23 Easy as Pie Galette Recipes

A galette is one of the most mysterious dishes out there – is it a cake, pie, or even pizza?! 

Well, regardless of what this dish is, it is sure to impress your guests and satisfy your taste buds.

Although, if you are wondering what this incredible dish is all about, then the word ‘galette’, when translated from French, means ‘little flat cake.’

23 Easy as Pie Galette Recipes

Generally, a galette consists of a flaky puff pastry that is stuffed with your choice of filling. Similar to a Danish tart, but much bigger and tastier. 

Likewise, you can also use a yeast-raised dough to create your galette, the result is something similar to a calzone. 

Whether they are sweet or savory, you can guarantee that they will always taste delicious. 

With this in mind, this article will explore 23 galette recipes that are as easy a pie to make and taste delicious, too!

1. Plum Galette

This plum galette recipe creates an intoxicatingly delicious rustic tart packed with bright fruit with a variety of tart plums and pluots. 

For this recipe, all you need are a few varieties of plums and pluots (a cross between a plum and an apricot), lemon juice, orange zest, and sugar, to create a deliciously bright galette – perfect for using up any extra plums.  

The crust is made up of combining sour cream, flour, butter, sugar, and salt. Unlike some other pastries, this one is incredibly simple to whip together and creates a tender, flaky crust. 

2. Summer Peach Galette

This pretty summer peach galette combines a rustic, flaky crust with cinnamon-spiced, vanilla-scented peaches. 

Easier to make than pie, although, you’re still rewarded with those delicious flavors. This is a simple, sweet dessert that can easily adapt to whatever seasonal fruit is available to you. 

Whether this is peaches, plums, nectarines, blueberries, or cherries… whichever fruit you’re thinking of, it can probably be added!

However, if available, you should always consider opting for peaches. There is something about the fruit that screams summer – whether this is the sweet flavors or the juicy syrup running down your chin. 

3. Mushroom Galette

Comforting, earthy, and robust, this mushroom galette is sure to be a massive success at your next dinner party. 

In this recipe, you’ll find a sour cream pastry crust that features a divine blue cheese mushroom filling which is then cooked to perfection for a golden brown coloring. 

The mushrooms provide some heftiness while the blue cheese creates a sharp, tangy taste – both flavors perfectly complement one another to create a delicious vegetarian tart. 

4. Apple Galette

Say hello to the fall with this wonderful apple galette recipe. The base itself is neither tart nor pie, but instead, is a rich sweet pastry wrapped free-form to hold crisp slices and chunks of green apples. 

Rather than making your galette the perfect circle, you’ll want to go for the rustic look instead! Although, whichever shape you choose, the result is a mouthwatering dish. 

When serving, top with some cinnamon chip or caramel ice cream for the perfect pairing. 

5. Mixed Berry Galette

This mixed berry galette recipe is an easy and rustic dessert that is made using fresh blueberries and juicy strawberries. Grab a fork because we’re about to dive in!

If you don’t have your very own berry patch in your backyard, then your next best option is a trip to the grocery store – however, both produce terrific results. 

For this recipe, chances are, you already have all the ingredients readily available in your pantry. With a handful of ingredients and 30 minutes of your time, you’ll have this on the dinner table in no time. 

6. 5-Minute Fruit Galette

Before your oven has finished preheating, you’ll have already finished preparing your fruit galette! It is that simple. 

The beauty of this recipe is you can use whatever fruit you have lying around – perfect for when your fruit dish is becoming slightly overripe! 

Then, all you have to do is assemble your fruit in a pre-made refrigerated pie crust (homemade or store-bought) and let your oven do the rest of the work!

7. Savory Zucchini Galette

This veggie-packed galette is both light and satisfying. You’ll find salty cheese, tender zucchini, and bright tomatoes that come together in perfect harmony. 

For even more flavor, in this galette recipe, the cheese is even baked into the crust – what more could you ask for?!

8. Broccoli And Cheese Galette

Broccoli and cheese: there is no combination of ingredients quite like it. Chances are, you probably have these two ingredients already in your fridge.

Now, once you combine these ingredients in a delicious shortcrust pastry, then you’re in for a treat! 

It’s cheesy, savory, and sure to be a hit among all your family and friends. 

9. Strawberry Galette

Not only does this dessert look amazing – with its strikingly pink appearance – but it also tastes incredible, too. 

This show-stopping dessert is perfect as a summer treat. Great for your summer cookouts, picnics, and 4th of July events. 

Serve with a side of vanilla ice cream or some whipped cream and you have yourself a delicious dessert. 

10. Pear Galette

If you want all the delicious flavors of a pear pie without the hassle, then you can’t go wrong with this shortcut alternative: pear galette. 

This jammy, juicy ginger pear galette combines pieces of crystalized ginger and slices of pear all within a golden, flaky, all-butter crust. 

Plus, assembling the galette couldn’t be easier! You don’t have to worry about waiting hours for your galette to cool before slicing. 

For the finishing touches, make sure you’re serving your dessert with vanilla ice cream.

11. Savory Leek Galette

If you love all-things quiche, then you’re sure to love this savory leek galette. 

Here, you’ll find a delicious whole-grain crust, filled with sweet leeks, eggs, kale, and creamy cheeses. 

The flavors are then rounded up with fresh herbs, mustard, and anchovy paste to create a dish that is packed with decadent flavors. 

12. Spinach And Feta Galette

If you love spanakopita but struggle with the intricacies of baking the delicacy – with pre-made phyllo dough being hard to find – then you’ll love this spinach and feta galette alternative, bringing all the best parts of spanakopita in a no-fuss pastry. 

Instead of phyllo, in this recipe, you’ll find pre-made puff pastry dough, which is not only easier to find in the grocery store but also has a higher fat content. 

This ensures that your pastry will be nice and buttery. 

13. Butternut Squash And Roasted Garlic Galette

Rustic and rough, if you’re looking for a dish perfect for fall then you’re going to love this butternut squash and roasted garlic galette. 

For a creamy, delicious bite each time, ensure you roast the vegetables beforehand – bringing out the sweetness and keeping them soft. 

The palate is then rounded out with fresh herbs and salty cheese. 

14. Tomato Galette 

Nothing screams summer more than a fresh tomato galette! All you need is a basic buttery pie pastry layered with herb and parmesan-flavored ricotta cheese

A flaky, all-butter crust is held up nicely with seasoned parmesan and ricotta cheese, layered with tomatoes. 

If you have particularly juicy tomatoes, then lightly sprinkle them with salt and allow them to sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Once done, blot with a paper towel to remove the excess juice. 

This helps to prevent your crust from becoming soggy, allowing the tomatoes to brown better. 

15. Olive Oil Galette With Spicy Greens

Generally, a shortcrust or puff pastry is used to make a galette, however, you can receive the same results, if not better, with olive oil – delicious and flaky. 

Sauteed garlic, Swiss chard, and leeks are seasoned with parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes to create a satisfying and rewarding dish. 

Pair the galette with a side of cooling Greek yogurt to create a delicious appetizer fit for an elegant dinner occasion. 

16. Roasted Vegetable Galette

Colorful and bright, this galette is sure to grab the attention of everyone around the table. 

In this galette, you’ll find a whole host of vegetables, ranging from mushrooms, zucchini, sweet potatoes, pepper, onions, and many more. 

All of this is sat on a bed of sour cream and parmesan cheese to provide you with a salty, hearty, and luxuriously-rich bite each time. 

17. Chocolate Banana Galette

Looking to impress someone special in your family, then this chocolate banana galette is the perfect way to do so. It is among the most luxe galette on the market. 

The galette features some warm caramelized bananas drenched in a chocolate pool of goodness – soaking into every inch and nook. 

The pastry is rich, cinnamon-scented, and simply divine. 

The best part? It only takes 30 minutes to whip up. 

18. Nectarine Galette

Galettes always make for an impressive table centerpiece. In one tidy package, you’ll find this rustic treat perfectly blends fruit filling and a flaky pastry. 

Aromatic and succulent nectarines take center stage in this galette. Similar to their peachy counterparts, these nectarines are juicy and sweet – perfect for this pastry dish. 

Serve with a side of whipped cream, and you have yourself the perfect dessert suitable for all your summer occasions. 

19. Sourdough Galette With Delicata Squash

Cheesy, crusty, sweet, savory, and creamy, this sourdough galette will be your new winter favorite featuring a delicata squash. 

The savoriness is brought to you by the roasted shallots and roasted delicata squash – with each bite you’ll receive mouth-watering flavors. 

These flavors are balanced with mozzarella and a tangy yogurt sauce. Roasted scallions and delicata seeds finish off this dish. 

If you can’t find delicata squash, don’t worry! You can achieve the same results with a similar flavor using butternut squash. 

20. Fall Veggie And Ricotta Galette

Here, you have the chance to eat every colored vegetable on the rainbow. Each different fruit and vegetable is packed with vitamins and minerals – so the more colors you eat, the more nutrients you’ll receive. 

Butternut squash, kale, red onion, and cauliflower all contribute tons of beneficial nutrients – with a deliciously beautiful hue to go along with it. 

21. Fig Galette

One of the easiest desserts to make is this fig galette. Suitable for all occasions, it makes the perfect table centerpiece. 

For this recipe, all you need is defrosted frozen pie crust or pie dough, quartered fresh figs, some orange marmalade, and a sprinkle of sugar for some added sweetness. 

22. Beef And Potato Galette

This savory beef and potato galette is a hearty rustic and comforting recipe that the whole family is sure to enjoy. 

A homemade flaky crust is packed with vegetables and meat and then served in wedges as a pizza or a pie. 

This galette is hearty and looks delicious. Lay it on your dinner table and pair it with a cup of soup or a side salad for the best results. 

23. Ricotta, Potato & Spring Pea Galette

This ricotta, potato, and spring pea galette will help you push through the final dark stretches of winter into the welcoming spring with open arms. 

Featuring a peppery and buttery crust, topped with hearty potatoes, this galette is comforting but will bring you into spring with the light ricotta, zest lemon, dill, and spring peas. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Galette?

A galette, otherwise known as a galette des Rois, is a beloved dish of French cuisine. It is composed of a delicate puff pastry dough which typically contains a hidden treat inside. Usually in the form of fruit. 

Final Thoughts

Whether winter or summer, galette makes the perfect dessert all throughout the seasons.

This is chiefly due to their versatility. From savory comfort to sweet goodness, you can transform your galette to perfectly suit your requirements. Hopefully, this guide has provided you with some galette inspiration.

23 Easy as Pie Galette Recipes

23 Easy as Pie Galette Recipes

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