16 Haddock Recipes Fish Lovers Must Try

Here are 16 delicious haddock recipes ideal for seafood lovers. They are easy to make and are sure to please your dinner table. 

1. New England Baked Haddock 

This simple baked haddock recipe is comforting and easy to make, using only a few ingredients. As the title suggests, this recipe uses delicious melt-in-your-mouth New England haddock as the base.

This is a very traditional dish in New England, perfect for any occasion. 

When making your breadcrumbs you can choose to season them with any spices you prefer before mixing them with butter to form a sticky coating.

Bake and enjoy with a fresh lemon wedge and parsley alongside any vegetables you desire. 

2. Lemon-Butter Haddock 

Pan-frying fish is a simple and quick method of cooking which still produces great results. The zest from the lemon mixed with the rich butter sauce and capers is enough to make any mid-week meal special.

You’ll want to coat the fish in a light floury mixture to help it turn crispy and golden on the outside. 

Serving suggestions include nutty beans, potatoes and a sauce of your liking. 

3. Parmesan Baked Haddock With Lemon And Garlic

Haddock is a versatile fish that compliments a number of ingredients.  Here, haddock is baked with Parmesan cheese on the surface of the fish, make sure this is an even spread.

Garlic, salt and pepper are also added to the Parmesan coating for extra flavor. The fish doesn’t need to bake for long before it’s ready to be served with lemon wedges. 

4. Baked Haddock 

When haddock is baked it produces a perfectly flaky and mouth watering texture that is ready in less than 20 minutes. This is ideal for busy people who want a healthy dinner but don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen every evening. 

No marinating is required here, just pat dry and season. Cherry tomatoes, lemon, garlic, thyme and oil are combined to create a sauce for the fish to bake in.

It will absorb the flavor whilst baking and keep the fish moist and flaky to give you the perfect dinner. 

5. Ginger-Soy Glazed Haddock

Putting an Asian-inspired twist on a piece of haddock is easy to do. Ginger and soy are fantastic flavors that will leave your tastebuds feeling satisfied.

The fish only needs to marinate for around 30 minutes to produce delicious results, so you don’t have to fuss around the day before. 

Combining ginger, soy sauce, lemon, onion and parsley creates a lovely marinade. Once the fish is done cooking you can spoon some of the warm glaze over the top for added flavor. 

6. Smoked Haddock Chowder

If you’ve never had a chowder before, you’re missing out. Chowder is a comforting bowl of creamy, buttery nourishment, ideal on a cold day.

Although it’s a pretty hands-on dish, the results will be worth it. Chowder contains haddock, vegetables, stock and spices. The soup is topped off with a beautifully poached egg and served with crushed water biscuits. 

7. Simple Broiled Haddock 

Broiling is a similar method to cooking as grilling as it exposes the food directly to the heat. This haddock recipe is quick and easy to do.

A simple blend of seasonings is used to boost the mild flavors of this flaky fish. Paprika, cayenne pepper, garlic, salt and pepper are used to lightly season the top of the fish with a little butter that melts on top of it. 

Many toaster ovens or standard ovens come with a broil setting, but if you don’t have either of these options there are many online articles that will show you how to overcome this. 

8. Panko-Crusted Oven Fried Haddock

Coating haddock in breadcrumbs is easy to do and great as the flaky dish will retain its robust flaky form. Panko breadcrumbs are a Japanese style of breadcrumbs which are lightly baked to give them more crunch.

The breadcrumbs stick to the fish using a mayonnaise and egg mixture, be warned this process can get very messy. 

Accompany the filets with a seafood sauce or just a simple lemon wedge to really bring out the flavor. For a light dinner, you can simply serve it with salad. 

9. Light Smoked Haddock Fish Pie

A healthier alternative to regular fish pie, prawns and haddock add light and low-calorie alternatives. For the topping of this pie, sliced potatoes are layered and cooked until golden adding some great texture.

This recipe is simple and easy to do, the hard part is waiting for it to bake!  

10. Roasted Haddock With Chorizo Crust, Asparagus And Peppers

This Mediterranean-style dish is a light and tasty dinner to make on a hot summer’s evening. The vibrant chorizo crust adds spice and flavor to the more mild haddock filet.

Creating the chorizo crust is easy to do, by blending a few ingredients into a food processor to form a paste. Season and roast the haddock to perfection. 

To serve, grill some asparagus, tomatoes and a big salad for a true taste of the Mediterranean. Drizzling sherry vinegar (see also ‘4 Sherry Vinegar Substitutes‘) over all the elements of the dish will add some extra acidity.

You can even use some crusty bread to mop up the leftover juices. 

11. Lemon Garlic Haddock 

Simple recipes tend to produce the best results, we don’t all need to spend hours in the kitchen cooking complicated food for it to taste good.

Lemon juice, garlic and olive oil are rubbed into the haddock filets before baking to infuse the fish with the flavors whilst cooking. Garnish with green onion to serve, it’s really that simple.  

Perfect for summer, you can use the fish as a salad topping, on top of new potatoes or grains such as couscous for a light and refreshing meal. 

12. Haddock Baked In Spiced Yogurt 

Yogurt may not be the first thing you’d think to pair with fish, but sometimes these things just work. A marinade of onion, garlic, ginger and chili is blended with the yogurt to make a paste.

Aromatic spices such as turmeric, coriander and cardamom are added to the fish before it’s left to marinade. The fish is baked until cooked and served with basmati rice. 

The mix of spices and flavors creates an Indian-inspired way of cooking the fish that doesn’t overpower it. 

13. Crispy Chilli Haddock With Pak Choi Noodles 

Crisp up your bite-size pieces of haddock by coating them in cornflour, soy and chilli flakes before pan-frying.

Using any noodles you like, you can serve this crispy fish with delicious pak choi and a spicy, zingy sriracha and ginger dressing. These flavors are guaranteed to impress your guests and leave them wanting more. 

14. Pan Fried Haddock Mediterranean Style

To add a Mediterranean twist on haddock, it is cooked here in white wine, Kalamata olive and tangy capers for a dish that is full of flavor and is still light and easy to make.

White wine that excellently pairs with the fish is used in the sauce. 

The key to pulling this recipe off is making the fish nice and crispy (for more interesting fish recipes, check out our guide to Ono fish). To do this, you can fry the fish separately and serve on a bed of sauce or drizzle it over the top.

Adding Wondra flour creates a gentle coating but helps to really crispen up any fish. Most grocery stores stock it, but it may be easier to find online. 

15. Grilled Haddock With Lemon Cream Sauce 

Grilling haddock makes it incredibly tender and light. The fish pairs perfectly with lemon, which is the base of the creamy sauce used in this recipe.

Placing lemon on the grill, on the fish and in the sauce helps the fish from falling apart, sticking to foil and packs it with flavor. 

The sauce gets its creaminess from heavy cream and butter which are heated alongside an onion, parmesan cheese and lots of lemon zest and juice. 

16. Baked Haddock With Brown Butter

Delicate and delicious, this dish uses simple ingredients to make a gourmet meal. Bake the fish, skin side down with oil, salt, pepper, paprika and parsley to infuse with the fish.

The brown butter element is simply drizzled on the fish before serving. Brown butter is melted butter that is continuously whisked before starting to brown and caramelize. 

Let this mixture rest and then use the pan to let the hot, sticky brown butter drizzle over the perfectly baked haddock. Serve with your favorite green vegetables and potatoes for a full and delicious meal. 

Final Thoughts 

There you have 16 delicious haddock meals that are simple and easy to cook, without any complicated techniques or ingredients. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading and have some fresh inspiration on how to next cook your haddock dinner!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Is Haddock Best Served?

Haddock can be served any way you like. However, it pairs well with rice such as basmati or wild rice, any leafy salad and green vegetables.

Different ways of cooking haddock will go better with certain foods. For example, haddock that is cooked with a creamy sauce will pair better with potatoes than rice. 

Is Haddock A Healthy Fish?

Yes, haddock is a very healthy fish. Haddock is a white fish that is rich in minerals, Omega 3 and vitamins such as B6, B12, magnesium, iron and vitamin D.

Eating foods with these elements help to build bone strength, regulate your heart rate and can also help prevent you from developing certain diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

16 Haddock Recipes Fish Lovers Must Try

16 Haddock Recipes Fish Lovers Must Try

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Haddock is a white saltwater fish with a mild, slightly sweet flavor. Here we have listed 16 delicious haddock recipes perfect for seafood lovers.

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