16 Frittata Recipes For A Delicious Brunch

We love brunch. Well, who doesn’t? There is nothing better than indulging in a comforting, super delicious, and filling meal with friends or family on the weekend. A homemade brunch always feels particularly special. 

However, brunch dishes can get quite repetitive. We know just how it feels to get sick of the same old avocado toast and bacon sandwiches. And, if you happen to be hosting a brunch, the last thing you want is to serve guests a boring meal. 

16 Frittata Recipes For A Delicious Brunch

That’s where we come in. If you want to change up your brunch habits, check out our favorite frittata recipes below. Not only are they all mouth-wateringly delicious and look gorgeous on the table, but they are also super easy to make! 

Take a look! You won’t be disappointed.

1. Spring Frittata With Crispy Chorizo 

We just had to kick this list off with this wonderful spring frittata recipe. The combination of fluffy eggs, fresh herbs, and salty chorizo is to die for! It is also a simple recipe to follow, so you can show off to your guests with minimal effort!

In fact, this recipe is perfect if you want to use up some extra greens you’ve got in the fridge (or if you want to sneak some into your kids’ meals!). It is very versatile, so feel free to add in extra peas, spinach, kale, or even broccoli! 

2. Frittato With Zucchini

If you enjoy a simple frittata, you will love this zucchini recipe. It requires few ingredients, but comes out super delicious every single time! We love serving this dish with grilled asparagus, but it will work with pretty much any side dish!

3. Easy Breakfast Frittata Recipe

If you love using seasonal veg, or you simply need to eat up veggies that are on the turn, this recipe is perfect for you. It is versatile, easy, and is certain to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters around the table.

In fact, this is a great option if you need a filling and hearty brunch dish for the family. It takes no time at all to throw together. For the best results, we recommend using good-quality mature cheddar cheese. 

4. Peperonata And Spaghettini Frittata With Harissa Cream

We know the dread associated with having guests around for food. If you want to knock your guests’ socks off, this is a great recipe to try. It is bursting with flavor, looks beautiful, and is surprisingly simple to make (but you don’t have to tell your guests that!). 

5. Colorful Brunch Frittata

Frittatas can sometimes look a bit bland. Even though they always taste great, they can often look a bit rubbish on the table.

However, this one is an exception. This colorful brunch frittata recipe tastes and looks beautiful and bold. 

Don’t let the cooking time on this recipe put you off. It does take over an hour from start to finish, however, for a lot of that time it will be in the oven, so you can sit back with a mimosa!

We love serving this dish with a fresh and zingy salad. 

6. Ham, Mushroom, And Spinach Frittata

Sometimes, by the time the weekend comes around, we have very little food left in the fridge. And, more often than not, the thought of doing a food shop after a busy week at work is not pleasant. 

If you’ve found yourself in this situation, you have to try this ham, mushroom, and spinach frittata. It requires just six ingredients, and most of them can be swapped or eliminated if necessary! It’s perfect for a lazy weekend. 

7. Beetroot, Dill, And Feta Frittata

If you want a healthy, delicious, colorful dish that can be on the table in 10 minutes, you’re in luck! This beetroot, dill, and feta frittata is super quick and simple to make. It is also mouth-wateringly tasty! 

8. Frittata With Potato And Prosciutto

This frittata is simple but impactful. The ingredients all meld together perfectly to create a flavor explosion and gorgeous texture. The recipe suggests enjoying slices of this frittata in a fresh, crusty bread roll – and we couldn’t agree more! 

9. Bombay Potato Frittata

Fancy adding a bit of interest and spice to your brunch table? If you do, this recipe is perfect. This Indian-inspired frittata is packed full of flavor and fresh ingredients. In fact, it makes for a healthy weekday lunch. 

Don’t let the ingredients list put you off. It is long, however, the spices can be used in a huge array of Indian recipes, so you’ll definitely find ways to use them up! For the best results, serve with a dollop of quality mango chutney. 

10. Air Fryer Breakfast Frittata

What could be better than cooking a hearty and tasty brunch in an air fryer? Well, believe it or not, this frittata recipe is tailored so that you can do just that. As a result, you get a perfectly cooked frittata that took just 20 minutes to make. 

The best thing about this recipe is its versatility. Feel free to swap out any ingredients for those that you prefer or have access to. And, thanks to the use of the air fryer, there is very little to wash up! This recipe is truly a no-fuss breakfast/brunch dish.

11. Baked Brunch Frittata

This recipe is advertised as being capable of feeding a small army. Whilst we cannot confirm or deny this claim, it certainly leaves everyone at the brunch feeling satisfied. In fact, this frittata feels particularly indulgent, thanks to the addition of thickened cream. 

For the best results, we recommend serving this frittata with fresh crusty bread, a side salad, and lots of fresh parsley. Also – don’t hold back with the butter. When cooked properly, this recipe is wonderfully creamy and moreish! 

12. Broccoli Frittata

Whether you’re a fan of this great green, or you want to incorporate more veggies into your diet, this recipe is perfect for you. The combination of broccoli, parmesan, and fluffy eggs is incredibly moreish – so make sure you cook up a large batch! 

This recipe calls for one garlic clove to be used. However, if you’re anything like us, this may not be enough. We recommend mincing up an extra clove (or two!) if you love your food to have extra flavor. 

13. Goat’s Cheese And Vegetable Frittata With Tomato Salad 

Admittedly, goat’s cheese is often a controversial ingredient. Some people love it, and some people hate it. However, if you are someone who loves it, this recipe is certain to become your new favorite dish.

In fact, we think that this recipe could even convert the goat’s cheese haters! The combination of the cheese with fresh greens, cherry tomatoes, and dill is addictively delicious!

We love making a huge batch and using the leftovers for weekday lunches. 

14. Prawn And Leek Frittata

Prawn and leek might sound like an odd combination. But, we promise you, this recipe really brings the flavor! This recipe is certain to wow any guest or family member that you invite over. 

As a bonus, it takes less than 20 minutes to put together and requires just 4 ingredients! For the best results, be sure to buy high-quality ingredients and season the dish well.

We love throwing in a knob of butter for some extra creaminess! 

15. Full English Frittata With Smoky Beans

If you are a fan of a traditional English breakfast but fancy trying out something new, this recipe is ideal. It incorporates all of the best aspects of a full English breakfast but it is healthier, easier to make, and arguably, more delicious than a full English breakfast alone. 

The recipe calls for two cans of baked beans.

However, to make this dish a bit lighter, we recommend opting for a reduced salt and reduced sugar version. You can also opt for low-fat sausages, or use a vegetarian alternative!

16. Mini Frittata Brunch Bar

Finally, we had to include these super cute mini frittatas. If you’re hosting a brunch gathering and want to put on a spread of buffet-style food, these mini frittatas are ideal. They are full of flavor and can be enjoyed easily! 

Whilst these specific frittatas are delicious, you can easily adapt the recipe to suit your tastes or dietary requirements.

In fact, for a big party, we recommend making up a few different types of these frittatas! 


A frittata makes for the perfect brunch dish. We hope that these frittata recipes have inspired you to try something new in the kitchen!

Remember – the best thing about frittatas is their versatility, so be sure to throw in your favorite ingredients and have fun experimenting!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve never made a frittata before, the thought of cooking one can be a bit overwhelming. However, it really is quite simple.

Check out our answers to the most frequently asked questions below. You’ll be a frittata expert in no time!

What’s The Best Pan To Use When You Make A Frittata? 

Making a frittata is easy. But, you do need the right equipment. To make the perfect frittata, we recommend using a cast-iron skillet. Cast-iron skillets can be moved from the hob into the oven seamlessly.

They also make serving the frittata very simple. 

What Goes With A Frittata For Brunch? 

If you want to put on a large spread for your brunch, you might be wondering… ”what goes well with a frittata?”.  Below, we’ve listed our favorite side dishes that are sure to satisfy all of your guests and work beautifully with any frittata. 

1. Fresh garden salad.

2. Sliced cucumber.

3. Garlic roasted potatoes.

4. Grilled beans.

5. Roasted broccoli. 

What’s The Difference Between A Quiche And A Frittata? 

People are often confused by the difference between a quiche and a frittata, but it is quite simple. A quiche contains a pastry crust, whereas a frittata does not. This is why you may sometimes hear a frittata being called a crustless quiche. 

16 Frittata Recipes For A Delicious Brunch

16 Frittata Recipes For A Delicious Brunch

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Getting tired of the same old brunch dishes? These 16 frittata recipes are sure to spice up your lazy Sunday morning. Check them out – you won’t be disappointed!

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