25 Amazingly Awesome Foods That Begin With The Letter R

There are plenty of delicious foods that begin with the letter R, and today we’re going to take you through some of our favorite picks; from delicious vegetables packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytonutrients, to two indulgent desserts that are naughty but nice.

25 Amazingly Awesome Foods That Begin With The Letter R

When doing our research. We also stumbled across some foods that we hadn’t even considered, which is always a happy bonus!


This is a vegetable that accompanies any salad by giving it an extra crunch, which is ideal in the summer months.

It’s not only an ideal food for dieting but due to its naturally rich color and crunch, contains many health benefits such as being rich in vitamin C and low in calories.


Dried fruit often gets a bad reputation, but we adore raisins, and find them especially delicious tops on oatmeal, added to bread, or simply featured in a delicious slice of fruit cake.

This dried grape is one of the most consumed dried fruits in the United States and all over the world.


If you ever find yourself in the land of the Rising Sun, then you do not want to miss out on this classic Asian dish that is perfect for eating on a rainy day in the heart of Tokyo.

This is served with vegetables and meats, but the best option is to enjoy it with a soft-boiled egg.


Some nifty dressings begin with this letter, and probably one of the most popular dressings in the United States is ranch dressing. You can use this in a number of dishes, but the most popular dishes are salads and pizza.

We recommend that you find a fantastic recipe and make this from scratch.


This delightful fruit is packed full of vitamins and antioxidants and contains a sweet but also slightly sour juicy flavor. Top these over nice warm oatmeal, or have them as a snack or topping on a desert.

But whatever you do, do make sure you eat these fresh and during seasonal times, as this is when they taste the best.

6.Rye Bread

If you’re looking for a high-fiber bread that is slightly different from the typical loads you will get at the grocery store, then try rye bread.

This is made from flour from the rye grain and depends on the law depends on color.

It’s a great alternative to sandwiches, and it’s considered a healthier option for those looking to expand their food diversity.

7.Rum Cake

If you’re a huge dessert fan, then you have probably already tried rum cake, which is a Buttery and alcoholic cake that sets off any dinner party.

We recommend that you make these cakes with Caribbean Rum, which is known for being the place where they are served as a holiday treat.

8.Romaine Lettuce

There are many different types of lettuce, but one of the tastiest and most refreshing is Romaine lettuce. This is crunchy and can withstand even the thickest of dressings, making it ideal to pair with ranch dressing.

We also love grilled or sauteed, and it makes a delicious meal.

9.Rocky Road Ice Cream

Here’s an all-time favorite that will be a treat for adults and children alike.

There is so much to a rocky road ice cream that you can become inventive with the toppings, and some of the best toppings we have seen are marshmallows, nuts, chocolate chips, and even bananas.

You wouldn’t be remiss for having a second serving!


Made famous by the animated rodent, this is a French vegetable dish that is typically made with tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, and eggplant.

You can have this as a main entree to your dinner, but it can also be served up as a salad or a side dish. This has plenty of colors and a wide variety of nutrients.

11.Red Cabbage

Cabbage is another one of those versatile vegetables that come in many different flavors and colors.

Some of the more popular cabbages are green and white cabbage, but we have to show some love for red cabbage which is high in fiber, packed full of vitamin C and contains plenty of antioxidants.

12.Red Potatoes

You’ve likely had your fair share of potatoes, whether you have had your fries or yams, but often people overlook the red potatoes which are low in starch (see also ‘What Can I Use Instead Of Potato Starch?‘) and high in moisture.

This allows them to hold their shape well and makes them perfect for roasting and skillet cooking. In fact, I love roast potatoes the most because they don’t even need peeling as their skin is so thin!

13.Red Velvet

Red velvet is a delicious dessert that was typically known to be a flavor of cake but has branched out into the world of beverages and ice cream desserts (see also ‘33 Richest & Tastiest Ice Cream Desserts For You To Make‘).

You make this using cocoa so it has a touch of chocolate mixed with buttermilk and vinegar to give it some acidity. Talk about a diverse desert!


How could we forget one of the most integral parts of Asian dishes?

Rice is another one of those versatile ingredients that go well with a number of different recipes, but we love them with curries, chicken-based dishes, and even paired with a nice filet of salmon or paella.

They are filling and delicious and can be found in almost any grocery store.


Rhubarb is typically known for its large storks and sour taste.

This means that it is best cooked with sweeteners to help balance out the flavors and make this a delicious addition to a salad for a roasted dish.

It’s also used for its medicinal properties in Asia and is often mistaken for fruit when in fact it’s a vegetable.

16.Rice Noodles

We’ve established that rice is popular in most of Asia, but for those that like to cook with a variety of ingredients, we always recommend that you try rice noodles, which are one of the tastiest types of noodles you can have.

They are light, transparent, and come with a chewy texture that is cooked well with some broccoli, garlic, and chicken. In fact, any stir-fry dish would be lucky to have this delicious edition.


ThisPasta has its origins straight from Italy and is one of the most interesting pastors available to Dinan. It has a savory filling, typically shaped like a square.

This goes deliciously well with a pasta sauce that is easy to make up if you are struggling to find inspiration for a quick meal with taste.


You don’t often see this very being consumed by people, as the more popular berries like strawberries or raspberries tend to get favored.

But a red currant is a great option that is native across Europe.

They have a taste that is something between rhubarb and raspberries and are a great addition to a smoothie or oatmeal topping.


Another popular rice beginning with the letter R (see also ‘30 Quality Foods That Start With The Letter ‘Q’’) is a risotto that is cooked with broth from meat, fish, and all vegetables until it becomes this nice creamy texture.

You’re fine mate hearts risotto that includes butter, wine, parmesan cheese, garlic, and onion,  but whatever edition you choose to have, guaranteed to have a delicious meal.


If you are a fan of your blue cheeses, then you have probably already been given this delightful option ago.

It originates from the south of France and is made of sheep’s milk that comes with a moist body, but also crumbles easily.

We love it as it’s aromatic and creamy, but it also doesn’t have a taste that is overpowering or insulting.


He is another type of pasta that we simply adore. Also originating from Italy, this is a tube-shaped pasta that is slightly curved, but not too much that you would find in something like elbow macaroni.

If you’re going to be having a pasta-based dish and want something a little more interesting than penne, you should give Rigatoni a try.


Here’s a food that you likely haven’t heard of before. Raita is a condiment that is made in South Asia from salted yogurts (called Dahi) and comes with several different vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

This is typically served as a side dish, just as easily featured as the main course.

23.Rice Pudding

Rice Is a versatile cooking ingredient,  but one of the most common complaints we hear about rice is that there tends to be a lot left over. If you have plenty of leftovers, then why not make rice pudding?

It’s easy to make with milk and sweetener, and you can have some other tasty options like cinnamon or raisins.

24.Ricotta Cheese

If you like your cheeses to be fluffy and light, then we suggest you go with ricotta cheese that is made from cow, goats, or sheep’s milk.

The word originates from an Italian word that means cooking, which is relevant as this type of cheese is made from liquids that are repurposed from other cheeses.

25.Rocky Mountain Oysters

Rocky mountain oysters sound fishy, but a fun fact is that Rocky Mountain oysters aren’t even made from oysters. They contain bull testicles that are coated in flour and seasoned with salt and pepper.

If that hasn’t put you off, off-air we recommend you try this as an appetizer.

Final Thoughts

Finding foods that begin with the letter R (see also our favorite foods beginning with O) has shown us plenty of foods here to keep you busy in the kitchen for a while!

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