30 Best Greek Recipes That you Can Make In Your Home Today

Greek is a cuisine that, despite its popularity, can often go underappreciated when compared to many of its other European counterparts.

Of course, many people love the flavors that Greek food is famous for, but if you’re looking for a European meal or dish that you can prepare at home tonight, many people will often opt to try and make some type of Italian dish, such as spaghetti or lasagna, over something from the Greek peninsula, such as a little moussaka or gyros.

30 Best Greek Recipes That you Can Make In Your Home Today

We think this boils down to two main reasons:

  • Many people are worried that the ingredients needed to make Greek recipes are too exotic and not easily (or cheaply) sourced.
  • A lot of people simply do not know many easy-to-make Greek recipes.

However, we know that Greek cuisine has just as many comfort dishes and recipes as any other food around the world, and that, even where authentic ingredients for Greek food are a little scarce on the ground, there are plenty of great substitutes that you can use to make delicious Greek food that is just as good as the stuff that you find in a restaurant.

And the best part? You can make these recipes in the comfort of your own home, right now!

This guide that we have compiled will show you a variety of Greek recipes for you to try out for yourself, with plenty of variety for cooks of different skill levels.

1. Skordalia

Starting off our list with a recipe that isn’t quite as well known as the more iconic Greek dishes, but is every bit as tasty, we have the Skordalia, a type of Greek potato and garlic dip that is common among Greek and Greek-descended people.

Many people when seeing this recipe for the first time assume that it is simply a type of Greek mashed potato.

However, once you understand the other ingredients that go into it, the lemon juice, the garlic, the crushed nuts, you start to get a sense that this recipe, whilst similar in some ways to mashed potatoes, is very much its own thing.

Skordalia makes an excellent side to a traditional Greek main course, or as an appetizer to the next dish to come, skordalia is a recipe that you should not pass by without checking it for yourself.

2. Greek Bean Soup

If you’re looking for a dish that is a hidden gem amongst a sea of other delicious dishes, then you absolutely need to try this bean soup, a recipe that require very few ingredients for an authentic Greek flavor!

3. Shrimp Saganaki

Mediterranean cuisine would not be complete without at least a little seafood or fish dish. If you love a little sea salt in your diet, this shrimp saganaki recipe will scratch that itch.

This dish cooks fresh shrimp in a sauce that is comprised of both tomatoes and feta cheese.

What you get is a salty yet smooth and creamy sauce that perfectly complements the shrimp as they cook.

If you’re looking for something a little different from a main course Greek dish than the usual classics, this is a recipe that you need to try.

4. Chicken Souvlaki

Even people who aren’t sure about Greek cuisine can’t turn down a good souvlaki, and this particular chicken-wielding recipe is proof of that!

Marinated in all the essential Mediterranean herbs, this is a recipe you won’t soon forget!

5. Greek Zucchini Balls

Zucchini is a popular ingredient used in many famous Greek recipes. However, it is often cut, prepared, and cooked in very similar ways between recipes.

This recipe does away with that idea, and creates a zucchini-filled ball for you to enjoy as the perfect appetizer to a meal!

Whilst many people might be surprised that zucchini can be molded into a little shape like this, you’ll be surprised what you can accomplish with a grater and a little elbow grease!

The ingredients list is surprisingly extensive, though the actual process for making this is relatively straightforward.

6. Whipped Feta

Why spend all that time creating an overly complicated dip or sauce, when you can make this amazing whipped feta recipe in just 5 minutes? And with only 3 ingredients, too!

7. Greek Salad

Time for us to wheel out the fan-favorite Greek recipe!

Who knew that out of all the dishes in the world, one of the most popular and widely made recipes would be a salad?

And yet, Greek salads are probably the most widely prepared Greek dish on the planet.

And why wouldn’t they be? They are simple to prepare, super healthy and packed full of delicious flavors that everyone can enjoy.

Even people who usually turn their noses up to salads will usually think twice about it if it’s a Greek salad.

With plenty of feta cheese, red onions, tomatoes, and mint in this recipe, this is an excellent example of what a Greek salad should look and taste like.

8. Greek Fries

Do French fries just not cut it for you anymore? Do you want your side fried potato slices a little more herbs?

Then you absolutely should see this Greek-style french fry recipe!

9. Chicken Souvlaki

Moving on to another famous recipe that most people are at least aware of, souvlaki is probably one of the most widely eaten recipes that you can find out there.

If you want to try your hand at making this well-loved dish, then this recipe has everything you need.

You have the seasoned skewered chicken, you have the healthy heaping of vegetables, as well as, of course, plenty of olives to go along with all of that!

Plus, this is also a super simple recipe to try for yourself, with only a few ingredients needed to prepare the chicken.

If you love putting a little extra flavor into your chicken, make sure to try this recipe for yourself!

10. Greek Baklava

Baklava is a dessert that is an absolute must-try when you are around the Mediterranean.
Now, with this recipe, you can enjoy it at home too!

11. Greek Lemon Potatoes

Time for another lesser-known Greek potato recipe!

These delightfully thick roasted potato wedges have been flavored by cooking them with beautiful garlic and lemon-flavored broth, leaving a potato recipe that adds so much to these vegetables.

Make sure that you roast them until they go the classic golden-brown roasted potato color, and you’ll have an excellent side dish just waiting to be eaten.

12. Greek Chicken Salad

Even a meat eater will find something to love in this healthy and tasty salad recipe!

Packed with crunchy lettuce, and succulent chicken, this is an easy salad recipe that you simply have to try for yourself!

13. Soutzoukakia

Lots of different kinds of cuisine have their take on meatballs.

Being so close to so many other countries that have their styles, it is no surprise that Greek cuisine has developed a few flavors of its own.

The main inspiration for this dish comes from a Turkish type of meatball.

Given how these two countries are neighbors to one another, it isn’t too surprising that these two cultures and cuisines have influenced each other.

However, the source for this recipe is undeniably Greek and is the perfect complement of flavors to the meatballs themselves.

14. Mediterranean Chicken Patties

Greek is often an acquired taste that can take some getting used to, especially for kids who aren’t as familiar with the flavors of this cuisine.

Fortunately, these chicken patties are a great way to get them to love flavors of the Mediterranean!

15. Mediterranean Pasta Salad

Time for another amazing Greek salad recipe! Only this time, the recipe is using pasta in it too!

Although you can use pretty much any kind of pasta your heart and stomach fancies in this recipe, orzo is a classic type of pasta that is used very often in Greek recipes.

It superficially looks a lot like grains of rice, but you’ll find that the texture is unequivocally pasta.

Plus, with all the artichokes, olives, feta cheese, and tomatoes you could ask for in a Greek salad, this is a hearty meal that will fill anyone’s empty belly with delicious flavors.

16. Chicken Gyro

Gyro is another staple of Greek cuisine and a meal that has become popular around the world.

A classic piece of seasoned grilled chicken wrapped in a bed of salad, surrounded by Greek pitta, is a tough offer to pass up.

And with this recipe that you can try in your own home, that offer, just became A LOT more difficult to refuse!

Make sure you have a yogurt dressing handy to make the most of these flavors!

17. Fasolada

Also known as Greek white bean soup (see also ‘18 Simple Bean Soup Recipes‘) by some people, this is a dish that is perfect for those who prefer a more stew0-like recipe when it comes to their favorite meals.

Fasolada is one of the great comfort foods of Greek cuisine, so you’d better believe it’s got all the ingredients to make something that goes down like an old family recipe!

Everything from the onions, to the garlic, the tomatoes, and, of course, the white beans, are easy pickings for anyone with an appetite.

18. Kourabiedes

Of course, not every recipe in Greek cuisine is a savory appetizer or meal.

There are also several desserts and confectionery recipes that have been developed and cultivated over the years, including this amazing butter cookie recipe, also known as kourabiedes.

This is a dish that is most often prepared and eaten around the holiday season, but its flavors also make it work as a delicious treat at pretty much any time of year.

19. Tzatziki

Next up, we have probably THE most famous dressing/sauce in Greek cuisine. Next to a classic Greek salad, tzatziki is probably one of the most iconic Greek recipes across the world.

This yogurt-based dish is delicious on its own, but is perfect for dressing and spreading over pretty much any Greek meal you can think of.

Add a spoonful next to your moussaka, and spread it across your pitta. Even add it to the sauce of another recipe.

There’s a reason that tzatziki is loved by so many people, both in and around Greece. Try this recipe for yourself to understand why!

20. Greek Layered Hummus Dip

Hummus is a popular dip in many countries across West Asia and Southeast Europe, so you had better believe that Greek cuisine is going to make the most of this amazing spread in a recipe of its own!

Spread across a plate, the hummus for this recipe makes an excellent bed for the rest of these extras that you’re going to add, from cucumber and tomato to other classics of Greek food, such as feta cheese and olives.

Because would it be a Greek meal without olives?

If you’re looking for the perfect Greek counterpart to a Mexican salsa, this hummus-layered dip is exactly what you are looking for!

21. Tzatziki

Time for another tzatziki recipe. Because can you ever have too many ways to make tzatziki?

What we love about this recipe is just how simple it is, boiling (not literally) this recipe down to its base ingredients, making an incredibly easy dressing to serve at any Greek-themed gathering.

Spread it over a gyro, or dip your favorite vegetable appetizer in it. Its simplicity is the greatest strength of this recipe!

22. Moussaka

You knew we would have to mention this dish at some point on this list!

Moussaka is one of the most iconic main meal dishes that you can make for a Greek meal. Italians have their lasagna, Greeks have their moussaka. That’s just how it is!

Moussaka can sometimes be quite difficult to get just right, which is why many people, despite loving how it tastes, are often hesitant to make moussaka for themselves.

Fortunately, this recipe does an amazing job of making it simple for pretty much anyone to make.

Especially when making it into a skillet, turning it into a one-pot recipe saves you time on preparing, cooking, and cleaning.

23. Lemon Potatoes

Once again, we return to this reliable side that is loved across the Greek peninsula.

Whilst this recipe is usually prepared using fully grown normal potatoes, this take on Greek lemon potatoes are instead made with baby potatoes, giving this particular recipe a very distinct texture and flavor when compared to the previous version that we showed you.

24. Greek Chickpea Soup

If you’re looking for a simple Greek recipe that doesn’t miss out on the classic flavors, this chickpea soup is an easy comfort dish to make for yourself or your family.

25. Spanokopita

Don’t let the spelling of this recipe put you off. Spanokopita is another classic recipe that is loved across the world and is a standout from many other famous greek dishes.

What gives this meal its distinct character is the crispy dough that is used to wrap the content of this dish.

Whilst filo pastry isn’t uncommon in a lot of Greek dishes, this is the first recipe for the main meal in this list that has utilized it.

This makes it a great break away from the more stew-like and creamier dishes, and instead has a delicious, crunchy texture, that contrasts nicely with the soft filling that is hidden inside.

26. Keftedes

We have already covered an Eastern Mediterranean-style meatball in this list, now it’s time for another.

Keftedes is considered a much more traditional style of meatball to prepare and cook in Greece than the soutzoukakia that we covered earlier in this list, and there are plenty of differences between them both make their meals.

Whilst soutzoukakia is often made with a thick sauce, the keftedes is often added to pittas and Greek salads instead as their main method of being eaten.

There’s plenty to love about both, so don’t be afraid to try them both out!

27. Greek Baked Cod

It’s perhaps a little surprising that we haven’t covered a fully fish-based meal in this list yet, so let us try and remedy that little problem!

Cod is a popular fish to prepare and cook in a ton of European cuisines, so it’s no surprise that the chefs of Greek cuisine would take their stab at it.

Their main difference, why all the extra Greek flavors in it, of course!

There is plenty of olive oil used in this recipe, as well as tomatoes and onion, this is a recipe that is both delicious and super speedy to make!

28. Greek Fried Cheese

Who doesn’t love fried cheese?

Well, the Greeks certainly love it, judging by this recipe!

This particular cheese is very similar to halloumi in some ways, as it is often presented crispy and slightly crunchy on the outside, whilst being gooey and melt-in-your-mouth on the inside.

29. Psari Plaki

We’re making up for lost time when it comes to fish recipes!

This recipe has you bake your fish this time, rather than frying or grilling it.

Plus, with the oniony and tomato-filled sauce to let those trademark fish flavors seep into, this is a recipe that everyone who loves seafood owes to themselves to try!

30. Greek Fries

What, you thought the French were the only ones to corner the market in fried? The Greeks have got their own too!

… Okay, so they are more Greek-style french fries than their own thing. Still, you can’t argue with the flavors!

These fries are incredibly easy to make, as they consist of creating just your ordinary fries, but with a few Greek flavor additions added in, including garlic and onion powder, as well as a little feta cheese for good measure!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Greek Food Healthy?

When picking up a new cuisine, there is often a worry among health-conscious individuals about whether or not adding a new kind of food to your diet may have negative consequences, especially if it uses a lot of ingredients that are high in saturated fats and sugars.

Fortunately, this is not a concern that Greek food has to worry about, as it is known around the world as one of the healthiest cuisines out there.

The lack of saturated fats and sugars, coupled with a big emphasis on beans, fruits, and vegetables, as well as leaner meats such as chicken, and tons of omega-3-rich olive oil.

This means that, when coupled with a more active lifestyle, Greek people and those on similar diets around the Mediterranean, tend to live longer and healthier lives than their counterparts in other parts of the world, such as in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Is Greek Food Spicy?

Despite the many varied ingredients and flavors that are known for, Greek food isn’t known to be particularly spicy, especially when compared to many other foods, such as South Asian or Latin American recipes (see also ‘33 Easy Asian Recipes To Replace Takeout‘).

With a greater emphasis on savory flavors over spicy ones, this makes Greek the perfect cuisine for people who love flavors but have a much milder palette when it comes to heat.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, whilst some of these recipes have a little of a learning curve, many of them, are incredibly simple to make yourself, especially the salads.

With this guide, you can explore a wide range of Greek recipes that cater to various cooking skill levels, all from the comfort of your home. And don’t forget to explore traditional Greek breakfast options to start your day with a taste of Greece!

Try cooking something new today!

30 Best Greek Recipes That you Can Make In Your Home Today

30 Best Greek Recipes That you Can Make In Your Home Today

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