A Full Guide On The Healthiest Foods At Burger King

There’s no doubt about it; when we’re hungry, we will eat just about anything a fast food restaurant has to offer.

Even if it’s unhealthy, which it usually is, as long as the food fills our rumbling bellies, we will feel better.

However, eating unhealthy fast foods on a regular basis will certainly not do your health any good.

A Full Guide On The Healthiest Foods At Burger King

When heading to many fast food chains, it can be pretty challenging to find something healthy to eat on their menu.

One famous chain that has been guilty of this is Burger King.

However, it is not as guilty as some other well-known fast food chains when it comes to slim-pickings in the healthy food department.

Over the years, Burger King has included numerous healthy menu options, such as grilled chicken sandwiches, and salads.

But, many of these items are no longer available, meaning finding something that is not hazardous to our health can be somewhat tricky. 

The good news is that Burger King still provides healthy food items on their menus that may meet your dietary requirements. 

In today’s post, we are going to guide you through17 of the healthiest options currently available on the Burger King menu.

Therefore, you can satisfy your cravings and not have to worry about the side effects your fast food may have on your health. 

We’re hungry, so let’s get started!

17 Top Healthy Items At Burger King

1. Hash Browns (Small Serving)

We start our list with this popular breakfast item on the Burger King menu.

When you think of hash browns, you probably don’t think of them as being overly healthy.

But, Burger King’s offerings are surprisingly low on calories.

A small serving of breakfast hash browns at Burger King only contains around 250 calories and 2 grams of protein.

Whilst these won’t be enough to fill you up for the day to come, they can be a healthy choice to go alongside some fat-free milk, so you can enjoy some healthy proteins and calories.

Moreover, these hash browns come with 3 grams of fiber, so, although a small portion, they can help you feel fuller. 

2. 4-Piece Chicken Nuggets 

If you’re a fan of small snacks, then you’ll love Burger King’s 4-piece chicken nuggets.

These only contain 192 calories in total and are made using a homestyle seasoned breading and white meat.

It is also possible to choose between different dipping sauces to dunk them into. 

Being so low in calories, we doubt these nuggets will fill you all that much.

That is why you may want to order a side of something else and a drink.

Once you bite into these chicken pieces of goodness, though, you will love their crispy outsides and juicy middles. Yummy!

3. French Toast Sticks (3 Piece Serving)

We return to Burger King’s breakfast menu with their 3-piece French Toast Sticks.

Compared to most other items on the breakfast menu, these French toast sticks are much lower in both calories and sodium content.

With the chain’s 3-piece serving, these toast sticks contain only 230 calories and 260 mg of sodium.

By opting for the 5-piece portion, the number of calories explode to 380, whilst the sodium increased to 430 mg.

And, although the 3-piece option only contains 3 grams of protein to fill you, by ordering a side of milk, you can increase this to 11 grams.

No more rumbling belly! 

4. The Impossible Burger 

Some say it’s impossible to eat a healthy burger. Well, Burger King says otherwise with their aptly named Impossible burger!

This vegetarian option, also known as the Impossible Whopper, contains around 626 calories, so it should fill your stomach pretty well.

The burger is flame-grilled and made from a plant-based patty.

Also included are tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, onions, mayonnaise, and ketchup.

But, this burger is not suitable for vegans because of the animal-based mayo.

You should also be aware that some Burger King restaurants have been known to cook their veggie burgers on the same broiler as their beef patties.

Therefore, it may not always be vegetarian-friendly, either. 

Overall, though, the Impossible burger is a healthier option than many other patties on the Burger King menu.

You can also add a side of fries and a drink, but this will see the calories increase quite substantially. 

The Hamburger 

5. The Hamburger 

Now, we move on to a real meat hamburger.

This plain burger from Burger King comes with 240 calories and 10 grams of fat.

Although this may sound quite high for a single burger, these numbers are actually pretty low compared to other burgers and sandwiches on the menu. 

This plain hamburger contains just 280 mg of sodium, making it one of the lowest sodium options on the entire menu.

As usual, you can choose to add various toppings, condiments, and a drink, but we recommend opting for lower-calorie sides to keep it as healthy as possible. 

Chicken Garden Salad 

6. Chicken Garden Salad 

In many fast food chains, salads are surprisingly unhealthy.

However, in Burger King, their chicken garden salad is healthy, filling, and truly delicious.

Containing around 870 calories, this salad is packed with healthy ingredients, such as tomatoes, romaine lettuce, and fresh-leaf, radicchio lettuce.

Also included are shredded cheddar cheese, garlic, croutons, white meat chicken nuggets, and a sumptuous buttery sauce. 

Flavorful and nutritious, Burger King’s chicken garden salad is ideal for either lunch or dinner.

Thanks to its plethora of veggies, it has some well-needed vitamins and minerals, as well as protein, and dairy.

Most importantly, all the ingredients used are fresh, so you can be sure you’re getting the best on offer.

7. Chicken, Apple, and Cranberry Salad with Tendergrill

Another salad you can purchase is the chicken, apple, and cranberry salad with tendergrill.

This is a perfect choice for dinner, even if you add a little dressing to its side. 

The number of calories in this salad adds up to around 480, but with 28 grams of protein on offer, you will be getting a good dose of your protein fix for the day!

It also contains just 480 mg of sodium, which is pretty low in comparison to other items on the menu.

That being said, you may want to grab a glass of water to offset the sodium content.

And, if you’re treating yourself, maybe get a self-serve cone too! 

8. The Whopper Jr.

If you’re looking for a food item that has a low-sodium content, the Whopper Jr. is well worth considering.

Next to the plain hamburger, this meaty treat contains the lowest sodium levels of any meal on the Burger King menu, with just 390 mg. 

However, if you add a few condiments, they can add a whopping 75 to 360 mg of sodium to your meal.

So, if doing so, add your salt sparingly.

And, yes, 390 mg of sodium may not sound that low to you, but it is when compared to other items on the menu.

However, because there is a certain level of sodium in the meal, you should only eat the Whopper Jr. in moderation.

Simply eat it occasionally to treat yourself as part of a healthy, balanced diet. 

9. Bacon Cheeseburger (With no Bun)

A healthy bacon cheeseburger?

Surely, this is not possible?

Well, if you take the bun out of the equation, the bacon cheeseburger from Burger King becomes much healthier with lower calories and carbs.

This also transforms it into a keto-friendly item!

Although healthier without the bread bun, the meat itself still contains saturated fat, trans fat, and sodium.

So, it may not be the healthiest option on the Burger King menu, but the bacon cheeseburger is a better choice compared to many other items. 

10. Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit (Minus the Biscuit)

From one keto-friendly food item to another.

Here, we have the sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit combo, but, to make it healthier, we’re afraid you’ll need to cut the cheese biscuit out.

This breakfast sandwich is popular amongst Burger King fans and, even without the biscuit, it still tastes great!

By taking the cheese biscuit out of the question, you can enjoy a low-carb breakfast with a great deal of protein.

You can also swap the sausage with bacon or ham if you wanted, and the number of carbohydrates in the meal should remain similar. 

Altogether, this tasty breakfast treat provides 14 grams of protein, meaning you can start your day feeling full and satisfied. 

11. The Croissan’wich

Another sumptuous breakfast option at Burger King is the Croissan’wich.

This breakfast sandwich comes with ham, egg, and cheese.

And, best of all, it is one of the lowest calorie options at the famous fast food chain.

If you feel like it’s not as filling as you want, you can also order a sausage or some bacon to go with it.

It’s important that you balance the Croissan’wich with low-sodium meals over the course of your day, however, as this contains a substantial 1,000 mg of sodium.

But, with 370 calories and 17 grams of protein, it is a surefire way of giving you the energy to start your day! 

12. The Chicken Jr.

The Chicken Jr. is another healthy option to choose at Burger King.

Packed with a chicken patty and mayonnaise between a sesame seed bun, the Chicken Jr. is truly delicious.

Biting into the toasted, crunchy bun, and grilled, savory chicken is a simple joy, but something that can brighten any day.

With only 451 calories, this sandwich contains a good amount of greens, protein, and carbohydrates to fuel your body.

But, it is unlikely to fill you up completely, so we recommend adding some sort of side and drink with the sandwich.

Whether you opt for a small, medium, or large-sized side is up to how hungry you feel at the time.

Just remember that sides, such as onion rings or fries, will increase the calorie count by quite a lot. 

The Egg and Cheese Muffin

13. The Egg and Cheese Muffin

If you want a small meal or a snack to keep you going on a busy day, the egg and cheese muffin may be the answer.

Ordered with a side of apple slices, you can enjoy a combination of protein and carbohydrates to keep your energy levels stable throughout your morning routines.

Also, by adding the apple slides, the meal’s fiber increases, as well as its volume, so you will feel fuller quicker and for longer. 

14. A Soft-Serve Cup 

We now come to what many of us have been waiting for – the desserts!

The Soft-Serve Cup is a low-calorie dessert that will satisfy your sweet tooth and your hungry belly.

Containing just 142 calories, this cup is also low in sodium, with only 100 mg.

Even by FDA standards, this sodium count is pretty low. 

However, the cone alone contains 17 grams of sugar, which is, of course, not the healthiest item on the Burger King menu.

Therefore, be careful what you eat during the rest of your day.

Try to only eat low-sugar meals or snacks so you don’t “overdo” it on the sugar levels. 

15. A Soft-Serve Cup

Another dessert option you can try is a soft-serve cup.

Compared to the soft-serve cone, this is a little higher in calories, sodium, sugar, and fat, but it’s not all doom and gloom.

This Burger King cup is still relatively low in fat and sodium, especially for dessert. 

With 5 grams of fat and 150 mg of sodium, you will be hard-pressed to find other items at Burger King with such low numbers.

If you only have a small main meal, such as a single cheeseburger without the bun, then finishing off with a soft-serve cup could be the finishing touch you need. 

16. French Fries 

Okay, you may think we have gone mad.

French fries are not healthy, surely?

Well, while fries are not as healthy as some other items at Burger King, they are certainly not the worst thing to eat there.

If you order a value-size portion of French Fries, they will come with 223 calories, 1.7 g of saturated fat, 10 g of fat, 31 g of carbs, 0g of sugar, 331 mg of sodium, and 3 g of protein.

Whether you opt for this as a standalone snack or with a meal, we recommend sticking to the value-size option to keep those calories down. 

17. Nestle Pure Life Bottled Water

We finish our list with a healthy beverage from the Burger King menu (see also ‘Top 13 Best Burger King Items To Try‘).

A bottle of Nestle Pure Life Water is unsurprisingly healthy with 0 calories, o g of carbohydrates, 0 g of sugar, 0 g of protein, and 30 mg of sodium.  

When ordering most fast food items, your safest bet is to choose water as your drink, as it is usually the most nutritious option.

If you want something more flavorful, you can consider getting a glass of unsweetened iced tea, too, or some black coffee. 

In Summary 

These days, you can enjoy fast food and maintain a relatively healthy, well-balanced diet.

As you can see above, Burger King offers a range of healthy options on its menu, with some being both nutritious and delicious!

With some planning ahead, you can enjoy some low-calorie food items at Burger King that will satisfy your cravings and keep your body in tip-top shape.

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