24 Gorgeous Recipes For Green Tomatoes

Do you have a bunch of tomatoes that have failed to ripen on your vine, leaving you with an abundance of green tomatoes?

24 Gorgeous Recipes For Green Tomatoes

Look no further! In this article, we have collected 24 different recipes that all include green tomatoes, and taste absolutely amazing. We have sweet recipes, savory, tangy, and spicy, meaning there is something here for everyone to enjoy.

So, let’s get into it.

1. Burmese Green Tomato Salad

This green tomato salad pairs well with bolder meals due to its delicate flavor.

You can always prepare this simple Burmese salad with particularly hardy red tomatoes, or some cherry tomatoes, if green tomatoes aren’t available at the time of year that you’re reading this.

Alternately, you might blend the several kinds!

2. Fried Green Tomato BLT Sandwich

Who doesn’t love a huge, stacked BLT sandwich? While red tomatoes are the typical go-to for a BLT, trust us when we say that once you try green tomatoes instead, you’ll never go back.

Try to find some ripe green tomatoes, and slice them a ¼ inch thick before frying for the best flavor and consistency.

3. Fried Green Tomato Tacos

These crispy, delectable tacos are packed with heat, filled with wedges of excellent fried green tomatoes, some creamy slaw, and a tonne of hot pickled peppers.

The number of tacos you serve will ultimately depend on the width of the tortillas, and how many fried green tomatoes you utilize per taco. Use your own judgment!

4. Fried Green Tomato Tart

This fried green tomato dish is everything a tart should be: crisp on the outside, and deliciously soft and creamy on the inside. 

Alongside the green tomatoes, this tart should be filled with onions, peppers, garlic, and some jalapeños.

If you’re not a fan of heat, you may want to cut back on the last ingredient… but if you’re up for the challenge, add some extras!

5. Fried Green Tomatoes

This is probably one of the more simpler dishes on this list, but that does not make it one of the worst. In fact, fried green tomatoes are a snack that should not be missed out on!

Coated in breadcrumbs and a hot sauce mixture, these spicy bites only take around 5 minutes to fry into a golden-brown hue. 

6. Green Tomato Cake

Eww… or yum? Yes, yes, we know what you’re thinking: why would anyone put tomatoes inside a cake?! Well, believe it or not, this cake is absolutely delicious.

After all, the tomato is a fruit. It’s sweet, it’s juicy, so why wouldn’t it taste great as a dessert? Stir in the sweet flavors of vanilla and cinnamon, and you won’t even be able to tell that you’re eating a tomato flavored cake.

7. Green Tomato Casserole

When it comes to casseroles, there aren’t many ingredients that don’t taste good inside them. Green tomatoes are, of course, included.

This delicious green tomato casserole is sprinkled with a whole load of salt, pepper, sugar, and cheese to create a crisp exterior, while the insides are so creamy and decadent.

8. Green Tomato Chili

This spicy variation on a classic beef chili substitutes green tomatoes for the customary ripe red ones and tastes just as good, if not better.

Use all of the green tomatoes still in the garden in the autumn to prepare a delicious, hearty chili by following this recipe. This will be a hit with the full family!

9. Green Tomato Chutney

One of the fastest and most convenient relishes to prepare at home is this green tomato chutney. The components are simply chopped up, added to a saucepan, and cooked collectively.

With some cheese, bread, and cold meats, this delectable chutney goes amazingly well. It is tangy, sweet, and spicy.

10. Green Tomato Curry With Peanuts And Yellow Split Peas

The remainder of the tomato produce can be used in a delightful and practical manner by preparing this green tomato curry with peanuts and yellow split peas.

The cayenne pepper provides the curry the kick that any spice lover craves, but if you don’t want things to get too hot, you might want to cut back on it.

11. Green Tomato Jam

The next delicious meal you can make with some green tomatoes comes next.

Grab a jar of this unique jam as tomato season approaches, using up the rest of the bountiful harvest of green tomatoes on your vine. It pairs well with some crusty bread, and is both sweet and acidic.

12. Green Tomato Ketchup

While this ketchup isn’t colored a vivid green hue – who remembers the Shrek-themed sauce that came out in the early 2000s?! — it’s still a nice variation to your typical tomato ketchup.

This condiment has a rich flavor that is sour, sugary, and also has a light chili punch.

13. Green Tomato Pasta Sauce

Tomato sauce always tastes great with some pasta, and this recipe is no exception. Use those fall green tomatoes by making this wonderful tangy sauce.

If you’d like, you can add roasted chicken to the sauce to give it more substance and protein.

14. Green Tomato Pie

Yet again, we have another sweet dessert filled with some juicy green tomatoes.

If you’re thinking that tomatoes shouldn’t be placed inside a dessert, believe us when we say that this doesn’t taste too differently to your typical apple pie!

All you need is some sugar and cinnamon to add the sweetness.

15. Green Tomato Pickles

Did you know that picked dills and pickled green tomatoes have similar tastes? In fact, this flavor might be even better!

The unripe tomatoes’ natural acidity pairs beautifully with the salted pickle brine’s tangy, peppery flavor. It is crunchy and salty, just like a pickle should be.

16. Green Tomato Pizza With Onions And Cheddar

Without tomatoes, a pizza would just be a cheese-topped sheet of bread. Although it is a necessary component of the dish, we suggest substituting some green for the red.

With this sweet and juicy caramelized onion and green tomato pizza, use up the remainder of this season’s under ripe tomatoes.

17. Green Tomato Relish

For using up green garden tomatoes that are nearing the end of their growing season, make this sweet and salty green tomato relish.

This delicious sauce offers a wonderful kick of sweetness and bitterness. It’s delicious on hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, and it also works well as a salad topper.

18. Green Tomato Stew

For that surplus of green tomatoes at the end of the summer, we have a delectably creamy green tomato stew next. It is also devoid of soy, nuts, gluten, and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

This quick meal comes together in only 20 minutes, and the result is a tasty dish with sweet, summery tastes.

19. Grilled Green Tomatoes

A lot of the aforementioned recipes in this list consists of frying the tomatoes in a lot of oil and breadcrumbs. If you’re looking for something a little healthier, why not try these yummy grilled green tomatoes?

All you need to do it mix them up with some other ingredients, and throw them on the grill. It’s so quick and easy!

20. Pasta With Green Tomato Pesto

Pesto and pasta are a pairing that never seem to get old. Additionally, tomato sauces go just as well with pasta.

If you’re a fan of pesto and pasta, and tomatoes and pasta, why not combine all three ingredients for a delicious twist? This green tomato pesto will take your pasta dish to the next level.

21. Pickled Stuffed Green Tomatoes

We’ve already discussed how delicious pickled green tomatoes are, and how they may even taste better than picked dills, but have you ever tried stuffed pickled green tomatoes?

If not, we definitely recommend that you do.

These tomatoes are stuffed with garlic, parsley, dill flowers, and some jalapeños for a spicy kick. Let them pickle, and then enjoy.

22. Roasted Green Tomato Soup

Next, we have a recipe for a vegan, naturally nut-free, gluten-free, velvety roasted green tomato soup with sautéed onions and green leafy vegetables.

This soup’s vivid green color will either catch your eye or send you away. In any case, the soup’s appearance is insignificant in comparison to its flavor. Give it a try!

23. Spicy Green Tomato Salsa

You may have tried green tomatoes without even noticing if you’ve ever had salsa verde at a Mexican-themed establishment.

Although this salsa has a somewhat distinct taste compared to those made with red tomatoes, it still goes great with nachos, enchiladas, and other conventional salsa-topped foods.

24. Ugly Tomato Green Gazpacho

Last but not least, try making this delicious and simple Green Gazpacho, which is created with really fresh green tomatoes.

When you don’t feel like preparing a large supper on a warm summer day, this soup is ideal. We already know you’re going to adore it because it is mild and pleasant on the stomach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Tomatoes Good For Your Kidneys?

The tomato, a fruit high in vitamin C, has been maligned as food that causes kidney stones to grow. Tomatoes aren’t actually bad for your kidneys, but only if you cook them properly.

Kidney stones could form if they are consumed uncooked. If a person is prone to kidney stones, they should avoid eating an excessive amount of raw tomatoes.

Is A Green Tomato Just An Unripe Tomato?

Green tomatoes are typically the unripe varieties of regular tomatoes when you hear the term.

Green tomatoes are occasionally harvested purposefully before they mature, but more frequently, they are just tomatoes that weren’t fully matured by the end of the growing season.

They still taste wonderful and may be prepared and consumed in the same ways as red tomatoes.

Can You Eat Too Many Green Tomatoes?

Glycoalkaloid substances, such solanine, a-tomatine, and dehydrotomatin, are found in green tomatoes.

Conversely, eating significant doses of glycoalkaloids might lead to discomfort, irritation and gastrointestinal problems. For similar reasons, eating red tomatoes in large quantities might also result in digestive issues.

Are Green Tomatoes Healthy?

Green tomatoes that are ripe are full of nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium. They also contain nutrients like magnesium, calcium, dietary fiber, and iron.

Nevertheless, because they are not yet fully ripe, green tomatoes that are simply unripe red tomatoes won’t be as rich a source of minerals.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re craving fried green tomatoes, or you fancy trying some green tomato cake, we have all the recipes here for you to try.

They’re all pretty simple to follow, and the results will be so worth it.

We hope you found this article helpful.

24 Gorgeous Recipes For Green Tomatoes

24 Gorgeous Recipes For Green Tomatoes

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Green tomatoes are a healthful and delicious option for salads, pizzas, and even pies. These 24 handpicked recipes make the most of this juicy, colorful fruit.

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