20 Of The Most Tasty Ginger Beer Cocktails

Ginger Beer is a refreshing, crisp, and bold beverage with a subtle spicy note that is not to be missed at the end of a meal.

Here are 20 of the most tasty Ginger Beer Cocktails that you can make at home, or enjoy at a party.

20 of the most tasty Ginger Beer Cocktails

Are you looking for seasonal drinks or something fruity, strong or sweet?

We have all of the best options of ginger beer based cocktails here with the recipe so you can make them at home.

Most of these are pretty simple to make and you will be able to find the majority of ingredients in your local stores.

Ginger beer is a delicious, thirst-quenching alcoholic beverage that is much more than just ginger ale.

You’ll get to try 17 of the most delicious Ginger Beer Cocktails like the Ginger Ale with Lime, the Ginger Beer with Coconut, and the Ginger Beer with Lemon (see also ‘20 Best Ginger Ale Cocktail Recipes You Need To Try!‘).

These are quite easy to put together and have the best mixture of flavors for you to enjoy.

1. Moscow Mule

This is definitely the number one on the list because you just need to see it! You will not find any list to do with ginger beer without the Moscow Mule on it!

This is because it has different elements that are all very strong in flavor which makes the drink really stand out from the rest.

Many people love to add extra mint into the cocktails for that fresh flavor as well mixing well with the ginger beer!

2. Mexican Mule

There are always different variations of cocktails which have similar names.

In this case, the Mexican Mule was given its name because of the zesty kick it gives you when you drink it, much like mexican food!

Filled with both tequila and ginger beer, the flavors are huge.

3. Whiskey Cocktail

The whiskey flavor isn’t for everyone when it is on its own. However, when you put it in particular cocktails, it is to die for!

This particular cocktail is known to be both sweet and spicy with the ginger beer and the whiskey working well as a pair together.

This is known for being quite a lightweight drink and won’t make you feel too heavy in the summer either.

This is also really simple to make at home which is ideal not having to go searching for lots of different ingredients!

4. Foghorn

This particular drink is not as well known to as many people as some of the rest, but definitely deserves to go on the list of the best!

This doesn’t always have to be made into an alcoholic cocktail, it also can be a mocktail with ginger beer and the orange juice. However, you would add dry gin otherwise.

Most people love drinking this at a girls brunch or when outside in the sunshine because it gives you lovely summer vibes.

5. Ginger Rickey

This is a very popular cocktail because it manages to combine the sweet with the zest really well.

The lime juice and syrup, mixed in with the ginger beer creates a beautiful mix of flavors and elements.

This is also a very elegant looking cocktail and is best served in a wine glass. The reason for this is because you will be able to get a good whiff of the drink as you are drinking it in this glass!

6. Skeleton Key

This type of cocktail (see also ‘20 Pink Cocktails To Make At Home‘) is one of the more professional looking ones that you would be impressed with if you saw it on your table!

This is because of the presentation and strength of the drink. However, it balances out the flavors really well to avoid it either being too sweet or strong.

This is made with bourbon, syrup and bitters and is extremely easy to make!

7. Pear And White Sangrias

Ginger beer is definitely not the main ingredient in this cocktail but it makes its mark! People love to make these cocktails during the holiday time (see also ‘23 Simple Christmas Cocktails You Can Make From Home‘) because they have that warm, spicy taste to them.

These types of flavors tend to be more of an acquired taste but it is fresh and will tickle your taste buds.

This is known as a very happy and light cocktail for many, made for the summer days and evenings.

8. Horsefeather Cocktail

This is another example of a whisky cocktail mixed with ginger beer. It brings big flavors and strength to the mix which is what many people are looking for.

With the added acidity of the lime and the bitter, which is known for its acidity but also the punch of flavors.

9. The Anejo Highball

If you are looking for the perfect to serve in the summer, this needs to be on the list. It is light, fresh and flavorful.

This is a modern spin on other cocktails but this works really well with the addition of the orange on top!

The best ingredient is the aged rum which really combines all of the lime, orange and bitters together.

10. El Diablo

Tequila tequila tequila! You can style this cocktail how you like it using the reposado tequila in particular.

Like most of these cocktails, they are mixed with lime juice, bitters and ginger beer.

If you are looking for something fruity with that fizz in your mouth but also has a sweet side element to it, this could be the one.

11. Broad And Stripes

If you are looking for something strong, then this is what you’re looking forward to.

This is just something everyone must try in their lifetime because it is just so different from the rest. It has a mixture of blueberries which sink to the bottom surrounded by absinthe and vodka.

The syrup sits in the middle, holding the sweet taste then mixed into the ginger beer to combine all of the elements. It is something special!

12. Apple Cinnamon Mule

Apple is always a great base taste for cocktails because it is quite earthy but sweet. You need to mix your vodka with an apple cider of your choice with lime juice and ginger beer.

The cinnamon sticks that you can add are optional depending on your taste preference but they add a nice spice on top as well as a nice apple slice to finish it off.

13. Pot Of Gold

The name really says it all for this cocktail. It is just a delightful pot of gold, something special.

When you think of ginger beer it is not always something more bitter, it also has a much softer side depending on what it is paired with.

For example, this cocktail includes cucumber, elderflower, mint and vodka which definitely brings out its softer side.

14. Cranberry Ginger Shandy

You will usually find this cocktail in a nice pretty jug with fruit floating on top. It is a great summer drink because of its lovely pink color and sweet flavors.

The ginger beer is included with the cranberry to try and even out the sweetness with a bit of spice. People also love to include a nice pale ale to finish off to balance everything out.

15. Early Autumn

This is a great cocktail to make in your own home and you are definitely able to make some changes to suit it exactly to your own preferences.

This particular cocktail includes a lot already, for example, absinthe, pear brandy and apple cider (see also ‘23 Of The Very Best Apple Cider Cocktails‘).

These all tend to be quite heavy which is why you add them to ginger beer. This is what gives it the more autumn feel with the spice and the lightness.

16. Spiced Silver Bell

This cocktail is definitely all spice spice spice! Therefore, this is a warning before making.

A mix between warmed spices and fresh berries is the oldest mix there is and people love it! There is also a hint of sweetness with the syrup adding the last element.

The ginger beer mixes all of the combinations together, creating a mixture that you will most likely see on a cold evening during the Christmas period!

17. Dark And Stormy

This is for all of the rum drinkers out there or anyone who is looking to try something new and strong!

If you want to make this like the original recipe you will be looking to mix Gosling’s Black Seal Rum with Barritt’s Ginger Beer.

However, you can definitely mix this up if you want to use your favorites. This is the type of cocktail where you can mix things up and try new combinations and make something great!

18. Crushed Sailor

This is a really strong but colorful concoction which is an ideal cocktail on a lovely summer’s day (see also ‘33 Delightful And Easy Summer Cocktail Recipes‘)!

It has a variety of flavors which mix well together such as berry liqueur, bitters, lime juice and ginger beer. It also has a slight spice to it which give it a real punch.

19. Tropical Storm

This is all about the peach and passion in this cocktail with a vibrant aesthetic and very nice to look at.

However, it is all about the taste and this one is packed with flavors you’ll love. If you are a white rum kind of person, this could be the one for you.

20. Honey I’m Home

This cocktail is filled with ginger, so if you are a lover of ginger this could be a great option.

It includes ginger beer, ginger and honey sorbet, lime juice and vodka. This mix works well together if you like the elements but it is definitely one to try.


Overall, when trying to find cocktails with ginger beer in, trust me when we say there are long lists.

These are just some of the best that combine all of the flavors really well and are also the most popular.

There are also some cocktails on this list which many people haven’t seen before but are also just as good. These tend to just be older recipes that many people like to modernize with different elements.

Hopefully this guide has given you a great list of cocktails including ginger beer you are really looking forward to trying.

There are a variety of different types of flavors and base alcohols depending on your personal preferences.

There is also a variety of different seasonal drinks depending on what type of year it is!

Not all of these are going to be for you but there will definitely be at least one option that will stand out to you once you’ve read the description.

You also might surprise yourself with different combinations you might like that you never thought would have.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Alcohol Mixes Well With Ginger Beer?

It can be paired with a variety of flavors and works with nearly any liquor, from vodka and rum to whiskey (check out our favorite peanut butter whiskey drinks) and tequila.

There are many ginger beer options available as well. Some are spicier than others and you can even create your own mock ginger beer at home.

20 Of The Most Tasty Ginger Beer Cocktails

20 Of The Most Tasty Ginger Beer Cocktails

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These 20 of the most tasty Ginger Beer Cocktails are a must try! Ginger beet might not be your first pick but some of these cocktails might surprise you!

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