37 Fresh Beet Recipes To Make Your Dish Bright And Colorful!

If there is one vegetable that’s going to make your dish instantly beautiful, it’s beets! They are definitely a love-hate vegetable, with some people being put off by the earthy taste.

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But even the most vehement beet hater can’t deny how much they liven up at least the look of a dish!

Fresh Beet Recipes To Make Your Dish Bright And Colorful!

There is an art to making a delicious beet dish and that is matching them up with both sweet and savory ingredients that can stand up to the strong, earthy beets.

This is where we come in! We have 37 fun, delicious, and beautiful beet recipes that are sure to convert even beet cynics!

1. Easy Refrigerator Pickled Beets

We’re kicking off our list with a simple recipe, that will probably be gobbled up pretty quickly but it takes such little time to make that won’t be a problem!

The important thing is to rest the beets for a few days to ensure a pure concentrated flavor. These pickled beets will be a great addition to salads and you can experiment with different types of beets for this recipe too.

2. Easy Roasted Beets

One guaranteed method to enhance the flavor of beets is to roast them! It gives them an incredible depth of flavor that you just can’t get from boiling them.

Plus, if you leave them in the oven for an hour you can easily peel the skin off, so you no longer have to worry about staining your nails!

3. Beet Salad With Arugula And Balsamic Vinaigrette

Beets don’t just add color to your salad, but they make it way more filling! This salad can best be described as bold, combining beets with balsamic dressing and arugula.

No matter what you have on your fork you’re sure to get a burst of flavor!

4. Beet Smoothie

This recipe may raise some eyebrows, but trust us, this works! The honey, berries and yogurt really help mellow out the beet so you only get the slightest, yummiest hint of it.

The addition of beet in this smoothie is all about the color, not to mention the health benefits! Beets contain vitamin C and potassium that lower blood pressure, and they’re also packed with fiber and antioxidants.

5. Golden Beet Salad

If you have someone in your life who believes that beets just taste like dirt, why not introduce them to golden beets?

They are less earthy than red beets and a lot sweeter, and they definitely don’t stain as much! This salad also contains white balsamic, which tastes similar to traditional balsamic but a little milder.

6. Beet Baba Ganoush Dip

Normally made with roasted eggplant and tahini paste, baba ganoush is very similar to hummus and is served on a mezze platter with veggies and other dips.

Beet baba ganoush is not just healthier, but adds plenty of flavor and a lovely sweetness.

7. Roasted Beet And Walnut Dip

The buttery texture of walnuts are excellent for baking, but they’re also great for dip too.

This recipe doesn’t really need much modification, but when it’s done we recommend drizzling some pomegranate balsamic glaze and a couple of seeds for extra texture.

8. Warm Goat Cheese, Beet, And Arugula Sandwich

If you’re trying to cut down on your meat, then this is the sandwich for you! People assume that a dish free of meat can’t possibly be filling, but this sandwich (see also ‘28 Amazing Tea Sandwiches That We Think You’ll Love‘) will prove them wrong.

Beets and goat cheese (see also ‘24 Delicious Goat Cheese Recipes‘) both have a powerful flavor but they work together in harmony in this sandwich.

We recommend toasting this sandwich to slightly melt the cheese and so the bread is crunchy. However, the filling has such an irresistible texture that it’s also delicious on fresh, soft bread.

9. Oven Baked Beet Fries With Spicy Aioli

Who doesn’t love fries? They’re simple, irresistible finger food! But if you’re trying to cut out the carbs these oven baked beet fries are an excellent alternative.

We recommend mixing up red and golden beets for a more mouth-watering plate of food, and make sure not to skip the spicy aioli!

10. Roasted Beet Pesto

The stunning pink color of this pesto is sure to appeal to everybody, even if you’re not a beet lover! Pesto is incredible, but not everybody likes basil. Therefore, this is a great compromise!

This roasted beet pesto has the same cheesy, nutty flavor of traditional basil pesto but with a touch more sweetness and an explosion of beautiful color!

11. Harvard Beets

This quintessential New England side is by no means short on depth of color and flavor.

Cooking the beets in sugar and vinegar gives them a stunning sweet and sour flavor that is great accompaniments to chicken or pot roasts.

The sauce made of butter and cornstarch is thick and silky, and this dish can also be enjoyed cold.

12. Beet Ravioli With Goat Cheese, Ricotta, And Mint Filling

Making your own pasta is fun, but it definitely is time-consuming! But when you have the time to make some pasta, why not give this recipe a try?

This ravioli is colored with powdered beet and beet juice, and contains whole roasted beets which just enhances the overall flavor.

13. Beet Wellington With Balsamic Reduction

Beef Wellington is a hearty, classic dish and this is such a genius vegetarian alternative (see also ‘23 Easy And Delicious Vegetarian Appetizers‘)! This is definitely one to make for a special occasion.

The recipe contains mushrooms, but if mushrooms are not your thing you can just add more spinach mixture and wrap the beets in that instead. The pastry is brushed with pesto but can be substituted with vegan pesto if you like.

14. Strawberry-Beet Popsicles (Gluten Free And Vegan)

If you want to make healthy meals for your kids that are fun and appealing, this strawberry-beet popsicle should do the trick!

Kids are of course drawn to anything bright and colorful and these popsicles definitely tick those boxes.

After all, if your kids are going to eat popsicles they should eat some as healthy and delicious as these! Not only are they gluten-free and vegan, they’re full of natural sugars and vitamins too.

15. Pink Beet Pancakes

Another excellent healthy dish for kids! After all, how could anybody turn down pink pancakes? They’re sure to be a hit at breakfast! These pancakes are surprisingly fluffy and light, and are totally sweet.

There is no hint of any earthy beet flavors! They can also be made in large batches and frozen to make mid-week breakfasts that much easier.

16. Chocolate Beet Cookies

The next time you want to make cookies, why not make these double chocolate beet cookies? The taste of beets is cleverly hidden by the rich dark chocolate and brown sugar.

We’re sure that whoever you serve these to will be absolutely flabbergasted they have a beet purée filling.

They’re also gluten-free, with oats instead of flour in the mix. For extra chewiness, leave the oats whole.

17. Chocolate Chunk Beet Ice Cream

The color of this chocolate chunk beet ice cream is sure to melt the hearts of beet cynics.

This vegan ice cream is incredibly simple to make, and contains agave, coconut milk, cooked beets, dark vegan chocolate, and ginger. You can use an ice cream machine to make this ice cream, or you can just freeze the mix.

To make the ice cream a bit lighter, you can whip up coconut cream and fold it through the mixture before freezing.

18. Instant Pot Beets With Dill, Lime And Yogurt

Sweet beets are mixed with garlic, lime and yogurt in this bright, colorful dish. If you just have Greek yogurt, you can make it thinner with milk or water so you can make a sauce you can drizzle.

You can also use whatever beets you want in this dish. Red beets and candy cane beets are a bit sweeter than yellow beets but still work well.

However if you want your dish to look as beautiful as possible, use a combination of beets!

19. Spiced Sweet Potato Sandwich With Feta

One crucial thing to remember about this sandwich is that each component needs to be ceased to perfection to make sure the flavors really stand out!

20. Grilled Beet Salad With Burrata And Cherries

For this tasty beet salad you’ll be putting your beets on the grill! The charred beets are then tossed with creamy burrata (see also ‘6 Delicious And Creamy Substitutes For Burrata Cheese‘), salty olives and sweet cherries for a truly delicious salad!

21. Vegan Salad Rolls

These vegan salad rolls are absolutely gorgeous in both flavor and appearance, with a watercolor, psychedelic look! Not only do they taste delicious, but they’re incredibly healthy finger food filled with beets!

22. Red Velvet Bundt Cake

Beets are absolutely integral to this red velvet bundt cake, as it’s impossible to achieve the sumptuous deep red color without the sweet and sour beets!

23. Winter Chopped Salad With Pan-Drippings Vinaigrette

This delicious medley of golden beets, cabbage, cucumbers, and sourdough bread make this the very definition of a hearty, comforting meal.

24. Spicy Beet Bloody Marys

Beets are not just for salads however, as we’ve seen they make an excellent addition to drinks too! And roasted beets bring an unmistakably earthy flavor to the classic Bloody Mary.

25. Beet Hummus And Chickpea Crostini

This hummus is infused with beet and is rich in cumin, garlic, and mint. It’s best enjoyed on a crostini but is also excellent in sandwiches, or even just for carrot-dipping!

We recommend serving this hummus as an alternative side dish on Thanksgiving.

26. Salmon And Beets With Yogurt Sauce Over Watercress

Ideal for a light mid-week dinner, this broiled salmon and steamed beets dish is fresh, easy to make, and delicious.

27. Red Beet Chili

This is quite a simple chili recipe truly elevated by beets and fire-roasted tomatoes. Load up the serving bowls and top with cilantro and sour cream, and have some cornbread on the side.

28. Healthy Beet & Apple Salad With Maple Dressing

Toss baby arugula, Belgian endive, and Granny Smith and Royal Gala apples with beets in an olive oil, vinegar and syrup dressing for a salad (see also ‘12 Famous Salad Dressings You Need To Try‘) that’s fresh and crunchy.

29. Vegan Beet Falafel Bowl

Buddha Bowls are essentially a bowl that is packed with healthy, delicious ingredients.

They are so named because the bowl is packed with so much good stuff it looks like a Buddha’s belly. It’s perfect for a macrobiotic diet full of grains, nuts, protein, seeds, and vegetables.

The combinations of a Buddha Bowl are endless, but this vegan beet falafel bowl is an ideal alternative for carb heavy meals like burgers or gyros, and the beef falafels can also be included in a fresh salad for lunch.

30. Beet Carrot Apple Juice

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day of course, and with a large glass of beet carrot apple juice you’re sure to have enough nutrients to get you through the morning!

This healthy, refreshing drink is a great way to start your day right. Not only is it filling, but it’s rich in arabinose-oligosaccharides.

31. Beet Pickled Eggs

This would make an ideal appetizer for an Easter celebration! Pickled eggs have an iconic tangy flavor, but a totally boring appearance, so why not jazz them up with a colorful beet?

This recipe gives you two meals for the price of one, as you can use the pickled beets for a salad too!

32. Classic Borscht

Beet soup is an all-round winner, not only is it healthy, beautiful, and delicious but also cheap to make.

Combining beans, carrots, chicken broth, potatoes and of course beets, this soup is very filling. To make this dish vegetarian-friendly, just replace the chicken broth.

We recommend adding a swirl of sour cream, and serving the soup with lots of crusty bread so you can mop up every last mouthful.

33. Beet Lemonade

Beets are usually used as natural food coloring and are often in a powdered form. It’s ideal for vegan cakes and frostings, but for this lemonade recipe you’re going to use raw beets for the most eye-popping color.

When it comes to flavor the beets are taking a back seat here, as this recipe is packed with lemon, lime, and lots of sugar.

34. Oven Baked Beet Chips

Root vegetable chips are an incredibly healthy alternative to traditional chips while being crisp, crunchy, salty, and colorful. Beet chips are no exception!

These are so simple to make at home, although we recommend investing in a mandolin to make sure you’re getting precise slices.

To make your bowl of chips as beautiful as possible, we recommend using a mixture of red and golden beets and adding a little paprika to add some heat. But if you don’t want spicy chips, just stick to sea salt.

35. Roasted Spiralized Beets With Honey Mustard Vinaigrette

If you’re into spiralizing vegetables, why not try this spiralized beet recipe?

You may think they would be a difficult vegetable to spiralize and may be unable to hold their noodle shape, but you’ll be surprised!

Beets definitely hold up, and make a great alternative to spaghetti when roasted.

36. Sweet Beet Bread

Similarly to zucchini bread, sweet beet bread (see also ‘28 Sweet Bread Recipes You Need To Try‘) isn’t overly sweet. It has a light, bright flavor, an excellent texture, and a moist crumb.

We recommend using grated beets for this recipe. They will become softer as they cook, releasing plenty of moisture and sweetness.

To make this bread sweeter you can add chocolate chips to the batter, or put some buttercream on the top.

37. Fudgy Beet Gluten Free Brownies

Many people don’t like gluten-free, vegan brownies because they think they’re missing the chocolatey goodness and fudgy texture of traditional brownies. But these beet gluten-free brownies are the exception!

It’s rich with chocolate flavor, especially if you’re generous with the chocolate chips! Apple sauce and maple syrup give them their sweetness, and you can even add mashed bananas too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Freeze Fresh Beets?

Beets are not just easy to grow, but easy to freeze too! They can be cooked and frozen for up to 8 months.

What Vegetables Go Well With Beets?

Beets are excellent with carrots, onions, and radishes, and also green vegetables like avocado, cabbage, celery, cucumber, endive, fennel, scallions, and spinach.

How Do You Make Beets Taste Better?

Beets have an earthy and slightly bitter flavor that might be off-putting to some. But to really make beets shine it’s best to enjoy them with flavors that are bright, fresh, and sweet.

When boiling beets, think of it like boiling pasta and add lots of salt and a quarter cup of red wine vinegar.

Final Thoughts

Beets are quite a divisive vegetable due to their strong, earthy flavor but we hope our article has shown you just how diverse they are too!

With our 37 beet recipes you can make the flavor of beets stand out as much as you want, but one thing is for sure, the dishes will look beautiful!

37 Fresh Beet Recipes To Make Your Dish Bright And Colorful!

37 Fresh Beet Recipes To Make Your Dish Bright And Colorful!

Recipe by Jenna

Beets are a divisive vegetable but one thing is for sure – they’re super vibrant! Read on to discover 37 of the best fresh, beautiful beet recipes!

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