28 Amazing Goose Breast Recipes You Need To Try Today

A lot of people think that goose and turkey are interchangeable, but this is not the case. They have very different flavors and cooking techniques.

If you want to have a go at cooking goose you should start with goose breasts, as they are very versatile and easy to cook.

28 Amazing Goose Breast Recipes You Need To Try Today

Don’t be put off by the strong flavor – if you choose the right ingredients then you will be able to create an amazing meal. 

We have put together this list of 28 amazing goose breast recipes for you to try today. Keep reading to find out more,  

1. Wild Goose Breast With Orange Glaze

Goose and orange is a wonderful combination of flavors and this recipe demonstrates that perfectly with a simple but tasty glaze.

The caraway seeds add a deep flavor and the dry vermouth is optional but works brilliantly. 

2. Roasted Goose Breast With Apples & Raisins

This recipe is perfect for Fall when apples are in season. Serve it with mashed potatoes and some seasonal vegetables for a nice change from pork with apple sauce. 

3. Goose Breast With Goose Leg Sausage Roll & Kale & Cranberry Relish

This Meal is inspired by British Winter cuisine and is ideal for a festive celebration. It is indulgent and delicious with perfectly balanced flavors and textures.

The goose sausage roll is particularly special and will certainly be a favorite with your guests. 

4. Bacon Wrapped Wild Goose Breasts

Simple yet effective, these bacon wrapped goose breasts are delicious. The salty bacon is irresistible and keeps the moisture in the goose breast which prevents it from drying out.

The goose breasts are marinated in red wine before cooking for a deeper flavor. 

28 Amazing Goose Breast Recipes You Need To Try Today

5. Pan Roasted Goose Breast With Roast Swede, Chestnuts & Leek And Cranberry Sauce

This is a wonderful winter meal that really showcases all the goose breast has to offer. The flavor of the bird is enhanced by the pan roasting technique and the sweetness of the swede and the nutte chestnuts are an ideal accompaniment. 

6. Breast Of Goose With Cranberries & Celeriac

Celeriac has a very unique flavor that happens to go very well with goose. The addition of the cranberries makes this  festive meal which would make a great alternative to turkey at Thanksgiving or Christmas. 

7. Instant Pot Wild Goose Breast

If you have an instant pot then you need to try this simple but tasty way of cooking goose.

It makes it very easy for you to produce a top quality meal with minimal effort and is a great way to impress your friends and family. 

8. Goose Breast With Rosemary & Mushroom

Aromatic rosemary and earthy mushrooms come together to complement the rich flavor of the goose breasts in this well balanced meal.

It is nourishing and satisfying and your kitchen will fill with mouth watering smells as you cook. 

9. Goose Tacos

Why not try using goose instead of chicken or beef next time you make tacos? Goose has a stronger flavor than chicken so you will still taste the meat through the spices. 

10. Cajun Garlic Butter Goose Bites

Cajun is quite a strong seasoning, but the goose breast can take on the flavor along with the punchy garlic.

The melted butter flavors add a touch of decadence to this dish which is totally irresistible. You can serve this meal with whatever side dishes you fancy – green beans and cornbread would be lovely. 

11. Steakhouse Goose

In this recipe the goose breast is flavored with steak rub before being poached, rested, and seared.

The result is a goose breast with an incredible flavor and the most perfect texture you could imagine. This is restaurant quality food from the comfort of your own home. 

12. Goose Braciole

These goose breasts are rolled and stuffed and wrapped in bacon before being cooked and served on a bed of pilaf and fresh tomatoes. Cook these goose breasts on a BBQ if you can to get that wonderful charcoal flavor. 

13. Bourbon & Butter Goose Breast

The goose breasts are pan fried and then left to rest while you make the sauce. Deglaze the pan with bourbon then add stock. When the liquid is warm, remove the pan from the heat and swirl in the butter. 

14. Goose Breast With Dried Apricots

Serving goose breasts with dried apricots is a great alternative to cranberries.

The sweet flavor and soft texture of the apricots works really well with the goose which is seasoning with herbs and stuffed with apples. 

15. Goose Breast With Orange Ouzo Sauce

The main flavors of this recipe are goose, fennel, chili and orange. The ouzo brings an aniseed flavor that enhances the fennel. Make sure you score the skin of the breast first. 

16. Goose Poppers

Did you know that you can make jalapeno poppers with goose breasts? Or you can use any other type of spicy pepper that you want to. Wrap it up with cream cheese inside a goose breast then wrap it in bacon. 

17. Marinated Smoked Goose Breast

Smoked meat is such a delicious indulgence and this smoked goose breast is no different. With salty soy sauce and sweet molasses it has the perfect balance of flavors to really bring out the flavor of the meat. 

18. Goose Steak With Orange Chipotle Sauce

This is another recipe that pairs goose with orange, but this time with the addition of some chipotle spice. The spice and the zest work well together and the acidity is a great match for the rich goose. 

19. Goose Breast With Dates, Pickled Cranberries And Celeriac Puree

If you want to make a meal that will impress your friends and family then have a go at this recipe. The dates are sweet and soft, the cranberries are tangy, and the celeriac puree is savory and smooth. 

20. Peppercorn Goose Breast

A peppercorn sauce is something that goes well with pretty much any type of meat, and goose breast is no different. It is savory and punchy and makes a lovely dish that you can serve with potatoes and vegetables. 

21. Wild Goose Breasts With Cherry Sauce

Cherries are both sweet and tart. The sharpness and the acidity works really well with the goose breast, and the sweetness balances out the savory flavor of the meat. 

22. Goose Breast With Baked Potatoes

This is a simple and wholesome meal that will never disappoint. If you want something comforting and tasty that will leave you feeling fulfilled then this is the right recipe for you. 

23. Reuben Goose Cups

A reuben sandwich is usually made with rye bread and corned beef, but this recipe takes those classic flavors and turns it into a delicate appetizer with goose breast. 

24. Bacon Wrapped Goose Breast

If you are looking for a tasty way to cook goose breast without having to use fancy ingredients then try out this recipe. It’s straightforward but will come out perfectly every time. 

25. Roasted Goose Breast With Gravy

Sometimes, the classics are best. You cannot beat a perfectly roasted goose breast with a rich, meaty gravy.

Serve it alongside your favorite potatoes and some seasonal vegetables for a traditional Sunday roast that the whole family can enjoy. 

26. Baked Goose Breast

Baking your goose breast makes a nice change from roasting or pan frying. This recipe shows you how to perfectly roast your goose breast for the ideal flavor and texture. 

27. Roast Canada Goose Breast With Cassoulet

This is a well balanced meal that looks lovely when you serve it from the center of the table. Slice up your goose breast and lay it over the casserole for an enticing presentation. 

28. Wild Goose Skillet Dinner With Rice               

Skillet dinners are ideal for busy weeknights when you don’t have a lot of time or energy. This recipe for skillet dinner with goose breast is one to keep handy for one of those days. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Goose Taste Like? 

Goose is often compared to chicken, but it actually tastes more like beef. It has an intense, rich flavor which is more powerful than mild chicken. 

Which Goose Breeds Are Best For Eating? 

The goose breeds that are considered the tastiest are Canada geese, speckle bellied geese, and snow geese. 

Is Goose A Fatty Meat? 

Goose has a higher fat content than turkey or chicken. However, the fat is found underneath the skin. As the goose cooks the fat will melt, basting the meat and keeping it moist. It also helps to enhance the flavor. 

How To Choose A Good Goose? 

If you are buying a whole goose from a butcher then you can check the beak. If the beak is flexible then the goose is young. Older geese do not taste as good. 


With these goose breast recipes you will be able to cook some delicious and impressive meals for your friends and family. 

28 Amazing Goose Breast Recipes You Need To Try Today

28 Amazing Goose Breast Recipes You Need To Try Today

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A list of the best goose breast recipes that you can make at home to give you some cooking inspiration.

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