11 Gluten Free Options To Order On Your Next Visit To Five Guys

We all know how difficult it can be to order gluten free items at fast food restaurants, not to mention your regular old burger joints like Five Guys.

When following a gluten free diet, it’s best to be prepared ahead of your visit to an eating establishment, to avoid any stress when ordering your meal. 

11 Gluten Free Options To Order On Your Next Visit To Five Guys

If you’ve been wondering whether or not Five Guys serves gluten free options, we’re pleased to tell you that there are a few things that you can order from their menu on your next visit. Keep reading to find out some gluten free options served at Five Guys. 

1. Bunless Cheeseburger 

If you’re taking a visit to Five Guys, you’ll need a main to enjoy. What could be better than their delicious, juicy, tender, cheeseburger? All you need to do is ask them to pop the bun off, and you’re good to go. 

We all know that the best part of their cheeseburger is the ooey gooey cheese that they melt on to the patty for you, so who really cares about the bun? Their burgers are incredibly rich and meaty, and will be sure to leave you feeling satisfied. 

This is also a great option for those who are following a ketogenic diet, as you’re essentially just sticking to meat and cheese, which are two holy grails in the keto world. Enjoy your burger without any of the guilt by ditching the bun. 

2. Five Guys Style Fries

We all know that one of the very best things about the Five Guys menu is their french fries. How do they get them to taste so damn delicious? We swear that there’s some special magic formula that they put in there to make us crave them like we do! 

Actually, it turns out there’s not. The secret is in the way that they cook them, with 100 percent pure peanut oil, that is free of any cholesterol. That’s good to know when you’re chewing away on their fries the next time. 

They’re double fried too, to get that delicious crispy coating that they have on the outside. This method, however, doesn’t compromise the tasty mashed potato style center that we all know and love. 

If you’re following a gluten free diet and want to order some fries at Five Guys, go ahead. Just make sure that you ask them to cook the fries in a separate fryer for you, to avoid any contamination. 

3. Coffee Milkshake 

One of the best things about visiting Five Guys is washing down their delicious burger, with a creamy milkshake. There are so many different milkshake options to choose from, and we’re pleased to tell you that the majority of them are gluten free. 

We think that one of the best milkshake base options on their entire menu is the coffee flavor. Deliciously rich and dark, whilst still boasting that creamy, sweet vanilla base.

All of you coffee lovers out there will surely be pleased with this delicious milkshake. 

4. Bunless Bacon Cheese Dog 

Another food item that we absolutely adore at Five Guys is their bunless bacon cheese dog.

If you want to order their most luxurious hot dog on the menu, you don’t have to miss out simply because you’re following a gluten free diet. 

Whilst ordering your bacon cheese dog, request to have the bun removed in order to make it gluten free. You still get all of the good stuff, and they’ll put it in a handy little foil container for you to enjoy. 

We honestly think that their bacon cheese dog is one of the best gluten free options on the menu, as it has all of the elements you need for a great hot dog.

With a super smoky, tender dog, along with plenty of that ooey gooey melted cheese, topped with crispy morsels of bacon, what more could you ask for? 

If you’re following a gluten free diet, be sure to order this one on your next visit, we can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. 

5. Gluten Free Toppings 

When you’re making a visit to Five Guys and are planning on ordering one of their burgers or hot dogs, you’ll need to make sure that they remove the bun for you. Some of you may be concerned that this will make the meal appear too small, and won’t fill you up. 

Thankfully, there are a whole host of different toppings that you can add to your main meal, and these include: 

  • Crispy lettuce
  • Hot sauce 
  • Tomato
  • Pickles
  • Jalapeno peppers
  • Mustard
  • Relish
  • Mayo 
  • Ketchup
  • Barbecue sauce 
  • Green peppers
  • Grilled Mushrooms 
  • Onions 
  • A1 Sauce 

See? You don’t need to worry at all about getting short changed with your burger, as you can simply load it up with as many toppings as you like. 

6. Cherry Milkshake

Another one of their delicious, gluten free options is their cherry milkshake. That’s right, this deliciously sweet, tart milkshake is 100 percent gluten free, so you can enjoy. 

This is another winner in terms of milkshake based items sold at Five Guys, like we mentioned, it has a super sweet vanilla base, that gives it that creaminess we all know and love.

The tangy cherry compliments this perfectly, and gives it the perfect tartness to counterbalance the sweetness. 

This is also one of the more refreshing milkshake options on their menu, so if you’re feeling like you need something fresh to wash down your hot dog, then we recommend purchasing this drink. 

7. Bunless Kosher Style Hot Dog 

Another great option that you can order on your next visit to Five Guys, is their kosher style hot dog.

Whether it’s a personal choice for you, or you just want to make sure that you’re getting the very best quality meat, their kosher style hot dogs are a real winner. 

The hot dogs are made from 100 percent beef, so if you’re a lover of this meat, then we recommend that you order one of these babies. 

Not only are they made of beef and beef alone, the quality of the meat is of the utmost standard. It comes from Hebrew International, who are known for their premium quality hot dog meat.

8. Cajun Style Fries

Let’s move on to discuss another variety of delicious fries that Five Guys have on their menu. If you’re in the mood for something a little spicier, then we recommend that you go for their cajun style fries. 

These fries take their regular variety to a whole new level, and guarantee plenty of flavor in every bite. These are made in the boardwalk style similar to their original variety, and are also double cooked for maximum crispiness. 

They don’t skimp out on the cajun seasoning either, and after they’re cooked, they are dusted with lots and lots of the spice. You’ll honestly find these fries to be incredibly addictive. We’ve warned you! 

9. Bunless Little Hamburger

If you feel like ordering something slightly smaller on your next visit to Five Guys, why not pick up one of their little hamburgers? These aren’t just for kids, you know. 

They’re great as a lunchtime snack for keeping you feeling full until dinnertime. You’re guaranteed to love this burger, as it has the exact same juicy meat patty they use in the larger variety. Just be sure to ask them to skip putting the on bun for you. 

10. Banana Milkshake 

Another delicious milkshake that we urge you to try on your next visit, we can guarantee that you’ll go bananas for this one. On a serious note, if you are a lover of banana milkshakes, we can honestly say that this is one of the best ones that we’ve tried. 

The sweet, banana base works excellently with the vanilla, to create a smooth and satisfying milkshake that will leave you craving more. 

11. Bunless Bacon Cheeseburger

We couldn’t finish off our list without discussing one of the most popular items on the Five Guys menu. Their bacon cheeseburger is incredibly popular for a reason, and that’s because it’s so freaking delicious. 

Honestly, we can’t get enough of this one, with the juicy, tender meat patties, and the ooey gooey melted cheese.

The best thing about this one is the crispy, shredded pieces of bacon that sit on top of it, giving it a super salty taste, and an amazing crunch. 

Add whichever toppings you like to this one, and customize it to your own liking. We can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. Just remember, as always, to request it without the bun to make it gluten free. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Now that we’ve taken a look at some of the top gluten free menu items at Five Guys (see also ‘11 Taco Bell Gluten Free Menu Items‘), let’s move on to discuss some frequently asked questions some of you had regarding the menu. 

How Safe Is Five Guys For Those Who Are Gluten Intolerant? 

This is probably the most important question all of you had regarding the Five Guys menu.

If you asked whether or not Five Guys is  safe for those who are following a gluten free diet, we are pleased to tell you that, yes, Five Guys is safe for those who are either gluten sensitive or celiac. 

The only real danger when ordering from Five Guys is that their burger buns might contaminate your meal, so make sure that when you’re ordering, that you specifically request it to be made without the patty because of your food sensitivities.

You can also ask them to go ahead and change their gloves if you feel the need to, as this is a part of a customer’s right when ordering food. 

What Reviews Does Five Guys Have For Their Gluten Free Options? 

For those who are looking for safety ratings handed in by real customers visiting Five Guys who have gluten intolerances, they’re actually all pretty positive. 

Five Guys comes in with a 4.5 rating for their gluten free options, which is very good compared to other restaurants. Many people said that they trusted the workers at Five Guys to make their safety of the utmost importance. 

Many people mentioned that the workers at the establishment changed their gloves without any specific requests to do so, demonstrating a sense of mindfulness about their allergies. 

One of their restaurants used something called a Nima Tester, which can actually measure the amount of gluten in their food, giving their customers even more confidence that their meal was safe to eat. 

Are All Of The Five Guys Milkshakes Gluten Free? 

We are happy to report to all milkshake lovers that all of the milkshakes sold by Five Guys are gluten free, except for their malt base, and the oreo base. 

This means that you can enjoy a whole host of different milkshakes sold by the restaurant, without having to feel like you’re missing out.

They have a range of different options to choose from too, including cherry, coffee, vanilla, chocolate, banana, bacon, peanut butter, and salted caramel. So you certainly won’t be strapped for choice. 

Do Five Guys Have A Gluten Free Bun? 

Although the burger meat and contents sold by the restaurant itself is gluten free, unfortunately their buns are not. You’ll have to request any of their burgers or dogs without the bun. 

The good thing, however, is that the restaurant allows you to bring along your own gluten free bun. This is great if you don’t want to eat the patty by itself. 

Final Thoughts 

There are loads of delicious gluten free options to choose from on your next visit to Five Guys, including their delicious burgers, dogs, fries, and milkshakes.

If you don’t want to miss out on the bun, just bring your own gluten free version along to the restaurant. 

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