Top 20 Quick And Easy Gas Station Snacks

When you need to make a short pit stop to use the toilet, stretch your legs, or get a snack, gas stations are a great place to go because they are everywhere and will have everything you’ll need.

If you are a bit hungry and are looking for something to eat while out on the road, you may be overwhelmed with the food selections at gas stations.

Top 20 Quick And Easy Gas Station Snacks

How can these small buildings fit so many tasty snacks? 

From chips, sandwiches, chocolate, candy bars, and so much more, the options are practically endless. 

The added strain of knowing that this food is what needs to tide you over until you can locate a place to eat supper or get to your destination makes it much more important to select the appropriate snack.

Gas stations are often disregarded as a good place to get snacks despite the wide variety of food and flavors that you can get from there.

So what should you get? We’re here to help you decide.

In this list, we have chosen the top 20 gas station snacks for you to try out the next time you are on a long road trip, or when you want to grab a quick bite to eat when out on a busy day. 

1. Taquitos

Whether you like them for the tasty filling or the crunchy shell, taquitos are a warm treat that can be found at many gas stations and 7-Eleven stores. 

Find your way to the spinning table of deliciousness where you will be able to choose any Taquitos that strike your fancy.

A great option for a snack while you’re at a gas station is the chicken taquitos because the combination of the chicken and the melted cheese inside of the crisp tortilla produces a spectacular experience for your taste senses.

It’s also hard to go wrong with a traditional taquito filled with meat, beans, and cheese.

2. S’mores Pop-Tarts

Although Pop-Tarts have long been associated with breakfast, in recent years they have also gained popularity as a convenient snack option for people who are always on the move.

You won’t feel hungry for about an hour if you eat one of the individually wrapped pastries, which are also convenient to eat o the go.  

S’mores Pop-Tarts are a customer favorite at many gas stations, even though all of the other kinds of Pop-Tarts have their merits as well.

The layered chocolate and marshmallow center, surrounded by a graham cracker crust, and topped with chocolaty bliss will make you forget that you’re even in the car while you daydream about your next outdoor excursion.

As you travel, allow the delectable flavor of the S’mores Pop-Tart to transport you to another world and make the bore of driving a bit more enjoyable. 

3. Takis Fuego

The crunch, the heat, the refreshing flavor of lime, and the overall spice-filled crispiness of the tortilla wrap all contribute to the Takis Fuego’s popularity.

These delectable bites carry a punch of heat as the spice might be overpowering if you aren’t ready for the challenge, so they are not recommended for those who don’t eat spicy food often. 

The folded tortilla chips have an increased spicy taste that will have you reaching for more of them time and time again.

The spicy snack has the appropriate amount of kick thanks to the combination of lime and chili tastes.

If you’re up for the challenge of eating the fiery red food, we’re confident that you won’t be let down.

4. Combos

One of the most underappreciated options for food at gas stations is the combo.

When you take a bite out of the delightful snack, you taste a huge range of flavors thanks to the protective shell of pretzels or crackers that surrounds the gooey cheese core.

We are confident that the pairings won’t let you down, regardless of whether your go-to taste is pizza, pepperoni, or cheddar cheese.

It’s hard to go wrong with the classic Cheddar Cheese Baked Cracker pairings, which consist of a cheese filling that’s creamy on the inside and a cracker coating that’s crunchy on the outside.

The pizza and pretzel combinations you can find at gas stations are many people’s go-to options when choosing a combo meal.

5. Grandma’s Cookies

Grab a bag of Grandma’s Cookies from the rack just before you go to the register if you want to satisfy your want for chocolate chip cookies that are both chewy and flavorful.

Because these cookies have an incredibly delicate texture, you will want to keep coming back for more, so you should probably get two bags of them.

Delicious cookies made by Grandma come in a variety of varieties, including Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, and Peanut Butter cookies, among others.

While all of these options are great, you can’t go wrong with the classic Chocolate Chip flavor.

Try out the Mini Chocolate Chip cookies if you’re looking for a cookie with a bit more bite to it.

These cookies are perfectly crisp and flavorful, making them the ideal cookie in every way.

6. Funyuns

We don’t know what it is about Funyuns, but once you have tried them once you will find that every time you go to a gas station, you will be craving a bag of these chips. 

As a classic snack option, you can never go wrong with the airy rings that are seasoned with onion flavoring and sprinkled on top.

When going on long car drives, many people like munching on onion-flavored Funyuns, which come in two varieties: Flamin’ Hot and Original.

The combination of the rings’ zesty and salty flavor with their unbeatable crunch makes them impossible to resist.

7. Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies

When you see the words “Little Debbie,” you immediately know you’re about to get something delicious.

The Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies sold at gas stations are a tasty treat that can bring back nostalgia and childhood memories of having this snack as a kid. 

The Cosmic Brownies are a must-have whether you like them for the rich, fudgy chocolate brownie or for the rainbow chocolate bits that are sprinkled on top.

The brownies have the ideal amount of chocolatey delight, and the proportions of the brownies make them super easy to eat.

If you have the time before you leave for your trip, create an amazing sweet snack by topping the brownie with chocolate fudge frosting and bits of chocolate that have been broken into pieces.

8. Doritos

You can get your hands on a well-known and much-beloved snack item Doritos pretty much anywhere.

You’ll be happy to know that gas stations are one of the locations where you can get those delectable chips, making them excellent on-the-go food.

Choose the number of bags you need to get you through your road trip as well as the flavor that you enjoy the most.

Because they come in such a wide variety of tastes, Doritos are a go-to snack food for those who want some options when it comes to snacks.

Whether your favorite Doritos flavor is Spicy Sweet Chili, Cool Ranch, or the time-honored Nacho Cheese, any gas station will have your favorite. 

9. Snickers 

We are all familiar with the legendary advertisement for Snickers that aired during the Super Bowl and stated, “You’re not you when you’re hungry.”

This remark made by Snickers is not too far off the truth, since attitudes and tension tend to emerge when you or your passengers reach the “hangry” stage of hunger.

Fortunately, picking up a chocolate-covered candy bar at the checkout counter at the gas station will help the furious stage pass more quickly.

We can guarantee you that getting a Snickers bar to satisfy your cravings for food is the best choice, regardless of whether you walk into the gas station specifically to get one or if you just happen to see it on your way out.

The popularity of the candy bar is thanks to a delicious combination of peanuts, nougat, caramel, and milk chocolate.

10. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are crisp, spicy, and oh so delicious.

By the time you’ve finished the bag, you’ll be licking your fingers and wishing you had more.

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are a must-have when it comes to snacks at convenience stores and gas stations (see also ‘The Best Sandwiches At WAWA (Complete Guide)‘).

Whether you choose the compressed crunch of the crunchy Cheetos or the airy sweetness of ordinary Cheetos, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are sure to satisfy.

The general cheesiness of Cheetos contributes to the brand’s status as an enduring favorite.

When you add some heat, you get a delicious snack. 

You will certainly not be disappointed with this snack since the flamin’ hot seasoning complements the Cheeto’s signature crunch wonderfully.


11. Pickle in a Bag

If there is one food that causes a debate, it’s pickles.

The act of purchasing a Pickle in a Bag from a convenience store (see also ‘The 16 Best Wawa Menu Items You Have To Try‘) can be a defining moment in the lives of those of us who are passionate about these snacks.

When you’re on a road trip, you may think that having a deliciously crunchy and juicy pickle is just a dream.

But this snack makes dreams a reality. 

Before you even crack open the packaging, you can have a sneak peek at the delectable treat within thanks to a see-through bag.

When you finally open your pickle, you are greeted by the overwhelming yet irresistible fragrance of a pickled cucumber that is salty and occasionally spicy.

One of the most appealing aspects of purchasing a pickle in a bag from a convenience store or gas station is the abundance of flavor options available.

12. Beef Jerky

Jerky is many people’s go-to snack for many road trips because of its satisfying flavor and substantial nature.

The fact that it may satisfy your hunger for a number of hours at a time makes it a great option to have as a snack when traveling, even if it is a bit more pricy compared to other gas station snacks.

Because it comes in such a wide range of flavors and textures, it’s a convenient alternative to more basic snacks because you won’t grow sick of eating the same flavor over and over again.

Gas stations often have all of your favorite varieties of beef jerky, whether you prefer the mild flavor of traditional beef jerky, the sweet flavor of teriyaki beef jerky, the spicy flavor of peppered beef jerky, or the mix of sweet and hot beef jerky.

13. Honey Buns

Honey Buns are a delectable treat that can be found at most convenience stores and gas stations.

They unsurprisingly have a honey, a fluffy bun, and a sticky frosting.

When you decide to have a Honey Bun with your morning coffee, check that the glove compartment is stocked with a good amount of paper towels, as while this is a very sweet and tasty treat, it is also very sticky and can get a bit messy. 

The Honey Bun is the product that has proven to be the most successful for the Duchess brand.

If you’ve ever indulged in the delectable dessert, you already understand the reason why it is so popular.

The sweet frosting that sits on top of a fluffy bun is a dessert that, despite its seeming lack of complexity, will continue to reign as the most popular option at convenience stores and gas stations for years to come.

14. Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn

It is common knowledge that the snacks sold at gas stations often include a high number of calories and are not always diet-friendly.

One choice for a snack that is easier on the stomach is Smartfood’s White Cheddar Popcorn.

Because they are low in calories and have a tasty coating made of white cheddar, they are an ideal choice for people who are attempting to limit the number of calories they consume or who need a light snack.

Because Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn is air-popped, rather than popped in oil, it does not include any of the additional calories that come from cooking with oil.

White cheddar deliciousness comes in a package that is free of gluten, does not include any artificial colors or flavors, does not contain any artificial preservatives, and each serving has 14 grams of whole grains.

What an amazing combination of tasty and healthy foods!

15. Hot Dogs

As soon as you enter through the doors of your rest stop or gas station, you will probably smell that typical hot dog aroma.

You’ll be greeted by a unique smell that will direct you to a revolving display of the camping essential, hot dogs.

Grab some tongs and look around for the toppings because it’s time for a traditional dish that is loved by all road trippers.

Gas station hot dogs are guaranteed to give you the pick-me-up you need to quell that growling stomach and get you back on the road.

Whether you want an all-beef hot dog or a traditional hot dog, gas station hot dogs are sure to do the trick.

16. Hot Fries

What kind of fries are those—chips or French fries? We may never know which category the various potato lengths should be placed in.

What we do know, however, is that Hot Fries are a snack that millions of people like eating because of their crunchiness and occasionally spicy flavor.

As soon as you take your first bite of Hot Fries, you won’t be able to stop eating them no matter how much you try!

Hot Fries are a common choice for a snack because of their robust spices and cheese flavor, which makes them ideal for convenience stores and gas stations.

When you add that tempting crunch to the mixture, it will be impossible for you to say no.

17. Sour Worms 

They are easy to eat, entertaining to play with, and have a scrumptious flavor.

Another one of our top picks for snacks in convenience stores and gas stations is sour worms.

Most gas stations provide both a generic brand of gummy worms and a name brand, providing customers the flexibility to choose the one that most closely matches their preferences and budgetary constraints.

When you bite into the gummy worms with the sour coating, you are greeted with the perfect balance of sweet and acidic flavors.

Regardless of whether you want your worms highly sour or more mildly sour, they are a wonderful and simple snack that is perfect for eating on a long car ride.

18. Snyder’s of Hanover Honey Mustard and Onion Pieces

Extra credit is unquestionably awarded to Snyder’s for having its own unique flavor when it comes to snacks. 

It is the only item on this list that includes honey mustard in addition to onion as one of its components. 

As this snack is in a bag, it is very easy to eat when out on the road.

And because the bags are quite large, this snake should last you a little longer than others on this list. 

If you are craving a snack that is bursting with flavor, you can’t go wrong with any Snyder product.  

19. Mamba Fruit Chews

These chews are perfect for offering a quick and satiating flavor of fruit in a convenient form. 

Even though Starbursts and Hi-Chew, two of Mamba’s key competitors, offer some rather intense competition, the Mamba brand is still sold in gas stations all over the country, so you are sure to find it the next time you stop somewhere.

20. Lay’s Chips

Because snacks like chips are so common in convenience stores and gas stations, you’ll see that a lot of these various chips have found their way to this list. 

But no list of the best gas station snacks would be complete without at least one mention of Lay’s chips.

Let’s focus on the top three of these in particular. 

You’ve got your kettle chips, your Salt and Vinegar, and your Lays (by “Lays,” we mean the thin, “original” kind), all of which are available at any gas station. 

Each one of these chips is a powerful snack option on its own.

But because of their flavor, consistency, and greasiness, they are more suitable as an accompaniment to a sandwich than as a standalone snack. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What’s The Most Popular Snack?

One study has found that cookies are the most popular snack for the majority of Americans, with 59% of people saying that they eat this snack on a regular basis.

Chips came in at a close second, with 58% of people saying that these were their favorite snack food. 

What’s The Healthiest Gas Station Snack?

When we think of gas station snacks, we probably think of chips, candy, and chocolate.

But gas stations often sell many healthy foods as well like various fruits.

Grabbing a banana over a chocolate bar will be a much healthier option for you. 

If you want something healthy that is also a bit easier to eat than fruit, why not get a protein bar instead? 

Is Popcorn A Healthier Snack Than Chips?

Because it has fewer calories and fat, popcorn is a healthier option for munching on between meals than chips.

Popcorn contains a higher concentration of fiber, fewer calories, and a lower fat level than chips do.

Because of this, popcorn is a more gratifying alternative for a snack food. 

Popcorn that has been air-popped and is just lightly seasoned is the kind of popcorn that is ideal to have as a snack item since it has a crunchier texture and is even healthier than oil-popped popcorn.

Are Pringles A Healthy Snack?

Sadly, like a lot of chips, Pringles are an unhealthy snack, so should only be eaten now and then as a treat. 

Even the Original version of Pringles, which have less flavor than the others sold by the brand, contains a high amount of sodium, and is also very high in saturated fat, making them an unhealthy treat. 

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