30 Quality Foods That Start With The Letter ‘Q’

When it comes to letters of the alphabet, some of them are just not as frequently used as others.

If someone were to ask you to name a snack that begins with the letter ‘S’, you may not find it too difficult; after all, there are sandwiches, sardines, smoked salmon, and so many more.

Quality Foods That Start With The Letter ‘Q’

The letter ‘Q’, however, is quite a bit rarer, and less used, than some of the other letters in the alphabet. Therefore, it can be a bit more difficult to think of food that starts with this letter (see also ‘33 Foods That Start With The Letter O‘), other than quiché.

Look no further! In this article, we have listed 30 different types of food that all start with the letter ‘Q’.

1. Qatayef

In Arab communities, qatayef is a dish that is particularly well-liked, and is frequently eaten during Ramadan. They are small desserts with a delectable filling, typically cream or nuts.

Some people prefer to make them more like pancakes that have been folded over, while others make them more like crisp-edged dumplings.

2. Qeema

Indian cuisine’s Qeema is a simmered or fried curry made with ground beef, goat, or other meats, mixed with other components, such as green peas or potatoes.

This stew is delicious and is frequently eaten with rice, poppadoms, or naan bread. Additionally, making it from scratch at home is not that challenging.

3. Qottab

Qottab is an Iranian pastry or cake packed with almonds and deep-fried in vegetable oil. It is made using flour, nuts, dusted sugar, and cardamom.

This exquisite pastry has a sweet flavour, strong aroma, and is incredibly filling. It is typically served during Nowruz, but you may prepare it at any time of the year and enjoy it.

4. Quaalude

While some people may think of the pills that Leonardo DiCaprio took in that ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ scene, we are actually talking about the tasty cocktail.

A Quaalude, sometimes known as a Russian Quaalude, is a mixture of vodka, Irish cream (often Bailey’s), coffee liqour, and hazelnut liquor.

5. Quadrettini

Thin, flattened, square-shaped pasta noodles are known as quadrettini. They are typically used in soups and other stews.

Quadrettini, like most types of pasta, has a light texture, and little flavor of its own, readily absorbing the tastes of the food you prepare it with.

6. Quaff

A quaff is not actually a specific type of drink, but, rather, any kind of alcoholic beverage, usually one drawn from a keg.

To ‘quaff’ is also a term for someone drinking a drink very fast and rigorously. So, it is possible to ‘quaff’ a ‘quaff’.

7. Quahog

Fans of ‘Family Guy’ may immediately think about the town in which Peter Griffin and his family reside, but we are talking about a different kind of quahog.

They are sizable clams that are typically found in the Atlantic. While some choose to fry or steam them, some people shell them and consume them uncooked. Additionally, they are delicious when made into fritters.

8. Quail

Miniature birds called quail are commonly consumed by humans in a manner similar to that of a Cornish game hen, or a chicken wing. They are very small, and taste similar to wild game.

They are prepared for consumption by either being grilled or rotisserie-cooked. Furthermore, they can also be fried, similar to fried chicken.

9. Quail Eggs

While quails are already a popular, delicious food choice, their eggs are just as tasty. Though considerably smaller, they have a form akin to chicken eggs.

You can fry, boil, scramble, or poach quail eggs, just the same way you would cook chicken eggs. They will taste equally nice in any case!

10. Quaker Oats

Quaker is likely the most well-known oats product of all the ones offered. The business initially just offered raw oats for sale, but these days it offers oats in a variety of forms.

There are numerous varieties of Quaker oats available, including conventional Quaker oats, microwavable Quaker oats, oatmeal, granola bars, and much more.

11. Quality Street Chocolates

At Christmastime in the UK, it wouldn’t be unusual for a box of Quality Streets to be opened up for the family to enjoy.

There are over 10 different types of chocolates in a box of Quality Streets, and they all come in different flavors and textures. They are also individually packaged in vibrant, colorful wrappings.

12. Quandong

Quandongs are small, red, circular fruits grown in Australia. When referring to the fruit, most people refer to the ‘desert quandong’, albeit there are actually three different varieties. Blue quandongs and bitter quandongs are the other two.

A ‘sweet quandong’ is another name for the desert quandong. Contrary to its title, it actually has a mildly salty, acidic flavor.

13. Quark

The process of making quark, which is typically categorized as a soft cheese, involves heating sour milk until it ferments, and then filtering it. It frequently appears in both savory and sweet dishes, and has a moderate flavor.

Quark has a flavor that falls in between cottage cheese and fromage blanc, with a texture that is comparable to a rich, silky yogurt.

14. Quarter Pounder

The Quarter Pounder is one of McDonald’s most famous menu items, consisting of a quarter-pound patty, topped with onions, pickles, ketchup and mustard, placed in a bun.

This is a food item that is highly popular all over the world. The Quarter Pounder with Cheese – the same item with a slice of cheese on the patty – is just as popular, if not more so!

15. Quatre-Quarts

This French pound cake known as quatre-quarts, or ‘four quarters’, gets its name from the equal quantities of its four ingredients: butter, sugar, eggs, and flour.

The recipe for this cake is an easy-to-follow method, and is often prepared plain, without the addition of any flavorings.

16. Quavers

Quavers, a well-known British snack dish, are the ideal fusion of cheesy and crunchy. There isn’t an American chip that compares to them; they are a type of crisp potato chip that melts in your tongue.

Due to their delicious flavor and pleasant crispy texture, while being light, people adore them. Additionally, when compared to other chips, they have a remarkably low calorie count.

17. Queen Of Puddings

This classic British delicacy, known as the Queen of Puddings, is created with meringue, fruit preserves, milk, breadcrumbs, eggs, caster sugar, butter, and citrus zest.

Warm servings make it taste its sweetest and richest. Although it looks almost too beautiful to eat, this delicacy truly tastes wonderful.

18. Queen Elizabeth Cake

The Queen Elizabeth cake, also known as the Queen’s cake, is sweet and rich. It is surprisingly minimal in fat and sugar, and quite easy to make.

It’s likely that Queen Elizabeth II inspired the name of this dessert. According to legend, a delicious cake with minimal ingredients had to be baked in order to be given for her coronation.

19. Quenelle

An egg-shaped, circular garnish that is added to a dish whether it is sweet or savory, to improve its appearance and flavor is known as a quenelle.

You can make a quenelle out of pretty much anything if you want to. It may be made of fish, meat, or even ice cream. It is a very adaptable item!

20. Quesadilla

Since its introduction into other Spanish-speaking nations and parts of the Western world, including the United States, quesadillas initially had their roots in Mexico.

Typically, they are made up of a flour or corn tortilla filled with cheese, seasonings, sautéed vegetables, as well as some meat. They are extremely popular all over the world, and so tasty!

21. Queso Anejo

White aged cheese from Mexico is known as queso aejo. Goat’s milk is used to make the cheese in its more traditional form, but cow’s milk is now used more frequently.

It can be consumed on its own, but it’s more frequently used to accompany other Mexican cuisine, such as burritos, enchiladas, or quesadillas.

22. Queso Blanco

Anyone who can speak basic Spanish will be able to recognize that ‘queso blanco’ translates to ‘white cheese’ in the English language.

The crumbly fresh cheese known as queso blanco is frequently used in Mexican food, as well as other Latin American dishes. Due to the fact that it is often marketed just a few days following being created, its flavour is vibrant, acidic, and creamy.

23. Queso Cotija

Another cheese that is widely used in Mexican cuisine is this one, the queso Cotija. It bears the name of Cotija, the place where it was initially created.

Melted versions are widely used as dipping sauces, and it is also widely used as a cheese topping.

24. Queso Dip

The Spanish name for cheese is queso, so a ‘queso dip’ is, essentially, a ‘cheese dip’. Traditionally, white cheeses like American white cheese or goat cheese are used to make queso dip.

It can be prepared in a variety of ways, and eaten alongside a variety of Mexican-styled dishes.

25. Quiché

A flavorful French pastry, called a Quiché, is made of pastry dough on the bottom, and includes a stuffing of delectable items. These can include cheese, greens, herbs and spices, onions, carrots, and/or occasionally meat.

It’s a well-liked dish since it’s creamy and flavorful, gaining a tonne of flavor from its seasonings.

26. Quick Bread

Any sort of bread that uses a synthetic leavening additive to bake more quickly is referred to as quick bread.

In contrast to quick breads, which require a much quicker ingredient, most breads use yeast, or sourdough starters (see also ‘26 Simple Sourdough Discard Recipes‘). The leavening agents used in quick bread causes it to rise faster as a result, baking more quickly.

27. Quince

Quinces are vividly colored fruits that resemble wrinkled pears. Despite their having a beautiful scent, they are sour and unappealing to consume fresh. Cooking them in sugary water brings out their greatest flavor.

They taste fantastic, resembling the taste of a combination of pears and apples, provided you prepare them beforehand.

28. Quindim

In its native country of Brazil (see also ‘27 Delicious Brazilian Recipes‘), quindim is a popular variety of coconut flan. It is a baked delicacy that has a strong coconut flavor, and a pudding or Jello-like smoothness.

This delectable dessert is almost usually brilliant yellow, and it is occasionally topped with confectioners’ sugar or coconut shavings.

29. Quinoa

Quinoa seeds are frequently referred to as being among the healthiest foods on the planet. Similar to spinach, quinoa leaves can also be cooked and eaten, but they are less commonly consumed than the seeds.

It has been hailed as being a powerful antioxidant, and is inherently gluten-free. Most people consume it similarly to how they consume couscous or rice.

30. Quorn

In Europe, notably in the UK where it was created, Quorn is a well-known company. It is a meat replacement made from fungi that is well-liked by vegetarians and vegans who miss the taste and texture of meat.

Foods produced by Quorn include imitation chicken nuggets, burgers, steaks, and other meat-based dishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is ‘Queso’ In English?

As a native English speaker, you may be wondering what the word ‘queso’ means, and why it is part of the titles of many types of cheesy dishes. Well, ‘queso’ is actually Spanish for ‘cheese’! So, for example, ‘queso dip’ is, quite literally, a ‘cheese dip’.

What Vegetables Start With The Letter ‘Q’?

One of the most popular vegetables that start with the letter ‘Q’ is quinoa. This veggie is closely related to spinach, although the two look nothing alike. A fruit that starts with ‘Q’ is quince, a tart, pear-shaped fruit.

What Desserts Start With The Letter ‘Q’?

Just some desserts that begin with the letter ‘Q’ are quindim, quesito, qottab, the Queen of Puddings, and the Queen Elizabeth Cake (find more amazing quesito recipes here). All of the above are so delicious, and we definitely recommend that you give each of them a try, if you haven’t already!

Final Thoughts

So, there we have it. Those were 30 different types of fruit, vegetables, desserts, meats, fish, and more, that all start with the same letter… the letter ‘Q’.

While you may have recognized some of the more popular choices, such as quinoa and the Quarter Pounder, we bet there are several foods in this list that you have never heard of before. We recommend giving them a try.

And, hey, who knows? These previously unknown-to-you food items could end up becoming your new favorite snack!

We hope you found this article helpful and interesting.

30 Quality Foods That Start With The Letter ‘Q’

30 Quality Foods That Start With The Letter ‘Q’

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A traditional quiche or a delicious, cheesy quesadilla are so delicious to eat. Here are 30 quality foods that all start with the letter ‘Q’.

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  • Qatayef

  • Qeema

  • Qottab

  • Quaalude

  • Quadrettini

  • Quaff

  • Quahog

  • Quail

  • Quail Eggs

  • Quaker Oats

  • Quality Street Chocolates

  • Quandong

  • Quark

  • Quarter Pounder

  • Quatre-Quarts

  • Quavers

  • Queen Of Puddings

  • Queen Elizabeth Cake

  • Quenelle

  • Quesadilla

  • Queso Anejo

  • Queso Blanco

  • Queso Cotija

  • Queso Dip

  • Quiché

  • Quick Bread

  • Quince

  • Quindim

  • Quinoa

  • Quorn

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