28 Fantastic Fruit Pies

When you think of fruit pies, you may automatically turn to apple pies. After all, this is an incredibly popular and delicious dessert that many people enjoy baking. 

Yet, the truth is that there are a wide variety of other fruit pies that you can try, from strawberries to limes. The great thing about these pies is that they are filled with freshness and flavor.

28 Fantastic Fruit Pies

These luscious fillings are perfect when wrapped in a light and flaky crust.

Fruit pies are ideal for the spring and summer, though they can be served all year round. Warm pies work particularly well on cold winter nights.

So if you want to make some delectable fruit pies, here are 28 fantastic recipes for you to try!

1. Strawberry Pie

Strawberries are brilliant in pies due to their sweet and juicy tastes. Despite this, some strawberry pie recipes can go overboard with the sweetness.

Luckily, this sensational strawberry pie recipe avoids this fate. The strawberry pie filling is sweet but not overpowering, thanks to the inclusion of lemon juice, apples, and vanilla, giving it a deeper flavor.

This pie’s lattice topping gives it a wholesome aesthetic that sets it apart from other fruit pies. Despite looking incredible, this lattice pie crust is extremely easy.

2. Pineapple Pie

Though the world is divided as to whether pineapple belongs in pizza, we can all agree that it works wonderfully in a pie!

This tropical fruit filling has a gorgeously tangy taste. This is due not only to the pineapple, but also to the wide range of flavorings used, such as brown sugar, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

There is also an optional boozy twist to add a hint of rum to the dish, which is perfect for adults.

3. Apple Pie

Apple pie is an American classic. It’s a wonderful comfort food for when you’ve had a stressful day at work.

We particularly love this apple pie recipe because the filling is brimming with flavors. This is thanks to the inclusion of cinnamon, nutmeg, and lemon, which enhance the apple pie filling’s taste tenfold. 

The result is an inviting apple-flavored filling that is impossible to resist.

4. Blackberry Pie

If you’ve gone blackberry picking this summer, this glorious blackberry pie recipe is the perfect excuse to use them up.

The slightly tart blackberry filling is super simple to make and will be ready in just a few minutes. This entire delectable dessert only requires 30 minutes of preparation time. 

5. Lemon Meringue Pie

If you want to test your baking skills and make a show-stopping dessert, lemon meringue pie is an outstanding option. 

We adore this sensational lemon meringue pie recipe. It has a crumbly pie crust, a sharp and vibrant lemon filling, and a meringue topping that’s crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. 

This beautiful dessert is sure to impress, making it ideal for parties.

6. Coconut Cream Pie

Coconut has a sweet and nut-like taste that is often underappreciated. If you are a fan of this flavor, then you’re bound to love this coconut cream pie recipe.

It has a luxuriously creamy texture and is packed with coconut flavoring. This is due to the use of coconut milk and flaked sweetened coconut.

While other coconut pies offer a milder taste, this recipe is not afraid to make the most of its flavor.

7. Banana Cream Pie

Ideal for a wide range of events, banana cream pie is a fresh and creamy dessert that everyone loves.

This recipe uses fresh bananas and a genuine pastry crust. Thus, it is superior to recipes that use artificial banana flavoring, which is unable to capture the true flavor of bananas. 

When topped with fresh slices of banana and whipped cream, this dessert looks immensely indulgent.

8. Strawberry Meringue Pie

This inventive pie recipe is a twist on the traditional lemon meringue pie, switching the lemon filling for one that is strawberry-flavored.

We love this ingenious twist as it ensures that this dessert is better suited to people who don’t like tart tastes.

Covered in melted chocolate, whipped cream, and fresh strawberries, this recipe produces a stunning dessert that you should consider making for your next dinner party.

9. Key Lime Pie

Key lime pie is an iconic American dessert made with a creamy lime filling, providing fantastic citrus flavors.

This is one of our favorite key lime pie recipes with a delightful graham cracker crust. This is then topped with a smooth lime-flavored filling and covered in whipped cream. 

The key lime pie looks magnificent and is sure to be a hit with guests.

10. Japanese Fruit Pie

If you want to try something a little different, consider making this tasty and traditional Japanese fruit pie. It’s a classic recipe for a reason!

The filling is made with pecans, raisins, and coconuts. While it may not have as fresh a flavor as other fruit pies, this recipe has a more nutty and earthy taste which is very homely.

11. Raspberry Pie

This raspberry pie recipe has a gooey and sweet filling which is ideal for the spring or summer (for more delicious summer pie recipes, read here).

One of the reasons that we love this recipe is that it can be completed in 4 straightforward steps. Therefore, it is ideal for people with limited time or baking experience.

Because you won’t have to make your own pie crust, this is a convenient recipe!

12. British Apple And Blackberry Pie

You’ve likely had apple pie and blackberry pie. Why not combine the two? This recipe does this brilliantly, resulting in a scrumptious British apple and blackberry pie.

The apple and blackberry filling is loaded with vibrant colors and flavors. The tastes are heightened by the use of lemon juice, which brings out the sweetness of these fan-favorite fruits.

13. Peach Pie

Peach pie is a great option if you wish to make a fruity summer dessert. The peach filling has a sweet taste with a whisper of sourness. 

We especially adore the crust of this pie, which has been perfectly layered to give it a professional-looking finish. Moreover, the use of an egg wash ensures that the pie has a rich golden sheen. 

Simply serve with a dollop of ice cream for a delicious dessert.

14. Cranberry Pie

Many people celebrate Christmas with cranberry pie. If you are one of these people, you’re going to find this recipe tempting.

The fruity filling is bursting with flavors thanks to ingredients such as fresh cranberries, orange juice, vanilla extract, and ginger.

We especially love the idea of adding orange juice and extract, as it gives the cranberries a citrus twist. 

15. Orange Pie

This orange pie is sure to catch people’s attention. Its vibrant color scheme makes it incredibly appetizing. 

The fabulous filling contains sensational citrus notes due to the use of lemon juice and lemon zest. It tastes sweet with a subtle hint of sourness that thankfully is not overpowering, unlike many other orange pie recipes.

16. Strawberry Chocolate Pie

Do you love chocolate? Most people find chocolate desserts enticing, us included.

This dessert combines strawberries and chocolate to create a dish that is a little naughtier than the average fruit pie. It even has a rich Oreo crust!

Despite looking and tasting divine, this strawberry chocolate pie is incredibly easy. It requires just 5 ingredients and won’t need to be baked.

17. Pumpkin Pie

You might think that pumpkin pie is just for Thanksgiving. But the truth is that this phenomenal pie can be consumed throughout the year. 

If you wish to make an incredible pumpkin pie, why not try this recipe? It has a perfectly spiced pumpkin fill that works harmoniously with the flaky pie crust.

Seasonings such as ginger, brown sugar, cloves, and nutmeg complement the pumpkin beautifully.

18. Apple Rhubarb Pie

Have you grown bored of the same old apple pie recipes? If so, why not try this apple rhubarb pie? Rhubarb complements the sweetness of the apples whilst also instilling them with a citric hint.

This delicious apple rhubarb pie recipe is ideal for summer. The filling is flawlessly seasoned with nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves to provide a warm flavor.

19. Blueberry Pie

Blueberry pies are a great way of experiencing the sweet taste of these berries.

What we appreciate about this delightful recipe is the thick filling layer.

Too many pie recipes have short fillings, resulting in rather disappointing pies. Luckily, this pie allows you to get a generous taste of the blueberry filling.

Furthermore, we love the butter crust that harmonizes with the blueberry filling.

20. Concord Grape Pie

Grapes are not exactly renowned for being overloaded with flavor. Instead, they tend to taste quite mild.

Yet, grapes work surprisingly well in pies. This concord grape pie recipe is a fine example of that. This recipe uses juicy concord grapes to produce a mouth-watering filling.

Few ingredients are used so that the natural taste of the concord grapes can shine through.

21. Summer Mango Pie

Made for the summer, this mango pie recipe has a vibrant yellow color. The filling is stunningly smooth and will melt in your mouth.

When decorated with edible flowers, this mango pie is extremely beautiful. Be sure to get a range of colors to make this pie even more eye-catching. If you are hosting a summer party, this is the perfect dessert.

22. Mixed Berry Pie

This list has included recipes for pies containing different berries.

This recipe ingeniously combines berries to make a sensational pie. You can add whatever berries you want, allowing you to customize this excellent recipe.

The homemade pie crust has a cozy vibe and a buttery taste that pairs well with the filling.

23. Winter Fruit And Walnut Pie

If you’re searching for a dessert to make for Christmas or over the winter period, you cannot go wrong with this wonderful winter fruit and walnut pie recipe. 

We particularly like the idea to line the pastry with walnuts, proving an enjoyable textural contrast. The filling contains apples, cranberries, and raisins, which are perfect for this winter-themed pie.

These fruits have been seasoned with allspice and orange zest for even more flavor.

24. Dutch Pear Pie

Next, this Dutch pear pie is sensational in the fall. The filing encapsulates fall, with earthy seasonings such as nutmeg and cinnamon. The pear flavor is enriched with lemon zest and juice.

This recipe encases the pear filling in a streusel topping, which has a crumbly texture and a cinnamon flavor.

The caramel sauce topping tastes divine and complements the pear filling superbly. 

25. Fig Pie

We feel that figs are underappreciated. Hopefully, this fig pie recipe will change your mind about these versatile fruits.

The fig filling contains almonds, giving it a nutty and earthy taste. This flavor combines nicely with the figs, which have a sweet taste with a hint of honey.

To add to the flavor, the recipe uses mascarpone cheese, which also gives the dish a creamy texture. 

This sophisticated dish is perfect for guests.

26. Apple Crumble Pie

Do you love apple crumble? If so, you will adore this apple crumble pie recipe. The crumble topping gives the dish a crunchy texture, contrasting brilliantly with the softness of the apples.

This dessert is ideal for warming yourself up on cold winter evenings. It even has seasonal spices, such as cinnamon, to enhance the apple flavors. 

27. Chocolate Banana Cream Pie

Chocolate and banana is a well-liked flavor combination. These two foods bring out the sweetness in one another.

This chocolate banana cream pie is made for people who appreciate this flavor combination. It’s perfectly creamy and sweet, which is just what you want in a dessert.

What’s more, this simple no-bake recipe can be finished in only 10 minutes!

28. Patriotic Dragon Fruit Pie

Last but not least, this patriotic fruit pie is ideal for the Fourth of July. It has been made with strawberries, dragon fruit, and blueberries to incorporate the iconic red, white, and blue of the American flag. 

It’s even decorated with stars, which is sure to get you into a patriotic mood. Despite being used for their colors, the strawberries, dragon fruit, and blueberries work wonderfully, having a sweet and slightly tart taste.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Fruit Pies Are Most Popular?

Apple pie is perhaps the most popular. Pumpkin pie is also well-liked, especially during Thanksgiving and Halloween.

How Should You Serve A Fruit Pie?

A slice of fruit pie is an effective and popular dessert. To serve, you can top with a dollop of cream, custard, or ice cream.

If you prefer something a little healthier, you can add some fresh fruit to the dish. Just make sure that the flavors of these fresh fruits complement the pie filling. 

In terms of whether you wish to serve the pie warm or cold, this will be up to you. Some pie recipes work better warm while others should be chilled. For instance, apple pie is traditionally served warm.

Final Thoughts

So many fruits are overlooked when it comes to baking. With any luck, this guide will have shown you that there are a wide variety of fruits that work fantastically as pie fillings.

You can opt for something traditional, such as cherry pie, or you can try something a little more unique, such as lemon meringue pie. Either way, you’re going to love these pie recipes!

28 Fantastic Fruit Pies

28 Fantastic Fruit Pies

Recipe by Jenna

Lots of different fruits can be baked in pies, not just apples. From strawberries to figs, there are tons of options. Here are 28 fabulous fruit pie recipes.

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