17 Best Frozen Pizzas (Quick And Delicious)

There are some evenings where you just won’t have the time or the energy to cook a full meal, let alone doing all the different washing up that comes with it! 

In times like this, you might often find yourself reaching for a takeaway leaflet or a food delivery app. However, even those can take too long to arrive. You need a meal now! So what’s the solution?

17 Best Frozen Pizzas (Quick And Delicious)

A handy little invention called the frozen pizza! 

Though a frozen pizza may not have the fresh feel of a newly made pizza, it’s certainly a great substitute. You get the fantastic taste of a pizza, a whole range of different toppings and flavors, and they’re extremely quick and easy.

Seriously, the fact that these are frozen means that you can stock up on them, and always have a few at hand for when you might need them.

Better yet, they couldn’t be easier to cook: simply pop it on a tray, bung it in the oven, and set a timer for however long the box dictates. 

There are loads of different frozen pizzas on the market, though, which means it can be difficult to find the best ones. Not all of them are winners!

Thankfully, we’ve got a list of the 17 best frozen pizzas that you can buy. Next time you need a quick and delicious meal, we’ve got you covered!

17 Best Frozen Pizzas (Quick And Delicious)

1. Tombstone Roadhouse Loaded Pizza – Double Down Deluxe

This delicious pizza from the popular company Tombstone is a perfect choice, thanks to its enormous range of tasty toppings. Seriously, this is “loaded” and then some!

For your main attractions, you’ve got some delicious premium pepperoni, alongside some mouth watering slices of Italian sausage. For the meat lovers out there, you won’t be starved for choice!

Of course, there’s a healthy dose of mozzarella cheese thrown in too, which makes the pizza perfectly sticky and cheesy. Better yet, the mozzarella is 100% real – none of that fake stuff here! 

On top of those, you’ve got a mixture of green and red peppers, too, to give it a bit of sweetness. And finally, you’ve caramelized onions to give them that unique blend of richness and savouriness. Perfect!

2. Amy’s Kitchen – Cheese Pizza

If you love a really cheesy pizza (and who doesn’t?), then you’ll want to give the Cheese Pizza from Amy’s Kitchen a try.

This family-owned company has a great range of frozen foods on sale, and their selection of pizzas is particularly wallet-worthy.

Amy’s Kitchen uses their house-made pizza sauce with all their pizzas, so you know you’re going to be getting something unique with this choice.

On top of that, the crust is hand-stretched, making it perfectly doughy and delicious.

As for the pizza ingredients, it’s got a generous helping (of course) of grated mozzarella cheese. As you can see from the picture, this is a pizza that;s drowning in cheese, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Besides the cheese, there’s also some organic tomatoes included, in order to give it a bit of taste balance. Delicious!

3. California Pizza Kitchen’s BBQ Chicken Pizza 

One of the best tasting foods there is (besides pizza) is any dish with some BBQ seasoning in it. It’s a deliciously sweet flavor that makes any meat it touches taste even better. So what if you could combine the two? 

That’s what you get with the BBQ Chicken Pizza from California Pizza Kitchen! This comes with a great amount of chicken that’s been BBQ seasoned for that extra kick. On top of that, it’s got some tangy BBQ sauce thrown in.

Of course, there’s plenty of cheese too! It has a blend of hickory smoked gouda cheese and mozzarella, meaning that you get a mouth watering mixture for extra cheesiness. 

4. Barstool Sports One Bite – Pepperoni 

If you’re a fan of Barstool Sports, then you’ll know all about their “one bite” pizza reviews. Well, they’re so popular that they ended up making their own range of frozen pizzas! Better yet, they’re delicious!

They have a whole variety of flavors, but we’re going to focus on their pepperoni one. It may look like a simple blend, but this mixture of cheese and pepperoni is a classic for a reason – and that’s because it’s mouth watering. 

The cheese is creamy and delicious, while the pepperoni balances it out with its salty and tangy kick. 

5. Wegman’s Four Cheese Bake & Rise 

This delicious frozen pizza from Wegman’s is exactly as you expect: it’s got four different types of cheese in it!

This means that you get a subtle blend of four tasty flavors, all equally sticky and creamy, but each with their own benefits that they’re bringing to the table. 

What are the four cheeses? Well, you’ve got the classic mozzarella, which is low moisture and part-skim in this case. After that, you’ve got some romano cheese, as well as a bit of parmesan. 

Finally, you’ve got some asiago cheese, too. This is a slightly rarer cheese that you might not be used to having – which makes this pizza extra unique!

6. Screamin’ Sicilian Pizza Co. – Totally Taco Taco-Style Pizza

Okay, we know what you’re thinking: a taco combined with a pizza? Why hasn’t this been done before!

This delicious frozen pizza from Screamin Sicilian’ is a fantastic choice for when you need a quick but mouth watering meal in the evening.

It has their famous stone-fried crust that’s all buttery and crisp, while a taco-inspired sauce is then used as the base for the pizza.

After that, you get a massive mixture of cheddar and mozzarella cheeses. These give it the gooeyness, which you would want from a taco filling.

Finally, you’ve got a selection of tomatoes, beef crumbles, chives, and black olives. It all goes together to create the feeling and taste of a taco, while at the same time delivering the deliciousness of a pizza!

7. Amy’s Kitchen – Roasted Vegetable Pizza (No Cheese)

For those among you who are vegetarian or vegan, and want something that’s more plant based, this fantastic pick from Amy’s Kitchen is the way to go! 

You might be wondering how well a pizza can manage without cheese, but let us tell you: it does brilliantly! This is because of the lovely ingredients that Amy’s Kitchen uses. 

Seriously, the base is made out of caramelized onions, which make it delicious and unique. After that, it’s topped with red peppers, marinated artichoke hearts, and shiitake mushroom – along with some balsamic vinegar.

It’s a tasty blend of some pretty special vegetables, and it provides a cheese and meat free alternative that sacrifices none of the great taste.  

8. Red Baron’s Brick Oven Crust Pepperoni Pizza

This deliciously doughy pick from the Red Baron pizza range will have you flying as high as the baron himself. 

The brick oven crust is crisp and thick, while the pepperoni has been made with chicken, pork, and beef. This gives it an extra tastiness, far above other pizza ranges that offer pepperoni. 

It’s a wonderful blend of crispy crust and mouth watering pepperoni, all with some creamy mozzarella cheese thrown in. 

9. Tony’s Pepperoni Pizza

What rhymes with Tony? Pepperoni! That’s how you know this chef is going to serve you up some extremely tasty pizzas, and this variety is no different. 

Like the previous pizza, this has the pepperoni made with beef, chicken, and pork, in order to give it an extra kick of yummy flavor. 

Better yet, the pizza uses 100% real mozzarella cheese. This is great for real pizza lovers, because you don’t want any of the tangy, cheap, fake cheese stuff that goes around with some pizzas. 

It might be a simple flavor of pizza with some simple ingredients, but it’s simple-y done well! It’s very quick and very tasty, which is why we’ve picked it for our number 9 spot. 

10. California Pizza Kitchen’s White Pizza

Another pick from California Pizza Kitchen, this particular make of frozen pizza is intriguingly titled “white recipe”. How mysterious! What delicious flavors does this entail?

Well, you get a stunning five different cheeses to begin with! They include mozzarella (that old favorite), some romano cheese, a bit of asiago, and a nice helping of ricotta.

Finally, some parmesan cheese rounds it out, because you can never go wrong with parmesan.

However, California Pizza Kitchen also add a delicious creamy garlic sauce to the mix. And that’s not all! There’s also some full garlic topping it too, as well as bits of spinach. 

As you might guess, it all creates a pizza that is very white, with the occasional dots of green. It’s certainly a big visual change from the usual red tomato pizzas, which is refreshing!

11. DiGiorno Rising Crust Four Cheese Pizza

DiGiorno is one of the most popular brands when it comes to frozen pizzas, and it’s easy to see why. Their quality is remarkable and the taste is delicious. 

As with other pizzas we’ve looked at, it has a blend of four familiar cheeses. You get the classic mozzarella, some fancy asiago, tasty romano cheese, and the always reliable parmesan.

As you can see from the picture on their box, this is a pizza that is GOOEY! Its sticky cheese mixture contrasts perfectly with the crisp, doughy crust. 

There may not be any additional toppings, but who needs them? When you’ve got four different cheeses, cheese is all you need – just as The Beatles almost sang! 

12. Newman’s Own Supreme Pizza – Thin & Crispy Crust

Hello, Newman! It’s always nice to see Paul Newman, the famous movie star who gave us so many wonderful performances. Although he’s no longer around, there is a wonderful food company in his image that is still going strong. 

They have a great range of pizzas available, where 100% of the profit goes to helping kids in need! So not only are you getting a quick and delicious meal, you’re helping others less fortunate. 

This delicious pizza has a mouth watering mix of Italian sausage and pepperoni, to give it some meatiness, whole onions and various bell peppers give it some extra taste.

On top of those, it’s got lovely whole milk mozzarella and a perfectly crunchy, crispy crust. Delicious!

13. Tombstone’ Original 5 Cheese Pizza

We’ve mostly only covered pizzas with just four cheeses – this has five!

If you love cheese (which is pretty essential when it comes to loving pizza), then you’ll want to try out this impressive and delicious frozen pizza from the always reliable Tombstone pizza company.

What are the five cheeses in question? Well, you’ve got some cheddar, a bit of asiago, romano cheese, and parmesan. Finally, of course, there is mozzarella – because it wouldn’t be a pizza without mozzarella. 

You might have noticed that this is the same five cheeses that the “White Pizza” from the California Kitchen Company used. Just like that pizza, this ends up being pretty white too.

However, while that one had bits of green on it, this has delicious dark yellow blobs of cheese amongst all the white. 

On top of that, the base is buttery and crisp, which is the perfect combination of textures when it comes to the base of a pizza. As well all know, the base is very important – it’s the foundation on which all the tasty toppings are placed!

Without a good base, your pizza could fail. It’s lucky, then, that Tombstone always brings the quality with the pizza bases.

14. Totino’s Party Pizza – Macaroni & Cheese With Bacon

Totino’s? How did you know! Everybody might be talking about Totino’s pizza rolls (and rightly so, those bite sized snacks are delicious!) but Totino’s also makes a great frozen pizza with their Party Pizza range. 

With the “Macaroni & Cheese With Bacon” variety, you’ll get a delicious blend of cheese and bacon. The cheese is super gooey and creamy, while the bacon is meaty and filling.

The cheese actually takes the form of both macaroni and then a blend of various other cheeses, meaning that you’re really getting a good range of different and subtle cheese tastes. This, as we can all agree, is essential to a good pizza!

On top of all that (or should we say beneath all that?) is the lovely crust. With the Totino’s Party Pizza range, you get a pretty unique crust in terms of texture and taste, with it being a fascinating (and mouth watering) combination of flakiness and crispiness.

With most frozen pizzas you’ll just get a standard baked crust, but this goes one step further. 

Of course, we also have to talk about the shape. Every pizza we’ve looked at so far on this list has been round. That’s hardly surprising, pizzas are normally round! When most of us picture one, that is how it’ll look. 

This isn’t the case with Totinot’s Party Pizza. Here, you get a rectangular shape of pizza, which is probably modeled that way to look like a classic Totino’s Pizza Roll!

Not only does this make it more exciting to eat (and easier to share), it also makes it a perfect fit for cooking in a toaster oven.

15. Milton’s Craft Bakers – Cauliflower Crust And Uncured Pepperoni Pizza

Now this is a unique one. If you’re looking for a frozen pizza that is a little unlike any other that you’ve tried, then the Cauliflower Crust and Uncured Pepperoni variety from Milton’s Craft Baker is the pick for you.

So, the big question: what is a cauliflower crust? Well, it’s what you might expect, replacing the traditional dough of a pizza crust with something that is instead made out of the vegetable cauliflower. 

Cauliflower may not be everybody’s favorite vegetable, but it’s unexpectedly delicious when used as a pizza crust.

The reason that Milton’s Craft Bakers use it is because it’s a handy gluten-free alternative to traditional pizza crust. It replicates the same thinness and crispness, but has none of the gluten. 

As for the meat topping, this has uncured pepperoni, which is another daily unique pizza addition.

You’ll usually have cured pepperoni, but the use of uncured pepperoni here is so that there aren’t chemicals and additives added to the meat. If it were cured, it would have those, and they may not be entirely good for you.

After the meat, there’s also a reliable variety of delicious cheeses. You get mozzarella (as always!), parmesan, and romano. They give the pizza a certain gooeyness that goes with the crispy cauliflower crust.

Better yet, there’s tomato sauce that’s used with all this is very zesty, giving it a real presence. Delicious!

16. Freschetta Signature Pepperoni Pizza – With Naturally Rising Crust

Another win for those who like a great gluten-free frozen pizza, this delicious pick from Freschetta is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

What makes this pizza even more special is Freschetta’s attention to their crusts.

While a crust might only be secondary to other manufacturers, with Freschetta they provide their famous naturally rising crust, with which the dough has been carefully kneaded and then left to rise totally organically. 

Which isn’t to say the toppings for this aren’t great, too, because they most certainly are. With their Signature Pepperoni pizza, you get pepperoni that has been made with pork, beef, and chicken.

By making it out of three different meats, you get a whole variety of subtle flavors with the pepperoni – delicious!

On top of that, there’s 100% real cheese to enjoy. Its gooeyness makes the pizza totally scrumptious. Better yet, there’s no artificial flavors in it, so it’s even better for you.

17. Screamin’ Sicilian Pizza Co. – Double Sausage Pizza

There hasn’t been a lot of sausages with the pizzas we’ve listed, so we’re correcting that mistake right here! Sausage is one of the best pizza toppings, and this frozen pizza from Screamin’ Sicilian is proof of that.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Make Frozen Pizza Crust Crispy?

If you want your frozen pizza to be crusty, preheat your oven and transfer the pizza straight from the cold freezer to the hot oven. Position it directly on the oven rack that’s second from the bottom.

Final Thoughts

Frozen pizzas are quick and delicious – find the best with our list!

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