicious dessert, and this flavor has been a popular one in Mexico for a while.

This might not seem very tasty, but the sweetness of the corn surprisingly bridges the gap between sweet and savory and works alongside blueberry or peach pie, which sounds like perfection in our view. 

28. Candied Bacon Ice Cream

Here you have two things we love, which are bacon and ice cream, mixed into one recipe.

What’s more, you can serve it with a bourbon sauce, making it ideal for adults to have an innocent treat every once in a while.

You can also use maple syrup, which we also love, in the recipe, but you want a suitable quality type to experience this unique flavor.

29. Saffron Ice Cream

You have a Persian saffron ice cream that combines rose water, cream, milk, and pistachios to create a fragrant and irresistible flavor that will definitely wow people.

The inclusion of the saffron spice has an intense flavor which is excellent for those who have a taste for bitter and intense flavors.

Additionally, you can opt for walnuts or almonds as an alternative to pistachios to customize your ice cream. Explore more Persian recipes to discover the richness of this cuisine.

30. Ube Ice Cream

We couldn’t make an ice cream list without including the Ube ice cream, which is taken from the purple yam, which is an ingredient from the Philippines and has gained worldwide popularity.

It has a nice earthy flavor and has been described as a cross between vanilla and pistachio.

And also, the vibrant purple color makes it even more irresistible.

31. Butterscotch Ice Cream

This flavor has the advantage of being a versatile recipe as, on the one hand, you could try the Indian version that is often topped with crunchy pralines.

On the other, you could add a hint of bourbon to give the flavor more kick, and it is usually made with milk, as the Indian version tends to use cream instead. 

32. Tahini Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

This ice cream has the benefit that it’s gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, and naturally sweetened with tahini which is usually made by grinding sesame seeds into a smooth paste.

It’s easy to make, and you can serve it soft or freeze it for that ice cream texture.

33. Black Raspberry Ice Cream With Oreos

We finish this list with the creamiest black raspberry ice cream (see also ‘28 Incredible Raspberry Dessert Recipes‘) and swirls of delicious Oreos, which will most certainly hit that sweet spot.

You could try a blackberry or raspberry drizzle to make the ultimate ice cream that will be hard to beat in terms of look and flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Know Which Flavors Work Best?

For this, there isn’t a definitive answer because people are creating new combos all the time, and some surprisingly work better than others.

The best thing you can do is to stick with what you like and maybe mix it up with new ingredients once in a while.

Or you could sample more flavors at your local ice cream store or vendor (see also ‘The 16 Best Ice Cream Flavors You Can Get At Cold Stone Creamery‘).

What Is The least Popular Ice Cream flavor?

The results are in, and the answer is the Neapolitan, which we assume people find bland maybe.

Only 2% of Americans chose this flavor, but if you like it, then hey, there’s nothing wrong with your choice.

There are considerations such as the influence of different cultures and tastes, but you can also be a bit daring with your Neapolitan by adding different flavors and maybe trying different nuts or sauces to get a new blend, and perhaps you could name it after yourself.


With all these options, what are you waiting for? You can go to ice cream vendors and shops to try different flavors and blends to see what you and your family like.

Or if you want a simple guilty pleasure, that’s fine too, and we don’t blame you. Thanks for reading.

33 Ice Cream Flavors You Have To Try

33 Ice Cream Flavors You Have To Try

Recipe by Jenna

We’ve rounded up 33 of the most delicious ice cream flavors from around the world, so if you want to improve your desert game, read on.

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