28 Easy And Simple Ground Elk Recipes You NEED To Try

Ground elk is sometimes considered a specialty meat. It’s a gorgeous type of meat with unique flavors that you can’t find anywhere else.

Many people enjoy it in its ground form, adding it to many dishes as a way to create something incredible. However, because of this, it can sometimes feel overcomplicated when searching for simple recipes online.

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But it doesn’t have to be like this! In the following article, we’re going to give you a list of the 28 simplest and easiest ground elk recipes we could find!

We’ve also made sure to include a short FAQ to help answer any questions you may have about this kind of meat! So let’s get right into it! 

28 Best Ground Elk Recipes

1. Elk Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s pie is traditionally made with lamb or beef, but this recipe shows that elk meat is a perfect fit! It’s not overly complicated to make and will be a comforting, hearty meal for a cold winter’s night. 

2. Ground Elk Quesadillas

Quesadillas are remarkably versatile considering their simplicity, and this is mostly due to the types of meat you can add. You might not have ever considered elk as a good fit for quesadillas, but this recipe proves otherwise! 

3. Juicy Elk Burgers

Ground elk can easily be made into patties with a bit of love and care. If you want some extra flavor and a unique burger, then this is a great choice! We’d recommend this for family BBQs or when entertaining guests. 

4. Ground Elk Straganoff

Here is another recipe that traditionally uses beef, but can easily be swapped out for ground elk. We think that the delicate nature of this meat goes perfectly with the heavier carbohydrate base of stroganoff so make sure you try this one soon! 

5. Ground Elk Italian Meatballs

Elk is also a great choice for meatballs. Follow this recipe for something that will come out very close to traditional Italian cooking! 

6. Ground Elk Casserole

The elk meat here will go perfectly with corn, black beans, and cheddar cheese. You can also add jalapenos or other spicy ingredients for some extra kick! You’ll find that elk goes just as well with spices as it does with herbs! 

7. Elk Crunch Wrap Supreme

Want something that’s easy and tasty? If this is the case, then you can use your ground elk to make this tasty crunch wrap supreme. It’s perfect for a chilled out lunch or a late night snack—provided you’re hungry enough! 

8. Grilled Elk Taco Pinwheels

For our first taco recipe, we have these delicious pinwheels. We’d recommend these for a family BBQ or as part of a buffet.

One great thing is that you can add all kinds of different proteins and vegetables inside, and they give you a perfect opportunity to use up any leftover ingredients that you don’t know what to do with.

9. Baked Elk Meat Pie

It’s as if elk and pie were supposed to be together. This is a great recipe, that although may take a bit of skill and experience to make, is fairly quick to cook once you get the necessary pie-making skills down.

This is a great choice for a family meal with lots of hungry mouths to feed. 

10. Elk Meatballs With Sweet And Spicy Sauce

For our second meatball recipe, we have something that has a bit of a kick too it! Add or remove spice to suit your own pallet, and you’ll have the perfect spicy meal for dinner. 

11. Kashmiri Elk Curry

For this Moroccan-inspired curry we would suggest keeping your ground elk and using it in the place of other meats. It really does go perfectly with the curry sauce and delicate basmati rice. 

12. Elk Meatloaf

This one is for real meat lovers! Expect a gorgeous balance of flavors that you can achieve only with elk here. This doesn’t take too long to make, and you can always simplify the recipe if you’re looking to be a little lazy with it. 

13. Paleo Elk Burger Bowl

Elk is a very popular meat choice for those who follow the paleo diet, because of its high nutritional value and incredible flavor. This paleo bowl is very simple and is packed with lots of different flavors and essential vegetables. 

14. Simple Elk Enchiladas

Enchiladas are a cheesy treat that goes very well with elk. If you don’t like the heavier feeling of beef within Mexican classics, then elk is a perfect substitute. These have a lot of prep but are very quick to make once you get going. 

15. Elk Swedish Meatballs

For our next meatballs recipe, we have a Swedish-inspired list of ingredients that pair amazingly with ground elk. Expect a hearty meal that is perfect for any time of the year! 

16. Elk Bolognese Sauce

Bolognese is one of those recipes that you can easily swap out beef and pork for elk.

Elk manages to be the perfect middle ground between these two meats and can be paired with all different types of pasta. Check out this recipe for some incredible tips on how to make a glorious ragu. 

17. Elk Chilli Simple

Another Mexican classic that has been tweaked to use elk, we have chili—a spicy, awesome meal that will warm and satisfy you through some of the darkest nights in winter.

We recommend this recipe if you want something quick, but also delicate and packed with flavor. 

18. Longer To Cook Elk Chili

This is another great recipe that has been created with different meats in mind, including buffalo, venison, or very lean beef (for more venison recipes, read here). We’d suggest using elk over all of these though for something you can make in a big batch and come back to night after night. 

19. Thick Ground Elk Chili

For our penultimate chili recipe, we have a very thick chili that is a lot heartier and more filling than the others on our list. You might want to be careful with sides here as only one serving is bound to fill and comfort you—especially on cold winter nights.

20. Paleo Elk Chili

One of the problems with being paleo is not having many carbs to make up some classic meals. Thankfully, this recipe has the solution! If you’re looking for a low-carb, delicious paleo recipe then this is going to be one of your favorites! 

21. Ground Elk Patties With Spinach And Sweet Potato

This is another great paleo recipe that uses a simple sweet potato to compliment delicate elk patties. We also think spinach goes very well with the meat to create a light balance of flavors. 

22. Elk Taco Salad

If you love tacos but want to drop the tortillas, then this is an incredible opportunity. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for something that gives you everything you’ve learned to love from tacos, using elk meat as its delicious, delicate base. 

23. Juicy Elk Burgers (no bun!)

Although this recipe skips out on the buns, you’re still going to get a gorgeous series of elk patties no matter what. However, you can always choose to add the bun too if you don’t mind eating the refined carbs. 

24. Korean Ground Beef

Now this is a recipe for ground beef, but we think it will work equally well (perhaps better) with elk as its meat base.

Korean fried beef is an incredible recipe that is loved worldwide for a reason. Make sure to get the rice fluffy and delicious and it will work so well for lunch or for dinner. 

25. Elk Burgers With Cheese, Tomatoes, And Onions

Next burger recipe here, one that allows you to create an American classic-style burger with elk. Not much to say about this one other than it’s delicious and indulgent! 

26. Green Chile Elk Burgers

Green Chile is an incredible choice if you’re looking for an additional kick to your burgers. Chile goes remarkably well with elk as a meat and we’d recommend this if you want to try something different. 

27. Grilled Elk Burger

If you want something a little healthier, but still with all the trimmings, try out this gorgeous elk burger recipe today! 

28. Elk Burger with Bacon and Wild Blueberry Hot Sauce

This isn’t the easiest recipe to make, but it will really hit you with some unique flavors that will rock your world! Choose this one for a monster burger that will use up a lot of your ground elk. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Elk Taste Like?

Elk when cooked correctly is very tender meat. It’s extremely clean tasting with a slight sweetness that makes it a perfect mixture between pork and beef.

Is Elk Meat the Same As Game Meat?

It’s a bit different but does include some of the same delicate texture and sweetness. 

28 Easy And Simple Ground Elk Recipes You NEED To Try

28 Easy And Simple Ground Elk Recipes You NEED To Try

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